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Saibankan's PASBL Stats

Trainer Level 1
KO:8 TP:28 SP:0
W:1 L:4 D:0
DQ Win:3 DQ Loss: 0

Spoiler: show

-Icarus, Level 2 Male Combusken
-Beacon, Level 2 Male Flaaffy
-Mucho Lucho, Level 1 Male Lotad
-Moltisanti, Level 1 Male Murkrow
-Brawler, Level 1 Male Scraggy
-Labrys, Level 1 Male Axew
-Ripper, Level 1 Male Gastly
-Kurai, Level 1 Male Shelmet
-Umaro, Level 1 Male Cubchoo
-Mozilla, Level 1 Male Vulpix
-Criswell, Level 1 Male Drowzee
-Ansatsu, Level 1 Male Croagunk
-Muramasa, Level 1 Male Oshawott

-No Sigs, Bios to be added soon.

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RR's Supersquad

Name: Roserade Raider
Trainer Level: 1
TP/KO/SP: 34/6/0
L:9 (3 DQ)

Current Squad
Spoiler: show
Ava: Level 2 Female Roselia
Special Attack: Blossom Crest (Grass/Poison)
Ava shoots a giant wave of poisonous yellow and black petals from the roses on her arms and smashes it down on the foe like a Surf. It does the damage of a Solarbeam and costs the energy of a Petal Dance and a Sludge Bomb. Can only be used twice per battle.

Dominic: Level 1 Male Ralts
Special Training: Dojo Dreamer (Fighting)
Dominic has forgotten how to use Psybeam, Charm and Teleport, but is now able to use Aura Sphere and Mach Punch.

Scarlett: Level 1 Female Mawile
Scarlett, like Shirona, enjoys biting things. However, she also enjoys utilizing her Steel-typing a lot. She was upset that there were no pre-existing Steel-type biting moves, so she created one for herself.
Special Attack: Beartrap (Steel)
Shirona channels Steel energy into her jaws and bites down on the opponent and refuses to let go. The opponent can get out of her jaws by thrashing around, but this does additional light damage that increases the longer the opponent is unable to free itself (every 10 seconds). The energy required by this attack increases the more the opponent is unable to free itself, and after 1 minute Scarlett is forced to free the opponent. Initially, this attack does the damage of an unboosted Facade and the energy of a Metal Claw and a Bite. By the end of the time limit (1 minute), the attack will have done the damage of an Iron Head and an Astonish and cost the energy of and Iron Head and a Flash Cannon. This move may only be used once per battle, and Scarlett is not able to use biting moves for the rest of the battle.

Tyson: Level 2 Male Monferno
Tyson is a very hyper Pokemon. He loves jumping around and running as fast as he possibly can. This is because in Petalburg Forest, where he comes from, he was best friends with a Vigoroth, who taught him how to really use his energy! However, one day his Vigoroth friend evolved into a Slaking and didn't want to roughhouse anymore. This made Tyson mad, and his firey spirit combined with his active nature created a new technique.
Special Attack: Nitro Jet (Fire)
Tyson crashes into the opponent surrounded in white hot flames as fast as a speeding bullet. It does the damage of an Extremespeed and the combined energy of an Extremespeed and a Flame Charge. It can only be used three times a battle, with a reduced damaged output of 15% each time.

Adaira: Level 1 Female Swablu
No Signature Move

Solange: Level 1 Female Feebas
No Signature Move

Shirona: Level 1 Female Gible
Shirona won't stop biting things. I gave her pieces of wood and metal to chew on, but she whittles and chomps her way through them like yesterday's porkchop. I went to Celestic Town to the home of Grandmother Wilma, teacher of Draco Meteor and master of the Dragon-type, to help me remedy the problem. Wilma gave Shirona a mystical "dragon pole" to teeth on, and her biting capabilities were enhanced, but the urge to bite was quenched.
Special Attack: Teeth of the Tiburon (Dark/Dragon)
Shirona cloaks her teeth in mystical purple fire and bites down on the foe. It does the power of an Outrage, but uses up the energy of both a Crunch and a Dragon Rush. There is a 5% chance that the foe will be paralyzed by the attack, and there is a 10% chance that the foe will be mildly confused by the attack. Shirona cannot use any biting moves for the rest of the battle after "Teeth of the Tiburon".

Mario: Level 1 Male Murkrow
No Signature Move

Miranda: Level 1 Female Misdreavus
Miranda hates Dark and Steel-type Pokemon with a passion beyond words. She goes into a trance every time she sees one and a power, hidden inside her, is awoken.
Special Training: Hidden Hatred (Fighting)
Miranda's Hidden Power attack is of the Fighting-type.

Vanesa: Level 1 Female Snorunt
Vanesa is an odd Snorunt. Contrary to every other Ice-Pokemon in existence, Vanesa actually enjoys heat and hates cold because it makes her shiver so much! As such, I never release her from her Pokeball unless it is warm outside.
Special Resistance: Tropical Ice (Ice)
Vanesa has a neutrality to Fire-type moves. However, she now has a neutrality to Ice-type moves as well. Vanesa is also 50% slower in colder arenas.

Joffre: Level 1 Male Venipede
Joffre enjoys battling more than any other Pokemon on my team. He loves hand-to-hand (or feeler-to-feeler?) combat more than any other style of fighting, and it shows!
Special Training: Combat Centipede (Fighting)
Joffre can use the move Close Combat twice per battle. Joffre cannot use Struggle Bug, Venoshock, or Toxic.

Tate: Level 1 Male Scraggy
Tate is a seasoned veteran of my team. Unlike other Scraggys, Tate is cool, calm, and collected. He doesn't let things get him riled up, and many people have called him "zen".
Special Defense: Zen Pants (Psychic)
Once everytime he is released into battle, Tate can use Zen Headbutt to cover himself in a "zen" aura that has the same effects as a Safeguard. It has the same energy as a regular Zen Headbutt and does no damage. Tate cannot use Zen Headbutt with its normal effects. Tate cannot use Leer.

Lorelai: Level 1 Female Oshawott
I met Lorelai on a sunny day in Undella Bay. Lorelai had gotten surrounded by a pack of Walrein, who suddenly all attacked her with Icy Wind. Lorelai held up her scalchop to protect herself, and after the assault found that it was now a sapphire blue shade that was frosty to the touch...
Special Training: Subzero Sapphire Shell (Ice/Water)
Any move Lorelai uses that conceivably involves the use of her scalchops (i.e. Razor Shell, all the "slashes", X-Scissor) have a 10% chance to freeze the opponent in the area they were hit. However, these attacks cost 30% more energy to use.

Past Battles
Spoiler: show
SPPf: VS. Kusari View this battle Loss
UPN: VS. Milotic111 View this battle Loss
SPPf: VS. gmoyes View this battle Win
UPN: VS. DaisyInari View this battle Loss
SPPf: VS. Goodnews92 View this battle Loss
UPN: VS. Brandan View this battleLoss
SPPf: VS xXKratosAurionXx View this battleLoss
UPN: VS. Roseheart View this battleWin
UPN: VS. Rocky57 View this battleLoss-DQ
SPPf: VS. blazeVA View this battleLoss-DQ
SPPf: VS. ShinyRaikou View this battleLoss-DQ

Current Battles:
Spoiler: show
UPN: VS. Kairne View this battle
SPPf: VS. Haunter227 View this battle
SPPf: VS. ShadowXD001 View this battle

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PASBL Standings: Level 5, B+ Ref, 53-14-8, 136 KOs, 313 TP, 8 SP
Badges: Biohazard, Reffing

Founding Members
Spoiler: show
Grim: Level 6 Male Dusknoir
Founding member 1 of the original Sector Shadow. Among the original squad of six, Grim remains the operative most called upon when it comes to various tasks. Trainer and Pokemon share a level of synchrony that has only strengthened over the years, to the point that Grim draws his power from the immense grudges and frustration his Trainer often experiences. Combined with the Ghost element's natural gravitation towards negative emotion he re-armed himself to display this power in battle.
Signature Move: Disapproving Grudge
Any Ghost-type offensive attack Grim uses costs 15% more energy in Ghost-type energy, and upon hitting the opponent, causes the target to lose an amount of type energy equal to a third of the original cost of the attack that was used by Grim. The type energy used is taken from the attack last used by the opponent. (For example, if Grim hits an opponent that used Flamethrower with Shadow Punch, the target loses Fire energy equal to a third of Shadow Punch's energy cost.

Dave: Level 6 Male Alakazam
Founding member 2 of the original Sector Shadow. Extensively used during the early era of Sector Shadow's battling due to his attained evolution, Dave nonetheless remains a voice of reason and the counterpoint for the grudges held by the group. His insight allows him to look into the intention and direction of his target's emotions.
Signature Move: Destined Roulette
When Dave became a Kadabra, he further sought to better amplify his psychokinetic powers and use them in even more aspects. As such, he combined his clairvoyant capabilities from Future Sight with Metronome to generate a new attack.
By using half of Future Sight's energy cost when using Metronome, Dave can use any attack that can be legally summoned by Metronome. Destined Roulette has a 80% chance of succeeding; if it fails, Metronome will call on another legal attack. Destined Roulette replaces Metronome and can't be used successfully more than once a match.

Zapster: Level 6 Male Electivire
Founding member 3 of the original Sector Shadow. Arguably the most utilised member of the original six, Zapster's dominance in league history is unparalleled to the extent of notoriety. Even now he's still one of the team's most frequent faces, and his control over electricity has only become stronger after years of combat.
Signature Move: Storm Blessing
Zapster lets fly a blast of electricity into the sky. The same blast comes down in the form of a lightning bolt onto his opponent one to three turns later (similar to Future Sight), shocking them severely. Before the attack comes, rumblings begin to echo from the sky and a brilliant flash of light may occur. Storm Blessing uses up as much energy as Future Sight and also does as much damage as Future Sight. In addition, Storm Blessing has a 20% chance of inflicting paralysis.

Bertha: Level 6 Female Ursaring
Founding member 4 of the original Sector Shadow. One of a few females, Bertha asserted her strength primarily in the Level 3 metagame due to the species' strengthened forearms, and despite paling in comparison to other Normal and Fairy Pokemon, she won't hesitate to rip into the enemy when the situation calls for it.
Signature Move: Crescent Crossfire
Bertha focuses Flying-type energy into her claws as she would in Aerial Ace, and slashes the air in front of her three times, sending a semicircle of focused energy, each of one metre in diameter, towards the target in each slash. Each semicircle, if it hits, does decent damage and has a 10% chance of causing the opponent to flinch. Crescent Crossfire requires the energy of three Air Cutters to use, and can only be used twice each match.

Kanocho: Level 6 Male Hariyama
Founding member 5 of the original Sector Shadow. Primarily relying on his heavy-handed approach and resistance to the elements, Kanocho weathered many a ferocious opponent during his time and often aided subsequent operatives in various training exercises. His veteran fighter status has caused his most prominent species features - his palms - to grow incredibly powerful.
Signature Move: Heavyhanded
Kanocho's species boost to all hand-based attacks now extends to all punching moves.

Wukong: Level 6 Male Infernape
Inaugural member 6 of Sector Shadow after Atomicus' redesignation. Despite the jokes about flaming poop, the species has remained a Shadow favourite, and Wukong has demonstrated his versatility and strength in many a match.
Signature Move: Knuckle Boom
Wukong focuses energy into his fist like he would for a Focus Punch, but instead of Fighting-type energy he gathers Fire-type energy. The amount charged can be ordered anywhere from midcharge to fullcharge. When he's done charging, he punches his fist forward in front of him, releasing a forward explosion of intense heat in a fashion similar to Heat Wave. The intense heat also has a 70-100% chance of burning the opponent, depending on how much it's charged. Knuckle Boom requires a Fire Punch's worth of energy and additional Fire energy depending on how much it's charged, up to a full Focus Punch's worth at maximum charge, and can be used up to three times per match.

Sector Ground Zero
Spoiler: show
Experiment 509/Sprout: Level 6 Male Venusaur
Originally, he was supposed to be able to take root into the earth and grow into a forest of destruction. Short of a permanent Mega Frenzy Plant mode, this was deemed impossible - instead, Sprout was trained in the Grass-type ways of energy denial, and found a way to force them onto his opponents.
Signature Move: Botanic Virus
Using good energy, Sprout blasts the target with spores that affix to their epidermis and sink into the body, taking half a round's time to do so. For every round that subsequently passes, the victim loses a moderate amount of typeless energy. If the target uses a switching move, this condition is passed onto the replacement Pokemon as well. A Pokemon affected by this status does not recover energy, health or fatigue while in the PokeBall, regardless of how it was switched out. This attack affects all Pokemon, biotic or otherwise, and can be healed by Aromatherapy or Heal Bell but does not affect Facade damage. Botanic Virus can be used three times per match.

Experiment 036/Poki: Level 6 Male Beedrill
Trained to poke holes in liquid containers causing them to leak all over the place. Poki was trained extensively in the use of his stingers, especially for jabbing holes into anything he can find. In time, he developed what he personally deems as the ultimate in piercing techniques.
Signature Move: Piercing Squall
Poki charges heavy Poison energy into his stingers and releases them in the form of a squall of energy stingers, similar to Pin Missile. This squall does heavy damage and can be focused on a single target or spread between multiple targets, dealing proportionate damage. Due to Poki's training to pierce attacks, this attack breaks all forms of screens and protection such as Light Screen and Safeguard, and Pokemon who would resist this attack due to type resist it by 25% instead of 50%. Piercing Squall can be used up to three times per match.

Experiment 489/Huggo: Level 6 Male Arbok
Trained to squeeze the life out of you. Huggo often expresses his emotions by wrapping people, which more often than not leaves his victim, er, target of affection, worn out if his hugging persists. After some training involving squeezing bars of various materials from wood to metal, he managed to improve his Wrapping abilities into something more powerful and potentially deadly.
Signature Move: Reaper Coil
Huggo is 10% faster than the average Arbok, and when he uses Wrap or otherwise coils around an enemy, the enemy falls under a charmed status that makes them hesitant to attack for the duration of the coiling. This state of mind is similar to attraction but affects all Pokemon regardless of gender or sexual orientation. A Pokemon under this status loses two seconds of reaction time and is 40% less likely to use offensive attacks, similar to a reverse-Swagger, and is treated as having a 20% debuff for both defences.

Experiment 624/Angel: Level 6 Female PINK Nidoqueen
Originally, she was supposed to be able to turn good people and experiments to evil by singing her special song, but this went beyond several laws of ethics and physical possibilities. This still didn't stop her from trying, and she managed to work out a proper implementation of the theoretical technique.
Signature Move: Toxic Relationships
While using significant Poison energy, Angel sings a song that instils doubt and paranoia in the opponent. The song, in a similar manner to Beat Up, summons the images of the targets allies, healthy and fainted, which attack the target for light damage each before vanishing. Each hit has an individual 10% chance of causing the target to flinch from the attack due to the element of suggested betrayal. This attack deals typeless damage.

Experiment 626/Stitch: Level 6 Male Shiny Nidoking
The mascot of the team, originally supposed to be virtually indestructible, to think faster than a supercomputer, to have super sight and hearing, to lift three thousand times his own weight... but none of his senses training did him any good within these aspects. Now he's just a shiny Nidoking that's madly in love with Angel, and has a silly streak a mile long.
Signature Move: Meeka Nala Kweeshta!
If Stitch takes damage from an attack dealing at least significant base damage, Stitch's offences gain a 1.2x boost but have a 10% chance of missing out of anger. Stitch must take at least half of the damage from said move for this effect to trigger. This effect lasts until Stitch has dissipated all his anger (like a Pokemon would after Swagger). This effect will remain active if Stitch has <25% of his health remaining. If Angel is on the same team, Stitch's anger effect is ignored.

Experiment 254/Mr. Stenchy: Level 6 Male Vileplume
Trained to be irresistibly cute so as to infiltrate target destinations and infect them with awful stinks. He managed to pull off the bit about stinking, but not the bit about being irresistibly cute. Mr. Stenchy loves to play with the other members of Shadowshocker's squad, but because he still retains his Gloom stench no one dares to come near him without proper olfactory protection first.
Signature Move: Atomic Fog
Mr. Stenchy releases a gas similar to Poison Gas that blankets the arena for up to five rounds. During this time, Pokemon that have a sense of smell will be repulsed by the gas and as a result, their offensive attacks always have a 15% chance of failing so long as the fog is in effect. Atomic Fog affects all active Pokemon other than Poison-type allies, as well as and Pokemon without a sense of smell, like Magneton. Atomic Fog cannot be cleared by weather conditions and requires a widespread move of at least considerable base damage to clear; halving if the move used is wind-based. Atomic Fog requires the energy of three Poisonpowders to use and can be used up to twice per match.

Experiment 158/Finder: Level 6 Male Venomoth
Trained to be able to find anything it's asked to. From his Venonat stage Finder has always been a keen user of his radar capabilities, and with his extensive search training, hardly anything escapes him in combat.
Signature Move: Sleuth Senses
Due to being a master of detection, Finder's senses are extremely honed. Finder cannot be surprised or flinched, and he does not suffer the standard debuffs from blinding, deafness or other sensory incapacitation. Due to his innate senses, his attacks are more likely to hit; attempts to dodge them have an additional 25% chance of failing. This sensory buff cannot be removed, copied or passed on with the effects of a switching move.

Experiment 228/Melty: Level 6 Male Victreebel
Originally, he was supposed to be able to melt enemy fortresses, weaponry and transportation. However, Melty was unable to strengthen the dissolving power of his acids to that extent without digesting his own body, so he switched tactics to use his acids for other ways of assault.
Signature Move: Total Meltdown
All of Melty's Poison attacks have a 50% chance of inflicting an acid burn (treated as independent from rolling for poison chances or other secondary effects), which causes the victim to suffer a 10% debuff to both defences and are more vulnerable to status conditions. The acid burn also deals decent typeless damage to both the target's health and energy. An acid burn can be healed by Aromatherapy and Heal Bell but lowers the damage from Facade due to the increased pain and physical vulnerability inflicted upon the victim.

Experiment 501/Yin: Level 6 Female Tentacruel
Trained to spray water. As part of her training, Yin swam in polluted water of various levels of poison to better her resistances against poison attacks. As a result of her prolonged periods of time inside water, she later learned how to use it to improve her attacks.
Signature Move: Hydro Booster
When Yin is swimming in water, she is able to automatically suck up some of the water she is swimming in and use it to power her Water-type attacks by 20% for an equivalent increase in energy use. If she is swimming in polluted water, her Water-type attacks have a 10-50% chance of poisoning depending on the toxicity of the polluted water. All of Yin's Water attacks are considered to break Reflect, Barrier and Light Screen without suffering damage reduction while in the water.

Experiment 390/Slimy: Level 6 Male Muk
Originally trained to trip up others with the slime he leaves around. However Slimy took up a lazy temperament and as a result refuses to move around more than absolutely necessary. After constant training with Kanocho using him as a handy punching-bag, he became more and more defensive to non-elemental attacks.
Signature Move: Slime Fortitude
Slimy takes 15% less damage from special attacks that require physical contact as well as projectile attacks, in addition to physical moves. He also loses his vulnerability to Electric attacks. Slimy can't use Selfdestruct, Explosion, Memento or Pain Split.

Experiment 300/Spooky: Level 7 Male Gengar
Originally trained to get into the minds of enemies and turn all their dreams into nightmares, Spooky was repurposed due to the limitations surrounding sleep mechanics, and now feeds off the fear of his opponents' worst nightmares. The undisputed combat veteran of the Ground Zero Gym, Spooky is the terror that haunts the dreams of those who seek to conquer the gym and obtain the Biohazard Badge - the Gengar knows this, and the tears of those he has downed in battle sustain him.
Signature Move: Worst Case Scenario
Spooky's presence on the battlefield causes the opponent to be paranoid, fearful and unfocused. While Spooky is present, all of the opponent's attacks have a 10% chance of costing a moderate more amount of type energy. If the opponent switches out by any means, the fear induced by Spooky's presence causes them to use 50% more energy to execute a switching move. Spooky's fear-inducing effect cannot be ignored by Pokemon who possess anti-intimidation characteristics as his effect is derived from the victim's worst fears and weaknesses.

Experiment 505/Ploot: Level 6 Male Weezing
Originally trained to collect pollution and convert it into thick black sludge which Ploot flings everywhere, but this overgeneralised substance parameter turned out to exceed Ploot's basic biology. A somewhat knowledgeable but cheeky ball of gas, Ploot commonly uses his smarts and chemical cocktails to play pranks on everyone else around him, thankfully not causing permanently maiming damage (both physical and mental). Ploot is also the de facto team leader for the Ground Zero Gym Squad.
Signature Move: Vomit Comet
In a similar vein to his original designations, Ploot is capable of swallowing up energy-based attacks, converting their energy into thick, black sludge which he hurls at the opponent. To do this, Ploot opens his mouth wide to intercept the attack, and uses his contamination powers to convert the intercepted energy into Poisonous sludge which is then flung. The sludge does as much damage as the intercepted attack would have originally done, with 50% chance of poisoning. In doing so, Ploot reduces the damage taken from the intercepted attack by half, but uses up energy equivalent to 1.25x of the intercepted attack. Vomit Comet can be used up to three times per match.

Experiment 521/Wrapper: Level 6 Male Ariados
Trained to immobilise others by wrapping them up like a mummy with his sticky string. Having a hunter's personality, Wrapper likes to spend his time hooking onto objects and quickly wrapping them up in spinnerets. Over time he mastered the art of using his thread to slow down and infect opponents.
Signature Move: Cystic Thread
Wrapper's String Shot, Spider Web, Electroweb and Sticky Web have a 50% chance of inflicting poison on contact, and also have increased stickiness that can only be removed by either fire or high-strength attacks, similar to how smaller Pokemon like Caterpie are treated to have increased weight when attached to surfaces. The thread is also hardened which allows the attacks to deal mild damage in addition to the damage they already do, but only when fired (Sticky Web will not cause direct damage to a Pokemon switching in, for example). The poison effect cannot stack, but exposure to the thread after three rounds causes the victim to suffer a 20% debuff to their defences due to irritation of the skin.

Experiment 202/Jam: Level 6 Male Crobat
Originally supposed to jam radar with his supersonic blasts. In order to suit himself to Pokemon battling, Jam had a training session with Dave and has now altered his radar-jamming waves to those Dave emits in Kadabra mode.
Signature Move: Alpha Sonic
Jam emits a stream of waves in a fashion similar to his Supersonic, but instead of causing confusion, Alpha Sonic causes its target to have a headache. Affected Pokemon will have their concentration disrupted for up to four rounds, during which their attacks requiring some concentration are 30% more likely to fail. Alpha Sonic uses up 1.75x times the energy of a Supersonic and can be used up to three times per match.

Experiment 319/Spike: Level 6 Male Qwilfish
Trained to fire spikes that turn its targets stupid, leaving them only 1% clever. Through self-experimentation, Ploot managed to invent a new poison that causes temporary stupidity. He passed on the recipe to Spike who then managed to copy it using his poison glands.
Signature Move: Happy Squall
Spike ejects a Pin Missile's worth of toxin-filled needles, requiring an equivalent amount of Poison energy and dealing typeless damage. For the following four rounds, the opponent's mental capacity is severely affected; while the opponent will have no problem firing attacks, "complex" orders such as "if" commands and "if the opponent uses a supereffective attack" have an 80% chance of failing. While the effects can be healed via Aromatheraphy and Heal Bell, the opponent cannot gain a resistance to the effects. Happy Squall can be used up to three times per match.

Experiment 303/Amnesio: Level 6 Male Dustox
Originally, he was supposed to be able to erase memories. Being one of the few members of the squad with psychic capabilities, Amnesio became interested in the various ways he could use them. Like others in the squad, he had a training session with Dave. He wasn't able to erase memories like his namesake, but he did manage to come up with a similar substitute.
Signature Move: Eraser Laser
Amnesio glows with a bright light, similar to Flash. However, instead of blinding the opponent, Eraser Laser allows Amnesio to seal off an attack that the opponent knows until the end of the match. This attack requires the energy of two Flashes, can be used three times per match, and can't be used more than once on the same Pokemon. If the user switches out using a switching move, the same attack is sealed from the opponent's memory.

Experiment 051/Hocker: Level 6 Male Swalot
Trained to spit acid. Hocker enjoys nothing more than eating and feeling his meal tingle in his stomach. He later developed his stomach acids into an offensive ability.
Signature Move: Outdigestion
When entering battle, Hocker is surrounded by a film of poison that has a similar composition to stomach acids and digestive juices. Any contact with Hocker will cause recoil damage equal to a quarter of the attack done if the opponent initiates a physical move, or an additional decent amount of damage if Hocker initiates. Either way, this contact causes a 15% debuff to the victim's physical attack power for the following three rounds, and the opponent cannot increase their physical attack power while this effect is active. This film costs mild energy to maintain each round and requires an order to activate or deactivate.

Experiment 502/Yang: Level 6 Male Camerupt
Trained to spout lava. As a handy counterpart for Yin and conveniently pyrokinetically-affliated operative, Yang is an exception to the Ground Zero team's Poisonous population. Trained and primed as the team's vanguard against Steel-types, Yang was designed with a move meant to take out such Pokemon with his elemental capabilities.
Signature Move: Sahara Tower
By combining Sandstorm and Heat Wave, Yang releases a ferocious combination of superheated air and sand from his mouth to create a towering inferno of fire and sand (similar to that seen in Overjoyed!, formed between Ash's Torkoal and Brandon's Registeel). The inferno rips at the opponent like an enclosed Fire Spin, lasting for fifteen seconds before dissipating, doing Fire-type and Ground-type damage equal to that of 1.5 Heat Waves in this time and having a 30% chance of inflicting a burn. This attack requires the energy of 1.5 Heat Waves, split between Fire and Ground energy, and can't be used more than three times per match.

Experiment 513/Richter: Level 6 Male Seviper
Trained to cause earthquakes by slamming his tail against the ground. Richter likes to slam objects with his tail and later found a love for generating earthquakes in such a manner. However, the technicalities with using Earthquake often prevented Richter from using said technique. He eventually found a way to channel his destructive power in a more viable method.
Signature Move: Magnitude Cleaver
In a manner similar to how he uses Earthquake, Richter focuses Ground-type energy into his tail, but slams it directly against the target with the force of an Earthquake attack. The force of the technique will also induce shaking and numbness where it makes contact for a diameter of four feet lasting a round or two -- as a result, smaller Pokemon will experience the shaking and numbness throughout their entire body while larger Pokemon will simply experience said sensation in a fraction of their anatomy, e.g. a limb. The shaking and numbness causes the victim to have a 60% chance of failing to execute an attack via the affected body part (with a lesser chance the more of the body is affected), such as a Machoke attempting to use Fire Punch from an affected arm. Magnitude Cleaver does as much damage as Earthquake, requires the energy of Earthquake to use, and can only be used twice a match.

Experiment 358/Manners: Level 6 Female Roserade
Trained to cover people with her special pollen and make them too polite to fight back. Using her aromatherapeutical powers and knowhow of botanic scents, Manners created a different scent that has the power to induce a sense of relaxation in her targets and calm the nerves.
Signature Move: Polite Dust
Manners sprays an aroma similar to Sweet Scent that, instead of infatuating the opponent, will calm the opponent's fighting spirits in a way opposite to Swagger. For the next four rounds, the affected Pokemon cannot use attacks with a base damage of significant or greater. Polite Dust uses as much energy as Aromatherapy and can be used twice each battle.

