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Bulbasaur UPN: Spikkle

Trainer Name: Gulliver

Brief Bio:

A passionate explorer and consummate liar, Gulliver is a middle-aged, boisterous character who is infamous for his streaks of bad luck.
Despite his woeful lack of hands-on experience, he frequently claims to know everything about Pokemon. He only managed to capture his first pokemon, a Meditite, by complete accident.
Something involving a rock slide, a bungee cord and a few less-than-heroic motives.


"Tyke", Level 8 (Male)
Hold Item: Twistedspoon
Type: Psychic/Fighting

Ability: Pure Power
Nature: Mild
Met: As Starter Pokemon

As his companion Pokemon, Tyke often acts as a check to Gulliver's hastiness and stupidity, guiding him along and trying to prevent him getting into too much trouble. Though he is often exasperated by his master's lack of discipline, when it comes to a battle he will generally trust in Gulliver to make the right call.

Level: Bide, Meditate, Confusion.
Egg: None
TM: None
MT: None

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