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Trainer lvl. 2
3 Wins by DQ
15KO's,50TP,1.75 SP

C+ Ref

1) Gordo: Level 3 Genderless Metang
No Signature Move

2) Ferregimus: Level 2 Male Prinplup
No Signature Move

3) Eelmail: Level 2 Male Eelektrik
No Signature Move

4) Dripps: Level 2 Female Wingull
No Signature Move

5) Mr. A Hill: Level 2 Male Cubone
Spoiler: show
Bio: Ever since he was a baby monster, Mr. A. Hill has been fascinated with the art of drumming. He has always been able to play gravity blasts with his one bone at an astounding speed (just a roll with one hand); however, he really excels at playing with two bones. While he is not able to carry around an extra bone, he is often found with a real bone and one made of energy rolling at the ground and creating small earthquakes.

Signature Attack: Paradiddle Boom (Ground)- Mr. A. Hill uses a fair amount of normal energy to form a second bone (much as pokemon wishing to use Bone Rush would if they did not normally wield a bone) and performs a continuous paradiddle on the ground at a strong speed, sending a constant cascade of ground energy into the earth and causing it to rumble or even rupture depending on the type of ground. Ground energy consumption is about equal to that of an earthquake, but there is a fair amount of normal energy consumed in making the second bone. Damage is about equal to that of a Bulldoze, with the energy spreading similarly in multiple shockwaves through the ground, though the shockwaves are more frequent and more likely to cause flinching. The second bone disappears at the end of the round. Usable twice per match. While the second bone exists, no moves requiring punching may be used. Mr. A Hill can no longer use bonemerang due to his dislike of throwing his sticks, and his elemental punch attacks are 75% as effective as normal while the bone is not in effect due to his general lack of combat training. The second bone may only be conjured for this attack twice per battle.

6) Cornet: Level 1 Female Noibat

No Signature Move

7) Vincent: Level 2 Male Combusken
No Signature Move

8 ) Furmanly: Level 2 Male Mankey
No Signature Move

9) Tiktok: Level 2 Male Drowzee
Spoiler: show
Tiktok has had a rather boring life. From the moment he was born until I caught him, he was in a rigorously boring schooling system, training to get his Ph.D in Dream Mechanics. After I caught him...I threw him back into that schooling system to show that I cared for his future. While in his schooling system, he noticed that many of the students there were producing dream-like matter while they were awake. Tiktok thought to himself, "Is this a daydream?" He'd heard of them before, but had never felt them until now. He quickly realized that daydreams had their own smell and taste, much like a regular dream. As he finished up his schooling, Tiktok found himself getting stronger at sensing and tasting daydreams.

Signature attack: Daydream Eater (PS).
While he is not teaching a class on the culinary properties of them, Tiktok is able to eat them himself. If a pokemon is awake, Tiktok can eat their daydreams. This attack does less damage than a regular dream eater, about the same as a Giga Drain, and uses about the same amount of energy as one too, but using psychic energy rather than grass. The amount of energy and health drained is proportional to the distance from the victim, and multiple uses of this attack will yield diminishing returns. Repeated usage of this move will have increasingly diminished effects (from the giga drain description at pasbl.upnetwork.net.) This attack will restore about the same amounts of energy and health as a Giga drain as well, also proportional to distance from the pokemon.

Plain and simple: Its a psychic typed Giga Drain.

10) Mortal Kobra: Level 2 Female Ekans
No Signature Move

11) Kitty: Level 2 Male Houndour
No Signature Move

12) Peninthias: Level 3 Male Galvantula
No Signature Move

13) Minerva: Level 2 Female Roselia
No Signature Move

14) Jack: Level 2 Male Hitmonchan
No Sig

15) Demeter: Level 2 Female Pidgeotto
No Sig

16) Glenn: Level 1 Male Froakie
No Sig

17) Dogwood: Level 1 Male Phantlump

18 ) Reptar: Level 1 Male Tyrunt

Slot 1(SPPF):Open
Slot 2(UPN):Vs. Deh74
Slot 3(UPN):Open
Slot 4 (UPN): Open

Previous matches:
C+ Ref

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Drogo's PASBL stats

Drogo, Trainer Level 1

W:0 L:0 D:0
TP:0 SP:0

Drogo's Squad

-Monferno, Male Level 2
-Gible, Male Level 2
-Croagunk, Male Level 1
-Clefairy, Male Level 1
-Scraggy, Male Level 1
-Joltik, Male Level 1
-Tirtouga, Male Level 1
-Cubchoo, Male Level 1
-Sandile, Male Level 1
-Ralts, Male Level 1
-Vulpix, Male Level 1
-Gastly, Male Level 1



vs. Mon1010 (SPPf)
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Shuckle's PASBL Statistics

Name: Shuckle
Age: 18
Hometown: Virginia, USA! USA! USA!
Trainer Level: 1
Current Pokémon: 13
Wins: 6
of which DQ: 1
Draws: 1
Losses: 7
of which DQ: 1
KO's: 10
Trainer Points: 44
Service Points: 2+X
Badges: 0

Spoiler: show
Gym Attacks
Wins: 0
Draws: 0
Losses: vs. GT Kindrindra; by DQ because Kind is rude; 1TP
Gym Scenario vs. Kush; Loss; 4TP



Spoiler: show
vs. Haymez - Victory by KO; 2KOs, 4TP
vs. Pearl's Perap - Victory by DQ; 1KO, 2TP
vs. Chikoko - Loss by KO; 3TP

vs. Zelphon - Loss; 4TP
vs. mindthegaap - Draw; 2TP
vs. Mewmaster007 - Loss by KO; 1TP
vs. XinonYena - Victory by DQ; 1KO, 2TP
vs. Machamp-X - Loss by KO; 2TP
vs. TheDesertSpirit; Loss by KO; 4TP
vs. Kairne - Loss by KO; 3TP
vs. Schadenfreude - Loss by KO; 3TP
vs. Lightpanda - Victory by KO; 2KOs, 4TP
vs. James2791 - Victory by KO; 2KOs, 4TP
vs. XanderKetsu - Loss by KO; 1TP
vs. DaveTheFishGuy - Loss by KO; 2TP


vs. Mozz - 0-0
vs. Kindrindra - 0-0


Spoiler: show
no badges


Spoiler: show
Attachable Token

Attached to: Lady Macbeth the Ralts


someday i might format this

Spoiler: show
Level 3:

Level 2:

Level 1:

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Lv 1 Trainer
TP: 9 | SP: 0| KO: 2
W: 1| L: 3 | D: 0

Spoiler: show
Vs Drogo UPN (Won/DQ)
Vs AlphapupQuicksilver (Lost/DQ)
Vs Takkupanda (Lost)
Vs Torkoal Stu

Spoiler: show
Trini Lv 1 Female Mienfoo

Dradle Lv 2 Male Hitmontop

Moonshine Lv 1 Female Teddiursa

Prince Lv 1 Male Croagunk

Gladiator Lv 1 Male Chimchar

Rita Repulsa Lv 1 Female Misdreavus

Buzzer Lv 1 Male Beedrill

Sunshine Lv 1 Male Volbeat

Blitz Lv 1 Female Buizel

Kimberely Lv 1 Swirlix

Andros Lv 2 Clefairy

Janice Lv 1 Inkay

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ZoRaDu and Co

Trainer Card

Name: Zo Radu
Age: 16
Birthplace: Orange Islands

Trainer Level: 1
Total Pokémons: 6
Win/Loss/Draw: 0-0-0
Badges: None


Coco: Level 2 Male Pidgeotto
Coco told me their parents left him when he was only two weeks old. They left the region because the Spearow Colony was too big and they were scared to die. Poor Coco learned to defend himself all alone. Two years later, when I found him and gave him a shelter, he became the most loyal friend I ever had. He would be capable of anything to protect me! He is very determined to win his battles... That must come from his hard life against the Spearows. It evolved into a Pidgeotto while racing with Togepi, because a bunch of Rattatas attacked them and Coco pecked them off.
No Signature Move

Eevee: Level 1 Male Eevee
A more docile pokemon than that? Absolutely impossible! Eevee and I met really strangely. After being chased by a bunch of Tauros, I rolled down a cliff and I saw an egg standing by a tree. After days of camping over there to, hopefully, find its owner, I gave up and took it with me. I really like takings walks with Eevee, a very pleasent partner!
No Signature Move

Level 1 Male Togepi
Togepi is a trouble maker. A real one, that's not a joke! He always has a beedrill or a mankey after him! But he always gets out of it easily! One of my main assets in battling. With him, always expect the unexpected!
No Signature Move

Champrew: Level 1 Male Sandshrew
Sandshrew is a hardworking champion! He has all it need to compete against any other pokemon. We met a long while ago. The poor guy just wanted someone to battle for. I took him under my wing and he has won many battle in a beautiful way.
Special Training: Type Change (Fighting)
Champrew has the extra type Fighting added to it due to reasons specified in the unusual characteristics section.
We tend to watch a lot of pokemon fights between many types of trainers. But Champrew just loves fighting pokemons. He tried to immitate attacks he saw from Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan and he actually managed to beat them with their own attacks!

Level 1 Female Vulpix
Vulpix is the only female I have in my team. She is the newest pokemon I got. I found her in the Safari Park, I didn't even tried to catch her, she just jumped on me and entered a pokeball. She is very playful and she likes to eat berries. I don't know much about here yet.
No Signature Move

Abra: Level 2 Male Kadabra
My Kadabra is very strange, he doesn't say Kadabra when he talks, he says Abra. So I decided to name him Abra. I met him... Oops, sorry, he met ME! He was playing tricks on me with his Psychic attack until Togepi used his own tricks to stop him. We started fighting but I realized he was just lonely and wanted a friend. I gave him what he wanted and since then, he became very mysterious. He doesn't talk much and has a strange Abra personality. Ohh, I forgot, he just LOVES to teleport ALL THE TIME!
No Signature Move

Level 1 Male Swinub
I encountered my new pal, Swinub, while heading to a league battle. I was all ready for my game when he just started attacking me, I had to calm him really fast with Vulpix. He's a new addition to our brotherhood! He likes to fight A LOT! He could fight all day and night, a real warrior!
No Signature Move


Coco - Speed - Racing with Togepi
Eevee - Resting
Togepi - Speed - Racing with Coco
Champrew - Strength - Sparring
Vulpix - Accuracy - Chasing birds
Abra - Concentration - Meditating
Swinub - Resting


SPPf PASBL: ZoRaDu VS yodajm
Referee: AlphapupQuicksilver
Status: Ongoing
The Match!

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Cyndaquil Xander's Squad 'O 'Mons

Party Members
Spoiler: show
Rex Pyro(Typhlosion, Level 4 Male)
Tachigami(Furret, Level 2 Male)
Shi-Hane(Zubat, Level 2, Male)
Charybdis(Chinchou, Level 2 Female)
Ophion(Onix, Level 2 Male)
Castillo(Teddiursa, Level 2 Female)
Darach(Grovlye, Level 2 Male)
Nox(Mightyena, Level 2 Male)
Houjin(Aron, Level 2, Male)
Mako(Caranha, Level 2 Male)
Helios(Solrock, Level 2 Male)
Hellkite(Bagon, Level 2, Male)
Canicus(Charmeleon, Level 2, Male)
Perseus(Nidorino, Level 2, Male)
Mephilies(Gastly, Level 2, Male)
Rhodox(Pikachu, Level 2, Male)
Taz-Majin(Sandshrew, Level 2, Male)
Cormag(Aerodactyl, Level 2, Male)
Saber(Samurott, Level 4, Female)

Spoiler: show
Battles In Progress:
VS Tyoyo
VS Blaze

Battles Fought:
VS Kusari: Loss 0-2
VS Rocky57: Win 1-0
VS Milotic111: Win, DQ 1 KO
VS ROFLMAO : Loss 5-6
VS Biggggg5 Round 1: Win 6-3
VS Biggggg5 Round 2: Loss 1-2
VS DragonDance: Win, DQ 1 KO
VS XinonYena: Cancelled
VS Roglef: Loss 0-2
VS LunarWrath: 4-2
VS VS Mon1010: Win 3-2
VS Milotic111 Round 2: Loss 0-1
VS Oliver101: Loss 3-4
VS Kairne: Win 4-6
VS Loreni333: Win, DQ 2-1
VS Celebii151: Loss 5-6
VS Midgeorge: Loss 1-2
VS Shuckle: Win 1-0
VS Stu: Loss 0-1
VS IronDestroyer: Win 6-2
VS Kindrindra: Loss 1-2
VS Niihyl: Win DQ, 2-1
VS DragonMaster123: Cancelled
VS Kusari Round 2: Loss 3-5
VS Takkupanda: Cancelled
VS Rangeet: Cancelled
VS Hen DA Man: Win, 1-0
VS Phoopes: Loss 0-1
VS Martz: Cancelled
VS Qunitowill: Loss 0-2
Gym Match! VS HandyMankg2: Cancelled
VS Sneezey: Loss 2-3
VS Haymez: Loss 4-5
VS Big^5 Round III: Win 1-0
VS Phoopes Round 2: Loss 0-1
VS Sneezey Round 2: Loss 0-2
VS Mozz:Cancelled

Spoiler: show
Trainer Level: 3
B- Referee
W:13 L:15 D:0
KOs: 35 TP: 113 SP: 22.25(Ollie owes 3)

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Spoiler: show
Spheal: Male Spheal Level 3

M Mightyena Level 2

M Sandshrew Level 2

Aron: Level 2 Male Aron
Special Training: Final Burst
If Aron is ordered to use Metal Burst and would faint due to loss of health from a super effective attack (Water, Fighting, Ground), Aron has a 50% chance of successfully pulling off the Metal Burst before fainting. Energy usage is still taken into account of the success of the Burst- if pulling off the Metal Burst would use up more energy than Aron can afford, Aron faints without pulling it off.

Level 2 Male Quilava
Special Technique: Blistering Aura (Fire)
Quilava surrounds himself with flames ala Flame Wheel. The flames will hurt any Pokemon in physical contact with Quilava for a rate of Fire-type Ember damage per contact, though prolonged contact can burn non-Fire types, at referee's discretion. Quilava himself suffers no damage from the flames, due to his non-flammable fur, however maintaining the flames is an energy-costing move, costing the rate of a Flamethrower per round the aura is up. While the aura is active, Quilava is unable to use Flame Wheel, and being given the command to de-ignite will automatically disperse the aura as well. In addition, Water attacks hitting Quilava will deal damage as if hitting open flames while the aura is up. The aura costs about an Ember's worth of energy to start up, but both creating and dispersing the aura counts as seperate moves, and must be commanded. Quilava may only summon the aura thrice per battle. The aura lasts a maximum of 3 rounds, upon which it automatically dissipates at the end of the round (does not count as a move if dispersed automatically).

Level 2 Male Shellder
Special Technique: Frost Tomb (Ice)
By focusing on the water vapours in the air, Shellder is able to form several blocks of ice which surround a Pokemon. The attack is virtually identical to Rock Tomb, save for 2 things. Firstly, the ice is able to reflect light and sound. Secondly, the energy used to form a Frost Tomb increases substantially with a rise in temperature, starting from about as much as a Rock Tomb under normal conditions, and rising to about an Ice Beam under a typical Sunny Day, and becoming virtually impossible in regions such as volcanic ones. Likewise, under cold conditions the energy use is decreased, at referee's discretion. The ice is also easily melted with Fire attacks. Shellder may form the Frost Tomb only once per battle.

Level 2 Male Electrike
Special Training: Sonic Howls
A Pokemon proud of its voice, Electrike has spent much time projecting its voice, to the degree of being able to perform Hyper Voice and Screech. In addition, Electrike's Howl, Uproar and Roar moves are 15% more effective. However, Electrike in turn is unable to perform Hidden Power, Secret Power, Protect and Toxic, and the effects of his Flash is diminished by 20%.

Level 2 Male Wartortle
Special Training: Turtles never say die
Wartortle is able to use Recover, but loses the ability to use Blizzard.

Level 2 Male Ivysaur
Special Technique: Solar Shower (Grass)
Ivysaur focuses sunlight ala Solarbeam, then launches it into the sky. 2-3 rounds later, several beams of light strike down from the sky onto the designated area (if no area is decided, they will simply strike at an enemy Pokemon). The combined power of the beams is that of a Solarbeam, divided equally among the number of beams. There is about a 1-1.5 second delay between beams. The Solar Shower takes as much energy as 4/3 Solarbeam, can only be used twice per battle, and can only be used outdoors.

Level 2 Male Seel
Special Technique: Aurora Shield (Ice)
By combining Aurora Beam and Safeguard, Seel creates a rippling, multicoloured shield around himself. While most physical objects will pass through the shield, including Pokemon, any energy attacks are simply absorbed by the shield and reflected back at their source. The shield also blocks the use of draining moves, and the shimmering colours may make eye contact skills like Hypnosis slightly harder to use. The shield takes about a Hydro Pump's worth of energy to create, is considered a two-mover and can only be used as the only move of a round, can only be used one per battle, and will only stay up for one round. Seel also loses the ability to cast Protect.

Level 2 Male Grotle
Special Training: Natural Negativity Resistance (UNKNOWN)
Turtwig, being such a perseverant fellow, has trained such that it is able to overcome the drawbacks of some of its attacks. Turtwig's Superpower, Curse and Leaf Storm moves no longer reduce Turtwig's own abilities. However, Turtwig is no longer able to use Double Team, Solarbeam, Substitute, Amnesia, Stealth Rock or Protect.

Exeggcute Male Exeggcute Level 2
Special Training: Telekenetic Displacement Effeciency
It's hard to avoid or dodge attacks when you're a bunch of eggs. You've got to make do with what you have though, and make it work. Exeggcute's Teleport uses up 25% less energy.

Buizel Male Buizel Level 2
Special Training: Up Close and Personal
Buizel is a fighter. He knows it and seeks to excel at it. He spends days, weeks focusing on making his physical attacks stronger, faster and generally more effective. Too bad he doesn't spend as much time training other moves. Buizel's physical attacks do 10% more damage, as well as being able to use Close Combat. However, all other damaging attacks are 15% less effective.

Spinarak Male Spinarak Level 2
Sig Move: Paralytic Threads
Spinarak fires a burst of silk similar to that of String Shot, but the silk is laced with paralytic poisons. If in contact with flesh, the poisons may seep in, inducing paralysis for up to two rounds before the body's immune system destroys them. The poisons have no effect on those that theoretically would be immune to Toxic (i.e. Onix, Voltorb, etc.), and affected opponents may suffer degrees of paralysis that disable major or prolonged movements, but not to the degree of full-body paralysis. The silk is only two-thirds as sticky as String Shot, and may be produced only once per battle, using as much energy as Night Shade.

Nidorino: Male Nidorino Level 3
Special Training: Homosexuality
Nidorino, well, swings the other way. As such, he is unaffected by Attract attempts from Females, but can be Attracted by males. Likewise, Charm and Covet are more effective against him when used by Males than Females.

Butterfree: Female Butterfree Level 2
Sig Move: Prismatic Tornados (Psychic)
In an advanced version of Whirlwind, Butterfree pours Psychic energy into the attack as well, releasing bright pink and green coloured winds, which also inflict mental disorientation and pain, similiar to the effects of Psywave. The bright, flashing colours also mimic somewhat the effects of Flash, making it slightly harder for the opponent to see. The attack itself delivers relatively little damage, about that of Confusion, and the wind strength is about two-thirds that of Whirlwind. Uses as much energy as Psychic (beam form), and usable twice per battle.

Corphish: Male Corphish Level 2
Special Training: Lethal Poisons
Corphish was born, unluckily, near a lake which was situated near a sewage plant. Corphish were naturally hardy, which helped him survive till today, and living in toxic waters did have an extra effect, causing his Sludge Bomb technique to be 20% more powerful.


Spoiler: show

Level 2 Trainer, 1 Gym Badge (no special bonus given), 19KOs, 53TP... at least, I think. It's been a while.

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PASBL Record
Win -- 33
Loss -- 25
Draw -- 4
KO -- 101, TP -- 225.5, SP -- 0
C+ Grade Ref

1/2 Mega Stones

Spoiler: show
Level 5

Darius: Slaking-Male-Level 5
Hidden Power: Rock

Domino: Aggron-Female-Level 5
Hidden Power: Dragon

Level 4

Solidad: Pidgeot-Female-Level 4
Hidden Power: Psychic
Solidad: Pidgeot-Female-Level 4
Solidad is the closest to what I would call my “signature Pokemon” in that I like her the best despite all the haters. She joined the team way back in the times when a Pidgeot still had that bitchin’ 1.25x boost to Wind attacks and boy did we abuse it. Then The Man declared it OP and nerfed it a bit. While I chose to wallow in the fact that she no longer had as powerful a boost, Solidad decided to be proactive and actually attempt to make the best of a bad situation. Finding hordes of wild Flying-types to help her, Sol constantly trained to make her wind-makers stronger. Day after day she had winds blown at her. She would respond in kind, training until her wings became strong enough to blast back the wind of an entire flock of Flying Pokemon. When she returned to the team, Sol put her powerful wings to use with a shiny new move.
Special Attack: Macroburst (Fire/Water)
Positioning herself at a fair height in the air, Sol aims directly at the ground and beats her wings. This wingbeat sends a high speed column of air directly downwards. As the air reaches the ground, it spreads outward in a circle ten feet in diameter (visual in this image here) at a speed quick enough to fell trees. The attack has two variations: Dry, which deals Fire damage, and Wet, which deals Water damage. The attack deals major damage for major energy. The damage dealt is the same whether the opponent is beneath the column or caught in the resulting spread. Solidad can use this attack twice per battle. She cannot use Heat Wave or Giga Impact.

Sutherland: Quagsire-Male-Level 4
Hidden Power: Fire

Leonidas: Tauros-Male-Level 4
Hidden Power: Steel
Leonidas is a brute. While not quick to anger, the bull has quite a violent streak, enjoying the throes of battle perhaps a bit more than he should. It is not uncommon for Leonidas to disappear for days or weeks at a time to find a suitable partner to meet in combat. Obviously this habit has left him covered in an extensive amount of scars, including a fairly prominent one on his forehead, a band across each of his legs, and a bite mark on his rear, the latter two inflicted by Jerichi’s Jolteon. However, these battles have given Leonidas more than just scars, they’ve taught him about combat itself.
Special Trait: Rook Rush
When charging, Leonidas can close distances much more quickly than other Pokemon. He moves quickest in straight lines on flat ground with no obstructions, moving ~15% faster than normal under these conditions. While this adds no damage to his attacks, it does make it more difficult for the opponent to avoid his attack or disrupt his charge. This is not a boost so it will not linger for longer than the run and does not apply to dodging. Leonidas cannot use Short-term or Long-term Agility or Take Down.

Marco: Sceptile-Male-Level 4
Spoiler: show
Marco is, easily and without a doubt, the oldest member of my squad. However, when saying old, I don’t mean he has lived the most years. Instead, I am referring to his tenure, in any incarnation, on this little blue speck we call home.

The Sceptile originally lived in times when Pokemon currently called prehistoric were newborn species. He claims his species was the first Grass-types to rise up from the primordial ooze (though this claim is most likely a hyperbolic expression to show his age). Further, the Sceptile claims, that he was one of the first generations of his species to walk upon the world and that he can trace his lineage to what he call the “alpha Sceptile”.

On more personal notes, Marco has revealed that the species has functioned almost exactly the same evolutionarily and looked nearly identical, albeit with slightly more archaic features, since the beginning. He tells that he began life just like present day specimens, as a Treecko. Despite these humble starts, Marco claims that his species were the apex predators in their home area, sitting upon a throne at the top of the food chain. They were, Marco insists, even above species like Aerodactyl and Rampardos, who were recognized as apex themselves (Serious note: Did some research and this is something that actually happens in nature. When an apex predator is absent from an ecosystem, a secondary predator may be recognized as an honorary apex. Quote from Wikipedia to back the claim up: “Many species listed here are only Apex predators within certain environments, e.g. coyotes are only apex predators when larger predators such as the Gray Wolf or the Brown Bear are absent.” See Jeri, I’m doing research.). As I have no other word against his, I believe Marco’s claims as truth.

Soon the young Treecko did grow, evolving into a Grovyle and then even further to a Sceptile. With age came skill and Marco became recognized as the premier hunter of his tribe. However, rather than boosting his clout, the title served only to isolate him further. Marco was an apex among apexes. Realizing that no prey in his domain could defeat him and no other Sceptile could out-hunt him, Marco fled the tribe and began to wander the prehistoric world challenging other predators.
After many years of fighting and travelling, in the wastelands that would become known as the American Southwest, Marco ran across a predator who finally granted him the challenge he yearned for. The enemy came in the form of a beast he describes as “looking like an Onix, but larger and more fearsome in appearance”. He entered the native tunnels the behemoth had dug throughout the area. Within a matter of seconds a massive enemy descended upon the Sceptile, overwhelming him with the furious strength that cannot be seen upon the current earth. Though he did his best to fight back, Marco was finally removed from his apex position when the tunnels collapsed in on themselves. The battered and broken Sceptile could do nothing to save himself as the rocks and dirt buried him alive. In that makeshift grave Marco became a fossil and slept for centuries, if not millennia.

A long time later, a friend of mine who worked as a paleontologist invited me out to visit him on a dig in the deserts of Arizona. I decided that this was too good a deal to pass up and made the trip as fast as possible. Once there, after a bit of coaxing, I managed to convince the dig leader to let me join in on the fossil excavation, along with the opportunity to keep one fossil of my choosing, on the condition that I dug it from the ground myself. The two week stay passed slowly, with us finding general fossils of Pokemon like Shieldon and Cranidos to the more obscure things like what I now assume was a primordial Onix. On the last day I unearthed something spectacular: the fossil of an ancient Sceptile which I chose as my fossil to keep. At the time, the fossil was unknown as a species and before I was allowed to take it into my possession, I had to surrender it for study. Marco’s fossil would stay with the researchers for a year before it would be returned to me (This came upon the unearthing of similar fossils in the jungles of Peru which yielded validation of species. This find was baffling in and of itself since they were curious as to how a Peruvian fossil ended up in Arizona).

Immediately upon receiving the remnant, I phoned my paleontologist friend who had connections to a Pokemon Fossil Restoration machine. Booking another cross country flight, I made my way to Portland to revive my ancient friend. The process went off without a hitch. However, Marco came down with a severe case of culture shock and began a rampage. I took this as my responsibility and went after him with my team in tow. Little did I know of the power this prehistoric Pokemon could utilize. We cornered the Sceptile in a park where he began dispatching team member after team member I sent against him. Eventually, only my Druddion, Kaiser, remained. Wary of the dragon’s chances, I sent him in anyway. It was a long struggle lasting well over an hour and gathering all sorts of attention from news officials and random citizens alike. The struggle eventually came to an end when Kaiser tapped into the old gladiatorial nature he developed in his previous life and used it to land an incapacitating blow to Marco. I quickly sealed them both into their Pokeballs and rushed to a Center to fix the wounds.

After making sure everyone was patched up and proper precautions had been taken, I called Marco out again, hoping we could talk this time instead of fighting. Again the Sceptile began to throw a fit and cause damage again. However, when he locked eyes with Kaiser, the ancient Pokemon fell to his knee, recognizing the combatant who had finally bested him. With the dragon standing at my side the entire time, I explained the current world and conventions to Marco who, in turn, told me of the state of the world during his time. Upon finishing our respective stories, I sealed a deal with the gecko: if he would join my team and stay tame I would, in return, keep finding him strong opponents to battle. He accepted without hesitation.

Upon the taming, Marco allowed my paleontologist friend to run an analysis of his body. The test found that Marco differed from the modern Sceptile in that his body contained more earthen elements, from both natural sources and his time spent as fossil. These inner feature explained why his body looked so different. His tail is shorter, about half the size of a modern Sceptile and not nearly as bushy. The legume-like growths on his back are not plant-like and are instead replaced with rocky spikes just over six inches long. In addition to these, the two leaf-growth on his arms, rather than being in a V shape are instead in sets of three and in a line on his forearm. Lastly, Marco’s entire body is a darker shade of green than a normal Sceptile, capturing the essence of the prehistoric jungles in which he used to live. (Though none of these bodily change affect the functioning of his attacks in any way.

Special Training – Type Change: I AM THE APEX! (Grass/Rock)
Marco is now a dual type Grass/Rock-type Pokemon with all the weaknesses (Bug, Ice, Steel, and Fighting) and resistances (Electric and Normal) that come with it (used Cradily’s effectiveness chart since it canonically has the typing). He gains the ability to use the moves Ancientpower and Power Gem. A downside to the typing is that he no longer is gets healed in the rain as Grass-types normally do. Also, Marco is unable to use Focus Blast, Detect, Grasswhistle, Outrage, Seismic Toss, Focus Punch, Iron Tail, Toxic, Substitute, Hyper Beam, Rest, and Frenzy Plant.
Hidden Power: Flying

Mr. Vile: Krookodile-Male-Level 4
Special Attack: Greedy Toss (Fire/Electric)
Greedy Toss is a move Mr. Vile created as an homage to the challenge his video game self challenges the player to. Greedy Toss comes in two variations Yumblie (Fire) and Grumblie (Electric). Mr. Vile condenses energy of the type specified into the shape of a small red onion-like vegatable (Fire)/worm-like creature (Electric) and tosses it at the foe. The attack deals solid damage for solid energy of the type specified. The variations are ordered as Greedy Grumblie Toss for Electric or Greedy Yumblie Toss for Fire. The attack can be used three times in a battle, but neither variation can be used more than twice. He has the energy to use each variation twice. Mr. Vile cannot use Fire Fang or Thunder Fang.