Experiment 010.2/Oscar: Level 6 Male Skuntank
Trained to clean up, but due to the inherent abilities in Oscar's DNA, he was later repurposed to make messes, and a lot of them. Aside from constantly showing off his unbearable mix of gases, Oscar seems to have also gotten into the Project 120 files, detailing information of a planned operative called Snafu. He's now obsessed not only with making messes, but also messing up the plans of his opponents as well.
Signature Move: Lacrimator
Oscar releases a gas similar to Poison Gas, but with irritant components instead of toxins. These irritants are chemically similar to tear gas and, as a result, cause intense tearing in the eyes of any other Pokemon nearby, excepting Poison-type allies, which lasts for up to a maximum of three rounds and severely affects the afflicted Pokemon's sight for that duration. Target Pokemon cannot gain status resistance to this attack. Lacrimator requires the energy of 1.5 Poison Gases to use, and can only be used thrice per battle.

Experiment 031/Gotchu: Level 6 Male Drapion
Trained to pinch people with his claws. As a result of his training, Gotchu possesses a psychological complex that thrives on the pain and torment he causes with his pinching. To further the irritation he inflicts, Gotchu thought of a nastier method to perform his pinching.
Signature Move: Pursuit Punisher
Gotchu's Pursuit has a 50% chance of reducing the target's physical defence by 20%; this probability is not reduced regardless of how much of the attack hits. If the opponent is switched out, Gotchu will instantly replace one of his moves to use Pursuit on the opponent. In this case, the defence drop is guaranteed.

Experiment 601/Kixx: Level 6 Male Toxicroak
Trained to kick-box opponents all over the place. Under the tutelage of Kanocho, Kixx was able to hone his fighting prowess even further, more so than his pudgy sensei. By combining agility with strength, Kixx invented a move of his own.
Signature Move: Nerve Wrecker
Focusing heavy Poison energy into his fist stinger, Kixx rams his fist into the opponent to deal significant damage, targeting a sensitive part of the body similar to Acupressure. Due to targeting a sensitive part of the body, Steel-type Pokemon are not immune to this attack and instead take resisted damage. The target also suffers a significant decrease in a random stat (speed, physical defence, physical attack, special defence, or special attack) that lasts for four rounds; the victim also uses 100% more energy when using attacks that buff its own stats. Nerve Wrecker can't be used more than three times per match and can't reduce the same stat on the same target. This decrease is passed onto the recipient of a switching move.

Experiment 029/Checkers: Level 6 Male Scolipede
Originally designed to grant his possessor intergalactic leadership, but when it was realised that the effect didn't apply to fellow Pokémon the project was abandoned. The news did not sit well with Checkers, who being naturally aggressive and persistent in accordance with his species, added a notch to his list of grievances and rage-topics, mainly how Unovan Pokémon were given lousy learnsets and have - save for some species - generally been mocked by purist veterans. The mega-centipede has thus turned his CENTIPEDERAGE to the entirety of all who came before him.
Signature Move: Unova Pride
Checkers' attacks do 20% more damage if his opponent is from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn or Sinnoh. In exchange, when this effect is active he has a 15% chance of disobeying non-damaging orders.

Experiment 120/Snafu: Level 6 Male Garbodor
Designed to foul enemy plans by any means necessary. The sheer repulsiveness of Snafu's species meant that he was a perfect choice for Project 120, for which Oscar was an original subject. The Skuntank filled his GenV colleague in on how to be absolutely, thoroughly and unforgivingly revolting - although some would argue that the trash bag didn't really need the assistance. The radioactivity of Snafu's reactivity led him to quickly come up with an all-purpose poison for his personally petty and putrid purposes.
Signature Move: Averse Reaction
Using the principles of and energy equal to Gastro Acid, Snafu vomits a glob of disgusting, indeterminate gunk at the opponent, dealing damage equal to the energy involved. The sheer revulsion induced by this poison causes the victim to suffer a gag reflex when handling energy not of their own type. Until the end of the match, the victim has a 30% chance of failing to execute offensive attacks not of their type, even if the victim has familiarity. Averse Reaction can't be used more than once on the same target or twice per match.

Experiment 222/Poxy: Level 6 Male Amoonguss
Designed to cause humiliation by inflicting embarrassing diseases. Like most of Sector Shadow's Ground Zero team, Poxy had a hand (or ball) in creating toxins of his own preference and typing. While incapable of inflicting swollen eyes, purple boils, body odour or uncontrollable burping, the poisonous mushroom was able to invent an effect spore of his own.
Signature Move: Cordyceps Blast
Using Grass-type energy equal to Toxic, Poxy blasts the foe with a cloud of spores that sink into the body and attack the brain. For each turn that passes, the foes loses an amount of health and typeless energy, each equal to half of Toxic's poison damage, and this damage increases after every turn, and whenever the victim uses a non-offensive attack (at the same rate Toxic would normally increase) due to the strain it places on the victim. Whenever the opponent leaves the field, the spores have a 50% chance of dissipating and clouding around the opponent's side of the field where they will infect the next Pokemon that is sent in, healing the original victim. Cordyceps Blast is not treated as a status condition and cannot be healed by Aromatherapy due to its parasitic nature, nor will it boost Facade. Cordyceps Blast can't be used more than once successfully on the same target and can only be used three times per match.

Experiment 602/Sinker: Level 6 Male Dragalge
Designed to sink enemy navies. As the only Poison-type family unique to the Kalos region, Sinker came from a legacy of sinister ship-sinking specimens, which commandeer an empire of sunken ships in a graveyard worthy of being considered an empire. For safety reasons his poisons had to be toned down, but their nastiness pertaining to metals remained.
Signature Training: Potassium Reaction
Sinker knows Acid Spray, and all his Poison-type moves are considered neutral against Steel-types, at the cost of requiring 20% more energy.

Sector Ben 10
Spoiler: show
Heatblast: Level 6 Male Magmortar
"Now, let's get a nice fire going!"
A master of pyrokinesis like his other Fire-typed brethren in Sector Shadow, Heatblast's only general gripe is that Magmortar is shafted in competitive usage over Electivire, its Electric relative, due to an issue with speed. Some training with Wukong, one of the fastest Fire-types, helped him develop an ability to channel his heat energy into released speed.
Signature Move: Fire Rocket
By releasing a moderate amount of Fire-type Energy at the start of each round, Heatblast gains a speed boost akin to one Agility for the round the energy is released, making all his physical attacks do 10% more damage in addition to the speed. Due to the released heat, Heatblast's Fire-type moves also gain a 10% boost in damage (this percentage is added onto the physical damage if a physical Fire-type move is used). Fire Rocket takes up a move to activate, and can be deactivated without taking up a move.

Wildmutt: Level 6 Male Houndoom
*random roaring noises*
In order to bring out more of the feral elements in his evolutionary line, Wildmutt was one of several Houndour bred in a competitive breeding centre for such a purpose. However, while the Wildmutt's claws and fangs were found to have grown out almost on par with that of Persian and Raticate, he was found to be much more brutal even for Houndour standards. After he attacked several of the breeding centre's Pokemon grievously he was released into the wilderness where Sector Shadow eventually found him.
Signature Move: Claws Attack
Due to breeding, Wildmutt has claws and fangs that have grown out more than normal specimens of his species. All attacks involving his claws and fangs deal 20% more damage, and he has also learned Rock Climb, Shadow Claw and Poison Fang.

Diamondhead: Level 7 Genderless Metagross
"Ha! I can cut through anything, so cut me some slack!"
Diamondhead was found in a quarry where the rocks were enriched with highly fortifying metals, creating special magnetic waves that drew many Beldum to the area, thereby preventing further excavation. Diamondhead was a particularly shiny Beldum, such that when the sunlight reflected off its lustrous body one can almost suffer blindness from looking at him for too long under strong sunlight. Deemed an oddity by its peers and ostracised as a result, it volunteered to join forces with Sector Shadow when the team happened to pass by.
Signature Move: Heroic Armour
The pristine condition of Diamondhead's metal body allows it to shield itself from attacks that would normally pass through - Diamondhead's Steel-typing resists Ghost and Dark-type attacks, meaning it takes neutral damage from them. In exchange, all attacks it knows that would usually be super-effective against a Ghost or a Dark-type now deal 1.5x damage instead of 2x. (Dual-type Pokemon would still take normally increased damage where applicable, such as a Fighting move on a Tyranitar.)

XLR8: Level 6 Male Gallade
"Here I am! No, here I am! No, over here!"
As a Ralts destined for Galladehood XRL8 was always focusing on his physical statistics, but in particular after noting that Gallade's GenIV disappointment largely stemmed from a less-than-useful Speed stat he began obsessing over Speed, despite the factor usually not having too much bearing in animé-style physics. Even this didn't stop him from pushing the frontiers of speed further than most of his evolutionary line were ever known for, and after a training regime spanning months that also involved next to none of his special energy skills, he achieved his goals of blinding speed.
Signature Move: Speed Demon
XLR8 is considered to be familiar with Agility and has learned Extremespeed. In addition, whenever he uses Extremespeed as the first move in combination with another physical move to damage his opponent, he can expend 10% more energy used in the combination to ensure the combination is executed seamlessly and do 10% more base damage. (For example, combining Extremespeed and Psycho Cut, XLR8 can use 10% more than the normal total amount of energy used to do 110% of the damage Extremespeed and Psycho Cut do.) However, due to his lack of attention on his special moves, XLR8 can no longer use Hyper Beam, Grass Knot, Trick Room, Magical Leaf, Grudge or Imprison. He can also no longer use Psychic in its telekinesis mode to move anything at will.

Grey Matter: Level 6 Male Beheeyem
"Take me to your leader!"
Nobody really knows where Grey Matter's race came from. Some people theorise that they were originally bred as pets to be marketed on an intergalactic scale before they escaped to our universal coordinates - but this is mostly dismissed as kooky-talk. What is known, though, is that their cerebral prowess has granted them a great amount of knowledge, understanding and analytical might. Grey Matter himself proclaims to be the "smartest being in three galaxies", and seeks to prove it despite the flaws of the Psychic type.
Signature Training: Movepool Manipulation
Through the study of Pokémon and their learnset history Grey Matter has learned Me First, Mimic, Mirror Move and Topsy-Turvy. He has also figured out how to bypass the Dark-type immunity, and as a result all his Psychic attacks affect Dark-types as they would against other Pokémon. The information overload caused as a result of Grey Matter's brain causes any enemy Pokemon who targets him with Psych Up to suffer an inverse debuff based on his stats, as though Topsy-Turvy was used on the buffs he has.

Fourarms: Level 6 Male Machamp
"Oh yeah! These'll come in handy!"
There's little else that really separates Fourarms from others of his species: he's an enthusiast for all sorts of martial art and rigourously trains himself to master them. However, contrary to the Superpower tradition of simply smacking the living daylights out of others, Fourarms developed an interest in indirect methods of incapacitating opponents. Studying training videos by Brawly, Hoenn's Fighting-type expert and specialist in less direct methods of combat, as well as learning to focus Fighting prowess from passing Lucario (considering the evolutionary line's popularity this by far was not a difficult task), he figured out a unique move for himself.
Signature Move: The Big Smack
After focusing a major amount of typeless energy into his arms and hands, Fourarms brings his palms together in a clapping movement, releasing the energy forward in a shockwave that does heavy typeless damage, and is strong enough to knock Pokémon smaller than Fourarms by two feet backwards. Due to the sudden nature and magnitude of the shockwave, The Big Smack also has a 75% chance of stunning the target Pokémon, causing them to forgo their immediately following technique from being stunned. The Big Smack loses power and flinch likelihood over distance at referee's discretion, but will always have a 10% reduction in flinch probability each time it is used again on the same opponent, and while it does "special energy damage", due to being dependent on Fourarm's arm strength its damage will be affected by any changes to Fourarm's physical attack stats. The Big Smack can't be used more than three times a match.

Stinkfly: Level 6 Male Masquerain
"Aw, yeah! The loop-de-loop!"
The Ground Zero group of Sector Shadow often go for toxic training, and noxious swamps number amongst their itineary - so imagine their surprise one day when they found a Surskit skitting about in one. This Surskit had somehow bumbled into the marshes, where he was shown to have reasonably adapted to the poisonous environment. Instead of secreting normal Surskit nectar, he had combined it with the volatile fumes in the air, allowing him to speed along faster than others of his species. He still felt rather sick of the gases, though, and thus an invitation to Sector Shadow was extended.
Signature Training: Methane Exposure
Stinkfly is now a Poison/Flying-type, losing his Bug STAB which is now treated as familiarity. He has learned Poison Powder, Poison Gas, Acid Spray and Sludge Bomb, while forgetting Bug Buzz, Nightmare and U-turn.

Ripjaws: Level 6 Male Feraligatr
"Sorry. Just needed to moisturise."
Having spent a majority of his time in the water, more so than others of his kind, Ripjaws had a stronger affinity for water even after he was forced to look for food ashore after his family's private lagoon could no longer provide after a shifting in the prey populations. Capture has not seemed to change this characteristic of Ripjaws, who over time tends to show signs of discomfort when he isn't in a body of water.
Signature Move: Hydro Bio
Ripjaws has more experience underwater and as a result, his Water-type attacks are 20% more powerful and he is 20% speedier in performing all attacks when in water.

Upgrade: Level 6 Genderless Porygon-Z
"I wonder if I can become a monster truck?... YES!"
Upgrade's species goes way back, back in the old days when the family was sentenced to banishment from accomplicing in global induction of seizures. Like most of his kind, Upgrade is quirky, inquisitive and exists largely for the sake of data transfer. Annoyed with how Porygon-Z turned out to be an overhyped special sweeper for the 4th generation, he underwent intensive research on how to better himself by studying records of battles.
Signature Move: Ctrl-H, Ctrl-F
Upgrade's Mimic has been fitted with... well, an upgrade, allowing him to view the past rounds and records of a battle he is currently in and Mimic any attack already used in the match (excepting signature moves), by his allies or opponents. Upgrade's Mimic can be used instantaneously, and it can be deactivated in order to Mimic a new attack by overwriting the original attack, but this cannot be done in the same round.

Ghostfreak: Level 6 Male Chandelure
"Now for the experiment!"
Traditionally, the Litwick family burn their flames using the souls of the departed as fuel, and Ghostfreak is no exception. He seems to feel the life force of all souls that have come to pass, declaring his personal philosophy that even after death some hint of the once-existed still remains, lending themselves to the powers of his species. A bit of a ruthless sadist, he takes pride and delight in celebrating the demise of others, and uses this enthusiasm in his attacks.
Signature Move: Prowess of the Pyre
Due to his enthusiasm in the idea of Pokémon being knocked out - even his allies - Ghostfreak's Ghost and Fire attacks deal 5% more damage for each Pokémon that has already been knocked out over the course of the match. (For example, if two of the opponent's Pokémon and one of Shadow's Pokémon are knocked out, Ghostfreak's attacks become 15% stronger.) This boost cannot rise above 20%.

Cannonbolt: Level 6 Male Donphan
"Let's ROLL!"
Cannonbolt was found by Sector Shadow quite unexpectedly; they were literally minding their own business when a little rolling ball tumbled into them like a speeding bullet, half bowling them over. The ball in question turned out to be a Phanpy who was otherwise like other Phanpy, but more clumsy on his feet -- he had spent so much time rolling around that even walking posed some difficulty. In exchange, though, through his persistence in rolling wherever he goes, Cannonbolt had figured out how to apply the variety of energy he uses in attacking on his rolling specialisations.
Signature Training: Acceleroller
When in Rollout/Defence Curl, Cannonbolt has a defence boost equal to Iron Defence (but no speed drop) and a speed boost equal to Agility. Cannonbolt's base speed in Rollout is equal to a Pokemon's average movement speed on land and has double the base acceleration of any other Pokemon in Rollout mode. While rolling, Cannonbolt's spinning also gives him a repulsive effect against special or projectile attacks, similar to Rapid Spin or Gyro Ball.

Wildvine: Level 6 Male Sceptile
"If this keeps up, I'm gonna start hurling sap."
Prior to joining Sector Shadow Wildvine lived in a particularly feral rainforest environment, populated primarily by Grass/Poison Pokémon who made the experiences of his clan an allergen-filled misery. In time, though, the hardy reptilian species had developed their own techniques of dealing with the forest and its permeating miasma of toxin spores, through slowly regulated absorption until they had developed reasonable immunity. As all brave Treecko who eventually leave their trees do, Wildvine departed his home forest and eventually, joined the team.
Signature Training: Bane of the Forest
All of Wildvine's offensive Grass-type attacks (with the exception of draining attacks) have a 20% chance of inflicting light sleep, light paralysis, light burn or poison on the opponent.

Buzzshock: Level 6 male Raichu
Buzzshock is one in a long line of Pikachu pranksters. Sick of being constantly compared with the more famous (or notorious, depends on who you ask) specimen, and having not much of a movepool to speak of, Buzzshock's family has adopted a less benevolent philosophy in battle. Incorporating this, Buzzshock designed a way to let him get in an extra edge in battle.
Signature Move: Original Prankster
Upon entering battle, Buzzshock instantly fires up his brain to amplify his special attack, effectively obtaining an instant Nasty Plot boost. This uses up the amount of energy needed for Nasty Plot, and the boost cannot be copied by Psych Up, neutralised with Clear Smog, or passed on with Volt Switch. This boost doesn't occur if Buzzshock has already appeared in the same match (e.g. Reappearing via Volt Switch). Buzzshock may still use Nasty Plot once after Original Prankster triggers. Standard boost stipulations apply to this effect.

Arctiguana: Level 6 male Lapras
Arctiguana's family lived within a frozen haven towards the northernmost regions of the world - a place where few humans have explored, allowing the Lapras colony to further develop their strengths. After years spent in his sheltered environment, Arctiguana decided that enough was enough, and left his family to seek his fortune outside his comfort zone of ice. Nonetheless, he recalled the frigid powers that his family honed, and agreed to join the ranks of Sector Ben 10 when the group journeyed to Ice Floe Beach.
Signature Move: Cryogenic Cruiser
When Arctiguana is not in water, he spends a light amount of Ice energy each turn. This allows him to form a thin layer of ice around his body, letting him slide about on land with familiarity. In this mode, all his attacks have an added 20% chance of triggering the freeze condition where the attacks hit. Any physical attacks that make contact with Arctiguana will also have a 20% chance of freezing the opponent on the body part that made contact. However, in this mode Arctiguana also suffers 150% damage from Fire attacks instead of his species' neutrality. Arctiguana's Cryogenic Cruiser triggers/deactivates whenever he moves out of/into water without using a move.

Blitzwolfer: Level 6 Male Zoroark
"Who're you looking at, ugly?"
Compared to others of his kind, Blitzwolfer doesn't delight in hiding within shadows and illusion - conversely, he takes pride in the hunting abilities given to his species, turning him into a fercious, feral fighter. Blitzwolfer readily uses this prowess in his array of offensive tactics, striking fear in the hearts of his targets as he moves in for the finisher.
Signature Training: Hyper Howling
All of Blitzwolfer's Dark-type attacks have an increased 10% chance of causing the target to flinch. All of Blitzwolfer's Normal-type and XX attacks may cost Dark energy instead to deal Dark-type damage. Blitzwolfer knows Boomburst.

Snare-oh: Level 6 Male Cofagrigus
*eerie, ominous stares*
Not much can be said about Snare-oh. He takes a bizarre delight in sneaking his shadowed limbs behind others and reeling them in, threatening to eat them as he laughs evilly. No one knows what kind of secrets lies beneath the golden facade of this living artifact - some say it's because no one has ever ventured to find out; others say it's because no one has ever come back. Generally, though, the Cofafrigus line is somewhat not-so-scary as long as you remember to keep your distance anyway.
Signature Training: Corruption Sigil
Using significant Ghost energy, Snare-oh curses the enemy. The following addition is made to their signature for the duration of the battle: "This Pokemon loses a good amount of health per round, and cannot gain health while this effect is active. This effect cannot be deactivated." This is treated as a part of the Pokemon's signature move and is not treated as a status condition; it is not affected by Aromatherapy, but is affected by Gastro Acid.

Frankenstrike: Level 6 Male Conkeldurr
"You have no idea how wrong you are."
Frankenstrike once served under a nefarious, cruel master - who it was, or what he had to do, Frankenstrike won't say. What was noticeable, though, was that for whatever reason Frankenstrike was forced into a different method of lugging things around as opposed to what his species was used to; instead of carrying them in his hands Frankenstrike was forced to haul his timber across his back, never letting it drop while he stumbled about. This altered methodology of physical training led him to become quite different from others of his race.
Signature Training: Freehanded
Frankenstrike's items are constantly balanced on his shoulders, attached by a light amount of Fighting energy to maintain per round. Frankenstrike is considered to be free of the increased energy usage and less affected by the speed penalty that is characteristic to his species when using attacks.

Upchuck: Level 6 Male Lickilicky
"Exploding loogies, cool! I've got UPCHUCK POWER!"
Much like all other Lickitung, Upchuck loves to eat. Hanging out will a fellow Gourmand in a Swalot, Hocker, inspired him to drool digestive prowess all over the place. While he never managed to fire acid or explosive vomit, few can disagree that Upchuck's alternative is almost, if not just as disgusting.
Signature Training: Acid Popper
Unlike others of his species, Upchuck's tongue is not covered with paralytic spit, but his digestive juices. As a result, attacks that involve Upchuck's tongue have a possibility of leaving an acid burn instead of paralysis, which is increased to 30%.

Ditto: Level 6 Male Kecleon
"I know you are, but what am I?"
No one is quite sure why this Kecleon has chosen the name of another Pokemon species for a name, but if anything it might be one of the characteristics of his unshakeable, incorrigible sense of humour and pranking. The idea of Substitute (and learning it naturally anyway) appealed to him, but the health and energy loss was a turn-off; Jerichi, esteemed Kecleon user, was heard to say that "Sub sucks" anyway. He then decided to improve upon the frailty of Double Team.
Signature Training: Attack of the Clones
By using twice the energy used in Double Team, Ditto generates four clones, each of which can only be dissipated with an attack of at least decent strength. Ditto still can't use Double Team more than twice a match.

Eye Guy: Level 6 Genderless Claydol
"Now that's cold!"
Eye Guy numbers another of the oddity operatives in Sector Shadow's Ben 10 division. Not only is he impossible to surprise thanks to having eyes all around, he finds it fun to fire his random beam attacks from anywhere and everywhere, to the surprise and distress of his pranking victims - through the usage of his species ability to manipulate his clay arms through psychic power.
Signature Training: Satellite Beam
Any attack that can be fired via Eye Guy's beam hands can be fired from its eyes; this gives the attack a 20% boost in power. Eye Guy's hands can be moved separately from its body up to the distance of a Clay Arena's length. In this mode, any attacks fired do not gain the boost. In separation, Eye Guy's beam hands can either warp back to itself, or it can warp itself to wherever its beam hands are for decent energy.

Way Big: Level 6 male Golurk
"I'm not just big; I'm WAY BIG!"
Way Big is a particularly happy, bouncy, energetic specimen of his kind, rendering him clumsy yet endearing. Calling on the power of the cosmos which he allegedly originated from, Way Big teamed up with Eye Guy to form a brand new attack.
Signature Move: Cursed Comet
Using heavy Ground energy and mild Ghost energy, Way Big sends up the blast of energy skyward. One to two turns later, the energy falls down from the arena in the form of a massive meteorite, aimed directly at the enemy and dealing heavy Ground damage upon contact. For the remainder of the match, the victim suffers a 20% deficit to speed and reaction time, due to the meteor's impact and phantom energy haunting its movements.

Spitter: Level 6 Male Mawile
Unlike most of his species that emphasise their characteristically cute facade and gruesome biting power, Spitter is much more willing to command the species' wide range of elemental assaults. Months of training were dedicated to his horns as an orifice of natural power, slowly causing it to lose its edge but refining it like a sphere of purified ore in a furnace.
Signature Training: Projectile Specialist
Spitter loses the 20% boost to his biting attacks unlike normal Mawile. In exchange, all special attacks that can be fired/called from his jaw-horns (e.g. Flamethrower, Ice Beam) deal 20% more damage.

Swampfire: Level 5 Male Trevenant
"Oho! You guys are in so much trouble!"
The similarities between the Trevenant and Gourgeist lines are such that confusion between the two species isn't unheard of. Swampfire was one such specimen whose egg was mixed into a Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist village by some mistake. Rather than reject him, the pumpkin populace adopted Swampfire into their colony and taught him their ways, including an extent of familiarity with fire. When Swampfire eventually left the colony Sector Shadow came across him, christening him the first member of Sector Ben 10: AF.
Signature Move: Gourdlike Powers
Swampfire has learned Flamethrower and Explosion, and is considered to have Fire familiarity. In exchange, his Ghost-type moves are considered to be ineffective against Steel-types instead of neutral.

Echo Echo: Level 6 Male Exploud
"ECHO ECHO! ECHO! ECHO! Echo! Echo!..."
Unlike other Whismur, screaming is an art to Echo Echo. Granted, at over a hundred decibels it sounds the same to anyone else, but Echo Echo refuses to overlook this lack of apparent distinction. Echo Echo has turned the art of sonic combat into an all-encompassing attack, based after his practice sessions of repeating the speech of others.
Signature Move: Wall of Sound
Based on the universal access to Double Team, Echo Echo generates four clones which then release a blast of sound similar to Hyper Voice. This sound blast can be narrowed or widened to hit multiple targets or intercept attacks. An intercepted attack that is weaker than the Wall of Sound shockwave has a 30% chance of being repelled back at its origin, where applicable; otherwise the Wall of Sound target is dealt significant knockback. For the next two rounds after a Pokemon is hit by the Wall of Sound, it becomes somewhat deafened and its attacks each have a 30% chance of failure due to being unable to hear its Trainers orders properly.The clones generated by this attack remain on the field and follow Double Team stipulations. Wall of Sound uses up energy equal to a Hyper Voice and a Double Team, and will always generate the full four clones. On average, Wall of Sound does significant damage if uninterrupted. Due to the usage of Double Team, Wall of Sound can't be used more than twice per match.

Humungousaur: Level 3 Male Pupitar
"I could beat you with one hand tied behind another dimension."
Unlike the brutal, underhanded warfare that his evolutionary line is used to, Humungousaur has long since eschewed this heritage in favour of a pursuit of direct, open demonstrations of strength. In a family full of Dark-inclined members that think otherwise, Humungousaur was forced to train alone, honing his skills in the open while his brethren attacked via underground, mudslinging and other earthy tactics. As a Rock-type himself, this proved challenging to the rock-skinned acolyte, and in time his skin wore out to the point that it would never be capable of growing into the thick plates known to the Tyranitar family. Due to this Humungousaur was cast out of his clan, doomed to forever walk the earth as a Pokemon with no place to call home, in search of opponents who would fight him on equal terms.
In time this strange specimen found solace in Sector Ben 10, where his versatility and uniqueness was welcomed, not condemned. Inspired by this catharsis and strengthened by his experiences, Humungousaur was gifted his new designation.
Signature Move: Prehistory Power
Humungousaur is a Rock/Fighting-type, losing his Dark/Ground-type STAB and gaining familiarity instead. As a Tyranitar, he loses his defensive boost, instead gaining a 1.1x boost to all physical attacks.

Jetray: Level 6 Male Togekiss
"Hey! Get off me!"
"It's a jet! It's a jet!" the others would scream as Jetray charged down the aisles at the nursery, as he made noisy turbine sounds. Some say he picked it up from watching action movies on television, others say he might have a spot of Bagon or even Eon Pokemon blood in him. Whichever the reason, Jetray has always fancied himself as a sort of fighter jet pilot, and eventually he put his Zap Cannon attack to modified, greater use.
Signature Move: Neuroshock Beam
Using energy equal to Zap Cannon, Jetray fires a focused electric beam from his forehead at the target. This beam is quick-moving unlike Zap Cannon and has a 40% chance of inflicting either flinch or full-body paralysis, while doing the same amount of damage. Jetray is considered Electric-familiar, but has only half his normal Fire energy.