Hidden Power: Dragon

Franky: Hariyama-Male-Level 4
Hidden Power: Dark
Another recent addition to the team, Franky is of a species I’ve been wanting for a long time but never really made room for before. As a Makuhita, he was a pretty jovial guy, always quick to make a joke or help out a friend in need. However, upon his evolution, Franky became depressed. With his hands now gigantic, he found trouble in doing even the simplest tasks and became depressed. In classic sitcom fashion, my team and I took Franky out and showed him all the benefits of having gigantic hands. Because this story has to have a happy ending, Franky ended up feeling a lot better about is appendages, both in relation to life and battling.
Special Attack: The Clap (Fighting)
Channeling Fighting energy into his hands, Franky approaches his opponent with arms spread wide. Upon reaching his target, Franky swings his hands as if to clap, smashing the foe between them. As the attack hits, a sound of clapping fills the arena. The clapping sound also scrambles up the inside of the target’s body, have a 30% chance of confusing them. The attack uses significant energy and deals solid damage. The Clap can be used three times per battle. Franky cannot use Focus Punch or Belly Drum.

Kassie: Kecleon-Female-Level 4
Hidden Power: Rock
Despite only joining my squad recently, Kassie hails from a time when Secret Power wasn’t a physical move. In my first battle using her, I made the mistake of thinking that Secret Power was still a ranged move and she paid for it. As a result, Kassie and I trained up our minds and reached a level of mental peace in which we could become representations of the past within the present. I became a short-haired child again. She got a Sig.
Special Training: Super-Secret Power (Normal)
When ordered to perform Secret Power, Kassie will not preform the physical description of the move. Instead, she performs Secret Power as it used to be. Using solid energy, a powdery pink beam is released from Kassie’s body. The attack deals solid damage. The powders contained within the beam give it a 10% chance of inflicting poison, confusion, or drowsiness.

Kelsy: Wigglytuff-Female-Level 4
Hidden Power: Ground
Kelsy, despite being of the “cute and poofy” variety of Fairy, has always preferred to align herself with the more mischievous and folkloric depictions of her type. Sequestering herself away with only mythology textbooks for company, Kelsy studied extensively on her mythological history. Devious ideas took root in her mind, fueled by everything from the murderous and bloody tendencies of the Redcap to the playfulness of Pixies and everything in between. When she came out of her study session, Kelsy had created something; a move embodying how she truly wants Fairies to be viewed.
Special Attack: Shuck (Fairy)
Kelsy focuses deep within her wellspring of Fae knowledge, concentrating a significant amount of Fairy energy. Said energy quickly shapes itself into the form of a spectral hound and turns pitch black. The construct, while in the vague outline of a hound, is completely featureless, save for two points that glow red right where the eyes would be. As quickly as it formed, the construct rushes forward at the opponent. Despite the ferocity with which it charges, the construct runs straight through the foe and off to the side of the battle arena. As the opponent is hit, the energy penetrates them, lowering their physical attack by 10% (standard boost stipulations apply). Additionally, the appearance of the construct will unnerve the foe, making it hard for the foe to perform moves that require intense concentration. Subsequently, each time an enemy Pokemon is sent out, Shuck rushes and curses the new pokemon in the same fashion. Kelsy is unable to use Stealth Rock, Double Edge, Drain Punch or Thunder.

Rebecca: Blissey-Female-Level 4
Hidden Power: Ice
Rebecca is, as her species is normally seen, a very motherly Pokemon. For the most part she seems to enjoy all the duties that come with this nature. By far, her most favorite part of the whole position is the cooking. Contrary to her trainer, she loves any and all vegetables and fruits. This love of natural ingredients comes, in part, from her medical training. Having been raised in the forest rather than the city, Rebecca is extremely knowledgeable of which plants are good for both cooking and medical care. This knowledge has also seemed to seep into her battling, making her and extremely valuable ally to have on the squad.
Special Training: Eleven Herbs and Spices
Rebecca is able to use Seed Bomb and has the Grass energy to do so twice per battle. She cannot use Fire Blast or Blizzard, because they cause widespread damage to plants and that’s not cool.

Ray: Zangoose-Male-Level 4
Hidden Power: Ground
Brought up outside Meteor Falls in the Hoenn region, Ray was a bit of a bully. Nearly every day he could be found hang out with his Zangoose crew on the cliffs around the Falls, laughing at and discouraging the native Bagons that kept trying to fly. See, Ray believes that what is supposed to fly will be born to fly and what is supposed to stay on the ground will be born to stay on the ground. This attitude led him to find the Bagon a hilarious form of entertainment, until he fell in L-U-V luv that is. On particularly slow day of messing with tiny dragons, Ray decided to venture out and expand his bullying to new horizons. What he found was a young Seviper just milling about out in the open. Now, Ray is by no means dumb, he just has zero common sense. Not even considering the possibility of this being a trap, the Zangoose dove right in for the kill. Unfortunately it was a trap and Ray found himself surrounded by a horde of eleven very pissed off Seviper. Realising he was probably going to die, Ray made his peace with his PokeGod, closed his eyes, and waited for the end to come. But, for some reason, Ray didn’t hear hissing then silence. Instead he heard a beautiful voice singing some lullaby he’d never heard before. Then he found himself slipping into sleep, along with the attackers surrounding him. Upon awakening, Ray found himself staring at the ground rushing by fifty feet below. Panicking, the Zangoose flailed about before realising that he wasn’t falling, but instead being carried by an Altaria. She chuckled that he had finally woken up but shushed him when he tried to speak. The Dragon introduced herself as Lucy and went about telling Ray how she knew how much he bullied the Bagon population and how she hoped the flight they were currently taking would change his mind. They flew to and fro all day before the Altaria finally let Ray down at his home in the tall grass. Hesitantly he asked to join her again the next day. She obliged for that day and many days to come.
Then one day, Ray’s friend didn’t show up. Asking around the local Pokemon, the Zangoose found out that Lucy had been captured on her way back to her nest the previous evening. Resolving to one day meet Lucy again, Ray set about training extensively, hoping to prove himself strong enough to be captured by a trainer (knowing that the best way to see another trainer’s Pokemon is by being part of a trainer’s team). During his training he requested help from an old Shiftry to learn what little Flying attacks the elder could teach (the Swablu and Altaria blamed him for Lucy’s capture). The old tree obliged and took to teaching Ray the move Air Cutter. Over the weeks of training, the Shiftry soon came to the conclusion that his pupil may not be skilled enough to perform the movements needed to perform the move. With this in mind, the Grass type refocused his pupil’s training into another, similar move. A few months after this training, Ray found himself face to face with a trainer. Without a second though, the Zangoose requested to join said trainer’s team. Obviously that trainer was me and I said yes.
Special Training: Air Supply
Through extensive training, Ray has gained the ability to use Air Slash. He has the Flying energy to use it twice per battle. He cannot use Aerial Ace or Giga Drain.

Hannah: Banette-Female-Level 4
Hidden Power: Fairy
Attatched Item: Banettite

Braddock: Feraligatr-Male-Level 4
Hidden Power: Ghost

Zurafa: Girafarig-Male-Level 4

Bruxus: Torterra-Male-Level 4
Hidden Power: Rock

Level 3

Michael: Diggersby-Male-Level 3
Hidden Power: Ice
Michael is a peculiar Diggersby. At a young age, Michael found a nice suburban house and dug out an expansive room in the earth beneath it. For years he lived there, surviving only on a diet of Mountain Spew and Cheedoos. Rarely leaving to the outside world, the Diggersby spent most of his days on the internet, frequenting websites like 5chun and Rubbit. This period of his life was cut short when my team and I were hired by the family who owned the nice suburban house to remove whatever had been dwelling in their basement. Upon pulling him from the foul-smelling cave, the team pressured me into bringing Michael on, to both my disdain and his. I’m still embarrassed to be seen with Michael, as he has a godawful sense of style. How bad you ask? Fedora, black leather trenchcoat, khaki cargo shorts, and socks with sandals are his everyday attire (thankfully he never wears any of this during battle). Also he constantly has Cheedoo dust in his in his bunny neckbeard which, while assisting his moves, is fucking disgusting. Michael is gay and as such, moves like Attract will only work on him if coming from a male Pokemon (but he won’t admit he’s gay and covers for it by calling other people and Pokemon gay). Michael is a militant atheist and refuses to believe in Legendary Pokemon.
Special Attack: Tip The Fedora (Fire)
Scratching into his neckbeard, Michael pulls loose a mass of bristly beard hair, held together by a Cheedoo dust infused with a significant amount of Fire energy. Michael then throws the mass at his foe. Upon making contact, the mass bursts on the opponent, dealing moderate Fire damage and causing bristly hairs to stick into the foe. These hairs will linger on the foe for five rounds, dealing minor damage each round and causing discomfort that will annoy and distract the foe. Michael has the Fire energy to use this attack twice a battle, however, the attack will suffer severe diminishing returns on the annoyance effect if used on the same opponent twice. The bristles may be cleared if the foe is soaked with water or hit with a high energy attack. Michael cannot use Bulk Up (because he refuses to get fit) or Giga Impact (because it’s too much work).

Honey: Lopunny-Female-Level 3
Hidden Power: Fighting
Before joining up with my team, Honey belonged to a mid-level stage actress. Both were part of a travelling production of a play called “Heart of Myth,” starring as a shrine maiden and the maiden’s Pokemon tasked with calming a rampaging Hydreigon. In the play, the beast was tamed through an intricate dance between maiden and Pokemon. Despite the critical acclaim of said production, Honey and her trainer moved on to try to make it in other plays. Much to their dismay, crowds weren’t as receptive to their other efforts and the pair fell on hard times. With not much left to lose, the actress took to the battling circuit and quickly found that Honey had a knack for the craft, managing to do quite well in local tournaments. Sadly all limelight soon fades and fifteen minutes have to run up eventually. Moving on to higher level tournaments with gym challenges in their sights, the actress found her battling skill to be only average compared to her peers. Knowing that she was holding back Honey’s potential, the actress talked it over with her companion and came to the decision that they had to sadly part ways. Finding a trainer they both were okay with, the actress handed Honey off, bidding the new pair good luck. Honey has become quite the battler under my care and has since learned to use her skills from the stage in battle.
Special Training: The Stage Calls (Dragon/Normal)
Thanks to her past as a dancer, Honey may use Dragon Dance one per battle. Additionally, the confusion inflicted by her Teeter Dance is more potent and slightly harder to get rid of. Honey cannot use Blizzard or Focus Punch.

Magenta: Whirliipede-Female-Level 3
Hidden Power: Electric
Born in the forests of the Unova region, Magenta was caught by a trainer when she was just a wee little Venipede. The trainer, a visiting tourist from the Kalos region, returned home not long after the capture. He set off on his journey using Magenta as his starter Pokemon. As her trainer progressed further into his travels and his team grew, Magenta soon found herself playing second fiddle to many of the other Pokemon. Sadly, this led to her being abandoned on the cliffs of Kalos’ Route 8. By this point she had evolved into a Whirlipede, but despite the power she had, the local Pokemon populations still managed to overpower her more often than not. One group in particular, a flock of very aggressive Wingull and Pelipper, gave her the most trouble. While Magenta could roll and launch herself into the lower flying members of the group, those who could reach the higher altitudes stayed out of her range and launched supereffective attacks. For two years Magenta was hounded by the gulls. With rage burning, she cloaked her spines in poisons and attacked once again. In the past she had gotten lucky, inflicting heavy poisoning and driving off her attackers but this particular day was different. As soon as she connected, the Wingull who had been hit fell to the ground. Normally it took at least a few minutes for them to succumb to the toxins. Though the reasoning was not 100%, Magenta concluded that something in her poisons must have changed. Looking to test this hypothesis, Magenta choose to spray poison at her attackers rather than jumping at them. As her attacks hit, more birds fell from the sky. Pleased with the results, the Whirlipede spit poisons until all her foes had been felled. Making use of this new property, the centipede managed to fend off future attackers with little trouble, even going as far to hunt down other Flying types to measure her abilities. It was a year after this that I found her. Using my Quagsire I easily capture my quarry, hoping to make use of her unique trait. Though wary that I would also abandon her, Magenta quickly warmed up to me and the rest of the team and is one of its sweetest members.
Special Trait: Skyhunter (Poison)
Since her days fighting Wingull, Magenta has infused her regular poisons with the special paralytic mentioned in her species characteristic. As a result, her Poison Type moves now deal Super Effective damage to Flying types. However, they now inflict only neutral damage to Grass types. Magenta’s poisons no longer carry the chance of local paralysis stated in her species characteristic.

Hanzo: Frogadier-Male-Level 3
Hidden Power: Grass

Múspell: Magcargo-Male-Level 3

Stern: Durant-Male-Level 3
Stern is an angry Durant. For most of his life, the bug stayed in his home on Unova’s Victory Road, tunneling all day every day. And, while it was what his family had done since times immemorial, Stern always longed for something more in life. When a dashing young trainer by the name of Kusari entered his domain, Stern realised he had a chance to get out of the cave. Still, the trainer didn’t have it easy. Stern dropped from an alcove in the ceiling, sneak attacking the trainer and beginning a long drawn out battle with the trainer’s Zangoose. Eventually the ant conceded and willingly joined the team.
Upon arriving in the outside world, Stern found things much different than he had expected. And by that I mean he had no idea how to handle airborne foes. During his life in Victory Road, dealing with fliers took little more than climbing above them and dropping rocks. After one particularly rough beating from a Swoobat, Stern set about finding a way to drop the flying rats to the ground.
Special Attack: Stoop to My Level (Steel)
Stern forms a good amount of Steel type energy into the shape of a pickaxe between his mandibles. With a heave, Stern flings the axe at his foe. When the axe hits, the it deals a good amount of damage but also has the benefit of knocking fliers and levitators to the ground ala Smackdown. Stern may use this attack twice per battle. He is unable to use Stone Edge.

Burzino: Palpitoad-Male-Level 3
Hidden Power: Electric

Level 2

Kisin: Hoothoot-Male-Level 2
Hidden Power: Ghost

/b/: Porygon-Genderless-Level 2
Hidden Power: Poison
/b/ is a being from the darkest depths of cyberspace. Originally born from a virus Michael’s computer received while visiting 5chun’s /b/ forum (Mike was looking for torrents of last night’s Competition of Chairs but Mike is an idiot so), /b/ is naturally inclined to be a troublemaker. Many a time has the team been forcibly removed from places due to /b/ dicking with the security systems or activating self-destruct sequences. Because of this, we needed to find a way to exhaust these urges of his. Eventually we settled on a special attack because /b/ is good for absolutely nothing but cheap entertainment when drunk.
Special Attack: Triple Meme Triangles (Normal)
Using a major amount of Normal energy, /b/ creates a glittering, golden Triforce that he immediately flings at his opponent. Upon the Triforce hitting, it disappears, dealing no damage, only to reappear as a glowing mark on the opponent’s chest, denoting them a ‘newfag’. At the end of the turn Triple Meme Triangles is used and for the subsequent two rounds, one of the triangles will vanish, taking with it energy equivalent to 1/3 of the energy used by the marked Pokemon that round. Triple Meme Triangles can be used twice a battle, but only once on a single opponent. /b/ is unable to use Zap Cannon, Thunder, Double Edge, Conversion and Conversion 2.

Herzo: Sawk-Male-Level 2
Hidden Power: Steel

Edward: Bidoof-Male-Level 2

Level 1

Braun: Tepig-Male-Level 1

Lucy: Swablu-Female-Level 1

Liam: Gligar-Male-Level 1

Matches (Now fully up to date)

Spoiler: show

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トレーナレベル(TL)- 3
勝ち(W)- 22
負け(L)- 11
引き分け(D)- 1
レフグレード(Ref Grade)- C
トレーナポイント(TP)- 148
KO- 52
サービスポイント(SP)- 19

対戦中 (Battles in progress)
GS-vs. ShadowShocker (Gym Challenge) [UPN]
第二- vs. Tyoyo3131 II [SPPF]
第三- vs. KratosAurion in the reef [UPN]
第四- vs. Lucario188 [UPN]
第五 (Exhibition Slot)-

対戦記録 (Match History)
Spoiler: show
Match MVP's are in italics+underlined. Longest Win Streak: 5 Longest Losing Streak: 3
vs. GoodNews92 (Loss) [SPPF] (Pokemon Used: Gyara, Chargrill)
vs. XanderKetsu (Win) [UPN] (Pokemon Used: Ee, Volt, Chargrill, Gyara, HardHat, LOLBurger)
vs. Original151Rocks (Win) [SPPF] (Pokemon Used: Seedbump, LOLBurger)
vs. Celebii151 (Loss) [UPN] (Pokemon Used: Volt, Seedbump, Achoo) D:
vs. SilverWind (Cancelled) [SPPF] (Pokemon Used: KaBlang!) @[email protected]
vs. Tyoyo3131 (WIN) [SPPF] (Pokemon Used: Zara, Volt)
vs. Chikoko (Win) [UPN] (Pokemon Used: Quackmire, Lady Sparksworthy, Sir Turtlestein) : DDD!!
vs. Haunter227 (Win) [SPPF] (Pokemon Used: Claws, Flutterby) :333!
vs. 493pkmns (Win) [SPPF] (Pokemon Used: The Horny One, Utellia, Quackmire) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
vs. TheNthDoctor (Loss) [SPPF] (Pokemon Used: Francesca, Kevin, Zara) D':
vs. Rocky57 (Cancelled) [UPN] (Pokemon Used: Chargrill)
vs. Trinity (Cancelled) [SPPF] (Pokemon Used: Flutterby)
vs. Copygoo (Cancelled) [UPN] (Pokemon Used: Flutterby) >
vs. NightFall715 (Cancelled) [SPPF] (Pokemon Used: Sir Turtlestein, Claws) D:< FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
vs. StonE EdgE (Win) [SPPF] (Pokemon Used: Sludgy, Quackmire, Utellia)
vs. The Last Jedi (Win) [SPPF] (Pokemon used: Sir Veryepic)
vs. Volcer (Win) [SPPF] (Pokemon used: Claws) D
vs. Astral Shadow (Loss) [UPN] (Pokemon Used: Quackmire)
vs. MachampX (Draw) [SPPF] (Pokemon used: Flutterby, Chargrill, Sir Veryepic, Kevin)
vs. Miror (Win) [UPN] (Pokemon used: Sir Veryepic)
vs. Cloneblazer12 (Loss) [SPPF] (Pokemon used: Sir Turtlestein, Chubbyzuna, Jaws)
vs. Zekrom25 (Win) [UPN] (Pokemon Used: Jaws, Zara)
vs. Zekrom25 (Rd. II) (Win) [UPN] (Pokemon Used: Sir Veryepic, Flutterby)
vs. Haymez (Loss) [UPN] (Pokemon Used: Meiwaku, Kunekune)
vs. dirkac (Win; DQ) [SPPF] (Pokemon Used: Flutterby, Kevin)
vs. Kitt2000 in the great Metronome Battle! (Win) [UPN] (Pokemon Used: Kunekune)
対akafila (Win) [UPN] (Pokemon Used: Kirin, Kani, TheHornyOne)
vs. Ex-Admiral Insane in SPAAAAAAACE (Loss; FUCK YOU GTS) [UPN] (Pokemon Used: Jaws, Ponpontamago)
vs. Lt. Bleu (Win) [SPPF] (Pokemon used: Claws, Sir Veryepic, Seedbloom)
vs. Astral Shadow (Round II) (Win) [UPN] (Pokemon Used: Brain, THO)
vs. Lanturn (Loss) [SPPF] (Pokemon Used: Nitrogen, Pixel, Sir Veryepic, Boss)
vs. Shayminslicker (Win) [SPPF] (Pokemon Used: FairyFloss, THO, Sludgy)
vs. SilentReaper (Win) [SPPF] (Pokemon Used: Chubbyzuna, LeekyLeekyLeeky)
vs. blazeVA in EXCITING REALISTIC CLIFF FACE BATTLE!!!! (Lose) [SPPF] (Pokemon Used: Jaws)
vs. Miror (Round II) (Loss) [UPN] (Pokemon Used: Sludgy, Ponpontamago)
vs. Ebony (Cancelled) [UPN] (Pokemon Used: The Colossus)
vs. Kairne; Disco Fever (Loss) [SPPF] (Pokemon Used: Squirt, Zouzame, Pecks)
vs. kusari in realistic crackosseum madness! (Win; DQ) [UPN] (Pokemon Used: George, The Queen)
vs. MedMana (Win; DQ) [SPPF] (Pokemon Used: Kunekune)

vs. Mean Mr. Snorlax in: Crackosseum Triples! [UPN] (Loss) (Pokemon Used: Kabutops, Breloom, Xatu, Machoke, Steelix, Lunatone)
vs. Lost [SPPF] (Loss) (Pokemon Used: The Colossus, The King, Namake)

審理中 (Reffings in progress)
Spoiler: show

昔の審理 (Completed reffings)
Spoiler: show

色んな物 (Bits and bobs)-
Spoiler: show

ROFL-made arenas-
Spoiler: show
The Smilepit (Advanced enclosed custom indoor arena)-
Spoiler: show
The Smilepit, is well, quite frankly, one of the creepiest places on earth. The room is 25m wide by 25m long and about 60m tall. The walls and floors are covered in happy faces, billions of them. The pure happiness of the arena is overshadowed by its sinister reality however. Being quite deadly given the right circumstances.
At each end of the room, there is a large red angry face protruding from the wall, this is a bomb which is touch activated. When it is activated, the battlers are given five seconds to run (And if it is activated, THEY WILL RUN, only being able to be forced to stay there if held there by Paralysis or Psychic or the like) before an explosion erupts from the face and engulfs half of the room, dealing any caught in the explosion severe damage and destroying the wall the face was attached to (Leaving the room through the hole left behind will change the arena to a Forest Arena with wild Gengar, Honchkrow and Mismagius).
There is also a malfunctioning, possessed air conditioning system covering the ceiling. Every two-three rounds, it will rumble to life. When it does so, it has a 50% chance of randomly changing the arena’s temperature and a 50% chance of expelling a gas. If it changes the temperature, it has a 33% chance to make it normal (18~20°C), a 33% chance to create sweltering heat between (40°~55°C) and a 33% chance to make it bitterly cold (-5°~20°C). It may also spray out one of three gases. These are: Laughing Gas, which makes each Pokémon so intoxicatingly amused that they have a 50% chance of flinching and being unable to complete their ordered move for the round, Mustard Gas, which blinds all Pokémon for a round (Pokemon without eyes are immune) and causes light damage to all combatants, and finally Chloroform, which puts all combatants to sleep and has a 5% chance of causing an allergic reaction, which will instead of putting a pokemon to sleep, take 1 HB of it's health away. The random temperature change/gas expulsion happens once every 2-3 rounds.
If all of that wasn’t creepy enough, every five rounds, the room will suddenly go pitch black for a few seconds before returning to normal, all smiley faces turned to angry ones and a severely mistreated, angry wild Pokemon (with only critical health, but full energy) appearing near either of the faces on the wall
Special rules (In the Smilepit): Padded Walls, Extreme Heat (Malfunctioning air-conditioner), Extreme Cold (Malfunctioning air-conditioner), Wild Pokémon (Arcanine, Stoutland, Ursaring, Pyroar, Dragonite), Deadly (Bomb Blast), Artificial Lighting.
Special Rules (Outside): At Night, Low Visibility, Wild Pokemon (Gengar, Honchkrow, Mismagius)

Disco Party
Spoiler: show
The Disco Party is very similar to the Disco Hall, but on a much grander scale. The floor is twice the size of the disco hall and covered in alternating colored flashing tiles. There is a lot of mist, from the smoke machines fitted into the walls at meter intervals, about a meter from the floor. In the center of the floor, there is a pool of water, 15 metres long and 3 metres wide. The pool's tiles are just like the dance floor's tiles and flash along with them. The water is so clear that some pokemon may not realise it is there and fall in by accident. There are also hot tubs in every corner of the arena, connected to the main pool by underwater tunnels. All around the walls are tables, with goodies and treats on them, like crisps, and biscuits. Eating these treats counts as a move and restores a random amount of health OR energy from good~extreme (This counts as a pokemon's one healing move) Near the north of the arena is a mixing deck, controlled by a man with a large afro. Multicolored beams of light protrude from the mixing decks cupboards. Think of the lights on the 20th century FOX logo. Pokemon are released on opposite sides of the pool 3 or so metres away from each other. The dance floor is filled with revelers, people dancing the night away. They will cheer on any battler they feel to be doing a good job, whilst heckling bad sports. If the onlookers are attacked however, they have no qualms with fighting back, doing so with pool cues, glasses and whatever else they may have.
Special rules: Artificial Lighting, Fire Sprinklers, Fog, Onlookers

The Reef (Outdoor Custom Arena):
Spoiler: show
The arena is a huge open sea, measuring roughly 500 x 500m, with a depth of many kilometres in most places. Scattered throughout the arena, are small five small islets, one in each corner as well as one central one in the middle. The corner islets measure around 3 metres in circumference each whilst the centre one has a circumference of around 10 metres and rises up quite high, sporting very hilly terrain including a 20 metre high waterfall. There is a very complex coral reef acting as 'chains' of sorts, connecting the islands. In this reef live pokemon such as Corsola, Luvdisc and Chinchou, among many others.
Special Rules: Wild Pokemon (Coral Reef, Sea)

チームROFL(Team ROFL) (38匹)-
Spoiler: show

Sir Veryepic: Level 3 Male Quagsire
Sir Veryepic, true to his name, is very epic. He is extremely intelligent, highly agile and always has his top hat and bow tie on, ready for battle. He spent his childhood kicking *** and taking names as a Wooper, before one day running into a herd of Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur. He challenged the Alpha Venusaur to a duel, but of course, LOLTYPESPAM, many Solarbeams rained down on him and he was annihilated. Learning from this humiliation, he undertook a lot of training, weathering Grass-attacks day in and day out until he built up a resistance to them. He eventually redirected a river into the Saur-herd's territory and swam through it with great power before raining bombs down upon his foes, defeating them and ensuring his very epic dominance over the area.
Special Technique: The truly epic have much power.
For this move, the good sir creates multiple bombs of ground and ice type energy in front of him and fires them at the foe. However, these are no regular bombs of energy. These balls have been fitted with homing devices, meaning that they WILL strike the foe, no matter their attempts to evade. The ground-type bombs are identical to a mud bomb and will blind the foe if struck in the eyes, whilst the ice-type bombs have an identical effect to an icy wind, slowing the foe down when they strike. The different typed-bombs can be aimed separately thanks to their homing, but they may only be aimed at one foe. This move causes good ice-type damage, good ground type damage and uses solid energy of each type. Also, even though he is very epic, he has limited ammo, enough to use this technique twice per match.
Hidden Power- Fire

Flutterby: Level 3 Female Butterfree
Flutterby is one of the main members of my team. Fighting in most battles and to her credit, yet to have a single loss. She moves with speed, grace and elegance and possesses more power than your average Butterfree.

Special Technique- ElementalPowder (Bug)
Flutterby can use a technique that has her release a special powder. The powder instantly makes the foe drowsy before they fall asleep the round after. The powder also has a 80% chance of badly poisoning and a 20% chance of Paralyzing.
The technique uses high energy.
Hidden Power- Ground

Mona: Level 1 Female Machop

Barry: Level 1 Male Pinsir

Nosey: Level 1 Male Nosepass

Kurukuru: Level 1 Female Spinda

Skitty: Level 1 Female Shroomish

Scatterbrain: Level 1 Female Skitty

Crunch: Level 1 Shiny Female Carvanha
Sig awaiting approval.

Rupert- Level 1 Male Barboach
Rupert is a funny little guy. He was born to a Whiscash and a Tentacruel, so maybe it should be expected, but his whiskers are much longer than your average Barboach's. He can't help but tickle his friends, leading to him recieving many boots to the face from annoyed Pokemon.
Signature Train: Toxic Waters (Poison)
All water Rupert is released into is made severely dirty and any Pokemon that comes with in a three-metre radius of him will be badly poisoned. He now has access to Sludge Bomb, Acid Spray and Sludge Wave and has 1.5 hyper beams of poison energy to play with. This has cost him though and as a result, he only has 90% the regular energy total a pokemon normally has.

The King: Level 1 Nidoran-M
The King is perhaps the most physically imposing member of my team. His strength knows no bounds and he is well aware of it. He was found by Sir Veryepic at a young age and brought onto the squad, since joining he's learnt a massive variety of techniques and gained a strange fetish for chocolate coated things.
Signature: Being The King brings great power.
The King has learnt how to use Seed Bomb and Dazzling Gleam, with enough energy for two uses of each.

Luna Level 1 Genderless Lunatone

Bouncy: Level 2 Female Wailmer
Bouncy is your usual happy go lucky, feel-good type. She never lets anything get her down and always has a big smile on her face. She likes making her friends laugh, but becomes extraordinarily serious when brought into battle. She is close friends with Sombrero.
Special Technique: Hey, hey, come over here!!!
Bouncy enjoyed playing video games with her friends growing up, especially Mortal Kombat. Her favourite character was Scorpion and she learnt to imitate one of his moves. She fires a harpoon, made of water energy, which ensnares the foe and drags them to her. It is a highly annoying attack and has the ability to disrupt a foe's move. It causes mild damage when ensnaring and uses significant energy.

The Colossus: Level 1 Male Weedle
The Colossus is, as his name implies, f**king huge. His mother collapsed after laying the massive egg containing him whilst his father instantly filed for divorce as her affair with the Gyarados from the lake was revealed. His ridiculous size led to him accidentally destroying the forest his colony lived in and his eventual banishment from the colony. He is very powerful, but doesn't know his own strength. In his own words, "I just want to be normal.."
Signature: The Colossus
The Colossus is the size and weight of a Gyarados. As is usual for Pokemon his size, he is very strong, but he does not count as fully evolved, nor does he gain any evolution bonuses. He has a solid swimming ability. To go with his weight, he has added more moves to his repertoire.
These moves are: Horn Attack, Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, Rock Slide, Drill Run, Heavy Slam, Iron Tail, Toxic, Surf (Inherited from his father), Scald, Bug Buzz, Signal Beam, Dig, Protect, Glare, Dark Pulse, Screech and Supersonic. He has the usual two ice beams of offtype for all his non-bug/poison moves, bar his water moves, off type of which he enough for three scalds (Two and a half surfs).

KazaN: Level 1 Female Numel
KazaN is a living volcano and she behaves as such. The heat she generates is ridiculous and makes most, including both her friends and foes quite uncomfortable. She is usually very docile, but if made angry, she comes close to literally exploding.
Special Training: Pure Solar Power
The air around KazaN is extraordinarily hot, lowering the effectiveness of water moves to 2x instead of their usual 3x against her. She has also gained access to Solarbeam, having enough energy for two uses per match.

Sombrero: Level 2 Male Lotad
Sombrero is a world champion dancer, winning the world championships in tango and salsa for ten years straight. He enjoys shaking it and is very coercive and able to make other pokemon join in with very little effort.
Sig awaiting approval.

Namake: Level 2 Male Vigoroth
Sig awaiting approval.

FairyFloss: Level 3 Female Swablu
FairyFloss is possibly the gentlest member of my team. I met her at a summer festival in Okayama after she got stuck in a fairy floss machine. I helped her out and she joined my team. She and Brain are close.
Special Attack: A fairy's breath shall heal all wounds.... except yours. (Fighting)
FairyFloss is a kind and loving little thing, but she doesn't know her own strength. I've never told her that this is an attack, she just thinks that she's showing affection, poor dear. For this attack, she wraps her wings around the foe and attempts to breathe pure, loving fairy energy straight onto them, however, the pressure she feels from hugging them causes her to access her fighting-type energy pool rather than her fairy. This causes considerable fighting-type damage with a 50% chance of confusing the foe. This attack costs high fighting energy, but she has enough energy to use it twice per match.

Brain: Level 3 Male Slowpoke
Contrary to his slow name, Brain is in fact very intelligent.
He passed school at the top of his class and has written his own novels, such as "Catcher in the Raichu" and Rick Gastly's hit "Never Gonna Give Mew Up".
Special Attack: Your greatest fears... (Various)
For this attack, Brain gathers about half the water needed for a surf, before infusing it with a fighting spirit using his fighting energy and manipulating it using his telekinesis. He shapes the water into the shape of something the opponent would fear most (Gyarados- a lightning bolt, Rhyperior- the actual wave itself, etc.) the fright caused will lock the foe in place in a similar manner to leer, as well as negating any protection (protect, safeguard) that they have in place (screens will be unaffected by the fright of course). Then he quickly sends it crashing down on the foe. This will cause decent water damage and good fighting type damage. It uses decent water energy, good fighting type energy and mild psychic type energy. Brain can use this once per match.

Kirin: Level 3 Female Girafarig
The youngest member of my team
, though one of the strongest. She has a habit of falling over the skin of fruits that she's thrown away.
Special Training: Master of the elements (Various)
Thanks to her love of the above-mentioned fruits, Kirin has come to be able to use various techniques. She can now use Flamethrower, Ice Beam and Water Gun. She has enough energy to use each twice. However, as she does not learn these techniques naturally, they only do solid damage instead of the significant they normally do. The chance for burning/freezing is also brought down to 2.5%.

Kani: Level 3 Female Kingler
Contrary to what her species name may suggest, Kani is a very cheerful pokemon. Her pincers are extremely strong and allow her to do battle with the strongest of foes.
Special Training: Pincers of death
Kani's pincers are extremely strong. Attacks dealt with them do 1.2x as much damage as normal in exchange for using 1.5x the energy.

Jaws: Level 3 Female Aerodactyl
I revived Jaws from an Old Amber I found on the beach in Mossdeep city. It's since grown into one of my most reliable battlers.
Special Technique: The Jaws, fear them. (Rock)
Jaws's Jaws are incredibly strong and it likes to show them off. To do this it learnt a huge attack that harms the healthy. For this attack, Jaws charges it's jaws with rock-type energy before it sinks it's teeth into the opponent and latches on, causing significant damage on impact. The pain is so intense that the opponent will try and wiggle free. This is of course useless. Fresh opponents will wiggle more vigorously and so cause Jaws to bite harder and deal more damage, up to another decent hit. Opponents that have already beaten down will have less willpower and so wiggle less, meaning they will only take up to another mild amount of damage before Jaws lets go (after about 5 seconds.) This attack uses energy equal to the damage the opponent takes with additional light energy usage on top.
Hidden Power- Ice

Pixel- Level 3 Female Porygon2
Pixel appeared in my computer one night when THO and Quackmire were using it to look at some... questionable things. She was about to be deleted by the anti-virus program but THO noticed and managed to get her out of the computer.
Signature- Pixel
Pixel is much faster moving than your usual Pokemon. Her speed on all fronts, firing moves, charging them and her movement, are all twice as fast as normal. She also takes quite a bit longer to tire than your average pokemon, taking approximately two-three rounds longer to tire out than a normal pokemon would. All moves that usually leave the user 'drained' do not do so for her. In return however, she is much more fragile than an average pokemon, only having 4.5 hyper beams of health as compared to the usual 6. (In 4/6, she will instead start with 2.5 HB)

Sir Turtlestein: Level 3 Male Wartortle
The good sir was the second Pokemon I caught and has been a valued member of my team ever since. In contrast to SirV`s top hat, SirT prefers a bowler hat, he says it better accentuates his ears.
Special Attack: Dirtied Water Pump (Water/Poison)
Being a highly caring Turtle, Sir Turtlestein is disgusted by the state of a lot of the worlds drinking water. He learnt to show his disgust by using an attack which is essentially a Hydro Pump fillled with poison. The disgusting qualities of the pump cause the foe to become badly poisoned. It does the high damage and uses heavy water energy in addition to mild poison energy.
Hidden Power- Ground

Nitrogen: Level 3 Female Haunter
Nitrogen is a lot stronger than she looks. She can cause all sorts of weird things that others couldn't dream of. She trained at the Bellsprout tower in Johto but was eventually banished because of her trickster ways.
Special Technique: Your end... (Poison)
For this move, Nitrogen breathes an incredibly toxic gas at the opponent. The gas causes sharp pain on the opponent's skin, acting in a similar manner to screech and possibly throwing the foe off of their current action. It badly poisons the foe and causes paralysis (Partial is guaranteed, full paralysis is about a 35% chance) as well as a having a 60% chance of confusing the foe due to it's noxious properties. It costs severe poison energy to perform.
Hidden Power- Fighting

Kevin: Level 3 Male Loudred
Kevin is loud. Very loud. I guess it makes sense because he's a Loudred and all, but it just doesn't seem normal.
Special Attack: HELLO, MY NAME IS KEVIN!!!!
For this attack, Kevin yells at the top of his voice "HELLO, MY NAME IS KEVIN. DO YOU WANT TO BE FRIENDS?" The volume of his voice is extremely high, causing ear splitting pain. The move does High Damage, uses major energy and has a 60% chance of confusing the opponent.
Hidden Power- Fairy

TheHornyOne: Level 3 Male Tauros
As his name suggests, he is very horny. Because of his nature, he and Quackmire are best friends, going out and having competitions to see who can take home the most "partners". Since becoming friends with Quackmire, he has also become a trisexual.
Special Training: TRAMPLETRAMPLE (Normal)
THO loves showing off, to do so, he perfected a technique. For it, he coats himself in a pure-white energy, before charging the foe, first slamming them with his head, before slamming them into the ground with his hooves. The move does severe damage, and uses severe energy.

Quackmire: Level 3 Male Psyduck
A very promiscuous duck. I met Quackmire at a Bar where he and I discussed life and women. He took home two Psyduck and a Farfetch'd that night. The next night we met again in that bar and he asked to join me on my travels, which I happily agreed to. Since he has been travelling with me, I have also discovered that he is a Trisexual.
Special Attack: Everybody loves the Quackmire. (Water)
To impress partners, he taught himself a new attack. For it, he calls back to his bartending days and he charges up a ball of water energy in front of him before shaking it violently,then aiming it at the opponent and releasing it. Due to the force it's shaken with, it goes at the foe with incredible power. It causes considerable damage and the force of the impact leaves the foe confused. The move uses high energy and can be used three times per match, with the confusion effect losing no potency with repeated uses on the same 'mon.

Fuwafuwa: Level 3 Female Flaaffy
Fuwafuwa and I met at a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert in Harajuku. Her personality is a bit out there, but she is a very strong battler. She has her own theme song too!
Signature Technique: Bolt of Poseidon (Water)
For this technique, Fuwafuwa creates a trident in front of her using her water-typed energy. This entrances the foe, who is locked into place in a similar manner to Disable before the trident begins spinning, sending lightning bolt-shaped bursts of water-energy at the foe. It causes heavy damage for heavy energy. FuwaFuwa can use this twice per match.

Seedbloom: Level 3 Male Ivysaur
Seedbloom joined me on my journeys after he was fired from his job at a florist for accidentally making the plants there noxious. To show his frustration, he became determined to show the world that mixing grass and poison can be a wonderful thing.

Special Attack- ToxicSolar (Grass/Poison)
For this attack, Seedbump uses a Solarbeam which is laced in a toxic liquid. The attack deals grass-type damage equal to Solarbeam and badly poisons the opponent. It uses grass energy equal to a solar beam with moderate poison energy on top of that.
Hidden Power- Rock

Chargrill: Level 3 Male Charmeleon
Chargrill is a trained Yakiniku chef, having worked in the top restaurant in the world for many years. He is very much in tune with his firebreathing abilities and can fine-tune temperature as he sees fit.
Special Attack: Destructive Force (Fire/Rock)
For this attack, Chargrill, well, grills the opponent. He hits the opponent with a super-heated burst of fire, pretty much a higher-powered Heat Wave which not only contains fire, but also bits of molten rock. It can either be widespread or concentrated. The move does high fire type damage and uses high fire energy, as well as moderate rock energy on top of that. It has a 45% chance of burning the foe and if the molten rock strikes them, their movement will be hindered.

Chubbyzuna: Level 3 Female Hariyama
Chubby was the champion of the sumo circuit in Kanto. He was renowned for his amazing warm-up routines, which were said to be the reason he won his bouts.
Special Training: Warming up is the most important thing (Fighting)
Before being sent into battle, Chubbyzuna performs a warm-up routine in his Pokeball. This means that he starts the battle having already used heavy energy. However, he has a dragon dance-level boost to his speed and attack for the first five rounds as a result of his warm-ups.
Hidden Power- Dark

Claws: Level 3 Male Meowth
Meowth was my starter Pokemon and has been with me since I was ~5 years old. He has become a very adept fighter in all that time and his battling abilities prove it.
Special Training: Evolution, Why would I need that? (All)
Meowth enjoys his current form so much that he refuses to evolve. As such, he is considered a fully-evolved pokemon by damage standards.

PonPonTamago - Level 3 Female Togetic
PonPon was an egg that I had in my bag when I went to the Kyary concert and met Fuwafuwa. He hatched there and I named him appropriately. He has a theme song too!
Signature move: PonPonPon (Fairy)
For this move, Ponpon performs a dance that involves clapping her hands and spinning hypnotically. The movements act like a hypnosis attack, putting the foe to sleep, and the movements give her speed and special attack a solid boost (Like a Quiver Dance). This technique uses heavy energy.

Korokoro: Level 1 Shiny Female Voltorb
Korokoro is an interesting being. She was being transported on a ship as a youngster and the ship sunk. Amazingly, she didn`t drown, she instead grew accustomed to the new watery world around her. Over time her usual red faded and was replaced with a distinctive blue and she came to master many new techniques to serve her in her new home.
Sig awaiting approval.

Leekyleekyleeky: Level 3 Female Farfetch'd

Special Training: You guys have fun up there, I'm just gonna stay down here.. (Ground)
LLL has had a fear of flight for as long as I can remember. Instead, she preferred to dig around in the earth and swim through the ground. As a result, she has lost the flight capabilities usually awarded to her, instead acting like a poor man's Dodrio, leaping ~75cm at a time. She has also lost access to Fly, Brave Bird, Aerial Ace, Gust, Roost, Air Cutter and Acrobatics. In exchange, she has gained familiarity with the ground type, having access to 2HB worth of it's energy, as well as to Earthquake, Dig and Mud Bomb. As well as to Bone Club, Bone Rush and Bonemerang (These are performed by charging her leek with ground-type energy.)

Kunekune- Level 4 Male Politoed
I found Kune at a pond in the middle of nowhere. He had been alone for a long time when I found him and was overjoyed at having found a friend. He is best friends with Sir Veryepic.
Special Technique: ALL OF THE BUBBLES. (Water)
For this technique, Kune releases a massive stream of bubbles, like a bubblebeam but much faster and more solid. In fact the force is so much that it causes paralysis 100% of the time. It does heavy damage. It's practically a water type zap cannon, except it consumes more energy (Severe) as it isn't slow like Zap Cannon is.

Sludgy: Level 4 Male Muk
Special Attack: Sludge Mines (Poison/Water)
For this attack, Sludgy sends a Sludge Wave at the opponent, but in the Sludge Wave, there are 9-10 Sludge Mines. The Sludge Mines only explode when they get close to an opponent and the placement of them in the wave is random. The wave does the damage of a Sludge Wave and each mine does decent damage. Most of the time, 3-4 mines will hit, but sometimes more will hit and sometimes only 1-2 will hit. The move counts as a Two-Hit combo and uses the energy of 2.5x a Sludge Wave.

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Blaziken Charm's PASBL Stats

.:Charm's PASBL Profile:.

Thanks EmeraldGoblin for the Squad Banner!

Trainer Level: 5
Fire Gym Leader
TP: 344
SP: 5 (1 SP owed by Fallen Icarus)
KO: 121
Wins: 44 | Losses: 13 | Draws: 1
B- Grade Ref

Matches in Progress:
vs Shadowshocker II (Gym Match)
vs Snorby (Gym Defense)

Previous Matches:
vs Atluss (Loss)
vs nkg2k10 (Win)
vs Shadow_XD001 (Win)
vs Ditto123 (Win)
vs Biggggg5 I (Win)
vs Midgeorge I (Win)
vs Sneezey12 I (Loss)
vs GrJackass (Loss)
vs DM123 (Win)
vs da_garchomp_er (Win)
vs Breaker22 (Win)
vs Niihyl (Win)
vs Nightfall715 (Win)
vs Midgeorge II (Win)
vs Takkupanda (Win)
vs Trinity (Win)
vs Pengyzu (Win)
vs Tuner89 (Win)
vs TheMidnightScene (Win)
vs Biggggg5 II (Win)
vs PokeLegend (Win)
vs Kairne I (Loss)
vs DaveTheFishGuy (Loss)
vs Sneezey12 II (Loss)
vs Hen da man (Win)
vs MajesticX (Win)
vs Squirtleking (Win)
vs Celebii151 I (Win)
vs Haymez (Win)
vs Red Panda I (Win)
vs DaveTheFishGuy II (Gym Match) (Loss)
vs Hen da man II (Win)
vs Fallen Icarus (Win)
vs Jerichi (Loss)
vs Lost (Loss)
Grand Melee (2nd Place)
vs Shadowshocker (Gym Match) (Loss)
vs CrumbledCandyWrapper (Win)
vs Kairne II (Win)
Grand Melee II (1st Place)
vs EmeraldGoblin I (Win)
vs Absol_of_the_Apocolypse (Win)
vs DaveTheFishGuy III (Loss)
vs Red Panda II (Win)
vs Sparkbeat I (Draw)
vs Kusari (Win)
vs Kindrindra (Win)
vs Connor (Win)
vs Mercutio (Gym Match) (Loss)
vs Kingothestone (Win)
vs Myles Fowl (Gym Defense) (Win)
vs BLEU (Gym Defense) (Win)
vs Mew The Gato (Win)
vs Miror (Win)
vs DaveTheFishGuy IV (Loss)
vs KratosAurion (Win)
vs Connor II (Gym Defence) (Win)
vs Machamp-X (Gym Defense) (Win)
vs Biggggg5 III (Gym Defense) (Win)
vs Crys (Gym Defense) (Win)

Spoiler: show

Scorch Badge
Attachable Badge

This badge is awarded to those who have stood against the heat of the Devil's Playground. With a burning ruby gem in the center, trails of flames seem to wisp out of the gem in what resembles a blazing red sun.
Badge Effect: Fiery Kickstart
Upon attaching this badge, the user will feel a surge of adrenaline rushing through them as dancing black flames lick across their arms and legs. For the immediate four rounds the holder is sent in, the holder will have a limbered dexterity, granting a speed boost akin to a long term Agility. Along with this, the adrenaline rush will leave the holder feeling little to no pain from attacks that strike them (though the damage will still be evident). Meanwhile, the momentum from the speed boost grants the holder a 10% boost to physical attacks during the rounds the badge is in effect. These boosts are granted by the power of the badge, and thus the holder will not feel any more tired than he/she would normally feel without the badge's effect.
Currently Attached To: Apollo Level 5 Male Blaziken

Firebreather’s Token
The Firebreather’s Token burns brightly with the dazzling light of liberty and freedom. It can be attached to Fire-type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their offensive abilities. The wearer’s Fire-type moves will burn hotter than usual and cause small amounts of splash damage as they erupt upon the target, the violent explosions spreading shock and awe in the immediate area. Fire-type moves which have a secondary effect such as burning or item destruction are twice as likely to have the effect triggered when used by the wearer, these effects also being slightly more potent. This item causes the move Fling to deal Fire-type damage if it is thrown. This token may be purchased during the week long Independence Day event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Currently Attached To: Hibashira Level 4 Male Arcanine

Harvester's Token
The Harvester's Token denotes one's prowess in caring for and farming the bounties of nature. It can be attached to Grass type pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. Rain will heal them by a mild amount each round, sunlight will regenerate them mild energy each round, healing moves cost half their usual energy cost and draining moves are much more efficient. This token may be purchased during the week long Thanksgiving event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Currently Attached To: Hippy Level 4 Male Cacturne

Birdkeeper's Token
The Birdkeeper's Token signifies freedom of thought and movement that transcends the art of the possible. It can be attached to Flying type pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will be significantly faster and more agile than their peers in whatever their usual mode of transportation is, able to travel further and with more precision and dexterity than others without expending much more energy. At ref's discretion, they will be more able to dodge attacks and harder to evade when using their own. This token may be purchased during the week long Easter event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Currently Attached To: Peter Level 4 Male Aerodactyl

Squad: (41/41)
Spoiler: show
Gym Squad:

Ignatius Level 5 Male Magmortar
Hidden Power (Water)
Ignatius has lived in Mt. Chimney his whole life. From birth, he has always played within the lava of the volcano, often refusing to come out. Ignatius still remains stubborn to this day, though his passion for the lava that he lived in hasn't changed. Upon catching him, Ignatius caught a glimpse of surfers on TV and thought it would be cool to mimic them... only, he's a Fire-type.
Special Training - Lava Bender (Fire)
After training and playing constantly within lava, Ignatius has become adept at manipulating it. If and only if there is lava present in the arena, Ignatius can perform Surf and Waterfall with lava substituted for water, dealing fire-type damage and with the same burn chance as Lava Plume. Like the water versions of Surf and Waterfall, Ignatius can choose to ride the surf/fall or just send the lava out on its own. In return for this, Ignatius has forgotten Will-O-Wisp and Flamethrower.

Apollo Level 5 Male Blaziken
Hidden Power (Electric)
Apollo was my first pokemon, who has lived with my family in our farm for as long as I can remember. Because Apollo is the first member of my squad, he acts as the father of the squad, who my other pokemon come for advice and training, especially Mr. Kill. Apollo is naturally mischievous, perhaps even evil to a certain extent (from hanging out with me), but is a kind and gentle Pokemon deep down. As kids, Apollo and I would always run. Whether it was from a simple game of tag with the local farm pokemon and my 8 siblings or running away from angry farmers for burning their crops (hehe), we just ran and ran.
Special Attack – DynamicKick (Fighting)
A DynamicPunch in the form of a kick. The energy used creates a loud small-scale explosion on contact, sending the opponent flying, and possibly confusing it (the confusion chance being the same as a DynamicPunch). Damage and energy usage is equal to a DynamicPunch. Apollo forgot DynamicPunch in the process of learning this.

Ruby Level 5 Female Charizard
Hidden Power (Grass)
Spoiler: show
Since birth, Ruby has always felt different. She wasn't like the rest of her kind, and her parents saw it as well. Among the Charmanders in her clan, she was the only who didn't start anger-fueled fights, and constantly competed for dominance over the others. She was too gentle and kind, which led to the group constantly picking on her. Despite all the bullying, she never fought back. It wasn't that she wasn't strong, but she much prefered to show her prowess through graceful displays of fire and even draconian attacks. Eventually, her parents were so disgusted by her that they abandoned her at an early age.
She was deeply hurt, but remained strong for her own sake. She spent the next few years travelling throughout the Kanto region, facing the perils of nature and surviving off of the smallest amounts of food. No matter where she went, whether it was Mt.Moon, Viridian Forest, or the abandoned Power Plant, she didn't belong there. She kept clinging onto the hope that someday she would find a place she would truly belong, and yet everwhere she went- they outcasted her as a freak.
At a certain point, the physical and psychological pain she's been enduring eventually built up to the point where her tail almost burnt out. She was starving, and she couldn't find any food for miles, it was the end for her. She collapsed on a road, the flame on her tail slowly dimming into nothing.
She woke up, however, and she found herself in a place completely different from where she was before. She was on an island. Palm trees soared high into the air, rocky mountains and hills jutted in various places, while a large oasis rested nicely in the center of it all, a waterfall gently streaming into it. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Standing back up, she realized any bruises she may have had already vanished. Was she dead?
Soon she heard the flap of wings overhead, and saw a Dragonite slowly descending towards her. The dragon introduced himself as the one who saved her, and told her that this place was safe for her to stay in. He took her deeper into the island, and there she saw a wide variety Dragon-type Pokemon flying, swimming, and frolicking around in peace. This place seemed like a paradise, but she couldn't help but hold her doubts. She was a Charmander, not a Kingdra, or Flygon, or Deino. She wasn't one of them, and yet a strange feeling in her gut made he feel like she was where she belonged. Maybe these were her people. Maybe she was home.
The Dragons took her in as one of their own, and showed her the ways of a Dragon. She naturally aced all of their tests as if she was one of them, except swimming of course. She felt free among her new family, and there she enjoyed a year of peace.
It was on another peaceful day that her world went to hell. PokeHunters far and wide caught wind of the existence of this island, and came in mass to hunt and capture these rare specimen to sell in the black markets. Nothing was left untouched. The Hunters stormed in on air crafts and Flying-type Pokemon. Salamences, Pidgeots, Skarmory, and even a Charizard that was once part of Ruby's old clan were sent out to capture the residential Dragons. The Dragon-types didn't give up without a fight however, and days of fighting went on as Ruby struggled to survive the horrors that she was seeing. Dragon-types who resisted intensely were killed instead of captured. In the end, Ruby and the Dragonite who originally brought her here were the only ones remaining. The hunters didn't care about capturing Ruby alive, since she wasn't an actual Dragon like the rest, so they decided to kill her off. Dragonite wouldn't have it however, and quickly carried Ruby off to the coast of the mainland as aircrafts and flying-types chased him down. Ruby safely landed, but Dragonite was brutally beaten at that point. She reluctantly ran for safety, leaving behind her dear friend as he was mutilated to death by the Charizard who followed them.
She kept running, running for help, for protection, for home. She was no longer being chased at that point; the hunters having lost interest in her, but her fears overcame her and she kept running in a panic because of paranoia. I found her lying in front of the entrance to Mt.Moon, near dead and tired. I immediately took her to a Pokemon Center where she was treated and then took her in as one of my own. She was reluctant to make herself a part of the team at first, but enough time went by that she eventually learned to trust us and opened up. She still remained a kind and gentle soul, despite all that she went through, but she has become fiercely protective of her new family, afraid that she will lose this one as well.

Special Training – Red Dragon (Dragon)
Ruby is proficient in the usage of Dragon moves, able to use Dragon-type attacks 10% faster while consuming 10% less energy, while her Fire and Flying-type attacks cost 10% more energy and take 10% longer to execute.
Attached Item: Charizardite X

Turqoise Level 5 Male Torkoal
Hidden Power (Grass)
Spoiler: show
Turq doesn't really much of his early childhood, having lost his parents by a raid of Golem in the Fiery Path. Turq was nearly killed as well when a wandering Squirtle came by and saved him just in time with his water capabilities. Now orphaned, the Squirtle befriended Turq and took him to his home. They travelled together through Hoenn, as the Squirtle gradually gained the Torkoal's trust. Finally they reached the shore of a beach that Turq's friend was from. The leader of the clan of Squirtle that lived there, a Blastoise, welcomed the fire turtle and treated Turq as one of their own. Due to the longevity of the Torkoal's life, his lifespan far exceeded that of his new brethren. He watched as generations of his dear friends' children pass, while he himself had much life in him. He grew to feel out of place with his comrades, the differences in their species evidently showing. Although he loves his family with all his heart, he knew he didn't belong there. After 60 years living on the shore, Turq honed his skills and went back to the Fiery Path to face his past. There he found the following generation of Golem and Graveler who had killed his parents. Deep anger swarmed within the Torkoal as the years of loneliness swelled up within him. He launched his attack on the group, though it wasn't the typical Fire attack that fumed out of him- it was Water. Scalding hot water poured from his snout as he drenched his old enemies. Single-handedly defeating them, Turq felt a weight lifted off his shoulder. He could finally feel at ease, but now he felt purposeless. After spending most of his life concentrating on getting his revenge, he know longer knew what to do with him. I found him on my travels through Hoenn, noticing the unique attribute the Torkoal had as I fought him and knew he would be a welcome addition to my team. After a fierce battle, I managed to catch him and over time- the Torkoal grew to find his purpose within the squad of his new teammates.

Type Change - I WILL BE SQUIRTLE!!!! (Water)
After spending years with a clan of Squirtle, Turqoise has learned to become similar to them, now having a Fire/Water-typing with the associated resistances and weaknesses. However, his inability to adapt to the rough waters that his brethren can weather continues to make him take super-effective damage from Water-type moves. He has learned Scald and Water Pulse, and since he hasn't spent much time with Fire-types growing up, he hasn't learned many Fire-type moves. These moves are: Inferno, Overheat, Heat Wave, and Eruption.

Cinderlite Level 5 Female Chandelure
Hidden Power (Grass)
Special Attack: Phantom Ray (Ghost)
Cinderlite charges a solid amount of ghost energy before releasing a bright ray of purple light at the opponent. Similarly to Flash, the light can discomfort the eyes of the victim for 5 or so seconds and the victim may have some trouble seeing for a few moments afterwards. Along with this blinding effect, the Phantom Ray also lowers the foe's special attack considerably. The reduction is equivalent to the boost of a Nasty Plot, except the foe is losing special attack power instead of gaining. The effect of the stat loss weakens each round and wears off at around the same time an ordinary Nasty Plot would. Cinderlite may only use this move once on each opponent per battle.

Hibashira Level 5 Male Arcanine
Hidden Power (Grass)
Hibashira is a descendant of a family of Growlithe and Arcanine known as the White Flame Clan. Owning up to the name, descendants of this clan were able to harness a flame so intense that it gave off a white color rather than a red-orange. The destructive power of the white flame is too dangerous for the innocent and kind-hearted Hibashira, who trained hard to control and lessen the power of his bloodline's special power.
Special Attack - Dawn Burst (Fire)
Hiba charges solid fire energy before releasing a ball of white fire at his target. The white fireball only deals mild damage but has a 55% chance of burning the area hit. He has forgotten Will-o-Wisp and can only use this signature move up to 3 times per battle.

Shinka Level 5 Female Ninetales
Hidden Power (Water)
Shinka originally belonged to a Pokemon Ranger. The two of them regularly go on missions, but since these missions usually were in forests or other green-filled areas, it was quite dangerous for the fiery fox to tag along due to the fact that she could easily cause a forest fire. Eventually, Shinka grew too strong in her fire capabilities to hang around forests with her ranger owner- forcing the ranger to release her. I found her on my travels, looking sad and lost that her dear master abandoned her, so I decided to take her under my wing. But it took some time before she truly settled in. As time went on, I learned that Shinka is very carefree and happy-go-lucky but she's a loyal Pokemon to have by my side. I also learned that the time she spent in forests did not go in vain, in fact, she has learned quite a bit from it.
Special Training - Nature's Fox (Grass)
Due to the time Shinka spent in forests and interacting with the grass pokemon there, she has gained familiarity with the grass type. She has also learned how to use Seed Bomb and Giga Drain. She has never learned Attract, Swagger, Captivate, Endure, Double-Edge, Round, Return, and Frustration. Also, she has forgotten Incinerate, Fire Spin, and Overheat because she believes these moves are too destructive.

Krosis Level 5 Male Houndoom
Hidden Power (Grass)
Special Training - Fear of Hell

Krosis' fear inducing attacks (Roar, Snarl, Leer) are more effective at inducing fear than usual at the expense of taking 20% more energy to use them. He can even scare Pokemon who are somewhat bigger than him (ref discretion), but not by a huge margin such as Pokemon like Snorlax or Hairyama.