Big Chill: Level 3 Female Froslass
"Thought you guys liked it cold."
With their slight inclination towards Ghost-types and looking considerably sinister, the Snorunt family have a reputation for being cold and callous. Big Chill, while always destined for split evolution into Froslass like XLR8 was, came to realise that Glalie looks a lot more menacing and has a considerable variety of ways to put the hurt on people. As such she tended to hang with the guys more, picking up their personalities and learning their ways, even after she touched a Dawn Stone. Now she's not merely the mistress of the wintry night; she's the cruel queen of the midnight blizzards.
Signature Move: Hell Freezing Over
Big Chill can add a moderate amount of Ghost energy to her Ice-type attacks when ordered. A target hit by an attack in this way is slowed in similar fashion to an Icy Wind for the following three rounds; this slowing effect cannot be restored by Agility as it affects the nerves as well as muscles.

Chromastone: Level 5 Male Sableye
"That's not going to work. I'm a conductor!"
Like other Sableye, Chromastone was raised on a diet of fresh cave rock, a selection of rich minerals and gemstones. This was all very well until one day when Chromastone opted to snack on a diamond that turned out to be a Carbink, who reacted in kind and attacked his only (videogame) weakness. After the shock wore off of food that bit back, he reconciled with the Carbink and its crew, learning to adapt in accordance with their only gemstone-derived defences, which he carried over to the natural crystallisation naturally encrusting each Sableye.
Signature Move: Refraction-Packed Issues
Whenever Chromastone is hit with a special attack, his special attack power increases by 10% to 20% dependent on the attack's strength (at least decent will raise it by 10%; significant and above will raise it by the maximum of 20%), after weakness/resistance calculation. Due to the gemstones in his body containing this power to boost his special attack, it takes a round longer to start fading compared to normal buffs. Chromastone can receive additional buffs from this effect, but the total buff will never exceed 20%.

Brainstorm: Level 4 Male Crawdaunt
"I believe the vernacular is... 'psyche'!"
Corphish and Crawdaunt are known for being abrasive, self-centered and all-around antisocial. Brainstorm is nothing of the sort, and it was said that his egg was hatched not in pondwater, but in a nicely warmed incubator filled with tea. This would certainly allude to his otherwise polite demeanour and methodical perspective in looking at combat. Having realised the special sweeping potential of his natural STABs, as well as the sorely neglected defensive shell armour that he has, Brainstorm sought to focus his training under those aspects.
Signature Move: Crawdapper
Brainstorm knows Nasty Plot, Hydro Pump, Reflect and Light Screen. He loses Superpower, as well as his boost to anger and claw-based attacks.

Spidermonkey: Level 5 Male Ambipom
"Check it out! Hands - free!"
Unlike other Aipom who tended to hang around the canopies of forests, Spidermonkey always felt more at home slightly closer to the understorey where insects tended to run wild. Although he was never capable of being exactly like a Bug, his knowledge of U-turn and natural affinity for them meant that he was able to fit in nicely and pick up their strengths. Spidermonkey was eventually able to put his play-training to the test on the battlefield, relying on the trickery and agility of his Bug pals to make up for disadvantages in strength.
Signature Move: Follow the Spiders
Spidermonkey knows String Shot, Sticky Web and Spider Web, and is treated as Bug-familiar. His speed and reaction time are immune to debuffs.

Goop: Level 4 Male Sliggoo
"Gooooooooop! You know this is cool!"
It is said that Goomy used to rule over Laverre City until the Fairies came over, took over the place and chased all the Dragons out of town. Subsequently Goomy were forced to live in the mucky swamps of Kalos Route 14, maintaining a derpy facade until the day they would rise from the murky mires and oust the fairies from their despotic rule.
At least that's what some people say. What is known for certain is that being in a location where TM06 was conveniently placed for Trainers has caused the local wildlife to develop a poisonous affinity, if not personality. It's no surprise that when Goop was introduced to the team he took to Ground Zero like a Shellder to a Slowpoke's tail, seeking to improve his natural mucus to fortify himself against his mortal enemies.
Signature Move: Squish Squish
Due to the toxins accumulated in Goop's body, his Dragon-type moves are considered neutral against Fairies instead of immune. However, he is now considered to be weak against Ground-type attacks.

Pokemon X: Level 3 Male Meowstic
No one quite knows what goes in the minds of Espurr. Behind the stubbornly folded ears and blank forward stares, many claim that Espurr all undergo some degree of horrific, deeply scarring psychological trauma before being brought into this world. This is probably NOT true - but for one Espurr who was simply referred to as X, it came somewhat close. X had been haunted by voices in his head for as long as he can remember, one male and one female, trying to steer his life in all sorts of contradictory directions. That male and female Meowstic live separate existences didn't make anything better. Even after it was verified that yes, X is biologically male, the fractured state of his mind persisted.
Signature Move: Espurrsona!
As a Meowstic, Pokemon X knows the attacks of both male and female Meowstic, but for all relevant purposes is treated as male. Pokemon X is immune to mental effects of enemy attacks.

Lodestar: Level 3 Genderless Magneton
"Oh, man! This is no time to shake down a new guy!"
Electric Pokemon are widely considered useful for power sources, and Steel Pokemon are likewise lauded for heavy industry and durability. Magnet Pokemon, with their ability to mess up magnetic fields, cause dangerous power failures and overloads, were not as appreciated. Lodestar belonged to a colony of ousted Magnet Pokemon before eventually disengaging and joining Sector Ben 10.
Signature Move: Attraction Flux
Using significant Electric energy, Lodestar targets one Pokemon or object on the field (including itself) and blasts it with charged ions that deal no damage, causing it to possess a magnetic aura that draws all attacks towards it. This aura means that all attacks that would target another Pokemon or object would be drawn towards the targeted affected by the aura, except for moves used by the user. (e.g. A Pokemon affected by Attraction Flux can be hit by a Flamethrower that is targeted at another Pokemon, but not if the Pokemon itself uses Flamethrower.) Due to the magnetic aura, this means attacks will always hit the true target and bypass deception such as Double Team or Substitute clones, assuming the aura hit the true target to start with (i.e. If used on a Substitute clone, attacks will hit the Substitute clone instead). The aura will dissipate after three rounds or after it sustains more than heavy damage, whichever comes first.

Rath: Level 3 Male Pancham
Pancham are boisterous, playful and violent - Rath is not only no exception, but he's the exception in that he began hanging out with Dark-types at an early age to evolve as soon as possible. This didn't quite work out as far as evolution was concerned, but given the advantage Fighting had over Dark they grudgingly allowed him to lead, which he did at every brawl and bash-up he could get the group in. Eventually this brought him to Sector Ground Zero where he found that his Fighting tactics didn't work against the Poisonous opposition. The Dark-types left him behind, disappointed and disgusted at his failure, but Rath found a new home in Sector Ben 10.
Signature Move: Total Tag Takedown
Using the principles of Parting Shot, a Total Tag Takedown can be declared. Rath uses a significant amount of Fighting energy to curse the target, inflicting it with Taunt and the offensive debuff of Parting Shot. He then uses the Fighting energy as an aura to switch in another allied Pokemon. Alternatively, he can declare a Total Tag Takedown to forcibly replace another allied Pokemon currently on the field (bypassing Mean Look), and his intimidating presence then curses the target with the aforementioned effects. (He also screams "LEMME TELL YA SOMETHIN', [insert name of opponent here]!") In the latter case, Total Tag Takedown must be declared as the first move, and itself counts as a move. Switching rules apply.

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Akihide Squad Summary

Trainer Level: 1
TP: 0
KO: 0 (1)
SP: 0
W: 0 D: 0 L: 0

Abra: Level 1 Male Abra
A shy and quiet Pokemon that likes to keep to itself. It was found relaxing next to a lake where it put up no fight when I captured him. Due to this calm and quiet nature Abra finds it easier to dodge attacks when using teleport.
Signature move: Calm Dodger
When dodging using Teleport the time needed to concentrate is decreased and the energy needed is decreased by one term on the scale (EG goes from Significant to Substantial etc). However Abra cannot dodge using any other techniques or by issuing the "Dodge" command. Abra also loses access to Light Screen and Barrier.

Golett: Level 2 Genderless Golett
Golett was previously an unemployed statue that had looked for work everywhere. It had tried from being an Oscars statue to being a statue in Clash of the Titans. However Golett was refused everytime for being ugly. This lead to it going into a deep depression and it had become an alcoholic that lived in the gutter, this is where I found it. I befriended it and it slowly came to trust me, we shared many nights together, sharing experiences, life stories and many other things. Now, Golett is part of my squad and is willing to work extremeky hard for me.
Special Training: Statue
Due to its bout of depression and its professional statue training, it has become less vulnerable to intimidation and cannot be so easily scared out of attacking. However as a consequence sleep inducing moves are a little more effective.

Mienfoo: Level 1 Male Mienfoo
A headstrong Pokemon, he will often run into situations without thinking. After making a mistake, he does one of two things, he will either become extremely angry and lose any ability to think logically. Or he will allow himself to be beat by the opposing Pokemon. Because he had this mentality I had to help train his spirit to be more pure. However all he managed to do was concentrate it in one place and accidentally unleash it. Together we scrapped the "Pure spirit" motif and decided we wanted to kick *** with this burst of energy.
Signature Move: Spirit Burst
Mienfoo concentrates its fighting spirit into the center of its being. It then unleashes the energy in a spherical blue burst. It deals damage depending on how close the opponent is to Mienfoo. If it is within 1 meter, damage is equal to Giga Impact. If the opponent is between 1 meter and 5 meters of Mienfoo then damage is equal to cross chop. If the opponent is further than 5 meters from Mienfoo then damage is equal to Aerial ace. The move can only be used once per match. Energy use is equal to that of Giga Impact and only 1 move can be ordered next turn. Mienfoo can no longer use Focus Blast or Meditate.

Elekid: Level 1 Male Elekid
Young and still struggling to control his power. Due to this he cannot control his electricity which will sometimes discharge unexpectedly.
Signature move: Power surge
All electric moves gain 1.2x power. All electric moves have a 40% chance to fail.

Nidoran: Level 1 Male Nidoran (M)
He was the leader of his gang when in the wild and so he believes that he has to be the strongest and most knowledgeable Pokemon that I own. He will sometimes ignore my orders if he thinks that there is a better option (however he is not always correct).
Special Training: Leadership Role
20% chance of disobeying an order and using a different move. This different move has a 10% chance of failing and a 5% chance of doing 1.2x damage.

Lombre: Level 2 Female Lombre
An extremely laidback Pokemon, she prefers to avoid fighting and tends to play with her opponent rather them attack them directly. However if she deems that she needs to be serious then she will become serious.

Rhyhorn: Level 1 Male Rhyhorn
Another young Pokemon, he hatched from an egg that my mother gave me and knows some unexpected moves however they are fairly weak and thus he resorts to using his weight and raw strength to tackle opponents.

Teddiursa: Level 1 Male Teddiursa
A mischeivous tactician of a Pokemon that likes to act weak and helpless to put off his opponents. This sometimes leads to an overuse of the move "Fake Tears"

Growlithe: Level 1 Female Growlithe
A loyal Pokemon that obeys every order without fail. She used to be the household pet and is still learning to battle, therefore she is very inexperienced.

Gastly: Level 1 Female Gastly
The comedian of my squad. Likes to turn invisible and play tricks on other Pokemon, during battle she will sometimes mistake her opponent for an audience member and will put on a show.

Scraggy: Level 1 Male Scraggy
Very proud of itself, likes to bash its head on anything it sees to test if it can break it. Leads to him taking on opponents he can't handle.

Shelmet: Level 1 Male Shelmet
Very dopey, doesn't like to move during a battle and will pretty much always take an attack head on. This lack of mobility does often cripple it during a fight.
Trainer Level: 1
TP: 0
KO: 0 (1)
SP: 0
W: 0 D: 0 L: 0

Gaze upon my glorious stats.
Then gaze upon Mr Derp (THE FISH)

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TL2 26-4-0 KO 74
TP 208 B Ref SP 0

vs Chris Manning – win 3-2
vs Breeder KJ – win 1-0
vs TBH1313 – win 2-1
vs S_M – loss 2-3
vs SP.Eevee – loss 1-2
vs Atluss - Win 2-1
vs Akihide - Win 2-1
vs Rangeet - loss 0-1 (typespam)
vs Milotic111 - Win 2-1
vs ZChrisL - DQ Win 4-2
vs Salamencia - Win 6-5
vs AkonFan2000 - Win 1-0
vs Quintowill - Win 2-1
vs TBH1313 - DQ Win 3-1
vs Biggggg5 - Win 3-0
vs Oliver101 - Win 2-1
vs DaisyInari - Win 2-1
vs Milo - DQ Win 3-1
vs Speevy - Loss 1-2
vs Kusari (Gym) - Win 4-3
vs Roglef - Win 2-0
vs Weebos - DQ Win 2-2
vs Kairne (Gym) - Win 4-3
vs Firewater - Win 2-0
vs Rangeet - Win 2-1
vs Insidious Dreamer - Win 6-5
vs Zerozoner - Win 2-1
vs Ethereal (Gym) - Win 4-3
vs Lonely Cubone - Win 4-3
vs Shadowshocker - Win 4-3

Hentacool: Tentacruel (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Any jellyfish with less than six limbs isn’t really that backstory-worthy, and Tentacruel is no exception. DrtyTntcls wound up beached one day, too weak to flounder back into the ocean in its infancy. It was the hottest day of the year, and after a few kids repeatedly poked him with a stick, the beached jellyfish was left for dead as it hastily dehydrated. Hentacool didn’t do much to resist as his whole body continued to parch – jellyfish are quite helpless and uninteresting on land. Napoleon drew pity on the boneless sack.
Special Technique: Leaky Tank (Water)
Being left out in the sun too long destroyed the majority of Hentacool gelatinous umbrella mass. Tentacruel finds it much harder to stay hydrated on dry-land, losing a small fraction of its health at the end of each round. As it loses more health its skin becomes emaciated which makes it easier for him to expel water. Under half health, its water-type attacks do 1.25x damage. Under a quarter health, its water-type attacks do 1.5x damage at the cost of 1.25x energy. These boosts are nullified if Tentacruel becomes hydrated through a weather condition or an attack.

Cloysteris: Cloyster (F) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Cloysteris is a very horny bivalve, by that I mean she has those two huge, sharp turrets. Like most female Cloyster she absolutely adores Palkia. She keeps pictures of the spacial dragon hung up inside her shell. Whilst they’re no replacement for Palkia, Cloyster gets excited whenever she’s around Kakuna, Sudowoodo, Combusken, Medicham and Wobbuffet. She became a sort of groupie of Napoleon due to the copious amount of tentacle themed Pokémon.
Special Training: Magic Conch (Water)
The likelyhood of one of Cloysteris’s moves having an added effect is boosted by 1.5x. For example, Ice Beam has a 15% chance of freezing rather than 10%. Moves affected by this the magic conch burn up 10% more energy than normal. All hail the Magic Conch! WOLULULULULULULU

Gatorade: Feraligatr (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Gatorade is always hyperactive and pumped with energy. He was born and raised in the swampy badlands of South America. He always felt a bit out of place as he grew up, his crocodilian bros would laze about in water whilst he was out exploring. His spark for adventure eventually became a thorn in his side as he came across an industrial capital where he was quickly netted by pest control. Gatorade was almost made into a designer handbag, if not for a travelling passerby who rescued him.
Signature Training: Swampy ‘Gator (Ground)
Living in the bayou has given Gatorade a neutrality to Electric Type Moves. However he doesn’t like steampunk and no longer resists Steel and Fire Type moves.

Ecco: Lanturn (F) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Ecco was raised outside of her natural deep sea habitat, in the warm waters of the South Pacific. Ecco loves helping people. She used to fare people and Pokémon lost at sea back to the shore. She once rescued a old sea captain whose ship had been taken by pirates. The captain and his crewmen were tied up and gagged on a small raft, left for dead hundreds of miles from shore. Ecco was quick to the rescue, somehow managing to untie the crew and ferrying the boat. When night fell she used her luminescence to light the path ahead. The sailors were incredibly famished as days went by. Hope seemed lost again, but Ecco was determined. The angler fish untied herself from the raft, the old sea captain supposed she’d given up. However the fish popped up from the surface with a mouthful of Kelp. The seadogs managed to live off the stuff for the next couple of days, and it wasn’t long before Ecco had tugged the raft all the way to shore. The crew were incredibly grateful, keeping the angler fish and naming her after their lost ship, the SS. Ecco. The angler fish travelled alongside the the sea captain's next ship until she was eventually inherited by an enthusiastic battler.
Signature Move: Tangle Kelp
Using good energy, Ecco pumps grass energy into the ground in order to make kelp shoot up around the opponent dealing good damage. The kelp soaks up the slime perspired by Water/Ground type Pokémon cancelling out their ground type in retrospect to electric moves (like if a normal ground type was made wet) for four rounds. Tangle kelp can be used on any surface (sand, concrete, metal etc) but has to be used in a body of water. Tangle Kelp can only be used once per battle.

Mermaid Man: Quagsire (M) Lv.3
Spoiler: show
Mermaid Man is a semi-retired superhero from the sixties, and well known star of the show “The Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy”. He lives in Shady Shoals retirement home with his sidekick Barnacle Boy (Cradily). The Quagsire is pretty past his heyday, but he’s still got some fight left in him. He’s quite forgetful too, moreso than your average Quagsire. This can get him in trouble some times but he has a strong sense of justice and he’s always willing to help a senior in distress. Whenever there’s EVIL afoot, you know who to call.

Remoray: Octillery (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Ray was weapon of choice to an eccentric band of pirates, and coveted for being an excellent marksman. It is said that he would capture ships by shooting the captain from across the water no matter the distance or conditions. The more impossible the shot was, the faster the crew would surrender.
Signature Training: Boom! Headshot! (Normal)
When Ray's opponent has either critical health or energy remaining, he'll try extra hard to take them down. All his ranged attacks have an extra 50% chance of landing a critical hit whilst burning up 25% more energy than normal. Ray won't be able to do this if he's in critical ranges himself.

Man Ray: Mantine (M) Lv.3
Spoiler: show
Man Ray has never been a free Mantine. He was born in captivity, and grew up with most of his brothers and sisters in the Sea World manta aquarium. The rest of his school in the exhibit didn’t quite mind the small space or being stroked inappropriately by little kids, but Man Ray loathed it. He always wanted swim in the high seas, and after seeing a few stage shows of “Clyde and Seamore take Pirate Island” fancied the life of a Pirate’s Pokémon. His brothers and sisters insisted they had a good gig at Sea World, and that he should let his dream go. Man Ray was stubborn and determined though. He evolved before anyone else in his school and used his limited flight ability to escape the aquarium. It wasn’t long before I found him washed up next to a churo stand. I offered to teach him the ways of the pirate as long as he battled by my side.
Signature Training: Avast! the wind be fillin' our sails! (Flying)
Through braving stormy seas Man Ray has built up a resistance to his crippling electric weakness. He now only takes 0.75x the damage he’d normally take from electric typed moves.

Nacho: Ludicolo (F) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Born in the slums of a Mexican shanty town, Nacho was taken in by a family of squatters who wanted to fatten her into a tasty meal. Nacho was unaware of the family’s intentions, always playing with the street children and spontaneously breaking into dance like only Lotad know how. The day came for Nacho to evolve into a somewhat delicious Ludicolo – at which point the family had forgotten all about their roast duck and kept her as a household pet. However with Nacho’s added girth came another mouth to feed and there was no way they could afford to keep Nacho. The happy-go-lucky Ludicolo was very upset to leave her family behind, but promised she would travel to the city and send some money back to the squatters. The next year of Nacho’s life would be spent in the busy streets of Morocco where she became a struggling street performer. Every time Nacho danced a horrible rain cloud would fill the sky and people would run inside. I eventually stumbled upon Nacho and recognised her awesome dancing talents. The two of us joined forces to master her dancing skills.
Special Training: Pineapple Dance Studios (Normal)
Nacho has travelled across the world and learnt several dances along the way. As a result of her intense training she mastered the art of Fiery Dance, Petal Dance, Quiver Dance and Dragon Dance. Nacho likes to keep the crowd wanting more, and will only perform a combination of two dance moves per battle (including Rain and Teeter Dance). She’s too graceful to use the moves Body Slam, Blizzard, Brick Break, Double Edge, Facade, Frustration and Fury Swipes.

Rocklobster: Crawdaunt (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Signature Training: Slashy Slashy
Rocklobster used to have bands tied around his pincers which increased his cutting proficiency. He can now use Air Slash with the energy to use it 3 times per battle.

Führer: Empoleon (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Special Training

King Julius: Jellicent (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
“Once you pop you just can’t stop!” Julius is most well known for his iconic moustache and his dangerous past-addiction to Pringles. He was born in the sunken city of Chipotia, heir to the Pringles throne and a lifetime supply of Pringles. However whilst he was a powerful jellyfish, he was unable to separate the goodness that is Pringle from the wetness that is water. He wasn’t a fan of soggy snacks so set on a Horsea-pulled chariot on a quest to find the best can of Pringles ever invented. Julius’s quest took him to the surface world, where he was exposed to his first Pringle. Of course, one chip isn’t enough, and before he knew it he’d eaten the whole share-size tin! This sent him on a downward spiral to the poorhouse. Stripped of his throne and friendless, he took rehab in the form of a young trainer. One can be sure he never truly recovered from his ordeal.
Special Move: Pringles Can-non (Various)
Julius fires a stack of hyperbolic paraboloids (equal to the amount in a standard can of Pringles) made out of energy - which splash against the foe like a Swift attack would – dealing significant damage if most or all hit. The attack can be ordered in 3 different flavours:

Sour Cream and Onion - like a chivey bagel at a New York deli, this attack has a cool taste and deals grass-type damage. Each Pringle is laced with powdered onion, which stands a good chance at irritating the foe’s eyes for a short period, causing them to water.

Texas Barbeque - Like a sweet sizzling steak at a county fair, this attack has a fiery taste and deals fire-type damage. Each pringle is marinated with sticky barbeque sauce, and has a good chance of reducing the foes speed for a short period ala Icy Wind.

Salt and Vinegar - Like fish and chips on a British seaside, the attack has a sour taste and deals water-type damage. Each pringle is enriched with sea salts which have a sure chance of knocking a foe out of paralysis like a smelling salt.

This move takes significant energy, and Julius can only use it once per round.


Mojumbo: Tangrowth (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Mojumbo is a caveman in that he is male and lives in caves. He communicates with low groans and isn’t all that smart. He refuses to shave his tangled vines and he smells like rotten compost. Like all cavemen he has an obsession with breasts and isn’t shy about showing it. Besides his prehistoric quirks, Mojumbo has an affinity for self-made hallucinogens. He has difficulty distinguishing reality and fantasy, and is known to trip into paranoid frenzies when intoxicated with certain drugs. He doesn’t care for battles but enjoys smashing other Pokémon.
[b]Special Training: Boulder Dash (Rock)[b]
Mojumbo is familiar with Rock typed energy, in the same way that Golduck is with Psychic moves. He can use the moves Smack Down and Stone Edge, but existing before a time of greed and suffering he doesn't know any Dark-Type moves. He also cannot use Giga Impact, Double-Edge or Leaf Storm.

Koosy: Lickitung (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
The Koosalagoopagoop is a shiny Lickitung with a funny trilby and round specs. I imagined Koosy up when I was five years old and we played together in a sandbox. Koosy came home with me and from then on we where inseparable. However as I got older I started making new friends and had to leave Koosy at home. One day when I came home from school he’d packed his things in a blanket on a stick. He said I’d grown up and his job was done, so he’d go find another kid to look after. Koos gave me a warm hug before magically vanishing. It was hard letting him go, but as I came into my teens I’d forgot about the Koosalagoopagoop completely. One day I saw a new kid playing with his imaginary friend in the same sandbox, and memories of Koosy flooded back. Travelling around the Pokénation became really hard from then on. I missed home and just wanted to relive my childhood. That was when I heard a strange rustling in the bushes. It was Koosy! He’d come back to join me on my fabulous journey! Koosy is a hugger, and he loves giving people warm hugs. He also loves cooking his world famous Pepi Wraps. He gets a very large tortilla, a frying pan and a tub of meat. Koos then cooks the meat for just a bit, wraps it in the tortilla and voila: a Pepi Wrap!
Signature Ability: The Koos is Loose (Normal)
Because Koosy is an imaginary friend thinks he's an imaginary friend, he's learnt how to go invisible with the same conditions as a ghost type. He can only do this for the duration of one round.

Goop: Ditto (-) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Goop is a species of Ditto native to deep space, one of a hundred Ditto sent out to explore the galaxy and compelled to return later in order to share their experiences. He’s a bit strange and very naive to Earthly customs - he doesn’t quite know how to act when he transforms into foreign Pokémon. His lack of common sense is paid off with his aptitude for science and resourcefulness. Goop is green and transparent, and has a miniature UFO (a permanent transformation, rather than an item/accessory) on his head.
Signature Move: DNA Putty (Normal)
A small chunk of Goop breaks away from his body to quickly scour the arena for any traces of DNA (blood, footprints, fingerprints, hair follicles, feathers etc) from a Pokémon active during the previous 10 rounds. When the DNA is acquired Ditto is able to transform into the Pokémon, which counts as an extra move ala Mimic. The move uses up solid energy and can only be used once per battle. The copy is incomplete and will only have 3/4 the type energy a Ditto would normally have of a transformed Pokémon - for reference 1.5 Hyper Beams of 'STAB' type energy and a Major (Significant if he transforms into a normal type) amount for everything else.

Doomsparce: Dunsparce (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show
Rain patted down against the wet cobbles of a medieval Blackthorn, running down the slate roofs of the dozen or so cottages and joining the stream of floodwater through the town. A mighty flare of lightning flashed across the midnight hamlet, the drum of thunder lagging just a few seconds behind. The storm was drawing closer... The villagers had burnt out their oil lamps for the night, struck with fear and desperately waiting for the storm to pass. It was the height of fall, a phase in which the dragons of Johto entered what villagers could only explain as a hunting ritual. It was a rite of passage for adolescent dragons, their reclusive and shrewd nature cast aside for primal instincts. The town had been plagued by the hunt year in year out, so once again they bolted their doors until the storm passed.

As an extra precaution some of Blackforn’s most seasoned Sheppard herded a flock of cattle Pokémon on the moors between the settlement and the dragon’s den. Hundreds of Taurus grumpily tussled around in the heavy rainfall, the soggy Mareep baaing for some cover unaware they where being used as a live bait. Just a mile north the mountains rumbled with the sound of the beasts. Dragonite and Salamence took to the skies, leading the hunting party narrowly spinning past the tall mountains with a few Dragonair in tow. Below the freshly evolved Gyarados echoed rage-infused roars, pushing past the sluggish Shelgon in bloodlust frenzy. Meanwhile! A mother Dunsparce was eyeing up the herd of cattle from her mountainside nest. With no Mightyena in sight to protect the game, she licked her lips with a forked tongue and headed down the cliffs for a stray Flaffy. This couldn’t end well...