Christina Level 5 Female Delphox
Hidden Power (Grass)

Christina has always been a talented mage in the arts of pyromancy, but her true passion always lied in the pixie arts of Fairy magic. She always admired the finesse and delicacy that the Fairy-type held to their environment, in and out of the battlefield, contributing to her own behavior and personality- leading the other squad members to refer to her as the "princess" of the squad. She doesn't mind the title, however, and works ever so hard to become the true pixie fox she wishes to be- training extensively to learn and perfect the magic she so dearly loves.
Special Training - Fairy Mage (Fairy)
Christina is considered familiar with the Fairy-type. She learned Moon Blast, Sweet Kiss, Fairy Lock, and Play Rough, but has forgotten Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Blast Burn, Fire Pledge, Heat Wave, and Power-Up Punch.

Bolmer Level 5 Male *Shiny* Camerupt
Hidden Power (Ground)
I was astounded when I hatched this Shiny Numel, having hatched several Numel in the past, Bolmer was the first to actually hold a permanent spot on the team. Bolmer, himself, is a rather mellow Numel and later Camerupt- not to be mistaken with the simple, dumb-witted nature that most of his species hold. A Numel/Camerupt of few words, Bolmer has little to say unless it's worth saying. He takes constant naps, and just lounges around when he's awake, leading the other members of my team to question why he's even deserving of a place on my team- seeing as he's been serving as merely a trophy thus far. Aside from the sparkly appeal of the Numel/Camerupt's shiny appearance, Charm is convinced that Bolmer will one day show his true colors and be of use. Later on Bolmer gradually grew an interest for battles and even came up with a clever way to make use of the lava in his hump.
Special Attack - Lava Prison (Fire)
Using considerable energy, Bolmer releases lava similarly to Lava Plume which rapidly cools in the air before landing on the foe for light fire damage with a 5% chance to burn. Though light in damage, the lava is released in a wide enough diameter cover the foe (or a very large portion of the foe if the foe is exceptionally large) as the lava quickly cools into molten rock. This molten rock casing greatly hinders the victim's movement for the next round before crumbling and dissipating into near nothingness. However, like Rock Tomb, the Lava Prison can be broken from the inside or out with moves that are considered strong enough to break a Rock Tomb. Bolmer can use this signature move up to three times per battle.

420BakeIt Level 5 Genderless Rotom-H
Hidden Power (Fire)
Unlike other Heat Rotoms, who stay in the kitchen at the service of chefs and housewives, 420BakeIt has always enjoyed the outdoors. Whether it's barbecuing under the summer heat, playing at the beach, or getting baked with friends- 420BakeIt is a complete summer child. The sun's energy itself seemed to have made 420BakeIt an all around happier and energetic Rotom. Only later did I find out that his love for the outdoors partially came from the solar panels installed in the oven 420BakeIt possessed.
Special Training - Solar Oven
The special qualities of this particular solar-powered oven that 420BakeIt possessed granted him a few perks that other Heat Rotoms do not possess. After constant training to harness the sun's energy for use in battle, 420BakeIt managed to learn Solar Beam, Morning Sun, and Heat Wave. Along with this, his electrical attacks have been honed from constantly being under the sun to not refract or weaken under heat or fire. In return for learning this, he has forgotten Toxic, Rain Dance, and Thunderbolt.

Regular Squad:

Mysta Level 6 Female Dragonite (Uplevel)
Hidden Power (Steel)
As a mythical beast from the north, Mysta has grown up facing the frigid tundra and cold oceans as her ancestry have done for generations. I came across Mysta in my travels, watching her show an impressive resilience to the cold, I knew I had to catch and raise such a rare species.
Special Training - Cold Dragon (Ice)
Mysta constantly exudes a light frosty mist a few feet from her body. This mist does not impede any vision, but serves as a buffer for the first two Ice-type attacks which strike her, causing them to deal neutral damage. The mist fizzles out after neutralizing the two Ice strikes. Along with this, Mysta is considered familiar with the Ice-type, and has forgotten all her Fire-type moves due to this. She does not enjoy the comfort in warm temperatures that other Dragons feel, instead feeling somewhat uncomfortable while feeling quite comfortable in colder temperatures.

Bobo-bot Level 6 Genderless Metagross (Uplevel)
Hidden Power (Water)
I found Bobo-bot lurking through an abandoned laboratory. Having nothing to do, it honed its skills in harnessing its luster and light. Upon entering the room at which it laid, I found myself blinded as soon as I stepped in before watching it run off. It took days to find it again, only to suffer from the same trick twice. After a week long trek of searching for it, I finally managed to capture Bobo-bot and learned to harness his skills for battle.
Special Attack - Flash Bomb (Steel)
Bobo expends major energy to hurl a large ball of steel energy into the air. A small portion of the ball splits off into a smaller ball, launching itself into the enemy as the rest sinks into the arena for later. This smaller bomb explodes in a bright flashing light, dealing no damage, but disrupting the victim's vision and startling them in a fashion similar to Flash, for the same duration time while also slightly reducing their defense. Every time a new enemy Pokemon is sent out, another Flash Bomb will pop out of the arena and launch itself into the enemy in the same fashion. As an entry hazard sig, this move can be removed through the same means as needed to remove other entry hazards. Standard boost stipulations apply and Pokemon that are blind or do not rely on vision will not be affected by the flash effect but will still suffer the defense loss. This signature move can only be used once per battle.

Boltman Level 5 Male Electivire
Hidden Power (Ice)
Special Attack - Hero's Cape (Electric)
Boltman surges a significant amount of electrical energy throughout the arena, some of which stays behind and forms an electrical cape around Boltman. This cape surges back benefits into the user, giving Boltman a 10% boost in both of his defensive stats. Standard boost stipulations apply, however, and the cape eventually fades away when the boosts run out. Every time a friendly Pokemon is sent out, some more electrical energy surges onto the Pokemon, creating another cape and providing the same boost. This cape is not destructible by any means as attacks would simply faze through it without harming anyone- it's merely a fashion statement to show the true hero in all of us. This is treated as an entry hazard that effects allied Pokemon. Boltman has forgotten Hyper Beam and Giga Impact in the process of learning this. This move can only be used once per match.

Hawkeye Level 5 Female Pidgeot
Hidden Power (Ground)

Hawkeye is a deadly archer who never misses her target. She often enjoys using wild Pokemon as target practice, despite me chiding her not to. She is a very serious and slightly competitive Pidgeotto, rarely smiling and often thinking egotistically. Despite this, she is a good voice of reason and is often calm in situations where others aren't. Wanting to improve her battle-style, she has taken up a hobby of eating mud at any possible time. With enough practice, she found herself mastering a new ability.
Special Training - Down and Dirty
Hawkeye has eaten so much mud in her life-time that she can now utilize this mud in battle. She has learned Mud Shot with enough energy to use it three times per battle, but has forgotten Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, and Brave Bird.

Sapphire Level 5 Male Blastoise
Hidden Power (Ground)

Sapphire lived within the depths of the waters surrounding the Sevii Islands. He was a bright and carefree Squirtle, who spent much of his time swimming aimlessly throughout the salt waters. Growing up, he developed extensive rivalries with the residential Water-type, which honed his battle skills throughout the years. After one particular battle with a Quagsire, he has learned to utilize the salt water in a particular attack.
Special Attack - Blue Fist (Water)
Sapphire's fist turns bright blue as he charges a considerable amount of water energy before punching the foe for considerable water damage. Upon impact the energy bursts into salty Brine-like water, soaking the foe and having a 20% chance to hinder the opponent's eyesight for a few moments if salt made contact with their eyes.

Emerald Level 5 Male *Shiny* Venusaur
Hidden Power (Fire)
Last to fill Charm's Kanto trio, Emerald was found lurking Viridian Forest when Charm found him trying to fight against the local Pidgey. Losing endlessly, Emerald suffered physically and mentally due to the strain of defeat. It was only through consistent training that Emerald learned to utilize vines and trees in a whole new way.
Special Attack - Green Tree (Grass)
Using heavy grass energy, Emerald can summon a 15 foot tall, energy-made tree which stays on the arena for three rounds. Being made out of energy, the tree cannot be damaged and any moves used against it will phase through harmlessly. Using Green Tree allows Emerald to use Vine Whip and Power Whip from the tree as a source, giving Emerald extended reach to farther and higher foes. Emerald can use this signature move twice per match.
Attached Item: Venusaurite

Mr. Kill Level 5 Male Hitmonchan
Hidden Power (Electric)
Unlike other fighting types, Mr. Kill doesn't seek honor and glory through battle. He only seeks to kill. I found Mr. Kill as a poor Tyrogue lurking the run down and dirty parts of Goldenrod City. He was often bullied by a group of darks types led by a Scrafty, who constantly ganged up on him and left him with many injuries. The tough times he faced led his heart to grow bitter, causing him to litteraly kill one of the offending Scraggy in a fit of rage. I found him standing atop the Scraggy, about to be surrounded by his fellow gang members. I managed to protect the Tyrogue, shooing off the gang with the help of my Pokemon. The Tyrogue has since had eternal respect for me and I decided to bring him along, naming him after the kill he performed on the Scraggy. He may be in safe hands now, but his experiances in the ghetto have forever tainted his soul.
Special Attack - Death Punch (Dark)
Mr. Kill charges considerable dark energy into his fist before punching the air, releasing the energy in the form of a fist which flies forward, hitting the opponent for considerable damage and having a 25% chance to flinch the opponent. Mr. Kill can use a Direct Contact version of this, which works the same as the elemental punches except with dark energy and still maintaining the 25% flinch chance. The Direct Contact version uses the same energy and deals the same damage as the ranged version, however. Mr. Kill has enough energy to use this signature move up to three times per battle.

Bones Level 5 Male Marowak
Hidden Power (Ground)
Special Attack - Bone Switch (Ground)

This is basically a Ground type Volt Switch. Bones charges a significant amount of ground energy into his bone. He then throws the bone at his target, dealing moderate damage to it. Then the bone returns to his hand, similarly to a Bonemerang. The rest of the energy is used to force Bones into his pokeball while a different pokemon takes his place with the same Psychological and physical mindset as Bones. The bone is set to return to Bones' hand so even if the attack were to miss, the bone would return back in his hand and the switch would occur unless the bone was physically stopped before returning to his hand. This is allowed in a Switch=KO match like Volt Switch, U-turn, and Baton Pass. This can only be used once per battle.

October Level 5 Female Gothitelle
Hidden Power (Fighting)
October was born, coincidentally, in October. However, as she grew older she found her favorite month to be February. As a constant flirt, October loved Valentine's Day. Having gained and broken many Pokehearts, October has become quite skilled in the art of lust.
Special Training – Lust Incarnate
October's Attract works more effectively than other Gothitelle, able to even slightly deter males who aren't of physically similar to her. She has gained access to Sweet Kiss and Draining Kiss, but has forgotten Foul Play, Frustration, and Payback.

Garnacia Level 5 Male Donphan
Hidden Power (Ground)
Special Attack - Super Rolly (Various)
Garnacia infuses his trunk with a good amount of energy of a specified type he has access to while rolling forth as he would in a normal Rollout attack before colliding with his target. The collision deals a good amount of damage of the type he utilized along with the amount of Rollout damage he would deal in that instance, and thus the energy usage would equate to a good amount of type energy along with the energy used for Rollout. Garnacia can only use Super Rolly with damage dealing types he has access to. He can use Super Rolly up to 4 times per battle, and only up to two times with one type.

Laura Level 5 Female Mawile
Hidden Power (Water)
Laura is a very, very shy Mawile. She often keeps to herself, lost in her own thought about who knows what. Laura tends to play with her little collection of glass toys in a corner while the other squad members are out enjoying themselves and interacting. Despite her shyness, she deeply cares for all her comrades despite not showing it. Her feelings are easily hurt, almost glass-like in terms of fragileness, so we take extra care to make sure she doesn't burst out crying. No one really knows what she's like when she's more at ease and we're not quite sure when that will happen since she lacks a lot of confidence in herself.
Special Training - Delicate Pixie (Fairy)
Laura learned Moon Blast, but forgot Play Rough.

Billy Level 5 Male Zangoose
Hidden Power (Psychic)
Special Training - Claws are for Cutting
Billy learned Cut.

Riff Level 5 Male Crawdaunt
Hidden Power (Poison)
Special Attack - Star Shower (Various)
Basically a multi-type version of Swift. Riff releases a various colored Swift (depending on the type of the attack) that hits the opponent for good damage using good energy. Similarly to Swift, it is fast moving and can deal partial blows if only some of the stars hit. Riff can use Star Shower with any damage dealing type he has access to. He may only use this signature up to 4 times, and only up to 2 times with one type.

Peter the Petrasaur Level 5 Male Aerodactyl
Hidden Power (Grass)
Special Attack - Rock Wing (Rock)
Basically a Rock-type Steel Wing, except his wings glow dark brown instead of a metallic silver. Energy usage is equivalent to a Steel Wing but it will deal significant damage to soft bodies while only dealing decent damage to hard bodies. Damage will be in between significant and decent (around solid damage) if the body isn't soft or hard enough to be classified as either.

Gaius Level 5 Male Pinsir
Hidden Power (Ground)
I found Gaius while traveling through Viridian Forest one day. Strangely enough, he wasn't lurking through tall grass, or hunched up on a tree. He was underground, quaking the earth and scaring away other Bug-type Pokemon. It took quite some effort to make Gaius come out of the ground that he made his home, but afterwards a tough battle commenced and I finally caught the little bugger.
Special Training - The Earth is Where is the Home is (Ground)
Gaius is considered familiar with the Ground-type. Along with this, his pinsers are adapted in a way that makes Digging easier, giving him the ability to use Dig almost as fast and efficiently as a Drillbur. Due to his preference for the ground, his movement above ground is even worse than an ordinary Pinsir's.

Shinobi Level 5 Male *Black* Scizor
Hidden Power (Rock)
As a Scyther, Shinobi was a top tier ninja. He completed assassinations and other missions without falter. Although when he evolved, that all changed. The added bulk that a Scizor attains from evolution made Shinobi slower and less agile than his glory days as a Scyther. Through extensive training, Shinobi learned how to overcome this.
Special Training - True Ninja
Shinobi's speed, agility, and flight capabilities are now equal to that of a Scyther's, however, his defenses are now as weak as a Scyther's defenses. Along with this, Shinobi can now use the attack: Fly.

Gilan Level 5 Male Absol
Hidden Power (Flying)
In his previous life, Gilan was a member of the Rangers Corps. of the kingdom of Araluen. Known as a calm, cool, and collected individual, Gilan was also the only member of the Corps. who was well versed in the art of swordsmanship.
Special Training - Master Swordsman
All attacks that involve Gilan's head scythe will do 10% more damage, however, all attacks that involve his tail, claws, and teeth will do 10% less damage.

Manny Level 5 Male Mamoswine
Hidden Power (Flying)
Manny grew up in the times of the Ice Age, going through the realms of the frozen and accustoming himself to his environment. Upon one fateful day, Manny fell into a large icy crevice which trapped him until he was eventually frozen within it. Thousands of years passed and Manny was finally freed, suddenly forced to adapt to a new non-frozen world. The powers of his time didn't leave him, however, granting him special control over the ancient ice powers within him.
Special Attack - Ice Berg Climb (Ice)
Manny surges severe Ice-type energy into the ground, causing a sloped ice berg, to a height of about 2 meters, to form before climbing it and tackling the opponent for significant neutral damage similarly to Rock Climb. This ice is formed from Manny's own energy and thus could be used on any sort of terrain. The formed ice also slightly chills any close to it (about 1 meter) who are not used to cold weather while making Ice-types who are within 1 meter of it slightly more enthusiastic.

Ralph Level 5 Male Goodra
Hidden Power (Fighting)

Special Resistance - Fairy
This Goodra was awarded as the top prize for winning the Winter 2013 Grand Melee, and hence does not count towards squad limits. After excessive training by only the best, it is exceptionally tough. This toughness prevents it from taking super effective damage from Fairy type attacks. Instead, it will receive neutral damage from them.

Hippie Level 5 Male Cacturne
Hidden Power (Rock)
Hippy was the prize for ranking first in the Spring 2014 Grand Melee. He does not count toward squad limits.
Special Training - Nuked Sun (Fire)
Hippy likes to tell people that he was tested on for years. In reality, he probably swallowed something he wasn't supposed to. Whatever the case may be, he now permanently has an odd glow. This causes him to be permanently under the effects of Sunny Day. Any attack or move that requires the sun of the sun is bestowed upon Hippy, even in other weather conditions, indoors or at night. As a side effect, the odd green glow will easily give away his position in darkness or while hiding, although the look can be considered menacing.

Tywin Level 5 Male Tyrantrum
Hidden Power (Dragon)

Special Training - Get back down here! (Rock)
Tywin learned Smack Down, but has forgotten Horn Drill and Thrash.

Don Level 3 Male Honchkrow
Hidden Power (Steel)
No Signature Move

Swagsire Level 4 Male Quagsire
Hidden Power (Bug)
No Signature Move

Rune Level 5 Female Flygon
Hidden Power (Steel)
No Signature Move

Alena Level 5 Female Lanturn
Hidden Power (Poison)
No Signature Move

Salt Level 3 Female Froslass
Hidden Power (Ground)
No Signature Move

Athena Level 1 Female Larvitar
Hidden Power Flying
No Signature Move

Sizira Level 2 Male Skarmory
Hidden Power Ground
No Signature Move

Lawrence Level 5 *Black* Male Gallade
Hidden Power Dark
Preferred to be called King Lawrence, the Gallade hates to be looked down on by others. His proud nature makes his more vengeful than heroic. This matches his appearance, where black and dark hues cover what would normally be green and blue on the Gallade.
Special Attack - Unholy Sword (Dark)
Lawrence charges significant dark energy into his blade before slicing the foe for significant dark damage. This move is particularly good at fighting the evil spirits, dealing full damage to ethereal ghosts. Lawrence has forgotten Night Slash and can only use this signature move two times per battle.

El Santo Level 1 Male Hawlucha
Hidden Power (Steel)

No Signature Move

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Scar: Level 1 Male Poochyena
I found Scar in A cliffy rocky drought-ridden area, with recent fires blazing across the ground. I took him home and when he finally woke up, he looked unhappy with himself. When he met my Timburr Jacky, instead of keeping his attitude and getting in A fight as these 2 types of pokemon often do, they become friends, despite Scar's menacing, well, scar across his eye. He made many friends and helped around the house alot before I went out to battle with him.
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Bubbles: Level 1 Male Oshawott
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Trainer Name: Emi(UPN), Plight of Leon(Serebii)
Trainer Level: 4
Referee Grade: B
Record: 32 Wins / 16 Losses / 7 Draws
KOes: 91
TP: 256.5
SP: 8.5

Spoiler: show
Reimu: Level 5 Female Gardevoir
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Defense: Hakurei Barrier (Fairy)
Using significant Fairy energy, Reimu creates a barrier that covers the entire allied side of the field. This defensive barrier won't stop attacks but buffers their damage. This buffer depends on how many Pokemon Reimu is protecting: if its just herself, this reduces the damage Reimu takes by 15% while if it protects both her and an ally it will reduced damage taken by 10%. Widespread moves, since they hit more of the barrier, will suffer a further 10% reduction. This barrier lasts for three rounds and can only be used twice per match. However, due to the fact that Reimu have overspecialized in the use of this barrier, she can no longer use Light Screen or Reflect.

Shingyoko: Level 4 Female Castform
Hidden Power: Psychic
Signature Training: Three Forms of the First Gatekeeper
Shingyoko has three forms she can turn into depending on the weather. During most weather, she will remain in her normal form, which gives her a 10% increase to both of her offensive stats at the cost of a 10% debuff to her defenses. In the sun, she turns into her sunny form and gains a 20% buff to her special defense at the cost of a 20% debuff to her physical attack. When its snowing or hailing, she turns into her hail form and gains a 20% buff to her defense at the cost of a 20% debuff to her speed. She cannot change into her rainy form.

Yuugenmagan: Level 4 Female Malamar
Hidden Power: Flying
Signature Technique: Evil Eye Hypnosis
Yuugenmagan blinks the lights on her body ominously, causing the opponent to stare at them briefly. This won't interrupt an opponent but put them in a hypnotic trance, making them feel they are much more slow and dimwitted than before. This makes them somewhat less likely to evade attacks and makes it more difficult to understand conditionals, similar but less potent than the Slowpoke SC. This lasts for about three rounds, and can be used twice per match.

Mima: Level 4 Female Misdreavus
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Attack: Hokora Seal Detonation!
Mima creates a miniature shrine out of heavy Ghost energy which sucks the opponent in (leading theories into this are it seems to create a pocket dimension). Mima then causes the shrine to be destroyed in any various number of ways, all automatically, dealing significant Ghost damage to the victim inside and debuffing their Special Attack by 20%, fading like a normal debuff will. Due to the fact that she needs the real shrine to exist in order to do this move, this can only be used once per opponent.

Elis: Level 4 Female Noivern
Hidden Power: Rock
Signature Attack: Danmaku Shower!
Waving her wand around in the air, several little white balls of energy form in front of Elis, before she fires them to rain down at her opponent. This attack deals significant Dragon damage for significant Dragon energy, but has a special trait to it. If the opponent tries to defend against this move with a move that reflect damage, such as Bide or Mirror Coat, this move will shatter the aura, preventing the attack from going off, and deal boosted damage to the opponent similar to Brick Break.

Kikuri: Level 4 Lunatone
Hidden Power: Fire
Signature Technique: Astral Dimension
Expanding considerable Psychic energy, Kikuri creates a space similar to a room that resembles Hell. While in this space, all Pokemon except for Kikuri will feel very uneasy here, making their attacks use slightly more energy and increasing their susceptibility to and the potency of fear inducing moves. This space will last for three rounds.

Sariel: Level 4 Female Clefairy
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Techique: Slip Speed
Sariel begins to fade out until she looks somewhat translucent as her body fills up with energy. Her ability to fly and her speed are greatly increased, although this fades similarly to an Agility buff. She will take 10% more damage from attacks however in this stage, and loses the ability to use other boosting moves while in this form. This uses considerable energy and can only be used once per match.

Konngara: Level 4 Female Rhydon
Hidden Power: Ghost
Signature Attack: Astral Blade
Charging up a blade of significant rock energy, Konngara swings it forward, striking the opponent for solid damage. This blade is special in that it will always a Pokemon like they were in the solid state, but doesn't deal any boosted damage. In addition, any Pokemon hit by this blade gets trapped in the small slip it makes, slowing them slightly for the next three rounds. Konngara can only use this twice per opponent.

Rika: Level 1 Magnemite
Hidden Power: Grass
Signature Technique: Evil Eye Transformation
Using good Dark energy, Rika changes into the Evil Eye Σ, increasing the size of the eye on her body. While in this form, she is no longer bound by the rules of levitation and can float freely, still being under the rules for flying pokemon, while also being faster and more nimble. This mobility comes at a cost however; she'll take 15% more damage from special moves while in this form and speed based abilities such as Agility will cost a light amount more energy to execute. This state lasts for three rounds and can only be used once per match.

Meira: Level 1 Female Pawniard
Hidden Power: Flying
Signature Attack: Tsubame Gaeshi
Meira stands off with her opponent, before rushing forwards with her blades, performing a seemingly impossible task by slashing the opponent with three strikes that all happen at the same time. This attack is completely unavoidable due to coming in multiple directions, although its still limited by where Meira can actually hit and even if Protect is used, two of the strikes will still hit the opponent, although the power of this attack will be reduced to two-thirds its normal strength. This will only strike one clone in Double Team and although it will hit the Sub, if it breaks the sub the rest of the attack may hit the opponent depending on how close they are. This does significant Psychic damage for major energy with Meira having the energy to use it twice.

Marisa: Level 1 Female Pikachu
Hidden Power: Grass
Signature Attack: Master Spark
Charging up an extreme amount of Electric energy, Marisa fires out a massive beam of electrical energy in front of her, the beam obliterating everything that is in front of it. Anything caught in the beam is dealt an major amount of Electric damage and are left moderately paralyzed. For the next two rounds after this attack however, the strength of Marisa's Electric-type moves are reduced akin to a Nasty Plot.

Ellen: Level 1 Female Abra
Hidden Power: Fighting

Kotohime: Level 1 Female Igglybuff
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Technique: TEAR GAS DESU
Creating a small can out of energy, Kotohime fires the can into the air before it lands down on the opponent's side of the arena, exploding in a cloud of tear gas. This tear gas is highly irritating, causing a lot of discomfort to the opponent. This gas cloud will clear after three rounds. It uses mild Steel and mild Poison energy, with enough Steel energy for two uses.

Kana: Level 1 Female Duskull
Hidden Power: Fairy
Signature Attack: Singing Multi Bottle Rocket
Creating a multi bottle rocket in front of her with heavy Ghost energy, she fires it at the opponent, where it deals considerable physical Ghost damage. There is also a 20% chance that after being hit with this attack, the opponent will either be lulled to sleep or confused by how this attack works. She can only use it twice per opponent.

Rikako: Level 1 Female Beldum
Hidden Power: Water
Signature Attack: Apollo Launch
Charging up a heavy amount of Psychic energy, Rikako creates two large rockets of energy which launch her into the air, before she crashes down on the opponent, dealing considerable Psychic damage. This attack fires fast, so it can be used to dodge attacks similar to Bounce.

Chiyuri: Level 1 Female Krabby
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Attack: GIVE 'EM THE CHAIR!
Chiyuri creates a chair out of Water that looks like one of those metal folding chairs you see in the WWE, before swinging at her opponent's head, hitting the opponent before the chair breaks down back into water. While made of water, it has properties similar to Steel-type moves and will reduce damage from incoming attacks by about 10%, potentially deflecting moves if they are moderate power or lower. This does significant Water damage for significant Water energy, and has a 10% chance to cause confusion if it hits the opponent's head. Chiyuri can only use GIVE 'EM THE CHAIR! thrice per match.

Yumemi: Level 1 Female Spinda
Hidden Power: Psychic
Signature Attack: Probability Space Hypervessel
Yumemi quickly travels into another dimension, striking the opponent through dimensions with a blast of Psychic energy that is almost unavoidable, before reappearing behind the opponent a small distance away. This does considerable damage for heavy energy, and is potentially disruptive similar to Extrasensory. This cannot hit through Substitute and Yumemi can only use this move twice per match.

Ruukoto: Level 4 Bronzong
Hidden Power: Ice
Signature Attack: Rapid Suction Rapid Spin
Ruukoto spins around rapidly, using considerable energy to create a vortex around herself that pulls the opponent and entry hazards, such as Stealth Rock or Spikes. Any entry hazard that gets trapped inside the vortex will also activate one final time, with anything that's detrimental like damage or status working on the opponent and anything beneficial like healing or a buff working on Ruukuto. Once the vortex is stopped, the opponent is blasted away and all entry hazards leave the field. This can be used twice per match.

Mimi-Chan, the ICBM: Level 5 Female Forretress
Hidden Power: Water
Signature Attack: Mutually Assured Destruction
Mimi launches herself into the air quickly, arcing highly into the air before coming down and crashing into the opponent, causing a large explosion. This does heavy Fire damage for major energy and causes a massive explosion, flattening anything in the arena around Mimi-chan except the sturdiest of structures, in a radius of about 15 feet. Since this attack releases a lot of radiation, any Pokemon except for Mimi-chan in the blast radius will be affected by Toxic poisoning. This can only be used once per match, as we don't want to cause nuclear winter.

Orange: Level 1 Female Riolu
Hidden Power: Ice
Signature Training: A Perfectly Normal Youkai
Orange's support moves will performed slightly quicker and be more potent, with her boosting moves getting a bigger benefit from this. Since Lucario are beings in-tune with nature, any arena affect will always benefit her. She will however tire faster than other Fighting-types, and her ability to read auras is weakened, since she'll get outside interference from the environment.

Kurumi: Level 1 Female Noibat
Hidden Power: Rock
Signature Attack: Bathory's Bloody Performance
Kurumi's flies up into the air, positioning her speakers in a direct line to her opponent. She then releases a very loud scream, causing a massive beam of Dragon energy and sound to blast into her opponent. This scream is so loud that it will make the opponent terrified of Kurumi, as well as interrupting any move that requires concentration from the opponent like Endure or Bide. This does massive Dragon damage for massive energy and can only be used twice per match.

Elly: Level 4 Female Scizor
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Attack: Ankou's Scythe
Concentrating moderate Steel energy into her scythe or claw, Elly swings it at the opponent, causing a scythe shaped boomerang to form and very quickly strike the opponent, moving as fast as Bullet Punch. This does mild damage, and flinches the opponent out of their attack. This effect diminishes strongly the more the attack is used, only working perfectly the first time it is used.

Yuuka: Level 1 Female Petilil
Hidden Power: Bug
Signature Technique: Pain Pollen
Using solid Grass energy, Yuuka releases a thick cloud of red pollen at her opponent. When the opponent breathes it in, they will suffer from debilitating pain for the next two rounds, making it more difficult to move and potentially interrupting attacks. Yuuka is so skilled with this technique that she can use it to affect a certain portion of a Pokemon's body, amplifying the pain, however any other part of the Pokemon's body remains unaffected. This has to be a specific part of the body, like a limb. This effect is can be cleared by moves that clear most status, like Heal Bell and Refresh, and by moves that clear paralysis. Yuuka can use this once per opponent.