The dragons ripped through the cliffs, a Dragonite leading the charge and swooping down for the first kill. He was spoilt for choice, but in the end grabbed a strong Taurus by the horns. The bull stomped and flailed in a last ditch attempt to wrestle free, but the mighty dragon quickly shut it down with a blast of purple flames. The majestic dragon sunk its teeth into the bull’s neck, flitting back to the Dragon’s Den with his prize trophy. The less eager pack now joined in the fight for game, the cattle scattering in all directions as the reptiles picked them one by one overhead. The mother Dunsparce’s eye’s widened in panic, a stampede of Taurus headed her way. She tried burrowing for cover but the moors where muddy on account of the heavy drizzle, and Dunsparce can’t move in mud! The winged snake was trampled, her eggs left without a carer.

“CACHOOOW!” Salamence tore up the fields with massive hyper beams sending what little farm Pokémon had survived scattering. It’s the best move ever okay. Most of the dragons had had their pick by now, the few left over desperately scouring the land. A few of the rougher-looking dragons set course for Blackthorn for a much riskier kill, whilst the runts of the litter prayed they’d find a stray Mareep before daybreak. One of which was a lowly Shelgon. He was the only one of his brothers not to evolve and he didn’t share their killer instinct - too scared to attack a Tauros or Miltank. The pudgy dragon frantically climbed up the mountainside in hopes of spotting an injured Mareep. Sniffing under every rock, the serpent caught the sent of a nest tunnelled in the mountainside. He licked his lips eagerly; scratting at the burrow with his paw until one of the leathery balls came rolling out. It was no bull, but it’d have to do. Shelgon balanced the egg on his back, leisurely bounding home with his rite of passage.

WHAT HAVE YE BROUGHT FOR ME!?” A godly voice echoed. The Dragons shuddered, clinging onto the narrow cave tunnels with their primal instincts subdued for trepidation. The Dragonite from before was first to step forward, lugging the heavy Tauros carcass over its back. He stood at the end of a network of tunnels all leading to a gaping fissure. Dragonite growled gruffly, throwing the bull overhead and down the fissure. Suddenly! A giant-sized RED GYARADOS leaped out of the dark recesses, the Tauros the size of a peanut as it drops into its gullet.

MOAR!” Suddenly the rest of the dragons started scrambling forward, each dropping their kill into the fissure, Red Gyarados taking a large mouthful before grinding their bones in his awfully large teeth. He seemed satisfied, but something wasn’t right. The dragon god reeled its head back as it stretched to the ceiling of the den.

ONE DRAGON HAS YET TO OFFER ME ITS KILL!” Petrified with fear, the dragons hustled together. It was Shelgon, he’d carried the egg all the way to the den but he was too scared to throw it into the pit. The shiny serpent’s nostrils flared as it spiralled over each pothole, finally sniffing out the only non-dragon scent in the Den. It was the Dunsparce egg. With its stubby legs trembling, the Shelgon bowed so the egg rolled off its back and onto the dusty floor. He then nuzzled it into the leviathan’s view.

AN EGG?” Red Gyarados’s eye flickered feverishly, “THIS PUNY SACRIFICE WILL NOT SUSTAIN ME...” Shelgon trembled in absolute horror, wincing as he curled into a ball. The serpent lunged forward, and in one snap swallowed the Shellgon whole. The Dunsparce egg rolled out of view, but neither the oppressive Gyarados or the other dragons seemed to notice. With a silent glare the Red Gyarados recoiled back into its tunnel, the other dragons calmed they’d passed the ritual and survived another year. However this year’s hunt brought something they’d never expect...

A few days later the leathery egg wriggled and jiggled. Suddenly a barbed tail ripped through the tough skin, a baby Dunsparce breaking free. It was looked around for its mother, hissing softly as he slithered down the network of tunnels. The few cave-dwelling dragons didn’t mind its presence; the winged serpent seemed too dragon-like to fraternize with. He couldn’t find his mother but some of the kinder dragons offered him scraps of food and taught him how to catch Rattatta. He spent a good month or so slithering from tunnel to tunnel, a loner snake who didn’t belong. One day, he’d made it all the way to the bottom of the cave into the fissure. There was no light and it was really scary. Dunsparce didn’t seem to mind though. Suddenly he felt his body drop on something large and scaly. The floor below started moving! Red Gyarados coiled its huge body around the tiny serpent, its head hanging over with interest.

SERPENTINE! WHAT DARE BRING YE TO THE DRAGON’S DEN?” Dunsparce hissed lowly with a glum look in its droopy eyes. “YOU ARE LOST? YOU WISH TO BELONG TO THE DRAGONS DEN?” Red Gyarados laughed. Dunsparce didn’t cower or retreat though, firmly nodding as his wings flickered eagerly. Despite his infinite rage the mighty serpent seemed impressed and slightly amused. “VERY WELL! TO BECOME A DRAGON YE MUST FIRST PASS THE HUNTING RITUAL”. God knows what sparked this sudden act of auxiliary, perhaps the leviathan thought it would be amusing. The dragon swept up the Dunsparce by the fin barely inches from its gaping mouth. Signs of trepidation finally crept through as the snake flinched at the sight of the sword-like fangs.

DOOMSPARCE THE BRAVE, BORN OF THE DRAGON’S DEN. I NOW BESTOW UPON YOU THE POWER OF THE DRAGONS. YOU MUST LEAVE THE DEN AND RETURN WITH YOUR KILL IF YOU’RE TO REMAIN DRAGON!” The newly dubbed Doomsparce eyes glazed over. Suddenly a flicker of light broke through the dimly lit fissure, the Gyarados’s throat combusting with purple flames which he hocked forward. The sacred fire consumed the serpent, not harming him but filling him with the power of dragons. Doomsparce growled as his wings picked up, hovering out of the cave to prove himself ‘a true dragon’.

Centuries passed as Doomsparce failed at every following hunting attempt. Tauros would boot him in the face upon sight and he stood no chance catching a Growlithe. Even his draconic abilities failed to give him much of an edge over the average Dunsparce. Doomsparce blamed this on his poor upbringing, but didn’t use it as an excuse to give up. He didn’t realise so much time had passed since he’d left the Dragon’s Den, but he became more and more desperate to prove himself as the years went by. One day, a trainer noticed him struggling to chase a Miltank and offered to help him develop his hunter skills. He thought this would be an easy task, but Doomsparce is quite the rebel.

Signature Training: Crouching Dunsparce, Hidden Dragon (Dragon)
Due to reasons stated in his bio, Doomsparce is a Normal/Dragon type with all the associated weaknesses and resistances. The winged serpent knows the move Dragon Rush, but never learned the moves Blizzard, Thunder or Fire Blast. In addition, his limited flight takes more energy than normal meaning he can't stay in the air for as long or fly nearly as high. He still has the limited energy pools of a normal type.

Sweeney: Gliscor (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show

Shuckleberry Finn: Shuckle (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Shuck, like many Shuckle before him, was farmed on a sunny vineyard in Mississippi to bare the fruit of his heavenly juices. Work on the vineyard was fairly simple and easygoing – he’d pick berries all day and ferment them in his shell at night. Whilst he was content with this lifestyle, everything changed the day he met Bessie. Bessie was a Miltank who laid about grazing all day on the nearby prairie. She wasn’t like the other Shuckle, the little turtle was intensely infatuated. He’d sneak off of the vineyard every day to meet up with Bessie. The Miltank had no interest in Shuck, but he was too lovestruck to understand. He’d collect berries for Bessie instead of harvesting them for the winery, which landed him in a heap of trouble with his boss. The big boss was mighty furious, Shuck was given a week to get his act together. “You’ve got a week to get your act together!” he said, “That means no seeing Bessie!” The Turtle sighed in despair, whilst he did his best to keep away from the cow, his heart ached with loneliness. One spring morning Shuck had had all he could take, he snuck onto the Miltank prairie to be with Bessie, only to find she’d been shipped off to the slaughter house. Shuck fell into deep depression, and with the week rolling over he knew he was in deep trouble for slacking off. With no berries of his own, he hatched a plan to steal all the other Shuckle’s harvest in their sleep. When night time fell, Shuck snuck into each barn, warily sucking the berry juices out of his workmate’s shells. He slept soundly that night with an impetuous grin, either down to his massive harvest or the intoxicating side effects of berry juice. Morning came and the whole vineyard was a mess, there was juice splattered everywhere and all the Shuckle where sucked dry. All the Shuckle besides Shuck that is, who had the worst hangover this side of Mississippi. The big boss had no choice but to fire the little turtle: you can pick your friends and you can pick your berries, but you can’t pick your friend’s berries. With nowhere to go, Shuckleberry turned to alcohol to drown his sorrows. He got in a few bar fights, and managed to pull a few wins in his drunken stupor. Whilst hardly curing his illness, joining the battle circuit let him blow out his bottled up issues some.
Special Defense: Berry Juice (Bug)
Shuckle loves drinking his juices so much he’s created his own spin on Miltank’s signature move. He drinks up some, replenishing Solid Health and Energy (0.8x Health and Energy of Milk Drink). The fruit drink also has a good chance of ailing a physical status. As Berry Juice is an alcoholic drink side effects from consumption include mild confusion, a 50% chance of forgetting any order the following turn as well as general intoxication/clumsiness which wears off after a few rounds. As this is a recovery move, it can only be used once per battle.

Cotoise: Torkoal (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Cotoise was found in a geyser park, lazily sprawled against a scorched tree in hopes of a sip of that sweet Mohave rain. Since joining the team he’s remained passive and happy-go-lucky, he’s not the biggest fan of battling. When he’s called on to fight, he can be apprehensive about attacking and scared of hurting the opposing Pokémon. Cotoise likes keeping everyone happy but he’s the least fazed about a loss, especially if he’s given it his best shot. Whilst he’s shown some extraordinary talents, he’d much rather spend a hot summer’s day basking in the Mohave sun than in a heated battle.
Geyser Spray (Wa/Fi)
Foghorn concentrates the smoke that he naturally exhausts into a shot of searing hot steam. The attack is essentially the same as Scald only that it deals significant damage and only has about a 10% chance of burning. It takes significant energy to use, half water and half fire. Living in geyser parks has given him the water reserves to use this move 3 times per battle, but his smoke lacks the impurities for an effective Smog, Clear Smog (ironically) and Toxic.

Barnacle Boy: Cradily (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Barnicle Boy was found on the seafloor. The cranoid is very old, and as such is naturally senile. He doesn’t interact with other Pokémon, choosing to eat them instead. He once ate a whole Pikachu, causing much distress to eye-witnesses. Whilst rife with primal instincts, he does show some weird traits. He enjoys staying up late at night and watching scary movies. He’s also very lazy, staying rooted at all times and preferring not to battle.
Special Training: Holy Barnacles! (Grass)
Barnacle Boy is rooted into the ground whenever possible, effectively using Ingrain as soon as he’s sent out without it counting as a move. Since he’s so dependent on his roots his Ingrain restores slightly more health and energy as well as being usable on dryer and harder terrain (with the clay arena being about the limit on both counts). As well as being prone to attack and more reliant on ranged attacks, Barnacle Boy will lose a light amount of health and energy for every round he’s uprooted from the ground. He can only ingrain himself back into the ground once, after which point his roots will be too damaged to reuse the move.

Hindenburg: Drifloon (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Drifloon was watching National Geographic one day when a documentary on the Hindenburg disaster came on. He became glued to the TV, seeing his likeness in the explosion. After watching the infamous clip so many times he believes he’s an amalgamation of the fallen spirits of the 1937 disaster collided with a piece of the airship’s fabric. Taking on this new personality, Hindenburg is still bitter about the disaster, and is relentlessly searching for the person whoever sabotaged his flight plan. He speaks with a fluent german, and needs to be spoken to in german at least once per battle or he'll get upset.
Special Training: Dead Zeppelin (Ghost)
Drifloon is able to easily switch from its usual solid form to ethereal for extended periods of time with little strain on his energy pool. When stationary, Hindenburg is more likely to be hit by Surprise physical attacks (about 50%). Hindenburg may never evolve into a Drifblim, and as such is considered ‘fully evolved’ from a damage standpoint.

Matador: Drapion (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Special Training

Easy-Bake: Rotom H (-) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Easy-Bake’s tale is a very gruesome one. He came about in the swinging sixties, one of the many Rotoms who made a living out of speeding through power mains and causing havoc in people’s hoovers and black and white TV sets. One day Rotom grew bored of annoying the sixties housewive and found something much funner to play with. An Easy-Bake Oven owned by the little girl from down the lane. He merged with the toy’s electronic components, giggling mischievously at the thought of burning the girl’s moofins. However the poorly made oven malfunctioned, causing the childishly harmless Easy-Bake to become infallibly EVIL. He went one step further with his prank, sucking the girl into the oven. All Easy-Bake Ovens were recalled, and the little girl from down the lane was never seen or heard from again...
Signature Training: Defected goods
The lightbulb used to heat baked goods in Easy-Bake’s belly is defective. Just as it uses electricity to generate heat, Easy-Bake can convert any of his Electric Type attacks into Fire Type attacks. The electricity is red instead of yellow - or orange instead of blue - and deals the same base damage as the default move. All moves have the same secondary effect, sans for moves with a chance of paralysis which have a chance of burning instead. The attacks have to be ordered as such “Thunderbolt (Fire)” otherwise they’re considered to be the default move. Easy-Bake can no longer use the move Overheat.

The Situation: Scrafty (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Scrafty is a cool Pokémon and very into his punk rock. He slacks off from training for the most part, but has already proven himself to be a powerhouse in otherwise dubious situations. He doesn’t take orders from anyone and loves sticking it to the man.
Special Training: Dungarees (Normal)
Scraggy’s skin was shed in a way that it’s always pulled up to his torso, his arms sticking out of a hole on either side and keeping them from falling down. This gives him a 10% resistance to attacks whilst decreasing his mobility by the same amount. Similarly to Staryu and Starmie’s core, his exposed areas (Arms, Neck, Lower face) are most vulnerable to damage.

Borg: Ferrothorn (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
"We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

Surgei: Eelektross (M) Lv.5
Spoiler: show
In Solviet Russia, biography reads you!

Tombstony: Golurk (M) Lv.5
Spoiler: show
Originally Posted by Ad
Wacky Waving Automated Arm-Flailing Golett!
Wacky Waving Automated Arm-Flailing Golett!
Wacky Waving Automated Arm-Flailing Golett!

Hi, I'm Magikarp Salesman, President and CEO of Magikarp Salesman's Wacky Waving automated Arm-Flailing Golett Emporium and Warehouse! Thanks to a shipping error I am now currently overstocked on Wacky Waving automated Arm-Flailing Golett, and I am passing the savings on to you!
Napoleon was quick to jump on this offer, and 6-8 weeks later his very own robot butler arrived in a dozen or so components. After inserting Part A into Part B and hammering like a mo’fo, lights started to flicker on inside the robot’s body. He hugged his master and got to work on a pile of chores. However after stepping all over the neighbour’s flowerbeds it was obvious he wasn’t a house robot. He decided to become a battle-bot instead, making use of his Wacky Waving Automated Arm-Flailing Arms.
Special Technique: Rocket Punch (Ghost)
Golett has worked out a way of making his punching moves projectile, by shooting off an astral projection of his fist. The attack deals exactly the same damage and effects but takes an extra .25x of Ghost energy to create the projection. Golett learnt the moves Thunder Punch, Fire Punch and Ice Punch through punching so much, but didn't have enough RAM to keep the moves Pound, Astonish, Rain Dance, Telekinisis, Safeguard, Thief, Focus Blast, Fling and Strength.

Kamen: Shiny Bisharp (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Go go Power Rangers! Doo doo doo doo doo! Kamen is an actor first and a battler second. AND CHECK DIS OUT HE DOES ALL HIS OWN STUNTS! Famed for his career in the Super Sentei series, Kamen is the coolest ranger. He’s not the most popular, which inadvertently makes him cooler than his over-hyped rainbow of counterparts – except for black, or green, or whatever. Kamen subtly accepts this fact. Whilst he is trained in combat, he doesn’t take sport in mindless violence and always keeps a cool head. He’s a stuntman at heart, much preferring aerobatics to fighting. The ranger get’s uneasy when he’s compared to a ninja or a chess piece; he’s a power ranger okay!
Special Attack: Super Sentai Blaster! (Steel)
Pawniard's right blade glows with steel energy as he loads, cocks and shoots: firing off a blitz of steel bullets at machine-gun pace, each bullet doing minor damage with a prolong volley adding up quickly. The attack does the damage of 2x Bullet Seeds, varying depending on how many bullets hit. The energy cost is 2x Bullet Seeds.


26-4-0 KO74 TP208
B Ref SP 2

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PASBL RECORD: 15-4-2 109 TP 47 KO 5 SP. B- ref. Level 3. 28 slots.

Proud owner of the Pangaea Badge The Skull and Cross Badge.

Pangaea Badge The Skull and Cross Badge
Attachable Badge
The Skull and Cross Badge
Attachable Badge
A small badge in the shape of a Marowak Skull and two Bones, the Skull and Cross badge is the token given to victorious trainers at Lonely Cubone’s Terra Firma Gym, and is sometimes known as the symbol of the Jolly Wakker.
Badge Effect: Earth’s Renewal
The Pokémon which holds this badge seems to restore itself from the very earth it stands upon. At the end of any round in which the Pokémon is touching the ground (including concrete/clay if the arena is so based) it will restore a small amount of health, on a par with the effects of Aqua Ring, up to 1/3 of its total health over 10 rounds of ending the round grounded. 1/3 is the maximum that can be healed by this badge, even if the holder survives long enough for it to be more.

[Battle Slots]
Slot 1 - vs. Jerichi (UPN)
Slot 2 - vs. Dream Breaker (UPN)
Slot 3 -
Slot 4 -

Gym Slot - vs. Concept (SPPf)

vs. Weebos win 2-1
vs. Joshua tie 4-4
vs. Treepandaone win 3-2
vs. Weebos tie 6-6
vs. DaisyInari win 3-2
vs. KratosAurion win 2-1
vs. LonelyCubone (Gym) win 4-1 (switching and type-advantage)
vs. Sneasel12 DQ win 2-1
vs. Tyranidos win 3-1
vs. DragonDance (DQ win) 1-0

NCT Final (unfinished )
Certified Trainer in LonelyCubone's Terra Firma Gym
Pokebowl 2011 3rd Place

Spoiler: show

Wallace: Male Gallade Level 4
Bio: My second Psychic-Type. I caught Wallace in a Haunted Mansion populated with other Ghost-Typed Pokemon.
Signature Training: I ain't 'fraid of no Ghosts
Having been around Ghosts for much of his life, he has gained somewhat of a resistance to Ghost-Typed attacks. As such, Wallace takes 25% less damage from Ghost-Typed attacks (like from 200% to 150%).

Roxanne: Female Steelix Level 3
Special Resistances: Resistance To Ground
Roxanne has lived in the ground all her life, and she always laughed at her other Onix brothers and sisters for being weak to ground attacks. She is attuned to her ground element, and takes only 100% damage from ground attacks.

Char: Male Charmeleon level 3
Bio: I got Char from my parents with Pika at the exact same time. I got two pokemon at the same time so that I could immediately participate in double battles. I knew the nickname for him previously because I told my parents what pokemon I wanted.
Signature Move: Burning Slash
At a young age Char accidently got too curious and put his tail flame onto his claw, for a long enough time that his claws started to be imbued with flames. He thought this was pretty cool. Eventually he learned how to imbue his claws with his inner flames naturally, and created Burning Slash. Burning Slash is like a Slash Attack but does slightly more damage and has a 30% chance to burn the slashed area, dealing significant damage, and having a very high probability of hitting a weak spot.

Pika: Male Raichu level 3
Bio: I got Pika from my parents with Char at the exact same time. I got two pokemon at the same time so that I could immediately participate in double battles. I knew the nickname for him previously because I told my parents what pokemon I wanted. Pika and Char are my favorite Pokemon.
Signature Move: Electric Tail
This attack was created when Pika was trapped in an area of Spearows. They had pecked him so much that he was laying down face-first and couldn't move at all. The only part of him that was going toward the direction of the Spearows of his tail. So Pika used his backup electric energy and transferred it to his tail. He let it go out of his tail and paralyzed and shocked all the Spearow. Basically a Thunderwave and Thunderbolt combined in 1 attack (effect/powerwise). Electric Tail can be used as a range attack just like Thunderwave/Thunderbolt, but when used to hit the opponent directly (usually in an Iron Tail stance), it will cause significantly worse paralysis and do slightly more damage than if it was used as a ranged attack. Severe energy is used to perform this attack.

Dragi: Dragonair Female level 3
Bio: I luckily caught Dragi while fishing in a one in a lifetime chance in the Safari Zone. It willfully went into a safari ball without me even challenging me. It looked as if it didn’t want to live in the lake for it’s entire life.
Special Training: Earthquake
Dragi can use Earthquake after being constantly angry at her total of 0 Ground moves. She once had a dream that she was a Dragonite, which can incidentally use Earthquake. Dragi had a revelation, and learned Earthquake through her dream. Dragi has 1 HB total of Ground energy ready to create some damage. Earthquake may only be used twice per match.

Pidge: Male Pidgeotto level 3
Bio: Pidge failed the test to become a Pidgey Express carrier as a Pidgey. One day he appeared in my window and I taught him how to battle and eventually caught him.
Special Training: Electric Resistance
Tired of electric attacks and paralysis crippling him in many battles, Pidge trained with my Pikachu, Pika in getting some resistance to electricity. Pidge now takes 25% less damage overall from electric attacks (like from 200% to 150%).

Monkey: Mankey Male level 3
Bio: I caught Monkey after I saw him struggling with his tail trying to use moves. I caught him and eventually saw how much he wanted to learn how to use his tail. So I sent him to learn under the “tail masters”
Special Training: Tail Power
Monkey agreed to be with me if I taught him how to use his tail as well as other pokemon. Therefore I sent him to learn under the “master of the tail.” He learned all the tail moves he didn’t know previously, though it costs slightly more energy to use. His Toxic also comes from his tail.

Rachel: Gardevoir Female Level 3
Bio: I caught Rachel as a Ralts when I saw her bullying other pokemon. I challenged her and won, and eventually turned her to a more “good” side, although she isn’t shy like other Ralts.
Signature Move: Super Nightmare
From her bullying days Rachel learned how to get into the minds of her victims and wreak havoc on their psyche. Rachel even managed to use her Psychic mind destroying powers to make Ghosts who knew the move Nightmare cower in fear. She still remembers how to use the attack even after I turned her into a more “good” side. Unlike a normal Nightmare, Super Nightmare uses Psychic energy instead of Ghost Energy to enter into the minds of other Pokemon. When used on a sleeping opponent it will cause the Pokemon to have an extremely frightening nightmare, which forces them to lose the same amount of energy as a regular Nightmare would make them lose, and the victim of Super Nightmare will be very scared, disoriented, and confused when they awaken. It damages the mental psyche of the victim heavily. This attack uses 1.5x the normal energy of a Nightmare (except it uses Psychic energy instead of Ghost energy). Super Nightmare makes it so that the opponent will wake up twice as quickly than they would from normal sleep. Must be used while the opponent is sleeping.

Geo: Graveler Male level 3
Bio: I caught Geo after tripping over him and caught him by accident easily.
Special Characteristic: Purely Rock
Geo is a pure Rock Pokemon, not Rock/Ground. After I caught Geo I found that he had a very slow learning rate for Ground moves, and it was found that he had less ground energy than other Geodudes. As such he only has 1 HB of Ground energy, being a pure rock type.

Scyth: Scizor Male Level 3
Bio: I caught Scyth when a forest fire came created by some idiot. Luckily though I camped near the exit and managed to escape, finding a burned Scyther along the way, putting him into a pokeball just to prevent any more burns.
Special Training: Flame Training
Ever since the incident of a forest fire Scyth has been training on an active volcano and after much training only takes 100% damage from fire instead of 200%, although he might take 120% damage from a very strong fire attack.
When he evolves into Scizor he will only take 25% less damage overall from fire attacks (like from 400% to 300%).

Hydro: Wartortle Male Level 3
Bio: I got Hydro when I went to the beach. We played together with my other pokemon, and eventually he followed me back home.
Signature Move: Spinning Bash
Hydro goes into his shell and starts spinning like using a Rapid Spin. He’s also glowing with the energy of a Skull Bash. It also does the same damage as a Skull Bash.

Growler: Male Arcanine Level 3
Bio: I got Growler from an Officer Jenny in my hometown who saw that I was responsible and trained well. Also Growler didn't have the patience to be a police dog, so she gave it to me anyways.
Signature Trait: Grassy
Wanting a counter against pesky Water, Ground and Rock types, Growlithe trained for years with Officer Jenny to gain knowledge of how to use the power of Grass. As a result, Growler has a decent amount over 1 HB of grass energy. He has also learned the move Energy Ball as a result of his training. However, he has lost/never learned the moves Iron Tail, Dragon Rage, Headbutt, Flame Burst, Covet, and Rage.

Digger: Male Dugtrio Level 3
Bio: I caught Digger after seeing his special ability. He tried to overuse it and tired out, so then I caught him.
Sig Move: Flames of Rage
Diglett always thought he was a fire type. Eventually after being tormented by bullies about thinking he was a fire type he nearly gave up trying to use fire moves. One day though the bullies started to attack Digger. After being attacked many times the pain turned to an immense Rage. Before Diglett knew it he was sending red flames toward the bullies. Ever since then Digger has been able to use this move as much as he wants although if he uses it he is not able to use Frustration or Rage for that match. Flames of Rage is basically a slightly weaker version of Flamethrower and uses slightly less energy than Flamethrower. 2 uses per match.

Soul: Male Haunter Level 3
Special Training: Heartless
Soul lost his best friend Heart after being together for decades. The loss changed Soul's life philosophy forever, and he tries to remain unemotional as he doesn't want to experience pain from losing anything that he loves ever again. He is a stoic Pokemon, and it is hard to get him to show any emotion whatsoever. Soul does not have the ability to use Attract, Captivate, Leer, Scary Face, Mean Look (the leer like version), Taunt, Swagger, Rage, Frustration and Return. In exchange, moves that try to create emotion, provoke, or create fear, like Taunt, Swagger, Leer, Attract etc... will similarly fail on Soul.

Cleffy: Male Clefable Level 3
Bio: Cleffy was a very outgoing Clefairy growing up, having been raised with a bunch of Loudred and Explouds growing up. As a Clefable he remains an extrovert, with a tendency to speak louder than other members of his species. His sound based attacks still do the same damage though, as he is not actually a Loudred/Exploud! One day Cleffy discovered his Hidden Power was actually...a hidden power. Unlike other Normal-Types in his life, Cleffy's Hidden Power was a different color, dirt-like.
Special Training: I can use Ground?
Cleffy's Hidden Power is Ground-Typed. He can only use it twice per match.

Evan: Male Lombre Level 3
Special Training: BUG OFF!
Evan hates bug moves. So much. So very very much. As a result he takes 25% less damage from bug attacks (like from 200% to 150%).

Tyler: Male Eelektrik Level 3
Sig Move: Water Attack!
Tyler has always lived in the sea his entire life, but lacks the ability to use any water moves. One day he trained himself to compress all the water energy within him and managed to use Hydro Pump. Tyler now knows how to use Hydro Pump, but it uses up all of his water energy so he is unable to use Rain Dance or any other water moves for the remainder of the battle.

James: Male Grovyle Level 3
Special Training: Auto Swords Dance
Upon entering battle, James will immediately have a Swords Dance boost, not counting as a move, while using the same energy as Swords Dance. This boost will fade like a normal Swords Dance boost would.

Jess: Female Absol Level 3
Special Training: Feeling Sleepy?
Jess knows Hypnosis after much training with a hypnotist. She decided to learn Hypnosis after realizing she could use Dream Eater but had no means of putting her opponents to sleep to use it in battle.

Chomper: Male Sableye Level 3
Special Training: Baton Pass
Being a sneaky trickster of a ghost, Sableye would often switch himself out with my other Pokemon, through the use of the move Baton Pass. Sableye knows Baton Pass.

Dwight: Male Lanturn Level 3
Bio: Before Yoshi the Bulbasaur left my team for a rescue squad mission in the Amazon Rainforest (he'll be back), he recruited an old friend of his to join my squad. Having trained together for years, Dwight has acquired certain Grass powers, and a signature grass move.
Signature Move: Unoriginal Grass Ball
Dwight makes a ball out of Grass energy and shoots it at his opponent. It does considerable Grass damage, and is basically a slightly stronger Energy Ball. Dwight has the Grass Energy to perform this attack at full strength twice per battle.

Tribute: Male Tauros Level 2
Bio: After I released William to let him mate with other Butterfree, I needed a new member for my squad. This Tauros was trampling all over my lawn, and I decided to catch it. He is named Tribute because he is a living tribute to William the Male Butterfree.
Signature Move: Super Air Beam
Super Air Beam is named by Tribute himself, which explains why it is so fantastically named. Tribute, wanting a better way to counter the fighting types that plague him so, managed to create a move using all his flying energy. He focuses all of his Flying Energy into one beam attack, which does major damage and requires major energy. This move may only be used once per battle.

Bolt: Male Galvantula Level 3
Bio: Bolt is a Pokemon that loves to stick onto things. This is troubling because he loves to fry and zap things too.
Signature Move: Stick and Zap
Bolt bites into and sticks onto his opponent using his Spider abilities. He then releases a very powerful stream of Electric energy into his opponent. Stick and Zap does a severe amount of damage to the opponent, costing severe energy for Bolt to do. It is basically a close range slightly more powerful than Thunder-powered technique. However, being close range, the victim of Stick and Zap has a higher chance of paralysis than Thunder, being at around 40%. Bolt takes a mild amount of recoil damage from this attack (around 1/4 recoil damage). Can be used once per battle.

Kwakaraleet: Male Druddigon Level 1
Bio: Druddigon love the warm weather. As such, Kwakaraleet was raised in grassy green meadows, with plenty of Grass Pokemon friends.
Signature Training: Moves
Kwakaraleet has learned Seed Bomb. He can only use Seed Bomb twice per battle, learning the technique from his Grass Pokemon friends.

Inkblot: Male Octillery Level 3
Bio: Inkblot's favorite saying is, "What would Freud say?"
Signature Move: Draconic Wave
Inkblot has always loved Dragons. Especially the Dratini line that fascinated him so. By constantly hanging around the Dratini and Dragonair in the waters he lived in, he managed to learn Draconic Wave. It is basically a weaker Dragon Pulse, and Draconic Wave does a good amount of Dragon energy damage. Inkblot only has the Dragon energy to use this move twice per match.

Kiddo: Male Nidorino Level 2
Bio: Kiddo is the kid of the team. He's tough and adorable.
Signature Training: U-Turn
Kiddo knows U-Turn after fighting a bunch of Bug Pokemon. He was always annoyed because they always used U-Turn to run away, and decided to study in-depth how the move worked. He eventually learned how to do it. He probably would've been better off learning Pursuit, but Kiddo's mind doesn't work like that.

Meta: Metang Level 2
Bio: Being a machine, Meta has always been fascinated by what he did not understand. In this instance it was nature and organic Pokemon. He spent a year in a forest, abundant with Grass Pokemon, and learned the ways of the Grass Pokemon.
Special Training: Energy Ball
After being immersed in the culture of Grass Pokemon, Meta has learned Energy Ball. Meta has the Grass energy to use this attack twice a match.

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TL 1
TP 2 Sp 0 KO 0

Vs. James2791- Loss
Vs. Naruto Ninja44- DQ on me
Vs. EarthKwake- Cancelled
Vs. Lion Hunta- Cancelled
Vs. Amras.MG- Cancelled
Vs. atlantis_kid99- Cancelled
Vs. Copygoo- Cancelled
Vs. Devilgirl_666- Cancelled
Vs. Niihyl- Won
Vs. Rocky57- Cancelled
Vs. Pokelegend- Cancelled
Vs. Ditto123- Cancelled

Spoiler: show
Winnie: Level 1 Female Wynaut
Winnie is a fun loving Wynaut. It has trained watching other baby pokemon around it, but was very sad when she could not preform the same moves as the other babies. So it trained super hard to learn extra moves, which it can now do with less dificulty.
Special Training: I wanna hurt someone!
As everyone knows, every Pokemon can use Tackle, Body Slam, Skull Bash, Headbutt, Bite, Pound, Tail Whip, Agility, and growl. Unfortunatly, without proper training, Pokemon who use these moves will cause damage to themselves as well as their opponents. Winnie, because of it's special training, can use these moves without recoil, but at a %10 chance of failure and a %10 chance of damaging itself 1/2 of damage dealt to the other pokemon.

Larrita: Level 1 Female Larvitar
Larrita is an older larvitar, who prefers to be alone instead of playing with others. It will never back down from a challenge, though.
No Signature Move

Feerio: Level 1 Male Ferroseed
This Pokemon is a loner: He prefers to be alone. Many Pokemon used to tease him because he could not get around very well, so he created his own way to get around.
Special Training: I can walk!
Feerio moves using roots/vines like a vine whip or an ingrain. This method allows it to move much quicker. Any movement (i.e. get closer, move out of the way, jump) will constitute as an attack, and take the energy of a vine whip. Fire can burn these vines away, and cause 1.5X damage (like water on an open flame.) The vines do not stay out all the time, but only during the duration of movement. Like to jump, it would push against the ground with the vines, and then retract them as it was going into the air. This sig cannot be used as part of a three mover round. These vines cannot be used as part of an attack. Movement must be specified if it does not use vines. (i.e. Roll, Hop, waddle) otherwise, the ref is to assume movement using the vines. Once energy is past the 1/4 left mark, Feerio will not use his vines at all.

Oshy: Level 2 Male Dewott
"It fights using the scalchop on its stomach. In response to an attack, it retaliates immediately by slashing." "The scalchop on its stomach is made from the same element as claws. It detaches the scalchop for use as a blade." Strict training is how it learns its flowing double-scalchop technique." "Scalchop techniques differ from one Dewott to another. It never neglects maintaining its scalchops." "Dewott, the Discipline Pokémon, and the evolved form of Oshawott. Through rigid training, Dewott uses the double-scalchop technique to accomplish its fluid swordsmanship." "Part of the armor on its anterior legs becomes a giant sword. Its cry alone is enough to intimidate most enemies" "One swing of the sword incorporated in its armor can fell an opponent. A simple glare from one of them quiets everybody."
Please, tell me why it wasn't a water/fighting to begin with.
Special Training: I'm a fighter, not a derp. (Fighting)
Oshy has trained much harder than any other of its species to become a water/fighting type. All weaknesses and resistances apply. Due to its training it has lost the moves: tail whip, water sport, water pulse, encore, aqua tail, taunt, rain dance, frustration, return, dig, facade, rest, attract, round, retaliate, grass knot, swagger, substitute, copycat, assurance, night slash, trump card, screech, and water pledge. It has learned, however, close combat, cross chop (by crossing its shells), quick guard (by guarding with its shells), and super power. Razor Shell (Shell Blade) now does 50/50 Water and Fighting damage.

Mag-13: Level 1 Magnamite (No Gender)
Mag-13 is the methodical thinker of the group.

Jelock: Level 1 Male Joltik
No Signature Move

Gabriel: Level 2 Genderless Shedninja

Holly: Level 1 Female Hoppip
No Signature Move

Dialga: Level 1 Male Deino
No Signature Move

Daruma-Boy: Level 1 Darumaka
I once had a Daruma-like toy as a child. It was shaped as a chiken and jingled when hit. That has nothing to do with this signature. Actually, Darumaka was raised by a Darmanitan, and has learned to mimic it's ability.
Special Training: Zen Mode (Psychic)
Daruma-Boy can enter Zen Mode, as per Darmanitan SC. Psychic attacks will take 2X energy, though, and unfamiliarality with the psychic type means it will only have a 1.5X amount of psychic energy in this mode. It loses Hammer Arm, Focus Punch, Brick Break, Rock Smash, and super power, in exchange for Zen Headbutt, Teleport, and Psychic.

Solo: Level 1 Male Solosis
No Signature Move.

Scraggy: Level 1 Male Croagunk
No Signature Move.

Belly: Level 1 Male beldum
No siggy.

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Altaria Daisy's super awesome squad summary~

Ugh, I need to do this so bad~

~Current Squad~

Mango: Female lv4 Primeape
Orchid: Female lv3 Lileep
Nimbus: Female lv4 Altaria
Special Training: Cute and Fluffy
Nimbus is so adorable and loving that her attacks involving appealing to the opponent are more effective. She gains the moves Charm, Sweet Kiss, and Lovely Kiss, but loses Dragon Rush, Fury Attack, Outrage, Rage, and Swagger. Those moves are too mean and angry for such a sweetheart like Nimbus, so she refuses to know them.
Luster: Female lv3 Grumpig
Fairest: Female lv3 Nidorina
Clover: Female lv3 Lopunny
Longshot: Female lv3 Remoraid
Aquavolt: Female lv3 Chinchou
Embers: Female lv3 Combusken
Eclair: Female lv3 Piloswine
Hanafusa: Female lv3 Jumpluff
Vudu: Female lv3 Misdreavus
Cayenne: Female lv3 Heatmor
AC/DC: Female lv3 Eelektrik
Capri: Female lv3 Whimsicott
Nyx: Female lv2 Murkrow
Peanut: Female lv2 Natu
Amber: Female lv3 Aerodactyl

Records, Reffings, and Random Misc~

Spoiler: show
UPN Finished Battles

1. Toastedbagel vs DaisyInari
ZoraJolteon- Win by DQ, 1KO, 2TP

2. UPN PASBL: Copygoo VS. DaisyInari
DaveTheFishGuy- Lose by KO, 3TP

3. UPN PASBL: DaisyInari vs. Roserade Raider
hen da man/Holy emperor- Win by KO, 3KO, 6 TP

4. UPN PASBL: KratosAurion VS. DaisyInari
DaveTheFishGuy, Lose by KO, 3TP

5. UPN PASBL: DaisyInari vs. Tyranidos
Joshua- Lose by KO, 2TP

6. UPN PASBL: DaisyInari vs. Spikkle
S_M- Win by DQ, 1KO, 2 TP

7. UPN PASBL: quintowill vs DaisyInari
blazeVA- Lose by KO, 2TP

8. UPN PASBL: DaisyInari vs. blazeVA
empoleon dynamite - Win by KO, 2KO, 4TP

9. UPN PASBL: SP-Eevee vs. DaisyInari
Poke_Hunter- Lose by KO, 3TP

10. UPN PASBL: DaisyInari vs. Char
Tyranidos- Lose by KO, 3TP

11. UPN PASBL: Empoleon Dynamite vs DaisyInari
Lonely Cubone- Lose by KO, 2 TP

12. UPN PASBL: Pengy (c) vs. Daisy (a)
Oliver101- Win by KO, 2KO and 4TP

13. UPN PASBL: DaisyInari VS. biggggg5
DaveTheFishGuy- Win by KO, 3KO and 6TP

14. UPN PASBL: DaisyInari vs Roglef
Celebii151- Win by KO, 2KO and 4TP

15. UPN PASBL: Daisy The Flower vs The Lokinator
Claire/Kuno- Win by KO, 2KO and 4TP

16. UPN PASBL: Daisy versus poopy
blazeVA/Xanderketsu-Win by KO, 3KO and 6TP

17. UPN PASBL: Shuckle vs. Daisy
Poke_Hunter- Win by KO, 4KOs and 8TP

18. UPN PASBL: GentlemanViking vs DaisyInari
kusari- Win by KO, 1KO and 2TP

19. UPN PASBL: DaisyInari vs Copygoo
Holy Emperor- Win by KO, 4KO and 8TP

20. UPN PASBL: Quinto (c) v Daisy (a)
XanderKetsu- Win by KO, 3KO and 6TP

UPN Current Battles

1. UPN PASBL: DaisyInari vs. Sneezey12



UPN Finished Reffings

1. UPN PASBL: GrJackass vs. Charminions
Daisyinari- 3 SP

2. UPN PASBL: Kusari vs Oliver101 Part 2
blazeVA/Daisyinari- 3.75 SP

3. UPN PASBL: GrJackass vs. AfterYou
EmpoleonDynamite/Daisyinari- 1 SP

4. ==> UPN PASBL: Poke Hunter vs. Copygoo
DaisyInari- 5SP

5. Pokébowl 2011 Semifinals - Kuno vs Char
DaisyInari- 2SP

6. UPN PASBL: Hanatori vs. DaveTheFishGuy
S_M/Daisyinari- CANCELED, 1SP

7. UPN PASBL: Dave vs. Concept~
DaisyInari- Tie, 2 SP

UPN Current Reffings




4. UPN PASBL: Quintowill vs. Swampert28

5. UPN PASBL: Kuno vs. Copygoo


1. Gained 5 TP from Blaze for Avatar

2. Gained 5 SP from Lonely Cubone for Badge

3. Gained 5 SP from Kush for Badge

4. Gained 5 SP from Dave for Badge

5. Gained 2 SP from Rangeet for Request!

6. Gained 10 SP from Rangeet for Commission!

7. Gained 10 SP from Hen for Commission!

8. Gained 2.75 SP from Kairne for Commission!

9. Gained 16 SP from Dave for Commission!

10. Gained 10 SP from Kairne for Commission!

11. Gained 5 SP from Kush for Commission!

Serebii Finished Battles

1. SPPFun PASBL: DaisyInari vs. NarutoNinja
Copygoo- Win by KO, 3KO, 6TP

2. SPPFun PASBL: DaisyInari vs. hen da man
Copygoo- Win by DQ, 3KO, 6TP

3. SPPf PASBL: DaisyInari vs Milotic111
handymankg2- Lose by KO, 3TP

4. gmoyes (a) vs DaisyInari (c) Noobs gone wild!
brandan- Win by KO, 3KO, 6TP

5. SPPF PASBL: GoodNews92 v DaisyInari
firewater- Lose by KO, 4TP

6. SPPf PASBL: Daisy vs Fishy Dave
milotic111- Lose by KO, 3 TP

7. SPPf PASBL: George vs. Daisy
Roseheart95 - Win by KO, 2KO, 4TP

8. SPPF PASBL: DaisyInari vs. Armaldo
rocky57- Win by KO, 3KO, 6 TP

9. SPPf PASBL: DaisyInari vs brandan
blazeVA- Lose by KO, 2TP

10. SPPF PASBL: Daisy vs Oliver
kusari- Win by KO, 3KO and 6TP

11. SPPf PASBL: DaisyBert versus ScottSpeevy
Ethe- Lose by KO, 2TP

12. SPPF PASBL: Ethe vs Daisy
Davethefishguy- Lose by KO, 3TP

13. SPPF PASBL: Kairne vs Daisy Winter Whirl Cup
Salamencia/Sneezey- Win by KO, 2KO and 4TP

Serebii Current Battles


Serebii Finished Reffings

1. SPPF: capitalh vs. armaldo
DaisyInari- 3SP

2. SPPF: Alphapup Vs. PokeLegend~
DaisyInari- 2.5SP

3. SPPf PASBL: Charminions vs da_garchomp_er
kusari/sneezey12/DaisyInari- .5SP

Serebii Current Reffings



1. Pokebowl '11 Daisy vs. Weebos
Dragondance- Lose by KO, 1 TP

2. Pokebowl '11 Quinto vs. Kush
DaisyInari- Lose by KO, 2 SP

3. Winter Whirl Cup Round 2 Daisy vs Haymez
Mercutio/Kush- Lose by KO, 2 TP

if u read this ur gay

Spoiler: show
W(DQ)- 22(3) L(DQ)-14(0)
TP-131 SP- 64.5/96.5 (5SP to Deh, 5SP to FW, 5SP to Desert Spirit, 8.5SP to Fallen Icarus, 10SP to Kyro12, 8SP to Charminions, 10 to aposteriori)

~Fizzy Bubbles~

Credits to Charm for making this!

Come, my birdies!!!! Mwahahahaha!!!!!!

Thanks Pingu for being so nice and making me this~

Credit to TheKnightsFury for the sprite!

Fear my abnormally large signature~

Be Positive Ref~ I <3 you, Lonely Cubone and those who eval'd me~

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Posts: 63

C+ Referee
Trainer Level 2

16/16 Pokemon

14 Battles
7 Win
5 Loss
0 Draw
2 Canceled
10 KOs
34 TP
11.75 SP


Spoiler: show

Level 3:

Níđhöggr: Level 3 Male Steelix

Siegfried: Level 3 Male Scizor

Level 2:

Circe: Level 2 Male Misdreavus

Pernicious.exe: Level 2 Genderless Porygon

Daedalus: Level 2 Genderless Metang

Zorro: Level 2 Female Lombre

Lenore: Level 2 Male Murkrow

Level 1:

Quandary: Level 1 Female Quagsire

Iron Man: Level 1 Genderless Golett

Tsukuyomi: Level 1 Female Absol

Hraesvelgr: Level 1 Female Skarmory

Aten: Level 1 Female Larvesta

Gwyllgi: Level 1 Male Houndour

Ha-Satan: Level 1 Male Deino

Helel: Level 1 Female Togepi

Jörmungandr: Level 1 Male Venipede

Archived Battles:

Reffed Battles:

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TL2|W5-L4-D0|31 TP|0 SP|12 KOs|16 Pokemon

Spoiler: show

Ricochet-Level 2 Male Wartortle
Bio: A very laid-back, friendly, cheerful Pokemon, keeping with the general image of his species. After a Mario Kart Wii binge that turned out to be record-breaking, inspiration struck him, and he came up with his unique signature move.
Special Attack: Ricochet (Normal)
Using an Agility-like burst of speed, Ricochet gets a running start and suddenly withdraws into his shell, bouncing around the arena at calculated angles at a speed that makes it hard for an opponent to dodge the attack. He will try to hit the attack's target three times while he ricochets around, each hit having a 60% chance (50% if he's a Squirtle, 70% if he's a Blastoise) of connecting and dealing half the Normal damage a Body Slam would with considerable knockback. The chance goes up 10% if he's in an especially small or enclosed space. After the third attempted hit, he slows and stops, and his next attack-carrying over through rounds-has reduced priority. If he is hit while attacking (a difficult feat, considering his speed), the attack stops, but he is treated as if he had been hit while Withdrawing. The priority of his next move is still reduced. This move can only be used three times per match, and it uses the Normal energy of a Body Slam.

Force-Level 2 Male Hitmonchan
Force is an honorable, hardworking Tyrogue, trained in the ways of Death Kwon Do. His dream is to one day be able to punch something so hard, it explodes.
Special Training: Death Kwon Do (Fighting)
When Force takes orders, the words "of Death" may be added to any Normal or Fighting-type physical attack. The attack is then used at 1.5x power for 1.5x energy. The attack's knockback is twice usual, however, and Force can better aim which way the target will go. An attack can only be modified like this 4 times per match. Move of with the power higher than a Mega Punch cannot be modified in this way.

Susan-Level 2 Female Joltik
Susan is a shy Joltik who initially had self-esteem problems when she joined my team. However, Tyra Banks soon helped her realize her full potential as a woman and as a person with her amazing television program.
Whenever Susan is hit by an attack that would be super effective or do significantly increased damage because of her size, she instead takes regular damage and the difference is subtracted from her energy. This can only take effect 3 times per battle, one time for negating SE damage, and twice for negating size-related damage, and cannot take effect twice in the same round. If there are two attacks in a round that meet these conditions that hit Susan, the attack this takes effect on is decided by RNG.

Facilier-Level 2 Male Murkrow

Hoover-Level 2 Male Munchlax

Sheila-Level 2 Female Cubone

Madame Rouge-Level 3 Female Jynx

Chunk-Level 2 Male Grotle

Damien-Level 2 Shiny Male Aron

Lain-Level 2 Female Misdreavus

xXbloodytears09Xx-Level 2 Male Axew
An emo dragon. Because he thinks everyone hates him, everyone does hate him. He renounced his birth name, George, and changed it to his name on fanfiction.net, where he occasionally writes bad Death Note fanfics. He cuts himself, and he's gotten quite good at it, giving him inspiration for his sig.
Special Attack: Deep Cut (Normal)
bloodytears charges at his target and thrusts his tusks in them, causing a deep wound. For the next two rounds before the wound stabilizes, the target's attacks will require 1.5x energy due to anemia, and if any Toxic is spat onto the wound or injected into it during the two rounds, it will progress twice as fast. The opponent will have to stay one battle at the Pokemon Center for blood loss, going up if they had Deep Cut used on them twice or used an excessive amount of energy. However, the above effects only take effect in realistic. In slapstick, he just cuts his opponent really forcefully, expending a lot of effort, and this makes them more susceptible to bloodytears' fear attacks for 1-3 rounds after because of his viciousness, depending on how scared they would be of him normally. This attack does the damage of Cut, and uses 1.5x the energy. It can only be used twice per battle, and is 85% accurate.

Tyrone-Level 2 Male Scraggy
Like all his ghetto friends, he wanted to be the greatest rapper in the world. Unfortunately, he's kind of dumb.
Special Training: Wrapper (Normal)
Chipper, after years of intense training in the art of Wrap and learning from the masters, is now an accomplished Wrapper. He can now use Wrap at 1.5x energy using two energy tendrils emerging from his back three times per match. His Wrap does as much damage and is as strong as an Ekans'. Due to the unique nature of his Wrap, its strength is boosted by both Special Attack and Attack boosts-whichever is boosted higher is the one whose boosts affect the attack-but does Special Damage. Due to his training in Wrap battles, he can also escape from an opponent's Wrap/Bind/Constrict considerably easier than normal. However, his Wrapper training gave him a new vulnerability: getting shot. Projectile special attacks Energy Ball size or smaller deal 1.5x damage to him.

Ace-Level 1 Male Chinchou

Lord Wit-Level 1 Male Magby

Shawty-Level 2 Female Kirlia

Lapras-Level 1 Female Seel






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Lyris1023 Level 1
W/L/T: 0-0-0

KOs: 0
TP: 0

Evolia: Female Eevee (Level 1)
Signature Move: None Yet

Male Frillish (Level 1)
Signature Move: None Yet

Auralia: Female Riolu (Level 2)
Signature Move: None Yet

Male Blitzle (Level 1)
Signature Move: None Yet

Female Archen (Level 1)
Signature Move: None Yet

Female Zorua (Level 1)
Signature Move: None Yet

Female Gothita (Level 1)
Signature Move: None Yet

Male Solosis (Level 1)
Signature Move: None Yet

Female Snivy (Level 1)
Signature Move: None Yet

Male Oshawott (Level 1)
Signature Move: None Yet

Male Axew (Level 1)
Signature move: None Yet

Male Mienfoo (Level 1)
Signature move: None Yet
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Hikari, Female Dragonair, Level 4

Raikeru, Male Electabuzz, Level 4

Kyoraku, Genderless Metang, Level 4

Asura, Male Charizard, Level 4

Kenpachi, Male Blastoise, Level 4

Shadow, Male Scizor, Level 4

Kumori, Male Gengar, Level 5

Hayate, Male Gallade, Level 4

Yoshino, Female Kangaskhan, Level 4

Mizore, Female Lapras, Level 4

Kamina, Male Flygon, Level 5

Kuro, Male Houndoom, Level 4

Zangetsu, Male Lucario, Level 4

Himura, Male Kabutops, Level 4

Rin, Male Gabite, Level 4

Haseo, Genderless Porygon 2, Level 4

Rika, Female Drapion, Level 4

Arashi, Male Zweilous, Level 4


TL 4 (35-21-6)
Current owner of the Onslaught Badge and the Monolith Badge
Previous owner of the Indurate Badge and the Dual Wing Badge (Pre-scrap)
216 TP - 84 KOs - 20 SP (11 SP Debt to Machamp-X)
(W/L/D and stats recompiled as of 4/25/17)
Observe. Adapt. Evolve.

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Updating/moving Squad Summary to UPN: where all of the cool people hang out.

Trainer Level 3
C Rank Referee

Wins: 12
Losses: 8
Draw: 1

43 KOs/90 TP/0 SP

Brace for cheesey Flavor Text:

Trainer’s Story (TL 2): After making many friends and rivals in the League and putting a few battles under his belt, Oliver grew as a trainer and person in general. Now a Certified Referee, Oliver happily becomes a part of the League’s work force. The trainer continues with his journey, and his dream to become the Leader of his own Ghost Gym. His hair has grown out a bit more, and is not as strictly kempt as it was…

Level 4:

Alice: Level 4 Female Dusclops

Coope: Level 4 Male Gallade

Level 3:

Agnus: Level 3 Male Haunter
Spoiler: show
Bio: This Gastly was the first Ghost Pokemon I captured, and the inspiration for my dream to lead a Ghost Gym. He’s incredibly spirited and loves to battle worthy opponents. Agnus respects powerful Pokemon and aims to become stronger with each foe he faces. Instead of becoming upset when he loses, he trains harder to overcome his obstacles. Out of battle, he’s always in a jolly mood and thinking of ways to help the team have fun after a round of serious training. Agnus’s happiness is infectious and refreshing after a long day.
While training to become stronger in battle, Agnus developed a soul-stirring battle cry that gave him some interesting advantages.

Sig Move: Haunting Call
Agnus gives a rousing battle cry that gives him a minor boost in Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. It takes 1.5x the energy of a Howl and can be used twice in a battle.

Louis: Level 3 Male Feraligatr
Spoiler: show
Bio: While traveling through Pastoria City in Sinnoh, I stopped to take part in the Great Marsh to catch some rare Pokemon. While struggling through the swamp, I began to lose my mind. Or so I thought. I heard music coming from the depths of the Cyprus trees. It couldn’t have been real though. It sounded like a sax, but who would be playing jazz in the middle of the marsh? As I trekked further into the thick of the woods, I saw the source of the sound. It was a Totodile. A Totodile that sang and mimicked the sound of a saxophone. I couldn’t believe my eyes…or ears. So I had to catch him. It wasn’t easy; he still had all of the ferocity of a Totodile and his movements were rhythmic and tricky. It was an even bigger surprise when he used moves like Sing and Hyper Voice on my squad, but in the end, we managed to add him to the team. Louis took to the environment quite nicely. He’s a great battler, but enjoys singing and dancing more. He loves performing for the squad and having an audience; all of the wild Pokemon wouldn’t have anything to do with him because of his quirky nature. One day, he’s gonna be on stage and play jazz like one of the greats.

Sig Moves: (lol Disney)
Louis can use the moves Sing , Hyper Voice, and Teeter Dance twice per battle (once for Sing, of course), but he forsook Screech and all of his slashing attacks(Slash, Dragon Claw, Shadow Claw, etc…) because of their lack of entertainment value. He cannot perform any combination of the moves more than twice in a match.