Mugetsu: Level 1 Female Munna
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Technique: Icemilk Magic
Using heavy Ice energy, Mugetsu creates a light blue, extremely cold version of the Munna's dream mist to surround the opponent, freezing them in a block of ice. While frozen by this manner, Mugetsu can use her Dream Eater and Nightmare attacks on the opponent, although Dream Eater will immediately melt away the ice. The freezing can be broken or melted like any other kind of full freeze. This can only be used once per Pokemon.

Gengetsu: Level 1 Female Drowzee
Hidden Power: Fire

Sara: Level 1 Female Throh
Hidden Power: Bug
Signature Training: Gatekeeper Arts
While Sara is grappling an opponent, they cannot switch out via conventional switching or by switching moves. Sara's Block is much faster and more effective, and when Sara successfully blocks a switch, she will immediately grapple the opponent and pin them to the ground, burning them along where her arms.

Louise: Level 1 Female Togepi
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Attack: Five-Thousand Mile Bus Ride
Louise grows with a bright yellow light before charging head first at her opponent with incredible speed, second only to Extremespeed, before hitting them head-on, dealing solid Fairy-damage and buffing Louise's Sp.Def by 10% for five turns. This can only be used three times per match. **** bus schedules. This uses significant energy.

Alice: Level 4 Female Espeon
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Training: The Girl Who Played with People's Shapes
Alice's Substitutes cost no health to make, while still retaining the same amount of damage absorbing potential. While the sub cannot perform offensive maneuvers, Alice can make the substitute perform defensive techniques like Agility and Protect, since she can manipulate the Substitute like a doll. Her Substitutes cost 1.5x energy instead of 1.25x energy however.

Mai: Level 4 Female Piloswine
Hidden Power: Water
Signature Attack: Frozen River Cocytus
Mai raises her body into the air before slamming into the ground with a thunderous crash, causing a solid amount of Ice energy to pour into the ground. The ice energy runs along the surface, freezing the ground above it with large spikes of ice before hitting the opponent, dealing solid damage and freezing them to the ground. The spikes appear frequently but disappear immediately after this move ends, leaving just a frozen patch of ground. This move is boosted by moves like Curse and Swords Dance and will do SE damage on Water-types, similar to Freeze Dry.

Yuki: Level 4 Female Camerupt
Hidden Power: Grass
Signature Attack: Volcanic Eruption
Using considerable Fire Energy, Yuki sends a stream of lava and ash into the air like a violent volcanic eruption, causing thick black clouds of ash to form over the arena. Small hot balls of dust and lava will descend onto the field and any non-Fire type has a 10% chance each round of sustaining a mild burn because of it. Fire-types will feel more at home in such conditions, while Water types will be far less enthusiastic and their attacks will deal 10% less damage. Volcanic Eruption will last for 5 rounds.

Yumeko: Level 1 Female Seedot
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Attack: Dream Sever
Creating a black sword out of a significant amount of Dark energy, Yumeko quickly leaps forwards and slashes the opponent with it, dealing considerable damage. When the opponent is hit with this sword, they have a 20% chance of entering a delirious state, either confusing them or putting them to sleep (20% total, not 20% for each status). While the sword is physical and can be stopped by Reflect, the magical properties of it allow it to hit ethereal Ghosts for full damage. This can only be used thrice per match.

Shinki: Level 1 Female Deino
Hidden Power: Poison
Signature Attack: Consign to Makai
Flapping her wings as they become concentrated with/focusing a major amount of Dark energy in her mouth since people are retarded, Shinki sends several large waves of Dark energy to her opponent. The waves smash into the opponent, dealing heavy damage. Shinki's awesome display of power makes it so a Pokemon has a 30% chance to become infatuated with her. This does not depend on the Pokemon's gender or Egg Group / similarity, since its primarily based on the ideas of awe and reverence. Shinki can only use this move twice per opponent.

Rumia: Level 1 Female Sableye
Attached with: Sablenite
Hidden Power: Steel
Signature Training: Yokai of Darkness
Rumia is being most as home in darkness, and whenever in an arena that is considerably dark or in night-time, Rumia will regain light health and energy per round, up to a Hyper Beam's worth in total.

Daiyousei: Level 1 Female Hoppip
Hidden Power: Fire
Signature Technique: Hyper Natural Gain
Daiyousei recovers 50% more health and energy from being in Sun or Rain. Daiyousei, however, takes 25% more damage from both Fire and Ice-type moves because of this.

Cirno: Level 4 Female Weavile
Hidden Power: Flying
Signature Attack: Spear of Justice
Cirno slams her foot into the ground, causing a number of spears made out of ice energy to rise out of the ground. This provides a brief but effective temporary cover for Cirno, before she launches the spears into the air, the spears surrounding her opponent in a circle before quickly closing in on them, dealing considerable Ice damage. This uses heavy energy.

Meiling: Level 1 Female Meinfoo
Hidden Power: Electric
Signature Attack: Rainbow Beheading Strike! (Fairy)
Jumping into the air, Meiling charges her fist with considerable Fairy energy before slamming her palm into her opponent's head, slamming them into the ground and doing considerable Fairy damage. Softer Pokemon will be mostly unaffected by being slammed into the ground and will only take good damage, while larger and harder Pokemon will be slammed into the ground with very considerable force, with a 20% chance of being paralyzed by the attack, although it won't deal extra damage like Brick Break. Meiling has the Fairy energy to use this move twice.

Koakuma: Level 1 Female Gothita
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Technique: I Read It in a Book Somewhere...
Opening up a green spellbook in her hands, which reveals the hidden information of every Pokemon currently in the battle. If any Pokemon learn moves via sigs that are not Signature Attacks (i.e. learning Iron Tail and Aqua Tail, not a brand-new move) Koakuma can pick a total two of those moves (not two from every Pokemon) and give them to herself, giving herself two uses of the moves if she normally wouldn't have the energy. This is limited by the same rules as Mimic and moves gained in this manner cost 10% more energy. This costs high energy and can only be used once a match.

Patchoulli: Level 4 Female Chansey
Hidden Power: Flying
Signature Technique: Melding of the Signs
When using a special attack, Patchoulli can choose to give her attack an aspect of another type she has access too, by ordering [Type of the Attack she's using] - [Type of the Attack she's imbuing an aspect of]. For example, if she orders Ice - Fire Ice Beam, the Ice Beam instead of freezing will instead cause burns. If the aspect is not very clear from the type (for example, Ghost or Bug) it is up to the ref to decide what the effect should be. Any attack she chooses to do this with will cost an additional 20% energy and will cost her a mild amount of type energy from the type she is using as an aspect seperately. She can only use this three times per battle.

Sakuya: Level 1 Female Pawniard
Hidden Power: Water
Signature Attack: Sakuya's World
Sakuya leaps at her opponent as time dramatically slows down and eventually stops, freezing the world in its tracks. With her opponent unable to dodge, she slashes at them multiple times, dealing considerable Steel damage to them. While in suspended space, Sakuya does not have the time to dodge attacks, and so is unable to do so. After that, time speeds up again and the match resumes as normal. However, because being in a suspended time space can cause massive loss of thermal energy, there is a 20% chance that the opponent can be frozen solid after this attack, although the ice will not be very thick. This uses heavy energy. This can only be used twice per match.

Remilia: Level 1 Female Woobat
Hidden Power: Dark
Signature Attack: Kazikli Bay
Charging up a severe amount of Fighting energy into her body, Remilia suddenly releases it in a massive burst of energy which surrounds the opponent in impales them with several spears of energy. This does major damage and restores 33% of the damage done as health and can only be used once per match.

Flandre: Level 1 Female Zubat
Hidden Power: Fire
Signature Attack: Levitainn
Using a heavy amount of Fire energy, Flandre creates a ball of fire in her mouth before firing it at the opponent. The ball of fire hits them and explodes on contact, dealing considerable fire damage and will cause any buffs on the opponent to be immediately dispelled. Flandre only has the Fire energy to use this attack twice.

Letty: Level 4 Female Dewgong
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Technique: The Flowers of Winter Bloom Again
Letty's Hail is significantly more potent that normal, turning the normal hailstorm into a blizzard. This reduces visibility for most Pokemon by a decent amount, Ice-types being excepted from this, and constantly chilling them while in the blizzard. All Ice attacks while in this blizzard have a 10% greater chance of causing freezing. Letty will also suffer from exhaustion less while Hail is in effect. Letty's Hail now costs good energy.

Chen: Level 4 Female Persian
Hidden Power: Flying
Signature Attack: Flight of Itoden
Chen becomes covered in flames before she rushes at the opponent, hitting them multiples times and disorienting them from multiple angles. This causes their next action to be delayed somewhat as they try to regain their bearings. This does considerable Fire damage, since she's on fire, for significant energy, and Chen can only use this two times per match.

Lily White: Level 1 Female Spritzee
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Attack: It's Spring!
Rising into the air, Lily White suddenly shoots out a lot of little pink bullets that rain down on the opponents side of the field, similar to Draco Meteor. The damage this attack can do is varied based on how many of the bullets hit, doing between good and major Fairy damage, on average doing significant. When the bullets hit the arena, it will cause a portion of the arena to become lush and vibrant with plant life no matter what type of environment its in. This will make all Grass attacks 10% stronger. This costs significant energy.

Merlin: Level 1 Female Pumpkaboo
Hidden Power: Water
Signature Attack: Sudden Hoenn Trumpets
Merlin suddenly plays a jaunty trumpet tune from a trumpet she makes out of significant Ghost energy. This releases waves of Ghost energy that do significant Ghost damage to a target, and also causes them to become elated. While they will be more enthusiastic, their defenses will drop by 15%. This attack is dependent of the opponent's mental state at the time and can only be used twice per opponent.

Lyrica: Level 4 Female Haunter
Hidden Power: Water
Signature Technique: Illusionary Notes
Lyrica pulls out a ghostly keyboard and begins to play on it, causing a dull sounding song to fill the arena. While the opponent will be bored by it, it will sound nice to Lyrica and her allies, giving them the same effects as Wish. Additionally, all sound based moves used by Lyrica and her allies will deal 10% more damage to the opponent for five rounds. This has the same diminishing returns as Wish and can only be used twice per battle. This uses good energy.

Lunasa: Level 1 Female Drifloon
Hidden Power: Water
Signature Attack: Melody of Mayhem
Creating a violin out of heavy Ghost energy, Lunasa begins to play a haunting tune. Initially nothing will happen, but the melody will hang in the air, causing red strings to attach themselves to the opponent from seemingly nowhere. These strings cannot be affected by any way. For the next two to three rounds, the opponent will continuously feel more and more depressed, sharply reducing their enthusiasm and lowering the damage of their attacks by 10% for five rounds(this is a flat decrease and does not increase with time). At the end of the third round after this attack, energy will suddenly run down the strings, causing an explosion where the opponent is, dealing considerable damage. Melody of Mayhem can only be used twice per battle, and it can be cleared by moves which clear curses.

Layla: Level 1 Female Spiritomb
Attached with: Tombstone Badge
Hidden Power: Fairy
Signature Technique: Laments of the Undead
Screeching loudly, Layla places a powerful curse on the opponent When the opponent is affected by a damaging sound move, like Round, at end the of the round, the curse will kick in and drain away energy from the opponent equal to 1/4 of the energy they used during the round. This does not drain type energy, only general energy, and will not make a Pokemon more exhausted. In addition, this does not give energy back to Layla. Multiple uses of sound moves do not cause the effect to stack. Laments of the Undead costs solid Ghost energy to use and lasts for three rounds and can only be used once per match

Youmu: Level 1 Female Honedge
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Attack: Flashing Scattered Flowers
Youmu quickly charges up a considerable amount of Grass energy into her blade, taking very little time at all, before slicing at the opponent with incredible speed. When she hits her opponent, a flurry of flower petals erupts, although this is merely for dramatic effect. After being hit, part of Youmu's ghostly spirit will haunt the foe, circling around its head as its waits for an oppurtunity to strike. If the opponent does super-effective damage to Youmu, the spirit will retaliate and do half the damage inflicted to the opponent, but this will cost Youmu half the energy done as damage. While this haunting can be cleared by Refresh, switching will only make the ghost haunt the next Pokemon coming in. This ghost will haunt the opponent until one SE moves is dealt. This deals good Grass damage and can only be used twice per match.

Yuyuko: Level 1 Female Phantump

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New for me as well

vs. Phoopes(Serebii)
vs. Handy(Serebii)

CyberBlastoise(Serebii)Win via KO

BlazeVA- Lost via KO
TheNthDoctor(serebii)- Lost via KO
ROFLMAO- Lost via KO
Kusari(Serebii)-Lost via KO
Charminions(UPN)- Lost via KO
Kairne(Serebii)- Lost Via KO
Celebii151- Lost via KO

Kairne: Level 2 Male Gyarados
Cory: Level 2 Male Monferno
Shawn: Level 1 Male Wooper
Sven: Level 1 Genderless Klang
Flash: Level 1 Male Yamma
Morgan: Level 1 Male Sawk
Elliot: Level 1 Male Misdreavus
Arnold: Level 1 Male Mantine
fizzay: Level 1 Female Gible
Jenkins: Level 1 Male Cottonee
Drake: Level 1 Male Murkrow
Sammy: Level 1 Female Meditite
Emily: Level 1 Female Zoura

2 KO/20 TP



Credit to Celebii 151 for the Team Pose

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Reposting here.

TP: 52
SP: 10.25
KO's: 26
W/L/D: 11/4/0
B- Grade Referee

Spoiler: show
VS Niihyl (Loss 1-2)
VS Charminions (Loss 1-2)
VS Original151Rocks (Win 1-0)
VS JolteonJak (Win 2-1)
VS Roglef (Win 3-2)
VS Kusari (Loss 0-1 Realistic)
VS Milotic111 (Loss 2-3)
VS Mon1010 (Win 3-2)
VS Phoopes (Win 2-1)
VS Xanderketsu (Win 2-1)
VS Kindrindra (Win 6-5)
VS Sublemonal (DQ Win 1-0)
VS IronDestroyer (TheRiddler) (Win 3-1)
VS Atluss (Win 1-0 Realistic)
VS Biggggg5 (Win 1-0)

Spoiler: show

King Mercy: Level 3 Male Arbok
Under Construction

Capone: Level 3 Male Honchkrow
Under Construction

Nick Fury: Level 2 Male Mankey
Under Construction

Sarki: Level 2 Female Prinplup
Spoiler: show
Special Technique: "Fly me away" (Flying)
Sarki doesn't like Fighting types one bit, but she also dislikes Grass types equally as much. Therefore, she has gained familiarity to Flying type Attacks, and thus has the same amount of Flying energy as a Volbeat would have Electric Energy. She has also learned the move Air Slash. However, she has lost her affinity for Ice Type attacks, and has lost the use of Blizzard, Icy Wind, and Hail.

Static: Level 2 Male Electrike
Spoiler: show
Bio: Electrike was somehow stranded in a cold area, with snow and frequent storms. The only Ice move prior to this that he knew was Ice Fang, but learned from other pokemon how to instead channel Ice Energy at the Back of his throat.
Special Technique: Shiyyyyt its cold (Ice)
Electrike can use Ice Beam once per battle, but has the amount of Ice type energy an ordinary Normal type pokemon would have.

Kardan: Level 2 Male Kirlia
Under Construction

Blato: Level 2 Male Quagsire
Under Construction

Carnabis: Level 2 Male Ivysaur
Under Construction

Ariane: Level 2 Female Gligar
Spoiler: show
Ariane: Level 2 Female Gligar
Signature Training: "An actual flying type"
Ariane has the flying abilities similar to an ordinary flying type (E.G. Pidgey, Starly, etc).

Celique: Level 2 Female Skarmory
Spoiler: show
Bio: Celique is one of the new additions to my team. My biggest whim for TL2. Unfortunately, her movepool isn't the best, and I decided to teach her a move that would help her overcome her weaknesses better than she can already, by helping her utilise an already existing move in her movepool; Drill Peck. Use some Ground Energy, and Hey presto. Because Y'know, Rock Tomb/Rock Slide isn't all that reliable.
Signature Training: "Drill Run"
Celique can use Drill Run twice per battle, and can't use Drill Peck.

Maiyana: Level 1 Female Misdreavus
Under Construction

Lamina: Level 2 Female Pawniard
Spoiler: show
Lamina: Level 2 Female Pawniard
Bio: Lamina has 6 siblings. All male. Lamina was often looked down upon by her father, and seen as an obsolete child, a nobody. In the clan that they existed in, there was a test of honour, where the child would fight a fully pledged warrior of the tribe. As Lamina grew older, her siblings took on the test. None of them passed on the first try, however they were allowed to retake the test after a month interval. When Lamina became old enough to take the test, her father stopped her, declaring that she isn't worth the test. Lamina grew incredibly angry with her father, and ran away. After 5 months of training, she returned, and challenged her father, so that she could pass the test. Lamina was incredibly tough to beat, as she had managed to hone her blade skills to the best that they could be. However, she eventually fell to her father, and she felt distrought. However, her father saw that she was powerful, and congratulated her. She was happy, and when it came the time to retake the test, she won.
Special Training: "Cutting Things"
Due to her extensive training, Lamina has furthered her skills with her bladed arms. Because of this, all attacks that involve slashing are 1.25x as powerful with an equivalent increase in energy use. She has also learned the move Leaf Blade, from training with Grass Types, with enough energy to use this move twice. Pawniard cannot use Thief, Swagger, Torment, Sucker Punch, Faint Attack, Toxic, or Double Team, as she considers these moves to be dishonourable.

Anoxic: Level 2 Male Stunky
Under Construction

Zustar: Level 2 Male Furret
Spoiler: show
Bio: Zustar, another new addition, was found as a Sentret who had lost its mother in a ferocious battle with a mother Mienshao. Zustar had wandered, until I eventually found him, cold, and in a fever. After recovering him, he associated me with his lost mother, and sought to protect me for as long as he was my pokemon. Though one day, we ran into the same wild Mienshao, who assumed that we were threatening her cubs. Sentret's eyes grew red with anger, and he jumped down to fight her. I was reluctant to let him do so, but he insisted. After being hit with a fighting attack, he grew angry, and released a flurry of Dizzy Punch's at her, resulting in her fainting within a few rounds. He evolved not long after, and whenever he has encountered a fighting type, that same rage has grown in his eyes. However, his mind is more determined than angry, as he has already taken his revenge, and now is determined to be stronger.
Signature Training: "Fuck Fighting types"
Whenever Zustar is hit with a fighting attack, he grows angry, and becomes more intimidating. Intimidation moves after this are 10% more effective. In addition to this, all attacks after being hit with a fighting type move, are 1.25x stronger for the rest of the round, whilst costing the same amount more in energy. Zustar is more susceptible to mind altering moves when he is in this state, and his mind isn't particularly clear. There is a small chance that he will not obey defensive orders in this state, although it is a very small chance, about 10%, as most of this is based on determination.

Ahri: Level 1 Female Vulpix

Voras: Level 1 Male Spinarak
Under Construction

Spoiler: show

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Eclipse of the Night

Kin: Male Human
"Even if you can't save the world, you can at least try."
"You will do something ten times. Nine, you will do flawlessly. The tenth, you will mess up. And that will be the only time anyone will remember."
A young and naive boy. Formerly the Gym Trainer of Dave's Dark Gym, winner of the Pokebowl Z, and all around fairly lazy yet full of heart.

No Sig

32W/22L/7D - 278TP/104KO/12.25SP (3 lent to blaze, 1 owed to Kamen, 2.5 owed to deh, also blaze gave me a forkton)
-Breakwater Badge obtained-
-Pokebowl Z Badge obtained-

Spoiler: show
Yang: Level 5 Male Umbreon
"Kin, is this really the best idea?"
Yang, my very first partner. That little pest would some day become one of my closest friends. Who knew? I think back to how we met, when I caught him stealing my stuff and booking it. When I discovered where he was running off too. The first time I gave food to him, rather than having it taken. The first time he let cuddle him. When I set out on my journey, and he followed. When he cleared Yin's name. When he sniffed out Lily. Our first battle. Our enthusiastic attempts to develop his own 'Special Move'. One day, it occurred to me. Where had he even come from? Surely he hadn't always been living under my mailbox. I'm fairly certain that we'd have known if there was a family there, too. And the place was hardly fit to be called a 'den'. And so I asked him. He didn't know. I was shocked. Hastily, I charted out a trip back to our home town, and began gathering information immediately. As I searched, the answer became apparent. A smuggler's band, long thought to have been disbanded, had in fact been working in the era up until very recently. I pressed as hard as I could, but could find nothing about where they smuggled from or to. The only thing anyone seemed to know was the base ruthlessness of the bandits. I could find nothing else, and solemnly apologized to Yang for getting his hopes up. He scolded me for worrying about it, and told me with a smile that he didn't care about his past. The memories that had shaped who he was and what he wanted were what were important, and he wanted to strive forwards on our own merits, not based on some mysterious past which had nothing to do with him.
...I lied.
Once, there was a girl who's life had been torn apart by a group known only as The Collect. She set out to bring them down. She was a genius of the field of battle, and one foe after the next fell to her intellect and her partner's might. They destroyed those that had preyed upon them, and cornered them to one final destination. The group's headquarters, hidden away in a town no one would give a second look. She declared her intent to the townsfolk, then strode into the belly of the beast. The group's domination of the streets ended, and most all thought they were gone for good. But the girl and her partner were never seen again.
Her partner was a Flareon.
...But I'll never tell Yang this. The truth might break him.
(On a completely unrelated tangent, hilariously enough pretty much every sig Yang's ever tried to develop is a variation on one of two themes and that's hilarious. They all have to do with creating darkness, inverting the type chart, or both. Suppose it's suiting for his name, but still.)
Hidden Power - Fire

Signature Training: Negative Ion Sphere [Dark]
Yang constantly emits a sphere of energy which moves around with him. Three meters (~10 feet) in diameter, the sphere inverses any type matchups of those inside it's influence, obviously including Yang. Weaknesses will become resistances, resistances will become weaknesses, and immunities will also become weaknesses. In exchange, Yang's total general energy reserve is smaller than typical to his species, the difference equivalent to a fully charged Hyper Beam. It should be noted that the sphere also totally negates any other bonuses granted with immunity- For example, Yang can be detected by psychic-types while under this training's influence. The sphere is a constant, subconcious effect and as such Yang cannot be ordered to turn it off.

Krystal: Level 5 Female Sableye
"Ah, welcome to my shop! What would you like?"
Krystal the soulsmith. Renowned for her amazing technique, warriors would come from all over in the hopes of a blade custom made by her expert eye. She took payments all kinds of denominations, from gold, to silver, to gemstones, or even rights to your soul. She quite liked that last one, and even offered to forge souls into weapons, for a particularly hefty price. Warriors meeting her in person for the first time where often thrown off by the cheerful worker at seeming odds with her reputation, but were impressed all the same by her craftsmanship. When I heard of her, I was fairly apprehensive, but decided to visit all the same, as I have a strange interest in metalwork. She was fairly surprised when I told her that I hadn't come for a weapon, just to look around. And so I simply camped out around there for a while, watching her work when possible. I asked her a lot off things, not all of them related to her craft. When I asked her about her hungering for souls, she impishly told me that she was 'working on something'. Shrugging, I decided to leave it at that. I was fairly surprised when she approached me and told me that she'd like to go to the customers which couldn't come to her, and that she believed that traveling with me would be a good way to do that. It's not like I had a reason to deny her request, right?
Hidden Power - Steel
Attached - Sablenite

Signature Move: Mist of Souls [Dark]
Krystal expends significant energy to exhales a thick cloud of dark energy particles, similar to Smog. Aside from obstructing vision (although the particles simply absorb light, and don't act as visual impediments themselves, so Pokemon with lowlight vision should be fine), the particles greatly increase the energy usage of Pokemon breathing them in (1.3x), like a Super Poison Gas. Being an ethereal construct, the cloud is extremely resistant to being cleared, although after five rounds it starts to lose its potency, eventually fading away altogether. This attack requires considerable energy to perform. Dark-types are immune to the effects of this cloud because no duh their bodies take no objection to the particles. This technique can be used only once per battle.

Nihilia: Level 4 Female Liepard
". . ."
Nihilia has always been a quiet one. She's not really 'cold' in the usual sense of the world... But she certainly doesn't socialize very well. It's almost impossible to discern what she's feeling at any time, which would lead one to think that she's hiding her emotions. However, after spending time with her... I think she simply hasn't learned emotions yet, somehow. While I wish she would get a little more involved in team meetings, I have to admit that her lack of empathy does make her fairly pragmatic when it comes to taking out the opposition.
Hidden Power - Steel

Signature Move: Dark Forest [Dark]
Nihilia stabs her claws into the ground, injecting a heavy amount of dark energy directly into the ground. The energy quickly ferments and expands before exploding from the ground in the form of a massive and thick tree composed entirely of solidified dark energy (she can manipulate and control the manner in which this accelerated growth occurs). This tree can be manipulated by Nihilia as well as a Trevenant, if not better than, and she can perform melee moves such as Night Slash with its branches.

Kayuun: Level 5 Male Honchkrow
"Ah, good sir. What say we make a bargain, you and I?"
Kayuun is a good fellow. A proper gentleman, of sorts. He believes in bonds. Strong bonds. Bonds bathed in mutual respect and tied with blackest ink.
Kayuun, hand over the keyboard. You really don't know how to paint yourself in a flattering light. Kayuun comes across as a bit of a creep, sometimes, with tendency to try and corner people into entering into contracts with him. As such, he has a reputation of somewhat of a conman. Well, except for those he manages to force into it. His contracts are engineered more to inspire trust and brotherhood between people, a fact I've questioned him on on numerous occasions. He might be a little odd, but I've gained respect for the guy. Most of my team has, at this point.
Except Aster. Aster hates him. He reminds her of things which she would rather forget. So there's a bit of a one-sided rivalry between the two of them. Can't say that his specialty technique has helped her opinion any...
Hidden Power - Poison

Signature Move: Fine Print (Dark)
When Fine Print is used, Kayuun expends significant energy to place a dark curse on the opponent pokemon, restricting their actions. After the conclusion of a round in which Fine Print is successfully used, both battlers send a PM to the ref selecting one move in their opponent's movepool (a move from the target's movepool for me, and a move from Kayuun's movepool for the owner of the afflicted pokemon); As long as Kayuun and the afflicted pokemon remain conscious (not Knocked Out), Kayuun and his target cannot use the moves selected from their movepool, and attempting to use the move will fail as though the move had been Imprisoned. To clarify: Only the ref has knowledge of both sets of forbidden moves, and accidentally trying to use one of the forbidden moves is a very real risk for both sides. Fine Print can only be used once per a battle.

Fenrir: Level 5 Male Houndoom
"You thought that hurt? There's a lot more where that came from."
Fenrir is one of the few wild pokemon I've ever encountered who used to have a trainer. Past tense. His original trainer was a real strong guy, big and tough, with a heart to match. Fenrir was his right hand man, and the two formed a potent combo, both on and off the battlefield. Rick, the trainer, wasn't a man lacking in pride, and he dedicated his muscles to many a cause, from building villages to competitive wrestling and mixed martial arts. In fact, he quite climbed the ranks when it came to pitting his strength against others. Fenrir doesn't like to talk about the accident much. Says it makes him queasy. Knowing Fenrir... I'm not sure I want to know. I still remember finding him. He didn't even resist capture, and his eyes were those of a dead man. 'Remake me however you wish. But my name. Let me keep that, at least.' was his only request. It's been quite a while since then, and I've managed to earn the privilege of seeing him grin from time to time. It's never noticeable- It'll just slip onto his face and hesitate there a moment after hearing some snark or another, but it's an improvement, and one I'll happily accept.
Hidden Power - Fighting

Signature Move: Right Straight (Fire)
Fenrir opens his mouth wide, creating a giant fireball by focusing a ridiculous amount of fire energy. The attack takes about a second to create, but remains difficult to avoid due to the sheer size of the attack, being about four feet in diameter. However, the attack's unique trait is not it's size, but rather the fact that the attack is consisted of almost purely 'hard fire', acting much like Psyshock in that it uses Fenrir's special attack but impacts the foe physically, and is solid enough to push the target along with it, with a 200lbs pokemon being pushed about four feet, lighter pokemon being pushed further and heavier pokemon being pushed less. Right Straight deals damage equal to and takes energy equal to Flamethrower.

Damion: Level 5 Male Drapion
"A man's strength is measured by those he strives to protect, not those he defeats."
A dedicated veteran of many a battle, Damion is the big-hearted leader of the famed warrior's guild. Very few can match him in solo combat, and testing his strength is a point of pride for him.
But who was he before all this?
A young fighter, dedicated to justice. Dedicated, yet naive. Despite his ideals, he didn't even know what he fought for. He didn't truly know what justice was. But, as he grew, his mind changed. No longer was he quite so concerned about some abstract ideal. He fought for his friends, and he counted on them to set him straight when he wandered off the path.
...Maybe he found his 'justice', afterall.
Hidden Power - Grass

Signature Technique: Master Warrior (Fight)
Damion has learned Iron Defense and Dynamicpunch and has gained the fighting energy to use the latter twice per battle.