Oblivia: Level 3 Female Mismagius
Spoiler: show
Bio: In my Unova region travels, I came across the Bell Tower. My team agreed that it would do us all some good to pay our respects. We climbed to the top together to ring the bell. Upon leaving the tower, I walked through the great building’s shadow and immediately felt uncomfortable. I had the sensation of being pricked by a hundred needles. Then, a Misdreavus flew out of my shadow and blew me away with a Shadow Ball. Alice erupted from her ball and pummeled the sinister spirit with vengeance in her…eye. Though I was unnerved by being ambushed by the ghost, I decided to catch her. Against Alice’s wishes. Oblivia was then part of the team. Sort of. She was, and still can be, quite violent towards the rest of my squad, often lashing out for little or no reason. I believe she only follows orders in battle because she enjoys the opportunity to wipe out our opponents. We’re hoping we can pass this phase and get down to the root of her problem…

Sig Move: Shadow Drain (Ghost)
Animating her shadow a la Shadow Sneak, Oblivia can latch it to an opponent and drain good energy from them. Like Giga Drain, it suffers from diminishing returns each time it is used.

Mary: Level 3 Female Ampharos

Rockefeller: Level 3 Male Sableye
Spoiler: show
Bio: A recent capture; Rockefeller is a total badass. There are quite a few members in my squad that enjoy battle, but this particular Sableye is in love with the action, it seems. Like Wicker, he’ll even face down an opponent with advantages over him, but to an even greater extreme. As opposed for the subtle, silent respect that Agnus has for stronger opponents, Rockefeller is loud and proud about it. He’d challenge a Steelix or Gyarados the first chance that he got. Outside of battle, Rockefeller is the party animal of the group and quite a dare devil. Like tough opponents, he enjoys daring feats that put him on the edge of danger. Like annoying Torkoal and Ninjask deliberately, which none others in the squad dare do. Among other things, he flirts with basically every female member of the squad. As one would guess, Sally is bothered most by this behavior.
While Rockefeller’s eagerness to fight tougher opponents may come off as unfounded arrogance, he has developed a technique that aids him in his inevitably injury-filled journey.

Sig Move: Super Snarl (Dark) (“COME ON TOUGH GUY! MAKE A MOVE!”)
Super Snarl is basically a much louder version of Snarl that’s augmented with more Dark Energy than usual. It does significant damage for significant energy (ie:Thunderbolt), and has a greater chance of intimidating foes on its first use. This can work once on foes that normally would be unaffected; Gyarados, Salamence, etc. After that, it merely serves to do damage. On other foes, it can work two-three times depending on the size and courage of the target before it just becomes a cool, loud way to attack. Rockefeller will not use Dark Pulse or Night Shade; they’re too quite for his tastes.

Augustus: Level 3 Male Skarmory
Spoiler: show
Bio: Augustus, though a new member, has already experienced a few tough and interesting battles. He's been exploded on by a Magic Conch, electrocuted by a sentient weather balloon, and KO'd a Quagsire while knocked out himself. He's quite reckless brave, often believing that as long as he hits the opponent hard, any recoil he receives is of minor consequence. However, he also knows that to win his battles, he must be careful with his health, and has trained to reduce these consequences by quite a bit.
Sig Ability: Power of Bravery
Augustus can perform any self-damaging attack without suffering any recoil once. The second attack will only inflict half the normal recoil. Any other attempts after that will deal the usual recoil.

Wicker: Level 3 Male Torkoal
Spoiler: show
Bio: Wicker has been with me from the start, and is my most reliable companion. His determination has a ferocity that defies even powerful Water Pokemon. When we were traveling Hoenn with my older sister, we were forced to camp on an island south of Mosdeep City during a terrible storm. We set up camp near a nest of ferocious Marshtomp without realizing it. To defend their territory, they attacked. Wicker fought adamantly to protect my sister and I, keeping the amphibious Pokemon at bay until help arrived in the form of my uncle, a sailor that lives in Pacifidlog Town. Wicker will battle to the bitter end, either taking his opponent down with him, or making the competition an easy target for his allies. He’s usually very serious, even outside of battles. Despite his lack of good humor, he means well and would do anything to help his team. True to the defensive prowess of his species, he’s quite capable of taking hits. Unlike most Torkoal, however, he’s capable of dishing them back out.

Sig Move: Bide
Wicker can use Bide.

Hughes: Level 3 Male Dragonair
Spoiler: show
Bio: Hughes is very gentle and mellow. Though he doesn’t express a profound joy like Agnus or Abigail, he still shares the same good mood. Very few things disturb him, so he has a solid disposition in battle. Despite Gemini’s history with dragons, the two get along very well and train with each other often.

Sig Move: Mellow Yellow
Hughes can use Calm Mind, Zen Headbutt, and Focus Energy. He cannot use Swagger, Dragon Rush, or Hyper Beam.

Abigail: Level 3 Female Drifblim
Spoiler: show
Bio: Abby is the baby of the group. She's sweet and squeaky and disgustingly cute. Everyone is obscenely overprotective and adoring of her. Even Oblivia will not attack her. Abigail often floats around Louis to try and sing with him. This doesn't bother the big gator at all. He taught her a trick to protect herself from most of her weaknesses.

Sig Move: Focus Blast

Abby can use Focus Blast twice, but it's much weaker than a normal Focus Blast. It only inflicts good damage for good energy.

Alepo'i: Level 3 Male Shiny Pikachu
Spoiler: show
Bio: I found this fun-loving Pikachu on the shores of California. This mouse was quite adept in surfing the waves, and even better at creating his own with his Surf attack. This wild Pikachu appeared to have been trained in the art. My entire squad was as drawn to the Pikachu as I was. Eventually, we met him on the beach. We invited him to join us for dinner that evening, and we all enjoyed a hot meal on the beach. The next day, he was back to surfing again. As I watched him, I came to realize that he was proficient in many different Water-type moves that a Pikachu doesn’t normally learn. It became clear to me that this Pikachu must have had a trainer to teach such moves. So, we continued to spend time with this surfer in order to further understand his ways. He was often very serene and easy-going when on land, opting to take things slow and steady. But, the Pikachu changed completely when he was around water. There was a gleam in his eyes that expressed a joy so pure, that I couldn’t properly describe it. Still, I wondered about his trainer, for he surely must have had one. Finally, after spending a week on that very beach, I began to interrogate the locals to see what I could discover. Many of them turned the cold shoulder, and a few only shook their heads and showed pained expressions. I was getting ready to give up on it altogether. Then, I was approached by an older gentleman. He asked that we have dinner at his house. We were accompanied by his Golduck and Kingler while we ate. After dinner, he escorted me outside and told of a sad story.

“The Pikachu’s trainer was quite the surfer. The mouse inherited his love of the water from that young woman. She had raven hair and blue eyes, and her skin was dark. A lot of the local men were infatuated with her beauty and frivolous attitude. She only had one Pokemon, that was this Pikachu. The girl raised him from the day he hatched from his egg. She would go on to teach him how to surf as she did, and pass down her great love of the water.
But one day, a tragic accident fell upon them. They were surfing among a more treacherous shore, littered with jagged rocks and scattered debris. It wasn’t like her to take such risks, but she was feeling needlessly daring that day…I suppose. She seldom made a mistake on her board. By some cruel misfortune, it was that day that she slipped and fell among the rocks, wrapping her arms around her Pikachu to protect him.”

The man had shed a tear now. It was clear to me that he knew the girl, or was related to her, so I offered my sincere condolences. The man scrutinized me for a moment before speaking again.

“You should take care of that Pikachu.”

The next morning, we found the mouse at his usual spot, surfing the waves. He recognized us immediately and approached again. The joy that illuminated from his face became a lazy curiosity when I held my hand out to him. When I asked him to come with us, he appeared shocked at first. Then, a brief sadness washed over his face. I thought I might lose him then, but before I knew it, he had jumped into my arms and nudged one of the extra Pokeballs in my vest.

Special Training: Pikahuna (Water)
Alepo’i is familiar with Water energy similar to a true Water-types familiarity with Ice energy. As such, he is a better and more agile swimmer than other Pikachu, but cannot breathe underwater for any longer than a regular Pikachu could. Along with this familiarity is access to the moves Water Pulse, Aqua Jet, Aqua Tail, Water Gun, and Soak. Alepo’i does not know how to use Sing, Teeter Dance(He’s trained all of his life to be balanced), Iron Tail, Encore, Zap Cannon, Charge, Volt Tackle, Brick Break, Toxic, Double Team, Rock Smash, or Fake Out.
Alepo’i will never evolve, for his current form represents the memories that he shared with his previous trainer. He is considered evolved from a damage perspective only.

Nueva: Level 3 Female Froslass

Ryan: Level 3 Rotom

Theodore: Level 3 Male Steelix

Kennedy the "Gentleman": Level 3 Male Electabuzz

Tor: Level 3 Male Pidgeotto

Level 3 Female Octillery

Montgomery: Level 3 Male Druddigon

Level 1:

Level 1 Male Squirtle

Level 1 Female Shellder

Level 1 Female Mawile

I will lead the Ghost Gym. Find me at the Forgotten Sanctuary...

Click my squad to meet them and see my stats!
Thanks Celebii151! Awesome userbar, Pengy!
Spoiler: show
Originally Posted by Concept View Post
Haxorus is probably my favourite squad member right now.
Originally Posted by AlphapupQuicksilver View Post
Is that because you can yell at him like a Drill Sergeant?
Originally Posted by Concept View Post
It's because it's a heavily armoured dragon with swords on its face.

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PP's PASBL Stats

Level 1 Trainer
KOs 0 - TP 4 - SP 0


Lvl 2
Spoiler: show
Bio: An elegant young roughneck with a fierce sense of loyalty. Zak encountered Chuck as a Pidove whilst exploring the Upper East Side of Castelia City. At a first glance, he looked as docile as any other Pidove but that wasn't the case. Upon seeing Zak, the plucky pigeon puffed out his chest feathers and gave the trainer a look as if to say 'this is my turf.'. After engaging in a brief battle (which all of the local Pokémon knew all about almost instantly, who knows how) Chuck gave in after feeling a connection with the trainer he had enticed into sparring.
Signature move: N/A

Bio: During a family vacation in Unova, Zak rescued the psychic Pokémon from a near certain death at the blades of a herd of Bisharp. After being rescued, Zak grew up with the psychic Pokémon and she likes to think of herself as his 'starter' Pokémon. In the beginning, the boy and the Pokémon did not get along, Gothita was a timid and almost frail Pokémon, which Zak thought was no fun, as she preferred her own company and would not participate in mock battles with the boy. A confidence boost came with evolution. Nowadays, she is somewhat of a diva, seeing herself as being completely "in" and the majority of others as not so "in". Nevertheless, she has formed relationships with most of Zak's team, considering Daisy as a younger sister.
Signature move: N/A

Lvl 1
Spoiler: show
Bio: Zak's true starter Pokémon. Despite being a Johto native, Bulbasaur had always been one of Zak's favourite Pokémon. Knowing his parents would not approve of him traveling to Kanto alone, much time was bided. Deciding to focus on his studies, his dreams of starting out with a Bulbasaur began to seem foolish to the young wannabe trainer. It wasn't until his tutor announced a class trip to the adjacent region that the young boy had any faith left on the matter. With the opportunity open, Zak and his parents collected together the necessary paperwork and, upon arrival in the region, the boy made his way to the laboratory of Professor Oak with a great beaming smile wide across his face. Since that fateful day, both Pokémon and trainer have been inseperable and Zak intends for her to be one of his major powerhouse Pokémon in the future.
Signature move:

Bio: Coming soon!
Signature move: N/A

Bio: Coming soon!
Signature move: N/A

Bio: Coming soon!
Signature move: N/A

Bio: Coming soon!
Signature move: N/A

Bio: Coming soon!
Signature move: N/A

Bio: Coming soon!
Signature move: N/A

Bio: Coming soon!
Signature move: N/A

Bio: Coming soon!
Signature move: N/A

Bio: Coming soon!
Signature move: N/A

Bio: Coming soon!
Signature move: N/A


Ongoing battles

Completed battles
Spoiler: show

VS quintowill (Lost)
VS Silver Wind (Cancelled)


VS Concept (RF) (Lost)

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Bulbasaur SW ASB

TL1: 2 - 3 - 1 / 7 KO - 12 TP - 0 SP

Battle History:
vs GRJackass (DQ)
vs Roseheart (won)
vs Pearl's Perap (DQ)
vs blazeVA (DQ win)
vs Oliver101 (lost)
vs Firewater (lost)
vs KratosAurion (lost)
vs kusari (draw)

Current Squad:
Spoiler: show

Ganja; Male Bulbasaur Lv. 01
Bulbasaur: (Grass/Poison) Bulbasaur are the most agile (though not fastest) of the Bulbasaur evolution line, meaning that any evasive maneuvers will be more effective. They have two vines.
Signature Move:

Kinda Jolly; Female Quagsire Lv. 02
Quagsire: (Water/Ground) Quagsire move at a decent clip on land, and a respectable pace in the water, though they prefer shallow, slow water to deep, fast currents. Wooper and Quagsire are coated with a slimy substance, which makes them harder to grab.
Signature Move: Fortune and Love favor the Brave
What more is there to say about Kinda Jolly? As her name implies, she ever a bit more loving than your average Quagsire. Being so, she has purged all knowledge of her Fighting type attacks and Energy; deeming this style of battling too risky for a semi-pacifistic pokemon like herself. These attacks include: Counter, Double Kick, Dynamicpunch, Seismic Toss, Focus Punch, Rock Smash, Brick Break and Focus Blast. "Kill'em with Kindness", that's what mama used to say. And Kinda Jolly has adopted a new set of skills to do so; with moves like Sweet Kiss, Lovely Kiss, Captivate, Tickle, Entrainment, Simple Beam and Belly Drum. She is limited to no more than two uses of any one move listed per match.

Delhi Mouse; Female Pikachu Lv. 01
Pikachu: (Electric) The most popular Pokemon, Pikachu is the most agile of its evolutionary line, if not the fastest. Pikachu have sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound attacks.
Signature Move:

Jabba the Mukk; Sh. Male Grimer Lv. 01
Grimer: (Poison) These Pokemon are made up of poisonous substances made of liquid slime. Thus, toxic or polluted chemicals heal them instead of harm them. The same is true for poison attacks. Grimer cannot see in complete darkness, though they see better than most in low light. They are also very flexible, and can fit through gaps that most pokemon of their size couldn't. Their bodies absorb physical blows, and physical projectiles, making all attacks in these manners 85% effective. However, as the slime is liquidized, they take slightly more damage from electric attacks.
Signature Move: Jabba's Trap Door (Ground)
The cowardly Jabba is never one to be caught by surprise, resorting to the dirtiest of tactics to gain the upper hand. He has mastered the ability to reverse the effects of Rock Tomb, causing the ground from under the victim to cave in while causing relatively minor damage. The hole is no more than 3ft above the victim's height, forcing a moderate amount of effort to escape. The move is limited to once per battle and energy use is akin to Rock Tomb. Rules concerning the success of this move are akin to those of Rock Tomb. Jabba can no longer use Rock Tomb.

Hodge; Male Jigglypuff Lv. 01
Jigglypuff: (Normal) Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff can inflate themselves larger as a move to intimidate opponents, making them more hesitant to attack. While inflated, Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff have a harder time moving, but a moderately higher defense. Wigglytuff have more sensitive hearing, at the expense of greater vulnerability to sound attacks.
Signature Move:

Podge; Male Marill Lv. 01
Marill: (Water) Marrill's hearing is more sensitive than normal, at the expense of making it more vulnerable to sound attacks. Marrills may use their tail-balls as a floatation device, making it difficult to force one underwater if it ds not wish to do so.
Signature Move:

Nameless; Male Drowzee Lv. 01
Drowzee: (Psychic) Drowzee and Hypno are both Pokemon that focus on sleep-related attacks. Their Hypnosis, Dream Eater, and Nightmare attacks are more powerful than normal.
Signature Move:

Simon; Male Magby Lv. 01
Magby: (Fire) Because they gestate in magma, Magbys, Magmars, and Magmortar can stay in lava/hot chemicals indefinitely.
Signature Move:

Garfunkle; Male Elekid Lv. 01
Elekid: (Electric) An Elekid may take one turn to recharge half of its electrical energy. This can only be used once per match, and it must take a turn to recharging, in which no other moves may be ordered. Unlike Electabuzz, it ds not react to the color red.
Signature Move:

Garrote; Male Dratini Lv. 01
Dratini: (Dragon) Dratini can move equally well in the water and the ground, but they prefer water, as they cannot fly like their higher evolutions.
Signature Move:

Soda; Female Cubonel Lv. 01
Cubone: (Ground)Cubone wear a skull helmet, which they will not willingly take off. This reduces damage from attacks to the head, but if the skull is destroyed, it costs 1 SP to replace or 1 battle for the Cubone to go out and find another. Cubone cannot use their respective ?Bone? attacks (Bone Club, Bonemerang, etc.) unless they are holding their bone.
Signature Move:

; Female Mankey Lv. 01
Mankey: (Fighting) Mankey and Primeape interpret being stared in the eyes a challenge to their authority. Thus, any eye contact attacks an opponent uses will raise Mankey or Primeape's attack power and energy use for the next two rounds. During these two rounds, Mankey and Primeape will attack the one who did the staring incessantly, and will ignore any orders to attack something else.
Signature Move:

Polly Pocket; Female Gastly Lv. 01
Gastly: (Ghost/Poison)See ghost Pokemon rules, all ghosts fight more enthusiastically at night, though light ds not hinder their ability to battle. Gastly can see in the dark.
Signature Move:

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Froslass Pengy ASB

PASBL Squad and Records

Spoiler: show

Shirou: Level 3 Male Shiny Haunter
Haunter (Ghost/Poison): Haunter, while more solid than its preevolution and able to solidify, is composed primarily of gas, and prefers Gaseous or Ethereal over Solid. Haunter's hands can move independently of it and can move with agility and decent speed. They are able to pass through solid objects even when Haunter is Solid or Gaseous, with somewhat more freedom to pass through objects than Haunter itself, allowing them to pass through thicker walls or other objects. All ghosts fight more enthusiastically at night, though light does not hinder their ability to battle. Haunter’s Lick attack has a 50% chance to paralyze, instead of the usual 30%. Haunter can see in the dark.
Ghost: See the ghost Pokémon rules
Poison: If not completely immune, poison types are highly resistant to poisoning.
Spoiler: show
Bio: I first met this little guy wandering about sad and lonely in the snowy regions of Snowpoint. He had this iced gaze in his eyes and he appears to be afraud of everything. Shirou is a quiet and kind Gastly. Preferring to keep all his thoughts to himself. He does not like scaring people and Pokemon. He started as a very disobedient and paranoid Pokemon but eventually became a kind Pokemon toward me and his squadmates. Shirou was found in the snowy mountains of Snowpoint City injured and lonely. He apparently was born as a normal Gastly. He developed the hatred of scaring other living beings thus causing him to be shunned by his family and everyone else. Because of this, he developed an ice-cold heart that has a soft spot for living beings kind to him.
No Signature Yet

Rei: Level 3 Female Milotic
Milotic (Water): Milotic's Attract and similar attacks are much more effective then normal. As an attack once per battle, it can calm down an opponent with a calming aura. Doing so can get rid of any mental boosting moves the opponent might have.
Water: Water Pokémon are able to hold their breath and/or breathe under water. The time varies, from about half an hour to one hour for reptilians and mammals, and indefinitely for fish and squid like Pokémon. They are also, generally, good swimmers.
Spoiler: show
Bio: Rei and her family fled to the northern waters residing near Snowpoint City because of a Gyarados terrorizing their home land. As Rei and her family stay there, they get used to the cold environment and turn into ice-types in order to survive and enjoy their lives even further. Their ice-typing is also to help them someday rid of that terrible Gyarados with their stronger ice-type moves. Rei is a Milotic who thinks she's the queen. Well, for laughing purposes, but she's actually kind-hearted. She has always dreamed of becoming the "Ice Queen Milotic" and I will help her achieve this dream as well. She evolved in a harsh battle against Gyarados.
Signature Training: Levitation (XX)
Rei thinks that to be more extravagant, she needs to be better than normal Milotics, so she watched the Pokemon show and saw inspiration in Wallace's Milotic, who can levitate. Through training, she can now levitate to a height, enough for movement on land. She uses moderate energy per round to keep this up.

Ferum: Level 2 Male Metang
Metang (Steel/Psychic): Metang may levitate itself a short distance above the ground by expending minor energy for each round it remains levitated. Being inorganic, Metang cannot be affected by Poison in any way, unlike other Steel types who could be affected if the Poison is ingested internally.
Steel: Steel types, like rock types, have hard bodies, making them resistant to unskilled physical blows, and sink in water. While not bothered by water to the degree rock types are, they still would rather fight out of the water. Unlike rock types, most steel Pokémon prefer cold temperatures to hot ones.
Psychic: Psychics are considered to automatically be familiar with psychic abilities. Thus, they can use Psychic to move and toss Pokémon. If facing a non-bug, non-dark opponent, psychics can sense their opponent somewhat, making accuracy reducing attacks less effective.
Spoiler: show
Bio: I found this guy chilling with his family near the volcano of Stark Mountain. When I was approaching, he defended his family. Suddenly a herd of Cameupt were just going crazy and kept using Eruption everywhere. To my surprise he didn't seems to mind the heat and gladly defended his kin. I challenged him to a battle and boy was he a tough one. He eventually got tired and allowed me to catch him. A very defensive and analytic Metang. His kin lives near a very active volcano with extreme heat. This is why he developed this nature. He needed to think everything he did in order to survive. He usually thinks through all his attacks. Whenever he does use his instincts, it is for defensive purposes. His analytic nature causes his attacks to become amazingly effective. Due to his nature, he usually is left out among the other Pokemon even if he wants to join the discussion. The others later warm up to him. Due to living near the volcano, he can cool down his body temperature by gathering water vapor in the air and use a water attack on himself and his family. His family trained him to be able to move through lava quickly.
Special Training: Vapor Therapy (Water)
He can now use the move Water Pulse and Scald. These take 1.5x more energy to use than normally would. In exchange, he cannot use Scary Face, Take Down, and Pursuit. His usage of the water-type moves he learned costs 1.5x the original amount of energy needed. He has enough water energy to have two uses total of the two moves per match.

Sena: Level 2 Female Eevee
Eevee (Normal): Eevees have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound attacks.
Normal: Normal types can use the greatest variety of attacks in the league: they pay for this, however, by having less type energy. In the ASB, Normal types take 100% damage from Ghost type moves.
Spoiler: show
Bio: I found Sena performing in a Pokemon Musical with my own Pokemon. I asked if anyone knew who her owner was, apparently, she doesn't have any. She just liked performing. They told me she came often to dazzle the audience. When I finally confronted her, she was more than happy to join my team. She's a cheerful, outgoing and bold Glaceon. She loves dancing and performing even without an audience. She's quick on her feet and she is a real capable battler. She easily warmed up to the team but she does have some kind of friendly rivalry with Tan-tan. Because of her habit to perform in Pokemon Musicals. She developed a dance that allows her to show her stuff even more. I call this dance Shouhi Dance. She evolved during my adventures and immediately became even sweeter than before.
Special Technique: Shouhi Dance (Normal)
She starts off by jumping side to side and then when she builds up her momentum. She charges and does numerous flips. This causes her to improve her Special Attacks because of the focus needed. It also make her quicker and more evasive. This technique acts and increases stats like Quiver Dance but instead of special defense, it raises evasion. This technique can only be used twice per battle. It needs a lot of energy to do. Same amount as a Quiver Dance and two Double Teams. If used twice, the effects do not stack. Because of mastering the art of special attack through this technique, she forgot to use the moves Take Down, Attract, Frustration and Work Up.

Zero: Level 2 Male Kirlia
Kirlia (Psychic): Kirlia's empathic abilities make it very in touch with its opponent. Attacks that deal with the opponents mental state are more effective. It also has a very good sense of balance and is hard to knock down.
Psychic: Psychics are considered to automatically be familiar with psychic abilities. Thus, they can use Psychic to move and toss Pokémon. If facing a non-bug, non-dark opponent, psychics can sense their opponent somewhat, making accuracy reducing attacks less effective.
Spoiler: show
Bio: I found this Ralts wandering all alone near the Old Chateau. Apparently, this Ralts was an orphan. It's whole family disappeared without a trace. It was crying and was very wary of anything breathing. I eventually was able to befriend it and it was following me everywhere. It appears as though this Kirlia was very young. Zero is a timid Kirlia. He tries his best to be happy but ultimately there is still despair in his heart. He has learned to treat me and my other Pokemon as family. Since this Ralts was very young, he was not very strong. He does have a very capable mind and can learn, and understand most that is thought to him. He can fire special attacks but he seems to like practicing his physical attacks. Due to his love of physical attacks, he learned Ice Punch very early. He likes using it here and there practicing it. He seems to be improving and his capability to freeze is amazing as well. Sadly, he isn't very strong when it comes to physical attacks, so one day, I was teaching it Psychic. It quickly learned that Psychic can be used to be able to lift objects and Pokemon. I was shocked when he used his psychic powers on himself to support himself. He can carry himself. He can make him more nimble. What I was surprised the most of is his amazing idea of using Psychic to boost the power of his Ice Punch. This attack is called Glacial Blow. He evolved into a Kirlia in one of my battles against new trainers and quickly got rid of it's weakness of being young.
Special Attack: Glacial Blow (Ice/Psychic)
This attack deals about 1.25x the damage of Ice Punch and a Confusion. This attack still has the 50% chance of partial freezing and has an added 15% chance for confusion. Because of Ralts infusing this attack with Psychic, he can do some damage to the mental state of the opponent as well. This attack uses the same amount of energy as Psychic and Ice Punch combined. He can only use this attack two times per battle.

Yuki: Level 2 Female Shiny Snorunt
Snorunt (Ice): Snorunt has powerful jaws that allow it to eat ice and snow. Its biting attacks are 10% more effective than normal.
Ice: Ice Pokémon are highly resistant to cold, and love fighting in it. However, they hate hot temperatures, and will not fight as well.
Spoiler: show
Bio: What seems to be a shiny Snorunt, this one is not what she appears to be. Coming from a feared clan of Snorunts, Glalies and Froslass in the snowy regions of Snowpoint. Yuki is a fine aristocratic Pokemon with a sometimes vain and proud attitude and some spunk that comes along with it. With these aside, she is actually a fun girl to be with and would love to help her friend in time of need. This girl still strikes fear in Pokemon's hearts. She receives the feared ability of their clan only to be obtained by the 3rd child of the family, and that is why Yuki has it.
Special Training: Ghost Chills (Ghost/Ice)
As the 3rd child of the family, she is given the feared ability which I call "Ghost Chills." Well, remember the saying that when it suddenly turns cold, a ghost is near. Yuki and her clan pretty much makes this literal. She can create a strange weather that benefits her and other ice-types. Using this, she can create a special hailstorm that drains non-ice types some energy by the same amount as Leech Seed every turn. This move costs the same energy as 1.5x the energy for Leech Seed and 1.5x the energy for Hail. In exchange for this, she forgets to use Rain Dance and Hail for these are useless to her. She forgets how to use Attract and Swagger because her family doesn't really like this kind of attitude. She loses Captivate when she turns into a Froslass for the same reason. This technique can only be used once per battle and will only last for 5 rounds and can be removed by another weather-inducing move. Once it is removed or it has already stopped, Yuki will gain half of the total amount of energy drained.

Allon: Level 2 Male Blue Magnemite
Magnemite (Electric/Steel): Moves using antigravity propulsion. While this limits its speed and flight ceilingť (how high it can float over the ground), this allows it to perform amazing aerial evasive maneuvers that cannot be performed by any other flier. Being inorganic,Magnemite cannot be affected by Poison in any way, unlike other Steel types who could be affected if the Poison is ingested internally.
Electric: Electric types, in general, prefer areas where their electric attacks are most accurate. Thus, while hot temperatures don’t bother them, the fact that heat refracts electricity doesn’t appeal to them.
Steel: Steel types, like rock types, have hard bodies, making them resistant to unskilled physical blows, and sink in water. While not bothered by water to the degree rock types are, they still would rather fight out of the water. Unlike rock types, most steel Pokémon prefer cold temperatures to hot ones.
Spoiler: show
Bio: Let's start with Allon's appearance. He has the same physical structure of any other Magnemite. His color on the other hand, stands out. This guy comes from a family of Magnemites, Magnetons and Magnezones working in an hydroelectric power plant located near Grandma Wilma's house atop the steep waterfall hidden in fog. These guys actually help provide electricity to the whole Sinnoh region. Like all the Magnemites from that power plant, the red part of his magnet is now dark blue and the metal he's made of is a little blue. This particular one is actually very efficient in helping create some electricity. It helps in maintaining order in the whole power plant. He is in charge of making sure the generators never overheat and all that. After years and years of working in an hydroelectric power plant. The Magnezones there have studied the water pretty well and were able to create some good alternative of cooling the generator by creating harnessing water energy of their own. When I stumbled upon the power plant by accident, this guy immediately greeted me with a smile. I was able to make friends pretty quickly but all the others seemed incredibly cautious. They gave me a chance to help with the duties in the place. A lot of my ice Pokemon there helped them cool down. They were essentially grateful but were even more grateful when I saved the power plant from certain destruction. Allon then begged to join my team seeking approval from the head Magnezone. Eventually they agreed when I proved to be a good guardian for Allon when I beat their strongest worker. Allon is a kind and happy-go-lucky Magnemite; willing to try and make friends with everyone he meets. Although when you anger him, he might just hate you forever or give you a shocking experience. As previously stated, the group of Magnezones living in the power plant was able to create a new technique; Allon is one of the Magnemites to learn this technique at such a young age, almost perfecting it when I caught him.
Special Training: Hydropower (Water)
Allon and the Magne-tribe living in the hydroelectric power plant learned to use Hidden Power Water. This goes for Allon too, turning his Hidden Power to be of water-type energy. It does the 1.25x the damage but uses 1.5x the energy. He can only use this twice per battle. But because of him focusing on water, Allon loses access to Magnet Bomb, Snore, Sleep Talk, Frustration, Sunny Day and Thundershock.

Terux: Level 2 Male Cubone
Cubone (Ground): Cubone wear a skull helmet, which they will not willingly take off. This reduces damage from attacks to the head, but if the skull is destroyed, it costs 1 SP to replace or 1 battle for the Cubone to go out and find another. Cubone cannot use their respective “Bone” attacks (Bone Club, Bonemerang, etc.) unless they are holding their bone.
Ground: Ground Pokémon are considered to be immune to electricity while standing on the ground. If a Ground Pokémon is in the air, they take 75% the normal damage from electric attacks. If a ground type is wet, electric attacks affect it normally (unless the Pokémon is naturally wet/slimy, like Quagsire).
Spoiler: show
Bio: Terux is of course an orphan. He is the son of the ghost Marowak living in the Pokemon Tower. Terux saw how Team Rocket beat and killed his mother. He became emotionally unstable and was known to cry all the time near the resting place of his mother. The skull covering his head is hard but lightweight and his bone is hard but a little heavy. When I met him, I coaxed him to see come with me so I can prove to him the world isn't that bad. We travelled all around, he had much fun but his true talents are in Pokemon Ping Pong, Pokemon Contests and Pokemon Musical. His love for these allowed him to be able to twirl his bone at a high rate. For a Pokemon who is known for being prim and proper for contests and musicals, he sure has a big apatite. Almost piggish, if I do say so myself. For some reason, he just loves eating soil. Nobody really knows why he'd prefer soil over fancy contest food... Terux is a kind and shy Cubone. He wouldn't do anything to hurt his friends. He's very protective of them. Although, despite his now happy attitude, he still has some frequent mood swings but these don't affect his battling prowess. He's amazing in battling and can easily hold his own battles.
Special Technique: Omnomnom (Ground)
Due to his love of eating soil, soil became a source of comfort for Terux. He can be ordered to eat soil as one move. By doing this, he gains amount of health and energy a Larvitar gets when it eats soil, but the damage and energy taken from eating poisoned soil is 2x as much as Larvitar gets. This signature is similar to Larvitar's species characteristic only with bigger drawback. Nomnom~

Ani: Level 2 Female White Wartortle
Wartortle (Water): The most militant of the Squirtle family, Wartortle are the middle of the line in speed and agility. Like all of the Squirtle family, they are vulnerable if knocked on their backs.
Water: Water Pokémon are able to hold their breath and/or breathe under water. The time varies, from about half an hour to one hour for reptilians and mammals, and indefinitely for fish and squid like Pokémon. They are also, generally, good swimmers.
Spoiler: show
Bio: A squirtle nearby paid a visit to my house, according to Zero, who was then a Kirlia, more outstanding than he was initially. Zero was just on their porch, playing around with sticks and pebbles which lay in a perfect row on the ground. Yuki’s, Gela’s, and Shirou’s pokeballs lay idly near Zero. The squirtle rushed by and trampled over the formation, breaking sticks and kicking pebbles as she passed. Zero paid no attention and kept silent. The Squirtle noticed Zero and came closer, “Whatcha doin’ here?”

Zero replied, “Making something. You just ruined it. Great job there…” Tears collected in his eyes as hours of work were ruined, thrown around to make an abstract image.

“Oh, you’re a guy! From far away, I thought you were a girl! You even look like one with that Skirt!”

Zero couldn’t take it anymore. He finally burst, his eyes leaving tears flowing down his cheeks. The Squirtle noticed this and apologised. “I’m sorry-“

“Sorry? You broke my present and YOU INSULTED ME!”

“Hey! You can’t just yell at me like that!” And she squirted a stream of water from her mouth. The force pushed Zero to the glass door beside him, but not enough to crack the glass, only enough to scratch it. Zero got annoyed, and threw a snowball, impacting the squirtle’s face directly. The pokeballs released the pokemon who were trying to get out as soon as Zero’s sobs reached them. A battle occurred, in which the four pokemon were against the lone Squirtle. But before they could dispatch their nemesis, I returned home, only to see a mess on the porch, with broken twigs, pebbles, and small puddles. I greet them, “Hello everyone! I’m back for Christmas!” But as soon as I saw what was happening, I rushed toward them and said, “Stop it! You shouldn’t fight on Christmas!” And all of them obeyed and looked up at me. I then spot the Squirtle. “Hmm… That’s interesting. Would you like to stay with us for Christmas Dinner?” The other four gave a puzzled stare, even after dinner was over. It was a delicious meal, and everyone was filled.

The next day, the Little Squirtle could no longer be found, though she slept on another couch near the fireplace, together with my other ‘mon on the night before. It felt odd, knowing that she left even after I took care of her. And so after I got ready to leave, I decided to head to the docks. Right before I got on the ramp up the ship, I felt a minor force against my back, getting my shirt soaked. I turn to see the smirking Squirtle making more faces at an attempt to insult me. She probably wants to challenge me to a battle I thought. So I decided to finish her off with Yuki, my Snorunt.

The battle wasn’t very long, and once she was knocked out, I tended to her as much as I could. When I finally went on the boat, a pokeball of mine was missing. I look to see that it lay there on the ground, in place of the Squirtle. At that time, I thought she was playing more tricks on me, to further delay my journey, so I simply retrieved it, and brought it with me throughout my entire trip.
Halfway back home, The light on my pokeball was blinking slowly and it gradually raised its tempo. Soon, The Squirtle popped out and lands right into my hand. “I guess it’s too late to take you back there now… and you really want to go with me that much… from now on, I’ll name you Ani. Make sure you behave, though.” And from then on, she became mine.

That says everything I went through with this wonderful teammate. Ani is stylish, posh, chic, you name it. She is rude, but she is lively and fun to be with. She likes teasing everyone, but whenever it goes too far, she turns apologetic.
Signature Attack: Bubble Trouble (Water/Ice)
Her first snowball fight was a big disaster because for some reason, she can't create snowballs. She can create anything except spherical clumps of snow. She got frustrated and left the game, but little did we know. She kept practicing at night. In one of our subsequent snowball fights, she surprised me with something else... it is a sphere... but it isn't snow. I've seen how she makes it. She gathers a major amount of energy, a moderate amount of ice energy, and a good amount of water energy. She throws this orb at her target, and once it explodes, the water quickly cools, the attack dealing a moderate amount of damage. There's a 10% chance of a full body freeze, and if it doesn't it slows down the opponent like how Icy Wind does. This cannot be used for more than two times per battle, and also her ice energy can limit its usage.

Hiroshi: Level 2 Male Gold Combusken
Combusken: (Fire/Fighting) Combusken's legs are very powerful. It can jump fairly high (about 15 feet in the air) and its kicking attacks are slightly more powerful than normal.
Fire: Fire types love hot temperatures. Most can survive in hot liquids/molten lava for an extended period of time (indefinitely in the case of Magby, Magmar, Slugma and Magcargo). If a fire Pokémon has a flame somewhere on its body, it will take extra damage if a water attack hits the flame. Otherwise, fire Pokémon are not adversely affected by taking dips in bodies of water, so long as the time is short (except for the above 4 Pokémon, who will take damage the longer they are in the water). Instead of being automatically 2x weak to Water, they take 150% of the damage if hit on their bodies, but take 210+% if hit on open flames.
Fighting: Fighting Pokémon train extensively, more than any other Pokémon type, which gives them slightly greater endurance and energy.
Spoiler: show
Bio: No bio yet
Signature Training: Firebending (Electric)
Due to him finding peace within himself, saving him from all the emotional turmoil running rampant inside of him, he has learned how to bend the purest form of flame, lightning. Sadly, he could only do so much and just learned one simple electric move, Shock Wave. He only has enough electrical juice in him for the usage of this twice or once with a Thunderpunch.

Hanazaki: Level 2 Male Shiny Lombre
Lombre (Grass/Water): Though able to swim and stay underwater for a fair amount of time, Lombre are not the best swimmers and prefer to stay near the surface of the water. Lombre are capable of restoring more health and energy then grass Pokemon normally get in the rain.
Grass: Grass types live anywhere that can support vegetation, though most prefer temperate to tropical climates. Grass types enjoy both bright sun and rain. Rainstorms will heal them slightly every round the rain falls.
Water: Water Pokémon are able to hold their breath and/or breathe under water. The time varies, from about half an hour to one hour for reptilians and mammals, and indefinitely for fish and squid like Pokémon. They are also, generally, good swimmers.
Spoiler: show
Bio: I was having a nice picnic with my best friends in Amity Square near the nice pond. We were joking around with each other and played some games with our Pokemon. I guess the fun got too rowdy when my mischievous friend pushed me into the water. I landed on some kind of hard lily pad. I heard my other friend scolding her before she offered her hands and pulled me up gently. I always enjoy their company. I thought the whole thing was done until the lily pad suddenly flung itself at me. I fell facedown on the damp soil and looked to see what hit me. It was a purple Lotad. I guess that was the hard thing that hit me. While observing the beauty, it squirted a Water Gun at my face before proceeding to call for some reinforcements. Before letting it get away, I lifted it and asked if I could challenge it in a battle instead. Needless to say, it didn't bring up much of a fight against Lambo. It accepted defeat but I still wanted to get revenge. I begged it to join my squad instead and it could torture me during my journeys. It agreed and after some time he let go of his grudge. One odd thing though, it seems as though rain follows it around. I don't really mind because I have tons of Pokemon to keep me warm. Me and my best friends left the Square with smiles on our faces. I actually like on of 'em but we don't mind. I named the cursed Lotad, Hanazaki, after the salamander endemic to Japan. The salamander is supposedly the legendary Kappa, which looked like Lombre. Hanazaki is a tough guy. He doesn't let go of grudges easily though. He'd do anything to get you back but nonetheless, he's a good friend.He likes having others do his bidding for him.
Special Technique: Aquatic Escape (Water)
Like the way he was calling for help, he learned how to use a water type Volt Switch. Hanazaki charges up a significant amount of water energy. He uses a part of that water energy to fling a water-filled bubble at the enemy that bursts on contact dealing mild damage and soaking the target wet. He uses the rest of the energy to return to its pokeball. The physical and psychological mindset of the user will be carried over to the next Pokemon. Poison and physical injuries will not be carried over. This can be used to switch in a Switch=KO match. He still would switch even if the move misses. This can only be used once per battle.

Lissa: Level 2 Female Shiny Quagsire
Quagsire (Water/Ground): Quagsire move at a decent clip on land, and a respectable pace in the water, though they prefer shallow, slow water to deep, fast currents. Wooper and Quagsire are coated with a slimy substance, which makes them harder to grab.
Water: Water Pokémon are able to hold their breath and/or breathe under water. The time varies, from about half an hour to one hour for reptilians and mammals, and indefinitely for fish and squid like Pokémon. They are also, generally, good swimmers.
Ground: Ground Pokémon are considered to be immune to electricity while standing on the ground. If a Ground Pokémon is in the air, they take 75% the normal damage from electric attacks. If a ground type is wet, electric attacks affect it normally (unless the Pokémon is naturally wet/slimy, like Quagsire).
Spoiler: show
Bio: No bio yet
No Signature Yet

Lambo: Level 1 Male Spotted Tauros
Tauros (Normal): Tauros is a powerful charger. Any tackling or ramming attacks do extra damage, as Tauros continues over the opponent, doing extra trampling damage.
Normal: Normal types can use the greatest variety of attacks in the league: they pay for this, however, by having less type energy. In the ASB, Normal types take 100% damage from Ghost type moves.
Spoiler: show
Bio: Lambo was born looking like a cow with a black mane and horns. He was always outcast by the herd because of his uniqueness. His family always treated him like dirt and occasionally leaves him behind. He was always disregarded by all the Tauros in the herd making him a sad loner. His loneliness eventually led him to the discovery of anime in human homes. His favorite Japanese animation is Katekyo Hitman! Reborn. Wherein he first saw his hero, Lambo. Lambo is a totally cool character that uses green electricity to fight off the enemy families. He has a black afro as a kid but turns into a hunk as he grows. He wears a cow costume as a young child making Lambo adore him even more. The costume looks like his coat, not to mention his hair is similar to his mane. He just loves Lambo. That's the sole reason why I named him Lambo after finding him secretly watching t.v. in some person's house. I feel bad for the guy who had to pay for the electricity bills.Lambo was scarred as a child but this doesn't stop him from being happy. He is one of the most joyous Tauros I've met. He doesn't have that aggressive personality most Tauros have. Despite this, he still caries the Tauros pride and hates all the cow/bull/horned mammals copycat Pokemon, including Deerling/Sawsbuck, Stantler, Boufallant and Miltank. He just purely hates Deerling/Sawsbuck though.
Special Training: I Have Horns Too (Grass)
Tauros learns how to use Horn Leech after studying how Deerling/Sawsbuck doing it in secret. He is continuously spited by the Deerling line because of his mediocre grass movepool. That's why he decided to learn this one. His usage of this is limited to his grass energy reservoir, which is pretty much depleted when SolarBeam is used. He has enough energy to use this twice without SolarBeam. Thanks to focusing on this grass type move, he forgets how to learn SolarBeam.

He also practiced making the electricity he emits green. He did this in honor of his hero. This doesn't do anything special.

Raito: Level 1 Male Absol
Absol (Dark): Due to their ability to predict disasters, Absol have a faster reaction time to large-scale attacks (Earthquake, Blast Burn, Explosion, Thunder, Hydro Pump, Sandstorm, exceptionally powerful sig moves, destruction of arena, etc, etc). This does not guarantee escape, it merely increases the odds of dodging.
Dark: Dark types can see in the dark. They prefer to fight at night, however light does not adversely affect them.
Spoiler: show
Bio: The ground shifted underneath me. As I strode on the beach, I simply thought I merely lost balance. Another shake of the boulder ground also induced long, slender yet winding cracks on the roads and structures nearby. Those who were doing their own business rushed out of the building in a nervous panic while others peeked out their windows and doors to assess the damage… Earthquakes have never occurred in this area before, and no one bothered to announce a drill or something of that sort.

Half an hour passed after the inital quakes. People just went about with their own business, fondly disregarding the negligible shake. They weren't the only ones, as I continued to stroll. I decided to get a drink so I walked back to the Pokemon Center.

As I closed in, a quadrupedal creature with complete heterochromia appeared on top of one of the buildings, and as I took a better look, it was an Absol staring straight at the ocean. And almost immediately, Those who were already on the ground were gathering pebbles to throw at him. I shouted at them “Hey! Don’t you understand that he’s meant to warn us! Not to bring disasters! He’s trying to warn us about something!”

I thought to myself, what could he be warning us about. I looked back to the ocean and noticed that the water has receded. It was as if it was retreating back to the sea. Then it hit me... "A tsuanmi's coming!!!"

A siren sounded. Red lights in the buildings flashed. #Warning! Tsunami Alert! Please head to higher ground!# I turned to them in irritation, “Told You… Now get out of here, if you want to live!” One person threw another pebble at the Absol, before they finally got into their vehicles and rushed towards the hills.

A dark line appeared over the horizon, and got bigger as it approached. And to my surprise, the Absol fired a powerful Ice beam directly at the horizon. There was only very little effect on the incoming wave, So I got out Lambo, Ani, Shirou, Rei, Gela, to launch their ice beams while Gela uses her signature move, Ice Flurry. All beams were concentrated on the wave ahead, and finally, it started to take effect, the initial wave halted. After a couple of seconds, another black line went over the white wall, but failed to come through. When the last one broke holes into the frozen wall, we unleashed another wave of Ice Beams. The wave was getting much bigger, the barrage of waves isn't over yet. A gigantic wave loomed from the distance and we were all standing our ground, the people cheering for us. The Absol is panicking and was flailing about. We did our thing once more but this just wasn't enough. He bashed me and my Pokemon back as he rushes towards the wave with a lit mouth.

"What is he thinking? Is he nuts?"

The wave engulfs the foolish Pokemon. Everyone looks in astonishment, as a white light comes out of the wave and pierces it, stopping the threat completely. Absol used Hyper Beam to stop the wave... Me and my team rushed in to help the injured being.

"Thank you for saving us. I think you'd be a wonderful addition to the team."

The Absol nodded before fainting. I used an empty Pokeball to capture the dark Pokemon. I rushed to the Pokemon center and had all my Pokemon healed. I waited patiently as I had faith that Nurse Joy would be able to help my Pokemon.

That would be the story of how I got Raito... or light. I named him after his moment in the wave, a bright light came out of the wave, and that's what he's named after. He's a quiet Pokemon, but strong and dependable. He'll do anything to stop injustice from happening as he's a man of balance and equality. Upon close inspection, he has complete heterochromia, resulting in his weird eye colors.
Signature Training: Heart of Justice (Flying)
Due to his love of equality... he does his best to save all the innocent people or Pokemon he can find. One of the things he's trying to save them from are tsunamis and tornadoes. He cannot break them easily but found a way to do so by studying flying types. He can now use Air Cutter after studying and practicing it. He can use this at 1.25x the energy needed. He only has enough Flying Energy to use this twice, or once with Aerial Ace.

Kugutsu: Level 1 Genderless Baltoy
Baltoy (Ground/Psychic): As they have eyes all around their heads, Baltoy are almost impossible to surprise or sneak up on. Baltoy naturally levitate, and can keep it up indefinitely.
Ground: Ground Pokémon are considered to be immune to electricity while standing on the ground. If a Ground Pokémon is in the air, they take 75% the normal damage from electric attacks. If a ground type is wet, electric attacks affect it normally (unless the Pokémon is naturally wet/slimy, like Quagsire).
Psychic: Psychics are considered to automatically be familiar with psychic abilities. Thus, they can use Psychic to move and toss Pokémon. If facing a non-bug, non-dark opponent, psychics can sense their opponent somewhat, making accuracy reducing attacks less effective.
Spoiler: show
Bio: No bio yet
No Signature Yet

Apollo: Level 1 Genderless Solrock
Solrock (Rock/Psychic): Solrock is capable of generating vast amounts of heat by spinning, enough to vaporise moderate and weaker water attacks or dissipate fog. Energy use is equal to Fire Spin and is usable twice per battle. It has slightly more fire energy then normal and can levitate indefinitely. It fights more enthusiastically in the day time.
Rock: Rock types generally have hard bodies, which makes them resistant to unskilled (non-fighting) blows. However, most are so heavy that they will sink in water, so they stay away from deep-water sources if possible. Rock types prefer heat to cold.
Psychic: Psychics are considered to automatically be familiar with psychic abilities. Thus, they can use Psychic to move and toss Pokémon. If facing a non-bug, non-dark opponent, psychics can sense their opponent somewhat, making accuracy reducing attacks less effective.
Spoiler: show
Bio: No bio yet
No Signature Yet

Total: 16
Slots Left: 0

Old Pokemon:
Spoiler: show

Korui: Level 2 Male Blue Staravia
Bio:Korui is a resident of the northern regions of Sinnoh exposing her to incredible cold. He wasn't the only Starly living there when I met him. I was travelling along, visiting my favorite Snowpoint City, seeing a flock of Starlies. There were a lot, and what seemed to be a shiny one, but that wasn't the one that caught my eye. The one that caught my eye is this blue one who seemed to lead the flock. I challenged him to a battle, even Zero's Glacial Blow wasn't enough to harm this one. I eventually caught him with Shirou and eventually became close buddies with him. He has a gentle and adamant nature allowing him to become a good leader before. He is shown to have a good leadership skills and is easily capable of making friends or negotiating. He evolved as he traveled with me.

Kian: Level 2 Male Snover
Bio:Kian is a mature and a very bright Snover who is willing to take charge anytime. Well, being cold-hearted is not always limited to ice-types. Others have this trait as well, including humans. Well, Kian, acting as the big bro of the squad, pretty much saw this first hand. When he and his family was strolling along the snowy forest in Snowpoint, his father and mother were beaten and captured by evil poachers right before his and his siblings eyes. He was left traumatized but soon regained his composure when his siblings needed him. He is the oldest of 5 and he was the one to protect everyone after the incident.

Frey: Level 2 Female Axew
Bio:A paranoid and cowardly Axew. She was found crying in the depths of Mistralton Cave. She usually runs away if she is threatened. Weird enough, she is a very curious creature. This usually ends terribly causing her to run away. She eventually lost her way when running away thus making her an orphan. Due to her habit of running away. She developed a technique wherein she is capable of running faster than other Axews.
Special Training: Nimble Body (Flying/Dragon)
Due to her impressive speed, she is capable of attacking quickly and then stepping back for her safety thus increasing evasion slightly. With this ability, there are drawbacks. Her speed and evasion would be halved whenever in Sandstorm and Hail due to her not seeing her way properly. She also cannot use Agility, Hone Claws, Aerial Ace and Endure. This also adds more energy usage to all physical attacks she does by 1.25x.

Tetsu: Level 2 Male Shiny Golden Ferroseed
Bio:I heard of miners being scared of by a Pokemon near Driftveil City. I decided to go investigate. When I was there, I saw him terrorize the miners. After running away, I decided to try and see the Pokemon for myself. It turns out it was a shiny Ferroseed. He was very protective when I approached. I noticed he was gold in parts where he should be silver. Apparently, the mine was a gold mine. Tetsu probably lived in the cave, absorbing the minerals from the gold-filled walls causing him to turn golden. Tetsu takes less damage from special attacks because of this as well. When I befriended this amazing Pokemon, I was examining it real well. I observed that it was a very cautious Pokemon. It's VERY protective of anything it likes. In this case, the mine. So he probably chased the miners of thinking they would take his home away from him. Tetsu is a very defensive Pokemon, preferring to defend than to attack. He is a very gentle and kind-hearted Pokemon only to those he knows.

Setto: Level 2 Male Sneasel
Bio:I found Setto causing trouble in Blackthorn City. I saw him eating food he stole. I confronted him to try and get other stolen items back. I ended up catching him though. Setto is a charming Pokemon. Female Pokemon usually fall for him immediately. This Sneasel is particularly charismatic, cunning and mischievous. He has a nasty habit of stealing but I think he is improving.

Lena: Level 2 Female Blue Pidgeotto
Bio:I found Lena as a weak Pidgey. I was observing a flock of Pidgeys, when I noticed this one being picked on all the time. It was being picked on because of its weird coloration. I'm thinking that she thought she was being picked on because of her weak and fragil structure. So I always observed this one away from its flock training somewhere. I noticed this one has a passionate heart and a good sense of justice. She didn't exact revenge on the ones who picked on her. When I finally had the guts to confront her, she immediately attacked me with a valiant heart. She kept fighting even against my friend Korui. She eventually was knocked out and she agreed on joining me. During my journies, she evolved in one of my most important battles.

Tan-tan: Level 2 Male Aipom
Aipom (Normal): Aipom are more nimble, particularly with their tails. They can anchor themselves to something with their tails, leaving their limbs free to do other things. They are also more likely to stop from falling if there’s something within grabbing distance of their tail.
Normal: Normal types can use the greatest variety of attacks in the league: they pay for this, however, by having less type energy. In the ASB, Normal types take 100% damage from Ghost type moves.
Spoiler: show
Bio: I met this one while passing by the narrow alley in Castelia. I was just passing through for a shortcut when I saw this little guy seemingly falling. I rushed to try and catch him but I didn't make it. Apparently he was about to perform an impressive Break Reversal. An adventurous and joyful Aipom. He is very ecstatic whenever he goes to a new place. He is very nimble and adept in using his tail but he can also display amazing capabilities with his hands. He is a very kind and generous Pokemon. His family lives in the concrete jungle of Castelia causing his whole kin to be very adept in moving through the city by the use of the walls and some times, strings. Through the need of moving withouut anything to grab, he devised a special technique which allows him to absorb impact and use it as his own power thus propelling him.
Special Technique: Break Reversal (Fighting)
Tan-tan learns a special variation of Reversal called Break Reversal. It has the same effects as Reversal but would also lessen the impact force of the opponent because of Tan-tan using his tail as a shield. In addition, this move can absorb a little damage from special attacks but not reflect it back to the opponent. This technique uses 1.5x the energy usage as normal Reversal. He can only use this technique two times per battle. He receives 0.8x damage from physical attacks and 0.9x damage from special attacks when using this move.

Gela: Level 2 Female White Mienfoo
Mienfoo (Fighting): Mienfoo train in conducting long strings of attacks, able to perform consecutive attacks with great ease. Attacks that score multiple hits will be harder to interrupt and get in additional hits and attacks that are combined or can be used in quick succession will be more likely to succeed.
Fighting: Fighting Pokémon train extensively, more than any other Pokémon type, which gives them slightly greater endurance and energy.
Spoiler: show
Bio: Gela is a kind-hearted Mienfoo that is protective of loved ones. She is ready to take a hit for her friends. She isn't very sociable but she loves her friends and family with all her heart. She acts as the big sister of my team but she barely socializes with the others. Remember the big wildfire in Mexico earlier this 2011. Well, when I was on my cross-dimensional vacation. I saw the aftermath of what happened. To my surprise, I saw a Pokemon in the human world! It was a crying Mienfoo. Apparently, her home and her family died in the wildfire. I was really sad when I figured out what happened. She agreed to join me back to the Pokemon World to meet new Pokemon and to help me reach my dreams. I noticed that this poke was very weary of heat. In one of my battles, she surprised me by breaking down on the floor with an Air Flare. An amazing hip hop dance move. I suspect it learning that in the human world. That was only the beginning, the move is starting to gather cold air slowly creating a tornado of cold air. I named this move the "Ice Flurry."
Special Technique: Ice Flurry (Ice)
Being rather paranoid of heat, Gela learned to tap into her Ice Energy to help her gather cold air. As she does an Air Flare, a tornado of cold air slowly forms and can easily pull in airborne Pokemon. The unlucky Pokemon getting caught in this experiences extreme hypothermia. This does as much damage as an Ice Beam with an Icy Wind and has a 10% chance for full body freeze and 25% chance for a partial freeze. This costs as much energy as two Ice Beams. This variation can only be used once per battle. A quicker build-up can be done when the command "Quick Flurry" is said. This quicker variation can be used to cancel out fire-type attacks. This causes as much energy needed for a Wall Reflect. This variation can only be used twice per battle- once if the other variation is also used. In exchange for this technique, she forgets how to use the defensive moves Reversal and Quick Guard and the flying type moves Bounce and Aerial Ace.