Chief: Level 5 Male Crawdaunt
"I dunno, fella. Ya dun look 'ike you'll be much o' a challenge."
Chief's always been a tough dude. He came from a tiny little backwater pond. Routed the neighbourhood thugs good and proper. Chief don't care, he goes to the city. Gotta find a challenge, he says. Them streetwise types no match for the guy- he tosses 'em out, moves on. Starts findin' some of the right crowd- tough guys who been livin' their whole lives fighting. They love the guy, say they'll show 'im all their tricks. Chief studies hard. Learns how to fight smart. Decides to join the city guard. Tough guys there, for sure. Chief learns how to pin down those slippery devils. Rises through the ranks. Gets his name. One day I come to town. Tell the guy I'd like his help. Got some tough battles ahead, I do. Guy reckons it's worth a shot, asks my name. We get acquinted real good-like.
The next week is spent playing Touhou and IWTBTG.
Hidden Power - Fighting

Signature Move: Chains of the Law (Dark)
Dark energy is pumped into the ground ala Earth Power before reemerging at the target's position and seeping into them with effects identical to Thunder Wave. This attack deals no damage, and it's sole purpose is to paralyze, though the paralysis it inflicts is particularly severe, on par with that of a full Zap Cannon hit. Takes solid energy to use.

Valentine: Level 5 Female Skuntank
"Aww, you're adorable when you're in pain, you know that?"
...You know, looking back, I think Valentine's the only pokemon I've received. See, it was Valentine's day, and rather than doing something interesting like spying on couples, I was exploring a marsh because there's no way I'd do anything like that I'm far too timid. Funnily enough, I met a girl there. I had heard a sound and gone to investigate (with a little encouragement from Yang), when I found a girl quite bravely taking on a particularly large specimen of Skarmory with a Venusaur. Unfortunately, 'bravely' carries that whole connotation of a situation being sub optimal and dangerous. And, in this instance, it fits, because it truly was a terrible situation. The Skarmory looked ready to eat whatever it could get it's hands on, and the Venusaur had obviously been doing a lot of battles. Now, if I had brought anyone other than Yang with me, this would have been a great time for a rescue. As it stood, it was a terrible time for a rescue, and I bloody did it anyways. Because, frankly, I don't think anyone who sees that kind of scene and leaves deserves to live. Quickly confirming a plan, we rushed in and crashed into the Skarmory's side as hard as we could as it was preforming a Brave Bird, taking it to the ground, where we held it as well we could as we shouted at the shocked trainer and pokemon to deal with it while we had it. We got quite a bit cut up, yes, but we were successful. After that tense encounter, we introduced ourselves. Cloe and Grapevine where quite happy to have met up with us, as they had been exploring the swamps for quite some time when they got lost. Normally they were strong enough to just walk in a straight line until they got out, but the constant battles had been wearing. And so, we helped them get out, chatting quite a bit along the way. I learned that she was in fact a Poison-type specialist who had come here to practice with her starter. Me and Yang shared a grin over that, as we could relate most easily. When we got out, she gifted me with an Egg, which she told me would help with my ambitions. I was curious, but decided that waiting to see would be pretty fun, as she said. We bid eachother farewell with the hopes that we could meet again, and some time later, Valentine hatched from the egg she had given me. Well, she was pretty damned right. More than she knew, perhaps. Or perhaps she knew perfectly well. Guess I'll find out when I see her again.
Valentine herself is a powerful soul, vibrant and full of life. Interestingly, she fits her namesake quite well, and is a defender of all kinds of love, no matter the stigma. She's very resolutely committed to what she believes, and will stick up her her beliefs no matter the situation she's in. And this makes her quite persuasive, too!
Hidden Power - Water

Signature Move: Convert (Poison)
Valentine injects or sprays the target with a poison in a method not unlike Toxic. However, rather than normal poisons, this attack is comprised of a powerful Neurotoxin, which targets the afflicted pokemon's confidence and sense of self-worth. The effects of this manifest themselves by sapping the target's will to fight- On the first turn a pokemon is affected by Convert, they will feel as though they have used an extra Light amount of energy. As time passes, the amount steadily increases, eventually capping at a Significant amount of perceived energy loss per turn. It is worth noting that this attack does not, in fact, affect the target's actual energy reserves- The entire effect of the attack is mental, increasing the target's sense of tiredness and exhaustion. Energy use is equal to that of Toxic. After the toxin sinks in, it increases at a rate of a Light amount of energy a round. The move's effectiveness against Poison-types and inorganic pokemon is identical to that of Toxic.

Delila Juniper: Level 5 Female Scrafty
"Would you like some help with that?"
The daughter of high-class nobility, 'DJ' always preferred the company of the lower class to her own stiff-lipped contemporaries. The story of how she rose through the ranks and took control of the underworld through her unquestionable honesty, strategic sense and shocking combat ability has become legend in her home town, and it wasn't long before she benevolently ruled the city from the shadows. That accomplished, she turned to her birthright and set about bringing the city's sunlit areas under her control as well. Her manner of conversing is kinda odd, and I'm still not sure if I convinced her to join or if it were the other way around, but she's now a valuable member of the team. Most of her free time is spent communicating her will to executives, but every once in a while she gets an opportunity to just frolic with the rest of us.
Hidden Power - Fairy

Signature Training: Reaching for the Light (Fighting)
Any of Delila's Dark-type attacks may be ordered as Fighting-type attacks by following the attack name with 'of Hope' ('Snarl' becomes 'Snarl of Hope', 'Payback' becomes 'Payback of Hope').

Julian: Level 5 Female Mandibuzz
"Clench your teeth, here it comes!"
A rough-and-tumble irredeemable tomboy with a mean left swing and a penchant for baseball, she lived a hard life on the streets until she was taken under the wing (hah) of a trainer for the Pokeathelon. Proving herself shockingly adept in physical sports for a avian, her species' talent for carrying bones carrying an unexpected benefit in the strength of her batting arm. Shocking and awing the crowd through Dark Horse performances in rapid succession, her power only grew.
Hidden Power - Rock

Signature Move: Underdog's Diamond [Dark]
Julian expends major energy to create a strange aura throughout the arena, subtly altering the flow of fate. For the next five rounds after the activation of this move, all Dark-types will have their reaction time and movement speed heightened while in the process of performing melee attacks, gaining a 10% damage bonus to said attacks while becoming more accurate and capable of mid-move acrobatics. In contrast, non-Dark-types will have their reaction time and movement speed dulled while performing melee attacks. These effects only come into play WHILE a physical move is being performed (from when the Pokemon begins charging the energy for the move to after the energy from the move has dissipated), and the effects do not apply in any way to pokemon using ranged moves or not in the process of using a move. This move counts as a "Room" move for all intents and purposes.

Valma the Hurricane: Level 4 Female Bisharp
"No one shall pass this point. No one."
A legendary and taciturn warrior, Valma has few equals in hand-to-hand combat, and frequently takes up jobs to guard important relics. Practicing her own unique fighting style over countless encounters, she's gained a bit of a following as being 'nigh untouchable'. In part because of this, she welcomes true challenges with all her heart, having no greater wish than to continuously improve now and forevermore.
Hidden Power - Fighting

Signature Training: Hurricane Stance [Steel]
Valma can use any of her moves as Steel-type moves by appending the word "Hurricane" to the beginning of the move name (Hurricane Night Slash, Hurricane Psycho Cut, etc). Moves performed this way obviously use Steel-type energy and any elemental damage they would deal is replaced with Steel-type damage, but the important bit is that any move performed this way gains the 'piercing' trait normally associated with physical steel-type moves; They can break through some energy-based attacks with greater ease while still retaining their power. Valma has forgotten Spite, Role Play and Magnet Rise, preferring devoting everything to her own style to envying or copying the styles of others.

Namaeka: Level 4 Female Malamar
"I'm. Um. Right here."
Coming from a species of manipulators and masterminds, Namaeka has a standard 'I just want to be normal' complex. But she was born with an ability above and beyond those standard to her species- The power to escape notice. Somewhere between FE:Awakening's Kellam and Mekakucity's Kido, she continuously slips from people's memories altogether. There's about a billion ways you could use this ability for evil, which frustrates Namaeka to no end. On the one upside, it makes anomynous acts of kindness hilariously easy to pull off. Now if only she could find someone who would remember her...
After forgetting her name(, gender and existance) a dozen times I finally named her Namaeka, which literally means 'Name?'.
Hidden Power- Water

Signature Move: Shadow Ruler [Dark/Psychic]
Releasing a burst of light, Namaeka hypnotises a mental block into his target not unlike the one utilized in substitute. This block prevents the afflicted target from recognizing Namaeka's presence, or even realizing that she exists at all. This effect ends if Namaeka hits the afflicted pokemon with an attack (for obvious reasons) and will wear off naturally in a round's time. This technique uses a heavy amount of energy.

Katrina: Level 3 Female Absol
"Killing you seems like effort... Would a knockout do?"
Absol are known for being heralds of disaster, oftentimes blamed for the tragedies they predict. Hilariously, Katrina is an exception to this rule- Nine times out of ten, she's the cause of any nearby disasters. The sole remnant of a future villainous group, she was sent back in time to prevent the hero that caused their downfall from ever blossoming.
...So you'd wonder why I'm sponsoring someone with a motive like that, but the truth is she's ridiculously lax in fulfilling her mission. And so the Absol I just happened to encounter stays on the team, a lazy presence of evil in the otherwise well-intentioned team. I'm shocked she actually bothered to remember her signature move. She's become rather close with Monika since the latter's addition to the team, as the two have fairly similar mindsets (although only one has the real life experience to back it up).
Hidden Power- Fairy

Signature Move: One-Winged Angel [Dark]
Upon use of this move, Katrina constructs wings out of dark energy, rushing the opponent in a manner reminiscent to Brave Bird, dealing significant typeless damage. After use of the move, the energy constructs stick around for two rounds, affording Katrina a manner of limited flight, although said flight is notably clumsy when compared to that of true birds. Also notable is that the wings fade away rather quickly once their time is up, risking a painful fall if she should be airborne when the effects end. If in her Mega Forme, her flight time is extended to three rounds per usage, and her flight becomes notably more finessed as she uses her normally unfunctional wings in tandem with the energy constructs. Usable twice per battle, and the move costs Major Dark energy to use. Katrina has forgotten Zen Headbutt, Calm Mind, Role Play, Dream Eater, Future Sight and Megahorn, presumably due to not focusing on her head quite as much as she should have and one too many crashes into the ground.

Aoika: Level 5 Female Greninja
"Secret Art Whatever-You-Call-It!"
Banished from her home for daring to fall in love (that whole 'blade over heart' thing), Aoika wandered for years performing odd jobs for others until we chanced upon her. Skilled at her craft but with an utterly terrible memory when it came to skill names, she got in the habit of just making it up as she went, replacing forgotten words with whatever came to mind.
...Somehow this translated into her being able to easily alter her techniques!
Hidden Power - Fire

Signature Move: Ninja Vanish [Various]
When used, the type of this move must be determined by replacing 'Ninja' with the name of a type Aoika has at least a single damaging move of (example: 'Water Vanish'). Aoika vanishes before reappearing behind her target with an explosion of energy. The explosion deals good damage of the type chosen, and also takes a good amount of energy of the type chosen. The whole vanishing part takes extra general energy equal to that used by Quick Attack. The attack is not a true teleport, and is rather a feat of superior speed, and as such is unusable if there is no logical path from Aoika to the target.

Feng: Level 4 Male Shiftry
"Like blades are sharpened upon stones, skill is sharpened upon skulls!"
Feng attests to the Tengu-esque nature of his species quite noticeably. A skilled swordsman, he's been practicing the art of the blade for longer than most have been alive. Except. You know. He does the sword thing with the wind. He's also been acquainted with Monica for much of the internet's recorded existence.
Hidden Power - Steel

Signature Training: Kamiitachi [Flying]
Feng has learned Heat Wave, and has gained the elemental energy to use it twice per battle. All of Feng's wind-based attacks have gained a sharp edge to them, granting them an energy-cutting effect similar to that of physical steel moves.

Monica Diabolica: Level 2 Female Dieno
"Another day, another opponent, and... More EXP."
Dragons, beings possessed of lifespans which make the lives of humans appear not dissimilar to flies, shut-ins which spend much of their lives shut in dark rooms, blissfully spending their time apart from the outside world, admiring their treasures.
...Now why does that sound familiar?
A regular hikkimori, Monika's long life has allowed her to experience just about every solitary game ever created. A regular patron of the online world, her nickname of "Diabolica" proceeds her, many likening her unbeatable skills to the demon lords of RPG lore. Having exhausted herself of opponents that could defeat her, she at last turned to her last resort- She took on the greatest game yet made, Reality. Equipped with perfected skills and techniques from thousands of storied overlords, she prepares to become a real Demon Lord!
...Although she's still working on learning even the most basic of Overlord skills. It takes a lot of work to command legions!
Hidden Power - Poison

Signature Move: Overlord Art - Slime Summon (Poison)
Using Heavy energy, Monika fashions a construct of indiscernible form, creating a small slime-like minion to do her bidding. Much like Barrier, the construct can take up to a Major amount of damage before fading away, but it takes damage as though it were a Poison-type Pokemon and, not being a screen, can be controlled and used for attacks by Monika much like a Substitute. Monika has gained enough Poison-type energy for two uses of this move, but has forgotten all of her other Poison-type moves. Also Double Team, she doesn't do that.

The Council: Level 1 Female Spiritomb
A conglomerate of a wide host of various warlocks, demons, and other students of the occult, The Council is a bit different from other Spiritomb. Rather than being a host of imprisoned spirits, they are... basically a conference call of sorts, given physical (ethereal?) form. The logistics of it are kinda confusing and some seriously high-level magic. I dunno too much about non-support magic, it'd probably be better to ask Emi about that stuff. Anyway, as with all democratic processes, motions involving The Council require a lot of votes, but the power of many moving as one is truly something to behold.
Hidden Power - Fighting

Signature Training: The Council's Motion [Ghost]:
Each time The Council successfully affects a Pokemon with a move targetting that pokemon (Taunt, Toxic, not Wonder Room), the targetted pokemon becomes more susceptible to the non-damage parts of attacks. The secondary effects of moves targetting that pokemon are more likely to trigger (Will-o-Wisp's burn chance, etc), effects inflicted upon that pokemon become more intense (Icy Wind's chill, etc), and ailments inflicting that pokemon become harder to remove (Toxic, Taunt, etc).

Spoiler: show
Yin: Level 5 Female Togekiss
"We can do it! No matter what!"
Heh, Yin. My first capture, of sorts. If you can call it that. Me and Yang ran into her in a Pokemart while stocking up for our long journey. She started openly following us around. When Yang struck up a conversation with her, he told her that we were looking for potions. She happily insisted that she would help, and waddled off. ...Then she got arrested for shoplifting. Through Yang's determined efforts (and my bewildered ones), we managed to clear her name. Since then, Yang's endeavored quite hard to train her in the ways of the world, to try and cure her naivety. Well, he did succeed. ...After the two had become inseparable friends, and Yin's optimistic demeanor had rubbed off on Yang as much as, if not more than he had rubbed off on her. How deep their friendship is is kinda demonstrated fairly well by the fact that Yang choose her name. And, of all the names, he choose the one counterpart to his own. Together, Yang, Yin, and Lily are my most trusted team members, and Yin serves as the cheerful counterpart to Lily's sass and Yang's pragmatism. That's not to say that's she's not intelligent, though. She simply tends to be more daring with her plans, tending heavily towards the high end of the 'risk vs reward' spectrum.

Signature Move: Kaze no Kami (Flying)
Yin releases a significant amount of flying energy into the air. One of two rounds later, depending on the length of rounds (see: Future Sight), the energy returns, washing over the field and granting a slight boost to the defenses (physical and special) and speed of all allies on the field, obviously including Yin herself if she is still on the field. The boost is similar in potency to that of Dragon Dance, with the speed boosts corresponding to eachother and the defense boosts being comparable to Dragon Dance's attack boost.

Lily: Level 5 Female Cradily
"Ha! You fools should all learn to jive harder!"
Lily. Oh, Lily. It feels like it was only yesterday that we met you, doesn't it? Barely alive, the sole survivor of an incident which had taken everyone you used to know out of the picture. It's almost certain that the miners didn't know of your family's underground paradise when they demolished it. All the same, in a series of explosions, your entire past and future was wiped out. Instantly. That's when we found you, when Yang managed to sniff you out despite us having no idea that you would be there, or who you were. And, even then, crushed by the world, you continued to struggle on. No, calling it struggling is an insult to what you've accomplished. You seized life with all your limbs, and laughed in it's face, disregarding how much the incident had scarred you. You formed deep bonds, too. Yang, the Eevee to which you owed your life. Yin, the Togepi which taught you to imagine the bright side when none existed. And even me, the first Human you ever met. Oh, the fun we had, discussing music and the best ways to inflict pain. I suppose I owe some portion of my strength to you. Hah, I still remember the look on your face when Yang discovered a way to communicate with those long since gone. I had thought you lively before, but after you had communed with those you hadn't seen since the incident? You lived life with a new fervor. Yang tells me that you're trying to make up for all those who didn't get to live. That's wonderful and all, but we both agree that we hope you're at least enjoying life for yourself, as well. Well, you're probably waiting for me now. I understand that you're still somewhat bitter over Yang's karaoke performance beating you so utterly. Can't be late for the encore~
Hidden Power - Water

Signature Training: Ties that Bind (Rock)
Lily's tentacles are now ridiculously stronger, strong enough for her to use them to support her own weight or to hold an enemy off the ground while preparing an attack of significant power or less. Naturally, this lends a small boost in power and tenacity to moves that use her tentacles, such as Bind, Wring Out, or Constrict. Attacks using her tentacles have 20% more power, but also use 20% more energy. Her tentacles are also far more resilient and tougher, with a density seemingly closer to rock than flesh.

Spike: Level 5 Male Mawile
"...Why are you still here?"
Spike is a rock star. That's why is name is so... Spike-ish. He's actually a bit of a loner, though that somehow makes girls want him all the more. Relax, I don't understand either. You'd wonder how I'd get along with him, but the truth is he actually has another side to him I can relate to. Sometimes he just wants everyone to shut up, leave him alone, and let him read a good book. Our experiences together are mostly comprised of us sitting back to back in some unnoticeable place reading after escaping from everyone. Of course, when you're a star, getting some quiet can be a little difficult, so...
Hidden Power - Psychic

Signature Training: Tactical Analysis (XX)
When Spike uses an attack which boosts his physical attack, he receives an additional special attack boost equivalent to that of Growth. When he uses an attack which boosts his special attack, he receives an additional physical attack boost equivalent to that of Meditate. All of Spike's boosting attacks require 30% more energy.

Set: Level 5 Male Ampharos
Once, when I was (once again) exploring some ruins, I met a trainer who appeared to be a fellow explorer. Before you knew it, the two of us were comparing ideas about what various ruins were used for, and for what certain markings meant. In any case, we explored until it was late- So late that the moon shone through a sky window of some sort. We decided to continue the next day, and went to sleep. In the morning, I was totally ready to start. He asked me to hold onto his bag for a moment- he had to grab something. I waited, and waited, but he never showed back up. Worried, I searched the entire ruins for him- and eventually found him. Kinda. You see, what I found was a wall painting- ancient, crumbling, but unmistakably him. I stared in disbelief, but wasn't able to find anything to refute the first explanation that came to mind- he was either never here, or, by all rights, he should not of ever been here. Having already explored everything else, I decided to pack up. To my surprise, I found I still had his bag. Carefully opening it, a small piece of paper fell out. Picking it up, I found that it was from him, thanking me for my time and telling me that the bag and everything in it now belonged to me. Don't get me wrong, there was some really cool stuff in that bag, but what startled me the most were the six eggs I found, surfaces unblemished and clean save for what appeared to be names scrawled onto them with some sort of paint. Mentally shrugging, I decided to simply accept the gift and not make a fuss about what I didn't understand.
The second egg to hatch was Set's, hatching only a day after Cleo's, much to my surprise. He's an interesting creature, indeed- never the first to start a fight, but always the last to back down. Having truly grown up together, him and Cleo are quite close, and either one is fully willing to put life and limb on the line to help the other. A prime example is that one incident when Cleo was kidnapped. But you don't want to hear about that. He looks up to Hunter, a certain trainer's Luxray, especially since the two had a particularly epic and drawn-out battle. He typically serves as my team's voice of reason, being pretty much smack dab in the middle of the middle-grounds between Jet's outspokenness and Spike's reclusiveness. Speaking of Spike, a certain offhand comment by Hunter lead Spike to engineer a slight alteration to Set's light producing crystals. Eventually, Set gave in, partly because of his mild mannerness, and partly because it was Hunter. In any case, Spike's elemental experimentation did eventually bear fruit. Though I'm not sure how. Though he did mumble something about steel energy once, and I saw him reading three kinds of books while he was working on it: Books about elemental energy, books about electronics, and... books about allergies. :/
Hidden Power - Fighting

Signature Move: Signal Disruptor (XX)
Set focuses energy to his forehead jewel, before launching it in a brilliant white beam which lances across the flied to strike the opponent. The attack is equal in power and energy use to Flash Cannon. However, the move is considered super-effective against pokemon which are inorganic or man-made (Porygon line, Castform, Bronzor line, Beldum line, Golett line, Magnemite line and Appliance Rotom formes), deals neutral damage to non-artificial electric-types, and is considered not-very-effective against all other pokemon. It can only be used twice a battle, however, and Set cannot use his SC ability to light up rooms.

Clocks: Level 5 Bronzong
"69... 35... 39... 1."
I actually found Clocks embedded in a wall deep inside some ruins. Noting where he was situated, his name seemed pretty obvious. I'm just going to overlook the fact I thought he was an actual clock until I accidentally bumped him. Him/her. It. Whatever. I don't know how long he had lived in there, but... I don't think he had ever seen the sun before. He was absolutely enthralled by it. Oftentimes I would walk outside to see him just staring at it, slowly drifting upwards, before bobbing back down as he reached his flight ceiling. It was a little disconcerting to watch, but as he was an inorganic being, I was a little less concerned with the possibility of addiction. Besides, he couldn't exactly sear his eyes out or anything. That was, until the day I walked outside and was unable to find him. We searched everywhere until I finally managed to notice the faint shadow where he usually floated. I turned to the sky and let out a surprised gasp as I glimpsed him floating high above, seemingly in a state of excitement. It seemed that he had managed to surpass his limitations, somehow. He's still addicted to light, though.
Hidden Power - Flying

Signature Training: To Touch the Sky (Flying)
Clocks now has an extremely high flight ceiling, a tad higher than your average bird pokemon. In addition, he moves as fast in the air as your average Spearow.

Apollo: Level 5 Male Espeon
"Hmm. Truly perplexing. Mind if I have a go?"
When Apollo was but a young lad, he was selected for something truly great- to explore outer space. As part of a special program, he and a group of other pokemon were boarded onto a space ship and sent beyond the earth's atmosphere, where they would stay for a period of two years. Up there, isolated and alone with a mixture of pokemon closer to him in age and experience and pokemon that had been selected for their renowned abilities, surrounded by the stars and planets, he learned many things. Many, many things. He fell deeply in love with the pursuit of knowledge, and dedicated his days to observing his surroundings. But he didn't do so in solitude- determined to learn of the bonds between living beings, he surrounded himself with friends and allies. He trained in the art of war, analyzed the miracle of friendship, and discovered the truth of love. It was in this time that the once nameless Eevee took a name for himself- Apollo, to honour both the iron being that had been constructed to accomplish what he now sought, as well as the great ball of flame he saw each day. When he returned from the program, he had changed, in more ways than one. Scientists were astonished to find that he had evolved, despite going without human contact for the entirety of the program, and he was all too happy to assist them in their research. However, the world, too, had changed in his absence. Both his mother and his breeder had passed away. As his father had already passed on previously, he was left alone in the world. At first, he seemed fine. He still had his friends from his journey, after all. But as time passed, he began to draw into himself, something which was not missed by his caring friends. They were forced to do little more than watch in sadness as he spent more and more time alone, buried under a mound of books. He had escaped into the pursuit of knowledge, but it was no longer with the pure joy he had once regarded such material. Now, he slavishly read page after page, determined to succeed in the one purpose his life had left. He may have done so forever, wasting away until he died, if a chance encounter hadn't changed everything. I had come to the institution, you see, my obsession with the cosmos driving me every step of the way. That was the day that we met, Apollo and I. An unlikely occurrence, one that would never have happened if I hadn't lost myself in the institution's maze of rooms. To my eyes, the room was nothing but a treasure trove of books, piles upon piles filling every empty space. Truly, there was nothing but books. The floor was carpeted in books. The stool on which he sat was nothing but books. The desk over which he leaned, reading, was nothing but books. Even the bookshelves that covered the walls were, impossibly, made of books. When I glimpsed the Espeon around the room's impressive central pillar, hunched over his desk and feverishly reading, I was amazed. I immediately joined him, amazed by what I had found. We didn't talk much. But we did talk a little. I was shocked when he smiled- it looked utterly out of place on him, as though he had forgotten quite how it was done. When I made to leave, he decided to accompany me. Much later, I found out why- My enthusiasm had reminded him of what he had forgotten: The joy of the discovery. Since that fateful day, he's returned to his playful yet reserved countenance, and has since founded a book club with the aid of Yang and Spike.
Hidden Power - Fire

Signature Training: Enlightenment (Psychic)
Apollo is generally smarter than your average Espeon, more capable of understanding complex orders and of successfully identifying the power or type of an attack. Once every five rounds, Apollo may replace up to two attacks with if branches, rather than the usual one. However, in any round where this is used, all attacks require 1.5x the energy, due to the mental strain.

Amelia 'Princess' Roshhale: Level 5 Female Raichu
"A fool like you, come to challenge me? Ha! Get ready to BURN!"
Pikachu, the most popular pokemon. Right there in line one of the species's characteristics, the species enjoys a reputation that precede them by several lifetimes. In the times before the wonderful world of gender was explored, some would refer to the species as 'Cute enough for a woman, strong enough for a man'. Some silly people still do so. The gender stereotyping is unfortunate, but the saying is mostly true, and the species enjoys a legacy of fame.
This is not Amelia's legacy.
Amelia comes from a kingdom, far away. One nestled in it's own little valley, untouched by the world outside. One so well hidden, that finding it would be a fool's errand, attempted by only the most hardcore of myth enthusiasts. The most foolish of fools. The- Okay, yes, me. The kingdom was a strange one, similar to any other, save for who ruled it. Legend states that a line of emperors blessed by the phoenix's breath ruled the land long ago, but fell in a cataclysmic event, and the blessing was passed to the family's noble partners, a line of bodyguards which had kept them safe for millennia. ...Yes, Pokemon. The line was blessed with the capacity to escape capture unless they wished for it, and historians speculate that it was intended as a temporary measure, with the line of kings continuing with whoever the line deemed worthy. A fairly ingenious method of determining a successor. Pity it never came into play. When I stumbled into the kingdom, when the current line had come into power had long fallen to obscurity, and the land was still ruled over by pokemon. And so, the land might have been nothing but yet another interesting place I visited, if it wasn't for meeting Amelia in a bar. Now, I've seen my share of arrogant Pikachu, but Amelia truly went above and beyond, brash and disrespectful beyond words. I'd blame it on the drinks, but she hadn't had any. We got into a scuffle, one that was broken up before we managed to destroy the entire bar. I left impressed with her destructive prowess, and was quite pleased when we ran into eachother once more. That day, a sacred statue ceased to exist. And so, I remained in the kingdom for weeks, perhaps even months, determined to enjoy this challenge to it's fullest. Two figures would pass eachother in a dark alley, and then buildings had to be rebuilt. As caves collapsed and forests were leveled, the tales of our battles spread and grew, though they could scarce surpass the reality of what occurred. Never once did one of us win- the result was always that the arena would be so utterly destroyed that further combat was impossible. But not for lack of effort- There is at least one beach in that kingdom which was a cave before we came to town. My disdain at her personality quickly turned to pure respect for her power, and I would have been perfectly happy if the fights had never come to an end. Eventually, coincidence's favor for our fights wasn't enough, and we began arranging fights in advance. Approached by a shadowy figure, we'd be given nothing more a place and time, and our hearts would soar. For the first time, I got to enjoy looks of fear, even from great warriors. Eventually, choosing a suitable venue for the occasion, Amelia chose to reveal to me that she was in fact the crown princess of the kingdom, her evident pride unmistakable. Grinning, I told her that I highly doubted that she owed all her skills to her heritage. She agreed, and the endless dance continued. If there's anything I'd like to complement her ancestors on, it's how damned strong the castle walls are.
As you can tell, I'm not in the kingdom any more.
One day, an end came to the bliss. The kingdom was discovered, and attacked. Despite our best efforts, the land was utterly destroyed. The castle fell. Superior technology and a true army erased the once proud legacy. Standing in the ash, the kingdom's greatest warrior told me she wanted more. She wanted to destroy, to tear, to become to this new world what she was to the old. And so she joined us. Her world is gone, she owns nothing. Yet we still call her 'Princess'. The Princess of War.
Hidden Power - Fire

Signature Training: Noble Art - Rapier [XX]:
Amelia has even greater control over her tail than others of her species, able to use it in combat with a proficiency akin to a rapier expert. In addition, her tail has greatly increased in binding strength (able to hold even a Tauros with ease) and has increased in length by about two feet. While this does not increase the power of her moves in any way, Amelia can perform any of her melee attacks with her tail, and moves performed with it have a 10% chance to inflict Taunt added to them from Amelia's insatiable bloodlust. Amelia has learned Bind and Constrict. However, Amelia is now much more susceptible to anger-based moves such as Taunt and Torment, and she has completely forgotten Protect and Lucky Chant.

Caliel: Level 5 Male Girafarig
"I-I'm quite sorry, good sir! I don't know quite what came over me..."
A reserved and polite man with a cynically honest dark side.
Hidden Power - Dark

Signature Training: Bipolar (Dark)
Caliel's attacks do 75% as much damage as usual, and he takes only 75% damage from attacks. By being ordered to "Be Honest", he switches, his attacks dealing 125% of their usual damage and him taking 125% the usual amount of damage. Doing so counts as a move, but counts as an offensive move for the purposes of moves such as Taunt and Swagger.