Trainer Stats:
Spoiler: show
Trainer Level: 2
Referee Class: B
Wins (DQ): 3 (1)
Losses (DQ): 4 (0)
Ties: 1
Win %: 44.5%
KOs: 16
TP and SP: 46 TP and 15.75 SP

SP Usage:
Spoiler: show
10.15.2011: Converted 3.5 SP into 7 TP which leaves me with 4 SP
10.16.2011: Used 3 SP to level Allon, Lena and Terux up which leaves me with 1 SP
03.05.2012: Used 1 SP to level Hiroshi/Kara, which leaves me with 0 SP.
03.28.2012: Earned 1 SP from Tuner's Art Request. Now have 1 SP.
04.12.2012: Earned 7.5 SP from Coolz8 and Tuner89's battle. Now have 8.5 SP.
04.12.2012: Used 1 SP to level Hanazaki, which leaves me with 7.5 SP.
04.16.2012: Earned 1 SP from Charm's Art Request. Now have 8.5 SP.
04.17.2012: Got 1.25 SP from Celebii. Now have 9.75 SP.
04.29.2012: Earned 1 SP from HyperLugia and BlazeVA's battle. Now have 10.75 SP.
05.22.2012: Earned 6 SP from Squirtleking and Haymez's battle. Now have 16.75 SP.
06.03.2012: Used 1 SP for levelling up Lissa.

Spoiler: show
SPPf: Pengyzu vs. Celebii 151 (Cancelled)
SPPf: Pengyzu vs. Charminion (Cancelled)
SPPf: Pengyzu vs. Biggggg5 (Won)
UPN: Pengyzu vs. Salamencia (Draw)
UPN: Pengyzu vs. DaisyInari (Lost)
SPPf: LunarWrath vs. pengyzu (Won)
UPN: Pengyzu vs. SphealDrill (Lost)
SPPf: Pengyzu vs. DaveTheFishGuy (Cancelled)
UPN: SP-Eevee vs. Pengyzu (Cancelled)
UPN: takkupanda vs. pengyzu (Lost)
UPN: pengyzu vs. biggggg5 (1 vs. 1 Win)
SPPf: Charminions vs. pengyzu (Lost)
UPN: BlazeVA vs. pengyzu (Cancelled)
SPPf: Pengyzu vs. Bobandbill (DQ Won)

UPN: pengyzu vs. Coolz8
Status: Ongoing
Location: Here

UPN: KratosAurion vs. pengyzu
Status: Ongoing
Location: Here

SPPf: Pengyzu vs. Fireray
Status: Ongoing
Location: Here

SPPf: Gym Match: Shadowshocker vs. Pengyzu
Status: Ongoing
Location: Here

Ongoing Battles:
SPPf: 1
UPN: 2
Gym: 1

Total Battles Completed: 9

Open Slots: 1

Matches in Queue:

Referee Corner:

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Pokemon Trainer
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 28
Wins/Losses: 0/0
Draws: 0

Slot 1: vs XanderKetsu Serebii
Slot 2: vs Roglef UPN
Slot 3: vs Shuckle UPN
Slot 4: Open

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________________________


Spoiler: show
Aprilia: Level 1 Female Sandile DARK/GROUND
The first pokémon I caught and my dearest partner, it's been with me ever since I was a child and we are good friends Aprilia and I. Aprilia is a rather mean-spirited pokémon in battle, gladly taking advantage of a pokémon's weakness.
No Signature Move

Ray: Level 1 Male Pansage GRASS
A groovy pokémon that likes dancing, whenever hearing a beat he will often start to move differently, dancing to the tune.
No Signature Move

Zecora: Level 1 Female Blitzle ELECTRIC
A pokémon I met while riding my motorcycle, it loves to race more then anything else. It runs alongside me often, trying to keep up as best as she can.
No Signature Move

Harley: Level 1 Male Rufflet FLYING/NORMAL

A small but brave Rufflet with a love for taking on large opponents, as it common among it’s species. He’s a bit of a counterpart to Freed as Harley prefers to wait for an opening before beginning the attack.
No signature move

Freed: Level 1 Male Archen FLYING/ROCK
A Pokémon I had revived from a fossil, quite a violent and headstrong Pokémon that prefers a headlong charge over careful thinking, I often wonder if he even thinks at all.
No signature move

Pixie: Level 1 Female Vulpix FIRE
A rather docile and kind little vulpix that has been rather attached to me from the moment I caught it. Pixie, compared to certain others of my team is very kindhearted and will not try to harm an opponent more then is necessary
No signature move

Kaazy: Level 1 Female Ekans POISON
A mischieviouis ekans that likes pranking people, especially me. She is a good battle and loves to turn situations around with the use of her poison.
No signature move

Tekhmet: Level 1 Male Yamask GHOST
Tekhmet is a rather silent pokémon, preferring to hang back and not draw much attention to himself. Ever since I caught him at Desert Resort the pokémon has never made an attempt to warm up to me, neither has he shown dislike.
No signature move

Murdock: Level 1 Male Oshawott WATER
A pokémon that was given to me after I did something nice for a change, heh. Murdock is a rather silent pokémon, preferring to be alone and not often relaxing to have fun. He prefers using attacks that utilize his scallop over others.
Special Technique: Scallop Mastery
Murdock prefers using his scallop at all times. Attacks that utilize his scallop such as slash or razor shell do 10% more damage, as a trade-off though attacks that do not utilize it do 10% less damage, as he puts less effort into those.

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Posts: 118
Chikoko´s PASBL profile:

Trainer Level: 1
Trainer Points: 34 | Service Points: 0 | Knock Outs: 9
Wins: 2 | Losses: 3 | Draws: 0
DQ Win: 2 | DQ Loss: 1

Battles in progress:

Vs. ChaoticHell83 {UPN}

Battle history:

Vs. Mercutio [Loss]{UPN}
Vs. phoopes [Loss]{UPN}
Vs. TheRiddler [win] {SPPF}
Vs. Amatratsuflame_26 [win by DQ] {SPPF}
Vs. Sneezey12 [win by DQ]{UPN}
Vs. bigtukker [Cancelled]{UPN}
Vs. RoseHeart95 [Lost]{SPPF}
Vs. Starstruck [Win] {SPPF}
Vs. Roseheart95 [Disqualification to me.] {SPPF}

Spoiler: show

Level 2 Male Marshtomp~No Sig

Level 2 Male Gyarados~No Sig

Level 1 Female Chinchou~No Sig

Level 1 Female Surskit~No Sig

Level 1 Female Goldeen~No Sig

Level 1 Male Wingull~No Sig

Level 1 Male Tentacool~No Sig

Level 1 Male Buizel~No Sig

Level 1 Male Poliwag~No Sig

Level 1 Male Corphish~No Sig

Level 1 Male Lotad~No Sig

Level 1 Genderless Staryu~No Sig

Level 1 Male Wooper~No Sig

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Location: Earth
Posts: 545
Trainer lvl. 2
3 Wins by DQ
15KO's,50TP,1.75 SP

C+ Ref

1) Gordo: Level 3 Genderless Metang
No Signature Move

2) Ferregimus: Level 2 Male Prinplup
No Signature Move

3) Eelmail: Level 2 Male Eelektrik
No Signature Move

4) Dripps: Level 2 Female Wingull
No Signature Move

5) Mr. A Hill: Level 2 Male Cubone
Spoiler: show
Bio: Ever since he was a baby monster, Mr. A. Hill has been fascinated with the art of drumming. He has always been able to play gravity blasts with his one bone at an astounding speed (just a roll with one hand); however, he really excels at playing with two bones. While he is not able to carry around an extra bone, he is often found with a real bone and one made of energy rolling at the ground and creating small earthquakes.

Signature Attack: Paradiddle Boom (Ground)- Mr. A. Hill uses a fair amount of normal energy to form a second bone (much as pokemon wishing to use Bone Rush would if they did not normally wield a bone) and performs a continuous paradiddle on the ground at a strong speed, sending a constant cascade of ground energy into the earth and causing it to rumble or even rupture depending on the type of ground. Ground energy consumption is about equal to that of an earthquake, but there is a fair amount of normal energy consumed in making the second bone. Damage is about equal to that of a Bulldoze, with the energy spreading similarly in multiple shockwaves through the ground, though the shockwaves are more frequent and more likely to cause flinching. The second bone disappears at the end of the round. Usable twice per match. While the second bone exists, no moves requiring punching may be used. Mr. A Hill can no longer use bonemerang due to his dislike of throwing his sticks, and his elemental punch attacks are 75% as effective as normal while the bone is not in effect due to his general lack of combat training. The second bone may only be conjured for this attack twice per battle.

6) Cornet: Level 1 Female Noibat

No Signature Move

7) Vincent: Level 2 Male Combusken
No Signature Move

8 ) Furmanly: Level 2 Male Mankey
No Signature Move

9) Tiktok: Level 2 Male Drowzee
Spoiler: show
Tiktok has had a rather boring life. From the moment he was born until I caught him, he was in a rigorously boring schooling system, training to get his Ph.D in Dream Mechanics. After I caught him...I threw him back into that schooling system to show that I cared for his future. While in his schooling system, he noticed that many of the students there were producing dream-like matter while they were awake. Tiktok thought to himself, "Is this a daydream?" He'd heard of them before, but had never felt them until now. He quickly realized that daydreams had their own smell and taste, much like a regular dream. As he finished up his schooling, Tiktok found himself getting stronger at sensing and tasting daydreams.

Signature attack: Daydream Eater (PS).
While he is not teaching a class on the culinary properties of them, Tiktok is able to eat them himself. If a pokemon is awake, Tiktok can eat their daydreams. This attack does less damage than a regular dream eater, about the same as a Giga Drain, and uses about the same amount of energy as one too, but using psychic energy rather than grass. The amount of energy and health drained is proportional to the distance from the victim, and multiple uses of this attack will yield diminishing returns. Repeated usage of this move will have increasingly diminished effects (from the giga drain description at pasbl.upnetwork.net.) This attack will restore about the same amounts of energy and health as a Giga drain as well, also proportional to distance from the pokemon.

Plain and simple: Its a psychic typed Giga Drain.

10) Mortal Kobra: Level 2 Female Ekans
No Signature Move

11) Kitty: Level 2 Male Houndour
No Signature Move

12) Peninthias: Level 3 Male Galvantula
No Signature Move

13) Minerva: Level 2 Female Roselia
No Signature Move

14) Jack: Level 2 Male Hitmonchan
No Sig

15) Demeter: Level 2 Female Pidgeotto
No Sig

16) Glenn: Level 1 Male Froakie
No Sig

17) Dogwood: Level 1 Male Phantlump

18 ) Reptar: Level 1 Male Tyrunt

Slot 1(SPPF):Open
Slot 2(UPN):Vs. Deh74
Slot 3(UPN):Open
Slot 4 (UPN): Open

Previous matches:
C+ Ref

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Drogo's PASBL stats

Drogo, Trainer Level 1

W:0 L:0 D:0
TP:0 SP:0

Drogo's Squad

-Monferno, Male Level 2
-Gible, Male Level 2
-Croagunk, Male Level 1
-Clefairy, Male Level 1
-Scraggy, Male Level 1
-Joltik, Male Level 1
-Tirtouga, Male Level 1
-Cubchoo, Male Level 1
-Sandile, Male Level 1
-Ralts, Male Level 1
-Vulpix, Male Level 1
-Gastly, Male Level 1



vs. Mon1010 (SPPf)
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Posts: 3,116

Shuckle's PASBL Statistics

Name: Shuckle
Age: 18
Hometown: Virginia, USA! USA! USA!
Trainer Level: 1
Current Pokémon: 13
Wins: 6
of which DQ: 1
Draws: 1
Losses: 7
of which DQ: 1
KO's: 10
Trainer Points: 44
Service Points: 2+X
Badges: 0

Spoiler: show
Gym Attacks
Wins: 0
Draws: 0
Losses: vs. GT Kindrindra; by DQ because Kind is rude; 1TP
Gym Scenario vs. Kush; Loss; 4TP



Spoiler: show
vs. Haymez - Victory by KO; 2KOs, 4TP
vs. Pearl's Perap - Victory by DQ; 1KO, 2TP
vs. Chikoko - Loss by KO; 3TP

vs. Zelphon - Loss; 4TP
vs. mindthegaap - Draw; 2TP
vs. Mewmaster007 - Loss by KO; 1TP
vs. XinonYena - Victory by DQ; 1KO, 2TP
vs. Machamp-X - Loss by KO; 2TP
vs. TheDesertSpirit; Loss by KO; 4TP
vs. Kairne - Loss by KO; 3TP
vs. Schadenfreude - Loss by KO; 3TP
vs. Lightpanda - Victory by KO; 2KOs, 4TP
vs. James2791 - Victory by KO; 2KOs, 4TP
vs. XanderKetsu - Loss by KO; 1TP
vs. DaveTheFishGuy - Loss by KO; 2TP


vs. Mozz - 0-0
vs. Kindrindra - 0-0


Spoiler: show
no badges


Spoiler: show
Attachable Token

Attached to: Lady Macbeth the Ralts


someday i might format this

Spoiler: show
Level 3:

Level 2:

Level 1:

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Posts: 1,653
Lv 1 Trainer
TP: 9 | SP: 0| KO: 2
W: 1| L: 3 | D: 0

Spoiler: show
Vs Drogo UPN (Won/DQ)
Vs AlphapupQuicksilver (Lost/DQ)
Vs Takkupanda (Lost)
Vs Torkoal Stu

Spoiler: show
Trini Lv 1 Female Mienfoo

Dradle Lv 2 Male Hitmontop

Moonshine Lv 1 Female Teddiursa

Prince Lv 1 Male Croagunk

Gladiator Lv 1 Male Chimchar

Rita Repulsa Lv 1 Female Misdreavus

Buzzer Lv 1 Male Beedrill

Sunshine Lv 1 Male Volbeat

Blitz Lv 1 Female Buizel

Kimberely Lv 1 Swirlix

Andros Lv 2 Clefairy

Janice Lv 1 Inkay

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ZoRaDu and Co

Trainer Card

Name: Zo Radu
Age: 16
Birthplace: Orange Islands

Trainer Level: 1
Total Pokémons: 6
Win/Loss/Draw: 0-0-0
Badges: None


Coco: Level 2 Male Pidgeotto
Coco told me their parents left him when he was only two weeks old. They left the region because the Spearow Colony was too big and they were scared to die. Poor Coco learned to defend himself all alone. Two years later, when I found him and gave him a shelter, he became the most loyal friend I ever had. He would be capable of anything to protect me! He is very determined to win his battles... That must come from his hard life against the Spearows. It evolved into a Pidgeotto while racing with Togepi, because a bunch of Rattatas attacked them and Coco pecked them off.
No Signature Move

Eevee: Level 1 Male Eevee
A more docile pokemon than that? Absolutely impossible! Eevee and I met really strangely. After being chased by a bunch of Tauros, I rolled down a cliff and I saw an egg standing by a tree. After days of camping over there to, hopefully, find its owner, I gave up and took it with me. I really like takings walks with Eevee, a very pleasent partner!
No Signature Move

Level 1 Male Togepi
Togepi is a trouble maker. A real one, that's not a joke! He always has a beedrill or a mankey after him! But he always gets out of it easily! One of my main assets in battling. With him, always expect the unexpected!
No Signature Move

Champrew: Level 1 Male Sandshrew
Sandshrew is a hardworking champion! He has all it need to compete against any other pokemon. We met a long while ago. The poor guy just wanted someone to battle for. I took him under my wing and he has won many battle in a beautiful way.
Special Training: Type Change (Fighting)
Champrew has the extra type Fighting added to it due to reasons specified in the unusual characteristics section.
We tend to watch a lot of pokemon fights between many types of trainers. But Champrew just loves fighting pokemons. He tried to immitate attacks he saw from Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan and he actually managed to beat them with their own attacks!

Level 1 Female Vulpix
Vulpix is the only female I have in my team. She is the newest pokemon I got. I found her in the Safari Park, I didn't even tried to catch her, she just jumped on me and entered a pokeball. She is very playful and she likes to eat berries. I don't know much about here yet.
No Signature Move

Abra: Level 2 Male Kadabra
My Kadabra is very strange, he doesn't say Kadabra when he talks, he says Abra. So I decided to name him Abra. I met him... Oops, sorry, he met ME! He was playing tricks on me with his Psychic attack until Togepi used his own tricks to stop him. We started fighting but I realized he was just lonely and wanted a friend. I gave him what he wanted and since then, he became very mysterious. He doesn't talk much and has a strange Abra personality. Ohh, I forgot, he just LOVES to teleport ALL THE TIME!
No Signature Move

Level 1 Male Swinub
I encountered my new pal, Swinub, while heading to a league battle. I was all ready for my game when he just started attacking me, I had to calm him really fast with Vulpix. He's a new addition to our brotherhood! He likes to fight A LOT! He could fight all day and night, a real warrior!
No Signature Move


Coco - Speed - Racing with Togepi
Eevee - Resting
Togepi - Speed - Racing with Coco
Champrew - Strength - Sparring
Vulpix - Accuracy - Chasing birds
Abra - Concentration - Meditating
Swinub - Resting


SPPf PASBL: ZoRaDu VS yodajm
Referee: AlphapupQuicksilver
Status: Ongoing
The Match!

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Posts: 809
Send a message via AIM to XanderKetsu Send a message via Skype™ to XanderKetsu
Cyndaquil Xander's Squad 'O 'Mons

Party Members
Spoiler: show
Rex Pyro(Typhlosion, Level 4 Male)
Tachigami(Furret, Level 2 Male)
Shi-Hane(Zubat, Level 2, Male)
Charybdis(Chinchou, Level 2 Female)
Ophion(Onix, Level 2 Male)
Castillo(Teddiursa, Level 2 Female)
Darach(Grovlye, Level 2 Male)
Nox(Mightyena, Level 2 Male)
Houjin(Aron, Level 2, Male)
Mako(Caranha, Level 2 Male)
Helios(Solrock, Level 2 Male)
Hellkite(Bagon, Level 2, Male)
Canicus(Charmeleon, Level 2, Male)
Perseus(Nidorino, Level 2, Male)
Mephilies(Gastly, Level 2, Male)
Rhodox(Pikachu, Level 2, Male)
Taz-Majin(Sandshrew, Level 2, Male)
Cormag(Aerodactyl, Level 2, Male)
Saber(Samurott, Level 4, Female)

Spoiler: show
Battles In Progress:
VS Tyoyo
VS Blaze

Battles Fought:
VS Kusari: Loss 0-2
VS Rocky57: Win 1-0
VS Milotic111: Win, DQ 1 KO
VS ROFLMAO : Loss 5-6
VS Biggggg5 Round 1: Win 6-3
VS Biggggg5 Round 2: Loss 1-2
VS DragonDance: Win, DQ 1 KO
VS XinonYena: Cancelled
VS Roglef: Loss 0-2
VS LunarWrath: 4-2
VS VS Mon1010: Win 3-2
VS Milotic111 Round 2: Loss 0-1
VS Oliver101: Loss 3-4
VS Kairne: Win 4-6
VS Loreni333: Win, DQ 2-1
VS Celebii151: Loss 5-6
VS Midgeorge: Loss 1-2
VS Shuckle: Win 1-0
VS Stu: Loss 0-1
VS IronDestroyer: Win 6-2
VS Kindrindra: Loss 1-2
VS Niihyl: Win DQ, 2-1
VS DragonMaster123: Cancelled
VS Kusari Round 2: Loss 3-5
VS Takkupanda: Cancelled
VS Rangeet: Cancelled
VS Hen DA Man: Win, 1-0
VS Phoopes: Loss 0-1
VS Martz: Cancelled
VS Qunitowill: Loss 0-2
Gym Match! VS HandyMankg2: Cancelled
VS Sneezey: Loss 2-3
VS Haymez: Loss 4-5
VS Big^5 Round III: Win 1-0
VS Phoopes Round 2: Loss 0-1
VS Sneezey Round 2: Loss 0-2
VS Mozz:Cancelled

Spoiler: show
Trainer Level: 3
B- Referee
W:13 L:15 D:0
KOs: 35 TP: 113 SP: 22.25(Ollie owes 3)

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Posts: 146
Spoiler: show
Spheal: Male Spheal Level 3

M Mightyena Level 2

M Sandshrew Level 2

Aron: Level 2 Male Aron
Special Training: Final Burst
If Aron is ordered to use Metal Burst and would faint due to loss of health from a super effective attack (Water, Fighting, Ground), Aron has a 50% chance of successfully pulling off the Metal Burst before fainting. Energy usage is still taken into account of the success of the Burst- if pulling off the Metal Burst would use up more energy than Aron can afford, Aron faints without pulling it off.

Level 2 Male Quilava
Special Technique: Blistering Aura (Fire)
Quilava surrounds himself with flames ala Flame Wheel. The flames will hurt any Pokemon in physical contact with Quilava for a rate of Fire-type Ember damage per contact, though prolonged contact can burn non-Fire types, at referee's discretion. Quilava himself suffers no damage from the flames, due to his non-flammable fur, however maintaining the flames is an energy-costing move, costing the rate of a Flamethrower per round the aura is up. While the aura is active, Quilava is unable to use Flame Wheel, and being given the command to de-ignite will automatically disperse the aura as well. In addition, Water attacks hitting Quilava will deal damage as if hitting open flames while the aura is up. The aura costs about an Ember's worth of energy to start up, but both creating and dispersing the aura counts as seperate moves, and must be commanded. Quilava may only summon the aura thrice per battle. The aura lasts a maximum of 3 rounds, upon which it automatically dissipates at the end of the round (does not count as a move if dispersed automatically).

Level 2 Male Shellder
Special Technique: Frost Tomb (Ice)
By focusing on the water vapours in the air, Shellder is able to form several blocks of ice which surround a Pokemon. The attack is virtually identical to Rock Tomb, save for 2 things. Firstly, the ice is able to reflect light and sound. Secondly, the energy used to form a Frost Tomb increases substantially with a rise in temperature, starting from about as much as a Rock Tomb under normal conditions, and rising to about an Ice Beam under a typical Sunny Day, and becoming virtually impossible in regions such as volcanic ones. Likewise, under cold conditions the energy use is decreased, at referee's discretion. The ice is also easily melted with Fire attacks. Shellder may form the Frost Tomb only once per battle.

Level 2 Male Electrike
Special Training: Sonic Howls
A Pokemon proud of its voice, Electrike has spent much time projecting its voice, to the degree of being able to perform Hyper Voice and Screech. In addition, Electrike's Howl, Uproar and Roar moves are 15% more effective. However, Electrike in turn is unable to perform Hidden Power, Secret Power, Protect and Toxic, and the effects of his Flash is diminished by 20%.

Level 2 Male Wartortle
Special Training: Turtles never say die
Wartortle is able to use Recover, but loses the ability to use Blizzard.

Level 2 Male Ivysaur
Special Technique: Solar Shower (Grass)
Ivysaur focuses sunlight ala Solarbeam, then launches it into the sky. 2-3 rounds later, several beams of light strike down from the sky onto the designated area (if no area is decided, they will simply strike at an enemy Pokemon). The combined power of the beams is that of a Solarbeam, divided equally among the number of beams. There is about a 1-1.5 second delay between beams. The Solar Shower takes as much energy as 4/3 Solarbeam, can only be used twice per battle, and can only be used outdoors.

Level 2 Male Seel
Special Technique: Aurora Shield (Ice)
By combining Aurora Beam and Safeguard, Seel creates a rippling, multicoloured shield around himself. While most physical objects will pass through the shield, including Pokemon, any energy attacks are simply absorbed by the shield and reflected back at their source. The shield also blocks the use of draining moves, and the shimmering colours may make eye contact skills like Hypnosis slightly harder to use. The shield takes about a Hydro Pump's worth of energy to create, is considered a two-mover and can only be used as the only move of a round, can only be used one per battle, and will only stay up for one round. Seel also loses the ability to cast Protect.

Level 2 Male Grotle
Special Training: Natural Negativity Resistance (UNKNOWN)
Turtwig, being such a perseverant fellow, has trained such that it is able to overcome the drawbacks of some of its attacks. Turtwig's Superpower, Curse and Leaf Storm moves no longer reduce Turtwig's own abilities. However, Turtwig is no longer able to use Double Team, Solarbeam, Substitute, Amnesia, Stealth Rock or Protect.

Exeggcute Male Exeggcute Level 2
Special Training: Telekenetic Displacement Effeciency
It's hard to avoid or dodge attacks when you're a bunch of eggs. You've got to make do with what you have though, and make it work. Exeggcute's Teleport uses up 25% less energy.

Buizel Male Buizel Level 2
Special Training: Up Close and Personal
Buizel is a fighter. He knows it and seeks to excel at it. He spends days, weeks focusing on making his physical attacks stronger, faster and generally more effective. Too bad he doesn't spend as much time training other moves. Buizel's physical attacks do 10% more damage, as well as being able to use Close Combat. However, all other damaging attacks are 15% less effective.

Spinarak Male Spinarak Level 2
Sig Move: Paralytic Threads
Spinarak fires a burst of silk similar to that of String Shot, but the silk is laced with paralytic poisons. If in contact with flesh, the poisons may seep in, inducing paralysis for up to two rounds before the body's immune system destroys them. The poisons have no effect on those that theoretically would be immune to Toxic (i.e. Onix, Voltorb, etc.), and affected opponents may suffer degrees of paralysis that disable major or prolonged movements, but not to the degree of full-body paralysis. The silk is only two-thirds as sticky as String Shot, and may be produced only once per battle, using as much energy as Night Shade.

Nidorino: Male Nidorino Level 3
Special Training: Homosexuality
Nidorino, well, swings the other way. As such, he is unaffected by Attract attempts from Females, but can be Attracted by males. Likewise, Charm and Covet are more effective against him when used by Males than Females.

Butterfree: Female Butterfree Level 2
Sig Move: Prismatic Tornados (Psychic)
In an advanced version of Whirlwind, Butterfree pours Psychic energy into the attack as well, releasing bright pink and green coloured winds, which also inflict mental disorientation and pain, similiar to the effects of Psywave. The bright, flashing colours also mimic somewhat the effects of Flash, making it slightly harder for the opponent to see. The attack itself delivers relatively little damage, about that of Confusion, and the wind strength is about two-thirds that of Whirlwind. Uses as much energy as Psychic (beam form), and usable twice per battle.

Corphish: Male Corphish Level 2
Special Training: Lethal Poisons
Corphish was born, unluckily, near a lake which was situated near a sewage plant. Corphish were naturally hardy, which helped him survive till today, and living in toxic waters did have an extra effect, causing his Sludge Bomb technique to be 20% more powerful.


Spoiler: show

Level 2 Trainer, 1 Gym Badge (no special bonus given), 19KOs, 53TP... at least, I think. It's been a while.

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