Aster: Level 4 Female Pachirisu
"In the name of the Fallen World, I will cleanse your soul!"
Once, long ago, there was a world. It was a fairly average world, one like any other. A world of fantasy and magic. A world of the balance between good and evil. As to be expected of such worlds, one day the hidden evil boiled over like a pot of mushroom soup left on the stove too long, and a Demon Lord rose to power. The stage was set- A chosen hero, an oracle, a band of friends, and a set of legendary, awe-inspiring weapons.
Shame no one thought to tell them about it.
The oracle was young, and had not yet awoken to her power. The weapons where unknown, their songs unsung. The hero, though proud and true, knew nothing of his great destiny. His quest never taken, his bonds were never forged, and each of his fated partners were doomed to fall in obscurity. The world fell, overrun and returned to the sea of foggy nothingness it had once risen from, with only a few distant reminders of what could have been left to drift for eternity- The dwelling place of each weapon, and the sanctified ground where the last hero's blood was scattered as he made his last stand. A world with no future, no hope, no advance, no intelligence... A world snuffed. But a single soul remained. The oracle, tied to powers she did not know, rebounded from the world as her mortal ties were severed, flung into the multiverse indiscriminately. Reborn, she retained no memory of her past, with only her flamboyant personality retained... That, and a mysterious draw towards her destiny. Perhaps stumbling upon her past was inevitable. Perhaps not. But her sad past did nothing to dampen her spirit, and only served to reaffirm her resolve- She would save all worlds, and all the people within them. This was what she swore.
She also hates Kayuun's guts but noone cares about that.
Hidden Power - Ghost

Signature Training: 魔法少女花のきら [Fairy]
Aster is now a Electric/Fairy type, with all associated weaknesses and resistances, save the fact that she still takes neutral damage from dark-types. She learns Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast.

Halley: Level 5 Female Clefable
"I- If you think I'm ready..."
Halley, like Apollo and Hubble, was one of the younger pokemon sent on the Pokeventure operation. As the representative of the species thought to have come to the stars, Halley found blending in with the others a tad difficult, and often kept to herself. Her exceeding shyness, remarkable among her species, didn't help matters any. However, her status as the only loner aboard the ship aroused Apollo's curiosity, and he took to observing the nameless companion. He started trying to converse with her, and gradually she started not running away quite as quickly. One day, Apollo slipped, and accidentally referred to her as 'Halley' while he was talking to her. Startled, she asked if he meant her. Embarrassed, Apollo explained that since she was certain to appear at mealtimes, but absent the rest of the day, he had come to think of her as something like a comet. He continued to bashfully ramble on about how he knew it was a boy's name and how he was really sorry and suchforth, but Halley stopped him. She told him that she had never had a name before, or at least one that wasn't a number. She... Liked it. It took Apollo a moment to process this, but he cheered up noticeably once he had. From that day on, the two were seen together much more frequently, oftentimes staring out a viewport, simply chatting about the stars. Halley started to take an interest in the myths and legends that surrounded the burning spheres, a topic Apollo wasn't averse to learning more about, either. Often the two would cause a bit of a commotion when they broke into the quarters of the more experienced pokemon and begged for scraps of info. Luckily, their seniors were happy to oblige, and the teachings became a regular thing. Hubble would frequently wryly ask if she didn't get tired of their mutual friend's enthusiasm, and would simply smile knowingly when Halley perplexedly asked what she meant. Even now that they've joined my team, the two are never far apart, chatting whenever they're not tied up with battle. I ship them so hard.
Hidden Power - Ice

Signature Technique: Halley's Comet (XX)
Emulating the slow but certain regularity of a comet's cycle, Halley focuses her energy. For energy equal to Curse[NO], Halley receives a speed loss equal to that of Curse[NO], and gains a boost to defense and special attack equal to Curse[NO]'s boost to defense and physical attack. All boost stipulations, such as diminishing returns, apply.

Aurea: Level 3 Female Shiny Swablu
"Catch me? We'll see about that~"
A free-roaming spirit with a body built to escape the earth's ties.
Hidden Power - Electric

Signature Training: Whimsical Heart (Normal)
Aurea's wings are so fluffy you just can't handle that crazyness. Blunt impact moves (punches, body slams, physical projectiles, etc) which strike her wings deal 30% less damage.

Gheffum: Level 3 Male Ariados
A wise-cracking beast with a hunger for maidens.
Hidden Power - Psychic

Signature Training: Essence of Success (Dark)
Gheffum is now familiar with the dark-type, and has learned Dark Pulse. He is no longer resistant to bug-type attacks.

Gyves: Level 5 Male Chandelure
"Are you ready for a ~show~?"
A playful man with an irresponsible outlook on life.
Hidden Power - Ice

Signature Move: Sadistic Streak (Fire)
Gyves fires a streak of chilling, icy blue flames at his opponent. The attack deals considerable damage for significant energy. While lacking in the ability to burn a target, the move has a 50% chance of freezing the struck area and a 10% chance of inflicting a full body freeze on the opponent, and can chill the target in a manner similar to Icy Wind.

Allie: Level 4 Female Florges (Light Green Flower)
"I'll show you what I can do!"
Every once in a while I pick a swath of my team and send them on an expedition as a teamwork-building exercise. Once, I thought it was a good idea to have Jet lead one of these. And have Clocks go along. Since they both need the practice. And the teambuilding. Yang to counter Jet's impulsiveness and Lily to counter Clocks's passiveness and they were set to go!
...They came back with an extra member.
Allie, of course, comes from a family of flower-keepers. Her parents are something like florists, and her grandmother is something like a mad scientist with plants. Her brother sold his soul for power over fire or something inane like that. Which at first I was a little incredulous of but I guess I can see where he's coming from when you consider that they basically live in a giant greenhouse-like biodome and the sun is technically a giant ball of fire so I guess it occurred to him as something really powerful??
But anyways. Allie's a kind soul, pleased to help with anything. Although she's surprisingly upfront and daring. She noticeably gets a lot of her mannerisms from her parents, and her bliss when talking about plants is something to behold. On the other hand, it's obvious her grandmother's genes didn't vanish- The first reaction of most people when they see her 'darlings' is to dash for the nearest exit. To be fair, she could probably avoid that reaction if she didn't make her creations so bloody huge. She's very fond of Yang, and if the two are in close proximity she's likely to be dragging him around or clinging onto him. Which has eternally doomed Yang to the title of 'Team member most likely to have a harem'. She gets along with most everyone, and is a valuable asset to the team.
...Though every once in a while Lily starts giggling and mumbles something about tentacles when she's around and that's. Kinda disturbing.
Hidden Power - Fire

Signature Move: Botany [Grass]
Consuming decent energy, Allie releases a cloud of dust particles in the opponent's direction, the particles inflicting a status on the target if they come in contact with skin or are breathed in. This move can be ordered in one of three forms; "Cannabis Botany" slows the mind of those affected, bringing about an effect not unlike the chill brought by Glaciate. "Pepper Botany" inflicts burns upon the area(s) of contact (akin to Will-o-Wisp), and Capote Botany inflicts confusion upon the target. All forms are considered a kind of Powder move. Essentially a variable-type move, but with Status instead of Types.

Hiro: Level 5 Male Azumaril
"Let's Tuuuuuuumble!"
A heavyweight amongst lightweights, Hiro's an adventurous kid who's overcome plenty of adventures in his short life. Loving to rumble and tumble, his most frequent state is happily rolling across the ground after a rebound or a hard knock. The feline pokemon get a kick out of playing with him, and he gets a kick out of being played with. Win-win. Every once in a while he'll roll past Katrina, who lazily opens an eye and watches for a while before going back to whatever she was doing, which is an impressive feat considering her lethargy. Eventually he figured out something- If you attack something from above, you're less likely to be sent flying after impact. In his day-to-day life this has no impact what-so-ever since he likes that whole being sent flying part, but it quite helps in battle.
Hidden Power- Ground

Signature Move: Wrecking Ball [Fairy]
Hiro leaps into the air as if using Bounce, then surrounds himself with a layer of energy before crashing down onto his target. Deals good damage for good energy and has a 30% chance to lower the target's physical defense by 10% (this fades like a normal debuff).

Xavier: Level 4 Male Doublade
"You woke me for this?"
'tis a strange thing for a sword to be used as a key. Stranger still for one to be used as a lock. And yet we see the story repeat itself throughout myth, both historic and contemporary. What is it that makes the sword more suited to being a 'keystone' than any other weapon? I have nooooooooooooo idea. Anyway, to the bio. Xavier likes nothing more in the world than to sleep. He says he's trying to get in on that 'Eternal Rest' thing he was promised. The spirit of some glorified bodyguard from literal ages ago, he did the same thing in death as he did in life. Except he guarded treasure instead of people. I came, I took his treasure, he came with me because he needed somewhere to crash (he could have at least pretended that it was because I beat him ;;). That said, while perpetually seeking a nap, he's at least disciplined enough to give consistent performance during battle (unlike Kat grumblegrumble). Basically, when he's awake, he's awake; when he's asleep, he's asleep.
Hidden Power - Water

Signature Move: Guardian Rush [Ground]
Charging himself with energy, Xavier rushes the opponent. The attack has properties almost identical to Iron Head, weakening incoming energy-based attacks while retaining it's own power. As a Honedge and Doublade, this attack is performed with his blade. As an Aegislash, it can be performed with either his blade or his shield (blade by default). The attack deals good damage, and Xavier has gained the ground energy for three uses per match (what other kind of energy would he get, locked underground for years?).

Jordan: Level 5 Male Audino
"Smiths are praised for lending their skill to their creations. Weapons are praised for lending their skill to their bearers. Then, are not Warriors praised for lending their skill to their Tacticians?"
Once, a legendary tactician roamed a world. He lead legions, yet was known as a friend to all he lead. So great was his devotion, that he had only a single wish when he died. To help his friends still more.
So yeah he was reborn as an Audino no duh.
An Audino which hatched from an egg I haggled off the market for way too high a price Audino is the best thing it was money well spent. His first official battle was an interesting one, but he found himself hindered by his opponent's control of the arena and immunity to tactics he himself was susceptible to. Confronted with an impasse, he focused his efforts on developing a way around the elemental nature of the world. His research touched on the Colorblind ability of his foe's teammate. Seeking his own special touch, he decided to approach the problem from the other direction- Rather than robbing attributed attacks of their elements, why not imbue unelemented attacks with attributes?
Hidden Power - Dark
Attached - Audinite

Signature Training: Adaptability [NO]
Jordan may adapt any of his normal-type moves to adopt the secondary effects of another one of his moves, ordered in the form of "Move[Move with secondary effect of choice]". This includes any physical effect characteristics, but doesn't include element or anything else. For example, "Secret Power[Water Pulse]" would have a chance of confusion, would drench the opponent in water, but would still deal only Normal-type damage. Conversely, "Secret Power[Flamethrower]" would have a chance to burn and be physically hot, but would, again, deal only Normal-type damage. Obviously this overrides any secondary effects the move would already have: An adapted Secret Power would not have Secret Power's usual secondary effects, but would still be a physical attack with a pink glow to it. There are, of course, some restrictions- He can only pair a move with the secondary effect of a move within two 'clicks' of it. For example, Hyper Voice, being of Significant power, could only be given the secondary effect of a move with Solid to High power. Notably, this means that I can't simply imbue everything with Thunder Wave because that would be utterly daft. Finally, effects which are considered drawbacks cannot be overwritten- For example, an adapted Double-Edge would retain its recoil.

Sparks: Level 5 Shiny Rotom
"The Red Lightning never fails a thievery!"
Going by the moniker of 'The Red Lightning', Sparks has been my nemesis since an early age. To my knowledge, our first clash was his framing of me in the tampering of water filtration equipment. Since then, our duels have been stunning. He's always waiting for me to near electronic equipment so we can begin our latest faceoff. His downfall came when his species became common knowledge, at which point I was able to coral him and force him into our first true battle. He proved no less the willy opponent I had known him to be from our digital challenges. Zipping around and phasing through objects, he proved to be an opponent we couldn't simply pummel into the ground. Hard to do that when you can't hit them in the first place. But his capture was eventually earned. The thief was forced into my entourage, providing a height of speed among the team hereforto unseen.
He's also hilariously tsundere outside of battle.
Hidden Power - Fairy

Signature Move: Red Lightning [Ghost]
Expending considerable energy, Sparks shoots forwards at increased speed, appearing as only a trail of sparkles. He passes straight through the target's body, dealing solid physical damage. But the true effect of this sig is the thievery component- Successfully executing this attack steals all of the target's non-natural bonuses. That is to say, it steals the effects of all tokens, badges, or boosting moves and gives them to Sparks. If the target's token is incompatible with Sparks, its effect is not stolen.

Viixae: Level 4 Male Noivern
"There's but one thing stronger than a Dragon: Love."
Some sort of Mage-Scientist, Viixae has spent many a day studying Life. Despite his bookworm-i-ness, his charisma is something quite impressive. Nor is it a product of his studies- At least, not in the way one would assume. His dedication to his studies is such that he's always filled with energy and wonder, like he's seeing everything for the first time. Yet also with a sureness as though he's done it a million times. It's something to behold. There's but one thing he's certain is truth- The 'heart' is the most powerful part of any being. Although it's technically part of the brain, when it comes down to it. On the other hand, considering the body is one inter-connected program designed to support itself, does it really matter which part is directly responsible? Or is that like asking what part of a video game makes it enjoyable?
Hidden Power - Ground

Signature Move: Compassion Call [Fairy]
Expending significant energy, Viixae creates a burst of sound. While the attack deals only good damage to those caught within it (before modifiers), it has a peculiar effect due to the mixture of fairy energy and wavelength. Any who hear this attack will find themselves unwilling to exploit their target's weaknesses- They will refuse to use an attack if there's even a chance the attack would deal Super Effective damage. While Viixae doesn't take damage from this attack, he is in fact affected by this secondary effect as much as any other. The effects last for three full rounds before wearing off. Viixae has gained the elemental energy to use this move twice per battle.

Aeryll: Level 2 "Female" Phione
Bio incoming
Hidden Power - Ground

Sig Incoming

Solei: Level 2 Female Maractus
I want to call Solei an inter-dimensional warrior but that's really giving her much more credit than is due. You know those rich folk that go on random trips to random places? Yeah that's more like Solei. Except with dimensions instead of beach resorts. However, she herself thinks she's some kind of inter-dimensional warrior which leads to... unfortunate hijinks. Never one to be subtle, nor intelligent, nor... much of anything, really, her 'self-developed' signature move is really just a pain to comprehend. Although it does fulfill a certain desire for "Oooh, shiny".
Hidden Power - Rock

Signature Move: Pocket Dimension [XX]
Solei uses significant energy to create a strange realm much like Magic Room, encapsulating all battlers. However, much in contrast to Magic Room, the Pocket Dimension is anything but featureless- its insides consist of a desert for which the sand is actually small glass beads, meaning that while they are in a constant Sandstorm, they do nothing to block out the incredibly intense sunlight from above. However, in most other regards it is quite similar to Magic Room, with attempts to change the weather failing utterly (although there are some sizable glass spheres within the sands should one wish to perform attacks such as Rock Slide with them). This move counts as a "Room" move for all intents and purposes.

Dazzleon: Level 2 Male Litleo
Hidden Power - Fairy


Maple: Level 2 Female Bidoof
"I'm a forwards-thinking, future-conscious Pokemon, ready to charge into the future and mindful of the dangers I must avoid!"
Not to be confused with my sister, Maple the Bidoof likes to consider herself abreast of current events and on the cutting edge of awareness about the environment. In reality this just means she sits around and reads newspapers a lot. Eventually I got her off her lazy arse and emoted that she should probably develop a signature technique. Actually heartily agreeing with me, she decided to create a move as forwards-thinking and future-conscious as her. Or at least, that's how she put it.

Signature Move: Oil Slick [Water]
Charging significant energy, Maple releases a stream of putrid, clinging, pitch-black fluid in a manner reminiscent of Water Gun. After impacting for good damage, the gunk sticks to the target, obviously hindering sight if it gets into the eyes or anything like that, and hindering the flight of feathered creatures a fair bit. Being non-water-soluble, the gunk is pretty much entirely unaffected by water, and as such doesn't really wash off. But the danger of it comes not from that standard stuff, but from its volatile properties. If the affected Pokemon tries to use a Fire-type or Electric-type attack, or the gunk otherwise comes into contact with flame or electricity, the slick lights up and explodes, dealing good typeless damage and nullifying the offending attack.

Prism: Level 2 Ditto
"I have a theory..."
An avid battler (they are a Pokemon, afterall), Prism has traveled the world, randomly standing in in various battles in his efforts to better understand the fighting style of others. He's taken on the forms of millions of Pokemon and objects, and come to understand the unique perks of each and every element. But he wanted to take it further. So much further. Now extremely attuned to the flow of elemental energy from his time manipulating it, Prism was easily able to engage in a series of energy experiments within his own body. Combining elements time and time again, he learned a startling truth- While two-element combinations were relatively stable, much further than that and the elements started to lose their distinct traits, in a way reminiscent of ice melting back into water. Continuing in their studies, Prism soon came to the conclusion that Normal-type energy was the origin of all other energy forms, and was also the form to which it returned after being processed. Possessed by this new theory, Prism rigorously turned to perfecting his birthright- The Normal Element. Years later, he's confident in his craft and ready to test it on the world. And I'm his unfortunate PR Manager.
Hidden Power - Rock

Signature Training: Master of the Abnormal [Normal]
Prism has learned Tri-Attack, Boomburst, Trump Card, Crush Claw, Simple Beam, Lovely Kiss, Egg Bomb, Teeter Dance, Reflect Type, and Noble Roar. Prism doesn't keep these moves when Transforming.

Asha: Level 2 Female Helioptile

Ragnarok: Level 2 Porygon
As the name implies, Ragnarok was developed as a 'god-slaying' program. The creation was basically nothing but a study of various legendary pokemon, studying their actions, abilities, and any genetic material on hand. By the time the program was completed, its original purpose had been mostly forgotten- In the rush to apply as much of the knowledge gained about the legendary pokemon and their elemental preferences, the idea of actually beating the legends was altogether forgotten. In fact, in contrary to the original objective, it had actually become something of an aid to legendaries, if the situation should ever come down to that. Distributing the program for whatever, reason, the analysts happily set about on their next project, unaware of the AI the contradictory abilities and goal had birthed. Having finally saved up enough for a Porygon, I decided to download this particular AI for reasons beyond me (their ads may or may have not been obscenely cute). Okay, who am I kidding, they're pretty amusing, I regret nothing.

Signature Technique: The Fall of the Gods [Normal]
Using significant energy, Ragnarok releases a pulse of energy through the arena, sealing the flow of energy and sanctifying the elemental powers present in all creation. For five rounds following the use of this technique, all Pokemon on the field may only use Normal-type attacks and attacks with the same typing as them (For example, a Water-type could use both Normal-type and Water-type attacks). This technique is considered a Room move for all intents and purposes.

Hoshigami: Level 2 Castform
"Somethingsomething, descended from the heavens, somethingsomething, here to defeat yo- Oh hey is that candy?"
Hoshigami is literally a fallen star. Among those lights in the sky, some are floating spirits, quick to vanish when observed and wittily skilled at hiding within the light of the far larger lamps of the sky. Occasionally they form new constellations randomly before scattering to troll younger kids. Hoshigami is one of these who got a liiiiiiittle too close to the atmosphere, falling from the icy reaches of space to the blazing hot descent through the stratos, before finally crashing down in the seas. Wherein he was found and dragged home from a vacation. Being from the skies, he displays some pretty odd abilities. Then again, that's only to be expected. He is technically an alien, afterall.
Hidden Power - Rock

Signature Training: Sun-Moon-Star Dance [Various]
When in a non-Normal forme, Hoshigami may modify any of his Normal-type moves into moves of his current type by appending a phrase to the end of their name. When in Sunny forme, the phrase is "of the Sun" (for example, when in Sunny forme, "Swift of the Sun" would be a Fire-typed Swift, while "Secret Power of the Sun" would be a Fire-type Secret Power). When in Rainy forme, the phrase is "of the Moon" (for example, when in Rainy forme, "Swift of the Moon" would be a Water-typed Swift, while "Secret Power of the Moon" would be a Water-type Secret Power). When in Snowy forme, the phrase is "of the Stars" (for example, when in Snowy forme, "Swift of the Stars" would be an Ice-typed Swift, while "Secret Power of the Stars" would be an Ice-type Secret Power). Moves modified this way obviously use energy of and deal damage of the selected type, but all else about them remains the same as their unmodified forms.

Sakura: Level 2 Female Taillow
"Please, allow my blade to sharpen itself upon your flesh..."
Born in the far east, Sakura was brought up as a proper lady, trained in the ways of the Nadeshiko. Dance, literature, flower arrangement, paint, sculpture, conversation, politics, combat, tactics... A lot. While a striking beauty, she excelled in the art of the blade above all else. Equally skilled with the naginata, katana, war scythe... Just about any manner of melee blade, she mastered with ease. Indeed, to see her fight was considered an honour in itself, so beautifully refined that even dance paled alonside it. The only sadness her viewers expressed was the speed with which it ended- There were few swordsmen that could last long against her lack of wasted motions. It is said there are five elements which can be applied to pretty much anything: Wood, Water, Fire, Metal, and Earth. Some argued that Sakura was a master of the Wood Art, supple as green growth yet firm as wizened oak. Some argued that it was the Art of Water which could call her progress it's own, her flowing form as impossible to catch as a flowing river. The truly wise, however, simply smiled and nodded along, aware that her ability came from the mastering of both Arts. And it should be no surprise that she gave her time to constant mastery of this skill. Not to say she neglected her other studies- She could hold a fine conversation when the time called for it, quite a pleasant person to spend time with. It's just that she enjoyed her own search for perfection within herself above all. One day, in her training she stumbled upon a Torii Gate deep within a forest when practicing. Passing through, she discovered to her surprise the passage to another world, one full of opponents powerful enough to match her blade. The only price was that she could not attain human form for long in this world. The world was the PASBL, and her avatar within it that of a Taillow/Swellow. Meeting me, we established a mutually beneficial agreement- Her as an unmatched warrior, and I as... Well, someone to do the legal paperwork loophole stuff to get her into battles. Peh.
Hidden Power - Grass

Signature Training: Tsubame Gaeshi [Flying]
When performing a move involving physical contact (Wing Attack, Quick Attack, etc.), Sakura may utilize an altered version of the technique by appending "Gaeshi" to the end of the attack name (Wing Attack Gaeshi, Quick Attack Gaeshi, etc.). In this altered version, she splits into clones as though using Double Team before performing the move, the number of clones produced identical to if Double Team had been used. After the move's conclusion, any clones generated by this effect fade away. However, moves used this way are granted a special effect: For each instance (clone) of Sakura involved in the attack discounting Sakura herself, the power of the attack (and the energy cost) is increased by 5%. As the clones generated vanish after the end of the technique, use of this technique does not contribute to the total number of Double Team uses.

Dia: Level 1 Female Eevee
"Yesssss, let yourself rage free, so that I may peer into your heart~♪"
A story sure anyone who has ever ventured into the fanfiction community has heard countless times- Team Rocket, in their quest for power, experiment on countless Eevee in the quest to tap into the power of their genetics. Of course, actually, it was Team Galactic, we all know they were the ones interested in evolutionary energy and all that. Although Team Flare could certainly have had a hand in it, and Rocket does have the best funding. Either way, Dia was part of this clutch, along with her sisters.
...Yes, bad things happened to Ran and her folk when they decided to leave to train solidarity. We try to avoid speaking about them. Countless genetic experiments laid heavy toll on their mind, body, and spirits. None of them would ever be the same again. Dia, however. Dia thrived. As the torture continued what seemed to be forever, Dia discovered something she had never had cause to notice before. As the pain was inflicted on her time and time again, she started to wonder why she had ever disliked pain. On the contrary, she started to notice that the sea of pain was inhabited by all manner of creatures, a beautiful environment in its own right, and worthy of exploring. When the captives were at last freed from their bondage, she came out not just changed- She came out stronger.
Hidden Power - Ground

Signature Training: Masochist [Fairy]
Dia's perception of pain and pleasure has been completely altered. She fights more enthusiastically and becomes overall happier the more damage she takes and the worse the situation she's in. If she is clearly at a disadvantage to her opponent (about a heavy amount behind in either health or energy), she gains boosts akin to Helping Hand.

Miku: Level 1 Female Buneary
The Sky Room. A beautiful open-air rooftop lounge atop the Time Out Bar, and a favored place of many. The cool night air brought relief to many a drinker's flushed face, and the clear stars far above shone on many a couple's smiles. Truly, a place where those of all sorts gathered, peaceful and content in their shared joy. It was here that a regular patron met with his regular company for yet another night of happiness.
Moaning, the youth played with their mug, batting it between their hands kinda like a rather lethargic cat with a ball of yarn. (In Progress)
Hidden Power - Water

Sig Incoming

Spoiler: show
Breakwater Badge:
Global Badge
Depicting a rocky breakwater with a mighty wave looming behind it, this badge is given out to those who defeat Concept in his water gym.
Badge Effect: High Tide
Once per battle in switch = KO, the wielder may switch a pokemon as if it were switch = OK (obviously unlike BP, VS and UT, this doesn't pass any stat changes). This is treated exactly as it would be in switch=OK, with the opponent getting a re-order and such. In switch = OK, the wielder may (once per battle) pass on stat changes using a conventional switch as if using one of the switching moves. This is still treated as a regular switch would be (with the opponent getting a re-order). In either case it costs good energy (which, like the energy used for baton pass, cannot be recovered in the pokeball) and even if the switch is somehow prevented, the badge effect cannot be used again that match.

Pokebowl Z Badge:
Global Badge
This badge was given to Kindrindra and Jerichi in recognition for taking the top places in the Pokebowl Z tourney.
Badge Effect: Professional Trainer
This badge allows its holder to bring two Pokemon above their trainer level to a match with no risk of either Pokemon disobeying. This badge may only be used in one match at a time.

Spoiler: show
Reaper's Token:
This attachable item can only be given to Ghost type pokémon. If the pokémon wearing this token has the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they are able to do so for three turns instead of the usual two and enjoy perfect invisibility where they might usually have left an icy glimmer or some other give away. If the selected pokémon does not already possess the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they gain the ability to do so for two turns, leaving a slight give away when they do so such as the glint of an eye or the glow of an ectoplasmic body. Ghosts wearing this token are also granted an increased ability to trick their opponents. This token is available only during the Halloween sale and may be purchased by trainers up to once.
Obtained - [x]
Attached to Krystal the Sableye

:Mega Stones:
Sablenite - Attached to Krystal
Audinite - Attached to Jordan

Random Stuff
PASBL(TL: 4 RL: B-) --- FB (Kin Blackstone) --- WF (Adelie Fleur)
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Though, I also dislike the concept of lamenting the current day while wishing to re-experience the past. At least, my modern attitude is to try and make each new day magical even if it's not, since exclusively reminiscing about the past is too pathetic.

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Dewott Slash's ASB Summary of Summariness

Slash's ASB Summary of Summariness

Spoiler: show
- TL5 Accomplished Dec 4 2014
- TL6
- beat Sneezey in a fair fight
- Someday have all my Pokemon completely leveled
- A Few Tokens
..- Seasonal (Firebreather's)
..- Type-Enhancing (Twisted Spoon, Metal Coat)
- Own Three Badges
- Buy a Six-Pack of Slots

Trainer Level 5
Trainer Points : 376 (TL6 req met, 44 to TL7)
Knock Outs : 134 (6 to TL6)
Service Points : 1 (30 + Gym Match to TL6) (6 debt to Miror)
Wins : 50 Losses : 36
Draws : 10
Pokemon Slots: 56 (56 filled)

Spoiler: show

Fundamental Badge
Global Badge
This Badge represents the perils and dangers a new Trainer must face, earned by besting Slash in the tall grass.
Badge Effect: Basic Perils
Statuses and debuffs inflicted by the badgeholder's Pokemon are more potent and harder to dispel. While these effects are still subject to diminishing returns, they are slightly less affected by them.

Spoiler: show
Reaper's Token
This attachable item can only be given to Ghost type pokémon. If the pokémon wearing this token has the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they are able to do so for three turns instead of the usual two and enjoy perfect invisibility where they might usually have left an icy glimmer or some other give away. If the selected pokémon does not already possess the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they gain the ability to do so for two turns, leaving a slight give away when they do so such as the glint of an eye or the glow of an ectoplasmic body. Ghosts wearing this token are also granted an increased ability to trick their opponents. This token is available only during the Halloween sale and may be purchased by trainers up to once.

Harvester's Token
The Harvester's Token denotes one's prowess in caring for and farming the bounties of nature. It can be attached to Grass type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. Rain will heal them by a mild amount each round, sunlight will regenerate them mild energy each round, healing moves cost half their usual energy cost and draining moves are much more efficient. This token may be purchased during the week long Thanksgiving event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Birdkeeper's Token (10 SP):
The Birdkeeper's Token signifies freedom of thought and movement that transcends the art of the possible. It can be attached to Flying type pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will be significantly faster and more agile than their peers in whatever their usual mode of transportation is, able to travel further and with more precision and dexterity than others without expending much more energy. At ref's discretion, they will be more able to dodge attacks and harder to evade when using their own. This token may be purchased during the week long Easter event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Candymaker's Token
The Candymaker's Token drips with syrupy sweet sugar and hums with the pleasant aroma of fresh baked poffins. It can be attached to Fairy-type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. The bearer will become acutely attuned to almost any arena and use techniques which manipulate the environment for half the usual energy cost and with much greater effectiveness than usual. Techniques which aid an allied Pokémon are similarly diminished in cost and enhanced in effect. This item causes the move Fling to deal Fairy type damage if it is thrown. This token may be purchased during the Christmas 2014 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

New Life Token
The New Life Token symbolizes the exhuberance of youth and the energy and joy that springs from new life. This token can only be attached to Pokémon that are not fully evolved (i.e. are able to evolve further but will never evolve) and will prevent their evolution. Pokémon holding this token will feel slightly more energetic than average, allowing them to go without a one-mover or rest for one round longer than average, akin to the Fighting-type's resistance to tiring. In addition, their tenacious nature will allow them to negate any evolutionary bonuses they find themselves faced with. This token may be purchased during the Eater 2015 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Bugcatcher's Token
The Bugcatcher's Token represents the youthful vim and vigour of the Bug type and its traditional aficionados. It can be attached to Bug type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their species characteristics. The bearer will gain a large boost to the accuracy of their moves and will be able to see in any environment, whether dark or hazy, without increased vulnerability to Flash or similar moves. The bearer's status inflicting moves will be 30% more likely to inflict a status, which in turn will be much more potent than usual, and the bearer will become highly resistant to statuses themselves. Bearers which specialise in unconventional movement types will be granted increased mobility and speed. This item causes the move Fling to deal Bug type damage if it is thrown. It may be purchased during the Christmas 2015 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Sculptor's Token (10 SP):
The Sculptor's Token symbolises one's skill in navigating and manipulating the beautiful surroundings of a winter wonderland. It can be attached to Ice type pokémon only and greatly enhances their species characteristics. The wearer becomes very sure footed and will maintain full mobility and stability regardless of the condition of the arena floor. Ice type moves which have a secondary effect such as freezing or stat drops are twice as likely to have the effect triggered when used by the wearer, these effects also being slightly more potent. The token also provides fortitude and good cheer, rendering its wearer more resistant to moves which negatively affect its mental state such as Supersonic and Swagger. This token may be purchased during the Christmas 2013 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Cameruptite (Attached to Camerupt)

Swampertite (Attached to Swampert)

Spoiler: show

Cute Ribbon


Spoiler: show

Main slots:

Gym Battle:

Bought Slots:


Spoiler: show

vs. Ψosiden SPPf
4v4, finished April 4 2011.
DQ but knocked them out on my final allotted move.
netted: 4 KO, 8 TP

vs. TheSequelReturns
3v3, DQ in my favor, finished July 5, 2011
netting: 1 KO, 2 TP

vs. Foodguy SPPf
5v5, DQ in my favor, finished September 27, 2011
netted: 1 KO, 2 TP

vs. biggggg5 UPN
2v2 Doubles, win by KO, finished October 1, 2011
netted: 2 KO, 4 TP

vs. Sneezy12 UPN
2v2 Doubles, win by KO, finished October 2, 2011
netted: 2 KO, 4 TP

vs DragonMaster123 SPPf
2v2, win by KO, finished November 29, 2011
netted: 2 KO, 4 TP

vs biggggg5 SPPf
4v4 Doubles, win by KO, finished December 6, 2011
netted: 4 KO, 8 TP

vs Roserade Raider UPN
3v3 win by DQ, finished December 6, 2011
netted: 2 KO, 4 TP

vs CyberBlastoise SPPf
1v1 Realistic, win by KO, finished December 22, 2011 (happy Yule)
netted: 1 KO, 2 TP

vs Morning_Twilight SPPf
2v2, win by DQ, finished January 17, 2012.
netted: 1 KO, 2 TP

vs Haymez SPPf
3v3, win by KO, finished February 13, 2012
netted: 3 KOs, 6 TP

vs quintowill SPPf
1v1, win by KO, finished February 15, 2012
netted: 1 KO, 2 TP

vs brandan UPN
3v3, win by DQ, finished February 19, 2012
netted: 1 KO, 2 TP

vs Atluss UPN
3v3, win by KO, finished March 9, 2012
netted: 3 KOs, 6 TP

vs KantoMasta SPPf
2v2, win by KO, finished March 10, 2012
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs StonE Edge SPPf
1v1, win by KO, finished March 14, 2012
Netted: 1 KO, 2 TP

vs Midgeorge UPN
4v4, win by forfeit/DQ, finished March 14, 2012
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Phoopes UPN
3v3, win by KO, finished May 22, 2012
netted: 3 KOs, 6 TP

vs biggggg5 UPN
6v6 Doubles, win by DQ, finished July 24, 2012
netted: 6 KO, 12 TP

vs Phoopes (UPN)
2v2, win by KO, finished August 11, 2012
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs gmoyes UPN (GT Defense)
4v4, win by KO, finished August 25, 2012 (Happy Birthday to me)
netted: 4 KOs, 8 TP

vs Phoopes UPN (GT Defense)
4v4, win by KO, finished September 16, 2012
netted: 4 KOs, 8 TP

vs biggggg5 UPN
4v4, win by KO, finished September 24, 2012
netted: 4 KOs, 8 TP

vs Charminions SPPf
2v2, win by KO, finished September 29, 2012
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Hen da man UPN (GT Defense)
4v4, win by KO, finished October 14, 2012
netted: 4 KOs, 4 TP

vs Shuckle (UPN)
3v3, win by KO, finished August 16, 2013
netted: 3 KOs, 6 TP

vs Alto
2v2, win by DQ, finished September 16. 2013
Netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs biggggg5 (UPN)
2v2, win by KO, finished January 28, 2014
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Chiko (UPN)
4v4, win by KO, finished May 2, 2014
netted: 4 KOs, 8 TP

vs luxigal (SPPf)
2v2, win by KO, finished May 12, 2014
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Lucario188 (SPPf)
2v2, win by KO, finished June 10, 2014
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Kush (UPN)
2v2, win by KO, finished June 18, 2014
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Cherche (SPPf)
2v2, win by KO, finished June 22, 2014
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Myles SPPf
2v2, win by KO, finished June 22, 2014
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Kindrindra (UPN)
2v2, win by KO, finished August 2, 2014
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Kyro (SPPf)
2v2, win by KO, finished August 15, 2014
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Mean Mr. Snorlax (UPN)
1v1, win by KO, finished September 1, 2014
netted: 1 KO, 2 TP

vs Redpanda (UPN)
3v3, win by DQ, finished November 13, 2014
netted: 1 KO, 2 TP

3v3, win by KO, finished December 4, 2014
netted: 3 KOs, 6 TP

vs kingo (SPPf)
2v2, win by KO, finished January 6, 2015

vs EliteKnight (UPN)
2v2, win by KO, finished July 27, 2015
netted: 4 TP

vs MedMana (SPPf)
2v2 Doubles, win by KO, finished August 27, 2015
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs AJ (UPN)
2v2 Doubles, win by KO, finished December 28, 2015
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Celebii151 (UPN)
3v3 Doubles, win by KO, finished January 2, 2016

vs IronThunder (UPN)
4v4, win by KO, finished January 30, 2016

vs Beautiful Savage (UPN)
3v3, win by KO, finished February 5, 2016

vs Mr Mach (SPPf)
5v5, win by KO, finished April 17, 2016

vs Resolute (SPPf)
2v2, win by KO, finished September 4, 2016
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

2v2 Doubles, win by DQ, finished October 12, 2016
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs dirkac (UPN)
2v2, win by DQ, finished January 2, 2017
netted: 4 TP


Spoiler: show

vs. PokeLegend SPPf
2v2, finished July 28, 2011
netted: 2 TP

vs. Rangeet SPPf
1v1, finished August 5, 2011
netted: 1 TP

vs. biggggg5 SPPf
3v3, finished August 24, 2011
netted: 3 TP

vs. Atluss SPPf
4v4, doubles, finished September 7, 2011
netted: 4 TP

vs. DaveTheFishGuy SPPf
3v3, finished October 18, 2011
netted: 3 TP

vs. Celebii 151 UPN
5v5, finished November 4, 2011
netted: 5 TP

vs. ShadowShocker SPPf
4v4, finished November 7, 2011
netted: 4 TP

vs. milotic111 UPN
2v2 Doubles, finished December 12, 2011
netted: 2 TP

vs XanderKetsu UPN
6v6 Doubles, finished December 13, 2011
netted: 6 TP

vs Mercutio UPN
6v6 Switch = OK, finished January 1, 2012
netted: 6 TP

vs empoleon dynamite (GT match) UPN
4v4, finished January 3, 2012
netted: 4 TP

vs Tuner89 UPN
1v1, finished March 20, 2012
netted: 1 TP

vs DavetheFishGuy UPN
6v6, finished July 20, 2012
netted: 6 TP

vs Torkoal Stu UPN
1v1, finished July 30, 2012
netted: 1 TP

vs Sneezey12 UPN (Gym Defense)
4v4, finished August 10, 2012
netted: 4 TP

vs Haymez UPN (Defense)
4v4 Singles, finished November 20, 2012
netted: 4 TP

vs desert spirit SPPf
2v2 Singles, finished February 15, 2014. Loss by forfeit
netted: 1 TP

vs Red Panda UPN (Defense)
4v4 Singles, finished February 20, 2014. Loss by forfeit
netted: 2 TP

vs Sneezey12 SPPf
6v6 Singles, finished April 24, 2014
netted: 6 TP

vs Haymez (UPN)
2v2 Singles, finished May 10, 2014
netted: 2 TP

vs Charm (UPN)
3v3 Singles, finished May 11, 2014
netted: 3 TP

vs Celebii151 (UPN)
2v2 Singles, finished June 1, 2014
netted: 2 TP

vs Sneezey12 (SPPf Gym Match)
6v6 Singles, loss by forfeit, finished October 10, 2014
Netted: 1 TP

vs Apollo (UPN)
2v2 Singles, loss by KO
netted: 2 TP

vs Apollo (UPN)
4v4 Singles, loss by KO, finished December 4, 2014
netted: 4 TP

vs Miror (UPN)
3v3 Doubles, loss by KO, finished December 4, 2014
netted: 3 TP

vs captainmisato (UPN)
3v3 Doubles, loss by KO, finished April 5, 2015
netted: 3 TP

vs Lost(TM) (UPN)
2v2 Doubles, loss by KO, finished April 9, 2015

vs Whimsy (UPN)
1v1, loss by fun, finished August 11, 2015

vs Miror (UPN)
3v3 Doubles, loss by fun, finished September 26, 2015

vs TheKnightsFury/austoman (SPPf)
2v2 Doubles, loss by KO, finished November 29, 2015
netted: 2 TP

vs austoman (SPPf)
2v2, loss by KO, finished December 31, 2015
netted: 2 TP

vs Kamen (UPN)
2v2 Doubles, loss by KO, finished December 31, 2015
netted: 2 TP

vs bigggggggggggggggggggggggggggg5 (SPPf)
2v2 Doubles, loss by Chiko's lack of kinkiness (also KO), finished February 7, 2016
netted: 2 TP

vs austo (UPN)
loss by DO, finished Jan 2, 2017
Netted: 1 TP


Spoiler: show

vs Ethereal UPN
2v2, finished January 12, 2012
netted: 2 KOs, 3 TP

vs kusari UPN
2v2, finished July 7, 2014
netted: 1 KO, 1.5 TP

vs Lost SPPf
4v4, finished October 5, 2014
netted: 1 TP

vs Zelphon (UPN)
2v2, finished November 18, 2014
netted: 2 KOs, 3 TP

vs Red (UPN)
2v2, finished February 20, 2015
netted: 2 KOs, 3 TP

vs Fallen (UPN)
2v2, finished March 28, 2015
netted: 1.5 TP

vs Luka SPPf
4v4, finished March 31, 2015
netted: 2 KOs, 3 TP

vs Lost (SPPf)
4v4, finished April 4, 2015
netted: 4 KOs, 6 TP

vs biggggggggggggggggg (SPPf)
6v6, mutual draw, finished October 14, 2015
netted: 1 KO, 1.5 TP


Fluffy: Torterra Lv 5 (F)
*Prize Pokemon from Cute Contest*
Fluffy was a prize from the Cute Contest. As this was pre sig wipe and she was never assigned a sig by LOs (and a new Contest is now being pushed so it's prety much seemingly forgotten), I am taking it upon myself to at least script out the sig idea. I don't find that as unreasonable. Prize guidelines say she can have a slightly more powerful sig than normal.
Fluffy was a prize from the anticlimactic battle between Sylveon and Mega Altaria, a battle also known as Ribbons vs Fluffy. So, instead of being a normal-looking Torterra, Fluffy has floofs of floofy white cotton fluff in place of her leaves, and carries a different colouration. The normally green bits of her shell are a soft baby blue, and the brown parts of her body and tree trunk are a gentle pale pink. Now, despite this colour scheme of (lightish) red, white, and (baby) blue, she's not really the aggressive sort. She'll fight if she has to, but she much prefers to be there for her friends and allies if she's needed.
Attached: Harvester's Token
Hidden Power Fairy
Sig: Special Technique: Fluffy Ribbons (GR)
Fluffy shoots six seeds up into the sky/near the ceiling, causing six big fluffy cotton clouds to sprout. Starting next round, at the end of each of the next six rounds, glowy ribbons will slip down from one cloud into all Pokemon on her/her trainer's side of the field. These can have one of three effects, each with an equal (~33.33%) chance of happening: all Pokemon on this side of the field will regain moderate health, all Pokemon on this side of the field will regain moderate energy, or all Pokemon on this side of the field will be relieved of any status, curses, or otherwise harmful conditions and become more enthused. This is selected randomly, and, after this happens, the cloud doing so will disappear, which totals the six rounds it is active. This can only be used once per battle, and costs a heavy level of energy to use.

StA: Marowak Lv 5 (M)
StA, as in Surface-to-Air. StA has always had this distaste for Pokemon who fly. While some may think it's envy, it's really not. He just doesn't like them. They seem cocky, arrogant. They think they're better than everyone else just because they have harnessed the power of the skies. So his rage is more about equalising the playing field, turning their advantage into his. So he did some studying.
Using his knowledge of weaponry from his years of bone use, he decided an anti-Flying weapon would serve him best. But how to go about it? Of course, he could always just shoot them out of the air, but that didn't seem like as much fun. He didn't want to ground them, he wanted to make their very abilities a thing to target. So, in his weapons training, he came across an idea thaat just might be crazy enough to work.
Sig: Special Attack: Volant Axe (GD)
StA focuses solid Ground energy and forms it into a few energy projectiles that take the form of three-bladed throwing axes, which he hurls at the target. He can sling these from his bone (not getting the bone boost but traveling a bit quicker), or shoot them from his hands. These have an odd property to them: being made to take down fliers, they deal Super effective damage on the Flying type (all other parts of the type effectiveness chart stay intact, this works under Freeze-Dry rules). This does solid damage. Being energy-based, they deal special damage, but they are fueled by his fighting spirit and emotions and are thus fueled by his physical attack power.

Gaara: Hippowdon Lv 5 (M)
Gaara is a warrior of the sand. He's also pretty funky. But what makes him stand out as a warrior of the sand is the way he uses it for versatility. He has learned to bend sand to his will better than most can, in a sense becoming one with his sand.
Hidden Power Ice
Sig: Special Technique: Demon Sand (Ground)
Demon Sand is essentially a Ground-typed version of Psychic, the aura being brown and appearing grainy to resemble sand. He can use this both like a telekinetic Psychic, with the deftness and control of a Psychic-type's control over their telekinetic Psychic, and its default form as a wave of energy, dealing significant Ground damage for significant Ground energy and having similar knockback to offensive Psychic. While he has the level of control a Psychic-type does with the telekinetic version of Demon Sand, he doesn't have the sheer amount of focus or Psychic sense, making fast-moving and hidden targets more difficult to lock onto and manipulate, and his stamina for manipulating objects and foes is not quite to a Psychic's level. The telekinetic version is slightly easier for him to handle in sandy environments and/or during Sandstorms, however.

Quagmire: Swampert Lv 5 (M)
Quagmire: noun. a soft boggy area of land that gives way underfoot.
Synonyms: swamp, morass, bog, marsh, muskeg, mire, slough
It also happens to be the name of one of the filthiest characters in cartoon history, Glenn Quagmire. Giggity.
Quagmire the Marshtomp is quite accurately named. He is quite the filthy Pokemon. He enjoys playing in the mud, coating himself in the slimiest, ooziest substances he can. He feels he can absorb the power oh the mud and bring it inside himself. Make it a part of himself. He took a dip in the sludgiest waters (if you could even call them that) he could find, sampled them, found the mixtures he liked best. He became almost a connoisseur of muck, finding the best ones to soak in for the right occasions. He is the top muck expert.
Hidden Power Bug
Sig: Special Training: Mudskipper
Quagmire's Sludge Wave uses 2/3 the amount of Poison energy it would normally use, but its general energy cost is not reduced, staying at significant. His Sludge Wave and Muddy Water will not lose power in intense heat. As a Swampert, his sludge moves will gain the same benefits as his mud moves. However, he does make some sacrifices for this. He loses Scald, Hydro Pump, and Stealth Rock.

Mamoswine Lv 5 (M)
As opposed to most Swinub, this one here was raised in a desert. This has informed his battling abilities.
Attached: Sculptor's Token
Hidden Power Fighting
Sig: Special Training: Arid Fighter
Mamoswine is now perfectly comfortable in even hot, arid environments and neither he nor his moves suffer any negative effects due to such conditions.

Odin Dark: Nidorino Lv 5 (M)
Odin Dark, warrior of darkness and slayer of EVIL! The darkness in his blood causes it to ache and burn with desire to slay. He has a hard time keeping his sword hand in check, because HIS SWORD HAND TWITCHES! His Aching Blood and theatrics have made him seem, to others, like quite the odd character, but he's a good guy under all the dramatic flair.
Hidden Power Dark
Sig: Special Training: Aching Brand
As he's already crazy, Odin Dark is immune to confusion and the hallucinatory effects of Hypnosis (sleep-inducing Hypnosis will work as usual). However, despite his name, he's actually a very nice guy who refuses to use unsporting Dark moves, losing all access to them. He also can no longer inflict confusion on a foe (even with Confusion).

Ophelia Dusk: Nidorina Lv 5 (F)
Opehlia Dusk is an heir of a royal line, and a paragon of heroic lines. She carries the power of the exalt's legacy in her blood, and can tap into the energies of her lineage, activating the aching blood in her veins.
Hidden Power Dark
Sig: Special Technique: Aching Blood
Ophelia expends good typeless energy to trigger her aching blood. This causes her Special Attack to increase two stages and hones her focus for the duration of the boost. Regular boost stipulations apply.

Aurora: Flygon Lv 6 (F) (uplevel)
Aurora grew up in the frozen north, so she quickly became quite accustomed to the frigid temperatures of the region. However, this did not prepare her for the other challenges she would go on to face later in life.
Hidden Power Fighting
Sig: Special Training: The Cold Never Terrible Memed Me Anyway
Aurora has gone from having a 3x weakness to Ice to taking neutral damage from the type. However, she has lost her immunity to Electric, taking neutral damage from the type. This has also left her with a 2x weakness to Bug, however.

Dugthreesome: Dugtrio-Alolan Lv 5 (M, M, M)
Chillax, brah. The trio that surfs both sands and beds always tries to make sure the party's always going on. Just look at his fabulous hair. Maybe he's born with it; maybe it's Alobeline. He's by several magnitudes more chill than any normal being in Dedenndam could legally be. He's just so very chill, folks ask him if he's on something. "It's all natural," he says truthfully. Plants are part of nature: by definition, natural.
Hidden Power Electric
Sig: Special Attack: Chill Pill (Ice)
Dugthreesome channels considerable Ice energy into a large construct somewhat resembling an icy blue pill. This deals solid Ice damage to the foe. However, this move was developed to teach Fire-types a lesson for having literally no chill, and does Super-effective damage against the Fire type instead of being resisted by it. All other weakness and resistance modifiers are left intact; this works under the same rules as Freeze-Dry. This same effect prevents it from being weakened in hot, arid environments. He can use this twice per battle only, and his level of chill has made him abandon learning any Poison moves at all.

Kantoslash: Sandslash Lv 4 (M)
Kantoslash is, of course, the Kantonian version of Sandslash. Unfortunately, he has some envy over the awesomeness that is Alolan Sandslash, and wishes he could be one instead. Sadly for him, then he would no longer be a Ground-type and thus Gym-useless, so I won't let him (was that too meta?). So he figured the next best thing was using the alt-forme's typing for an attack.
Sig: Special Attack: Alola Aether Slash
This technique comes in two variations: a Steel-typed one called Alola Sol Slash, and an Ice-typed one called Alola Luna Slash. Both use major energy of their respective type to deal heavy damage of said type, and each have a different secondary effect. Alola Sol Slash restores 75% of the damage dealt back to his health. As a draining move, Alola Sol Slash is subject to the same diminishing returns as others. Alola Luna Slash ignores any Defense or Special Defense buff the foe may have (via stat boost, SC, or any other reason) for its damage, and, if one is present, negates it for three rounds. Such a versatile power comes with downsides, however. He loses all other Steel moves, and can only use each variation once per battle. His cold-weather cousin has also worn off on him a little, causing him to take an extra 50% damage from Fire moves, instead of his original neutrality.

Petrapod: Pupitar Lv 5 (M)
Quite the odd one, here. As a Larvitar, he was very glad to be wrapped up in a cocoon of safe stone. In fact, he was so fond of it, his best friend was a Metapod, whom he envied. Bug was such a glorious type, it had its natural defenses against potential threats, and had some wonderful tools to use. He learned a lot from this Metapod, and taught him a lot in turn. They ended up parting ways eventually, with the promise that they would meet again sometime in the future. And, despite the parting, Petrapod was still fascinated with studying the Bug-types of the world, intent on pursuing this passion. He found big, strong bugs that could ram and trample all day. He found large, surprisingly fragile buzzy ones, although they weren't very fun to play with. There were Bugs who huddled for warmth in the cold seasons, Bugs who formed a matriarchy with a very family-oriented dynamic, even ones that could adapt themselves to any environment. These beautiful creatures were like objects of dreams to him. He made many friends, and exchanged much knowledge, experience, and services with them. One night, he got comfortable in his hard shell, wrapped in a thin coat of spun silk, a gift a friend spun over him earlier that evening, to help keep him warm. Apparently, it's also quite healthy for the shell. The next morning, he felt weird as he woke. His silk coating had soaked in, and hardened. He had evolved into a guarded Pupitar overnight, but a much different one that is typical.
Attached: New Life Token
Hidden Power Grass
Sig: Special Training/Type Change: Genesis
Petrapod is now a Bug/Ground type, with the weaknesses and resistances of such. With the loss of his Rock typing, he now only carries a bit more energy of the type than is standard for Ground-types. He is able to jet air from his body to move himself in short bursts with a fair amount of speed, but no real agility to speak of, only able to jet in one direction at a time. He gains access to String Shot, Struggle Bug, U-turn, Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance, Silver Wind, and Pin Missile. He can no longer evolve, staying in the Pupitar stage forevermore. His Bug aspect is imperfect, making him retain a weakness to Fighting. He also loses access to Crunch, Payback, Dragon Dance, Stealth Rock, Power-Up Punch, Rock Polish, Dark Pulse, Superpower, Iron Tail, and Stone Edge.

Donphan Lv 5 (M)
Donphan is a passionate beast, warmed from within by the flames of love. Love for passion. Yes, he is so very passionate about passion. Has passion stopped looking like a word yet? Passion!
He feels the feels he feels very strongly, and wears his heart on his sleeve. He isn't one to hide his emotions, no! He wants the whole world to feel as he feels, once more, with feeling. While this heated, passionate nature can get him into trouble at times, it does have some benefits.
Sig: Special Training: Hot-Blooded
Donphan has gained access to Lava Plume, and cannot become burned. However, he has lost access to Fissure, Head Smash, Superpower, and Knock Off.

Trinity: Wormadam-Sand Cloak Lv 5 (F)
[2:36:33 PM] Jeri Chee: Yeah Wormadamn is really not good at all even with all the cloak m oves.
[2:36:44 PM] Jeri Chee: I would even give you unlimited use of the other two STABs
Hidden Power Electric
Sig: Special Training: Triforce
Trinity can now access the moves of all three Wormadam cloaks' movepools. She also benefits from having STAB-level energy of the other two cloaks (Grass and Steel) due to this innate familiarity. She gains access to a Hidden Power of each cloak type (Ground, Grass, and Steel). However, she loses access to Toxic and Venoshock.

Gliscor Lv 5 (M)
Gliscor is a master of a special and sacred art: the Drunken Fist. No-one is really quite sure how, or why, it works, but from ingestion of "elixir" and "soda pop", the "bubbles go straight to his head" and he gets the hiccoughs. He also becomes a most fearsome warrior for a short time as a side effect, a very dangerous opponent.
Sig: Special Technique: Drunken Fist (XX)
Gliscor uses solid typeless energy for this technique. This move grants him great offensive prowess, raising his Attack and Special Attack by two stages each for four rounds. His movements will be more erratic, and thus he will more easily be able to dodge incoming attacks and is less likely to have his own dodged. However, his focus will be rather unstable, not allowing him to charge any move that has variable charge above the lowest option. As well, when the boost fades, he will be intensely confused, more potent than standard confusion that will require a moderate amount of extra damage to be inflicted upon him in order to be cleared by taking damage. This confusion also cannot be self-alleviated by moves such as Focus Energy or Calm Mind (if he somehow obtains them).

Swimmer: Whiscash Lv 4 (F)
Swimmer isn't much of a swimmer. It's one of those ironic names, like a big guy named tiny, or references to Applejack as not-a-background-pony.
Anyway, She wanted to learn now to swim. Somehow, she decided a desert was the best place to learn. And against all odds, it totally was
Sig: Special Training: Sandswim
Swimmer can now move by "swimming" through sandy and loamy areas, and soft earth, though she cannot "swim" through things like solid stone. Firmer terrains, such as thick clay, will not be as easy to "swim" through as looser ground like sand, making her slower and less agile in thee former, though still capable. However, this focus has led to her ability to swim in water being compromised, her being only half as capable in the water as normal. She also loses Muddy Water, Water Gun, and Blizzard.

Ghazan: Camerupt Lv 5 (M)
An avid anarchist, Ghazan wants to watch organised society burn. He feels that those in power have had power for too long, and that morality should come from the core of one's being, not an institution that seeks its own interests above the individuals' well-being. So, in his bid to burn down the barriers and the power structures of the world, he has learned a way to channel his lava affinity to apply to this role, while building his own barriers of defense.
Hidden Power Grass
Attached: Cameruptite
Sig: Special Technique: Lava Cloak (FI)
Ghazan uses significant Fire energy to create a bubble of lava around him from his hump. Then, he can either launch the bubble at the foe, dealing only moderate damage but causing severe burns, or he can use it to absorb a single attack, like Safeguard. He can use either kind twice per match, but loses all access to Steel moves.

I Can't Think of a Name (ICTN for short) Rhyperior Lv 5 (M)
I Can't Think of a Name, rather self-explanatory. No, it's not due to laziness, it't not just an attempt to be witty, it's because no name could truly ever describe him. There are many like him, of course, but he stands out from the crowd regardless. There are many Rhyperior, but this one is mine.
The story starts how many of these things do. A young Rhyhorn, hatched prematurely, who just could not keep up with the others of his kind. His hide less thick, less secure, than his brethren, and it definitely got him down. While his friends, his family, loved to ram into each other for fun, he found he just couldn't take it. He didn't seem to have the innate resistance the others did to impact.
They tried not to judge him, they were open-minded and accepting, but there was always this social pressure. He was not what he was supposed to be, what was expected of him, and everyone knew it, especially himself. So, after a time, he ended up deciding he could not live with himself this way. There was a cave, nearby, that was known to be extremely dangerous, even deadly, to his kin. There were heavy metal deposits that put off an energy, a Steel glow, that would weaken them substantially, and there were dangerous creatures in there, Pokemon who were as deadly as they came. It was even rumoured that there was a hidden treasure, some sort of artifact sacred to their herd, that was lost in that cave generations ago. He sojourned into this cave, hoping it would be as deadly and dangerous as promised. But as he explored it, he felt himself rather unaffected by these supposedly dangerous mineral deposits. And these Pokemon, they weren't nearly as deadly as was promised. In fact, for him, it seemed like exploring this cave was safe and easy. For once, his different nature seemed to be working to his advantage. Over time, he grew to no longer desire to end his existence. And while he never went after this supposed treasure, he found something better: himself. He returned to his herd, no longer ashamed of his differences, confident in himself, and this seemed to be what was missing. He grew to love himself, and, as a result, they grew to truly love him, too. He was more confident in his less rocky, grounded state.
Hidden Power Flying
Sig: Special Training: Generic Pure-Ground Rhyperior
ICTN is now a pure Ground-typed Pokemon, shedding his Rock type. Along with the loss of his Rock type, his energy pool for the type itself has shrunk down to only 2 HB of familiarity, and he loses access to Stealth Rock and Rock Slide, His hide is no longer as rocky as it would be, no longer benefiting from the defense boost he would have had, but in turn also losing his susceptibility to techniques such as Rock Smash. However, his transformation is slightly imperfect and as such he still takes 1.5x damage, though not full super-effective damage, from Fighting moves. He will draw in Electric moves with his horn in all stages, not just Rhydon, but will also always take neutral damage from Electric moves, aimed at his horn or not, completely losing his immunity. He also loses access to Focus Punch, Hammer Arm, Shock Wave, Poison Jab, Outrage, Rototiller, and Thunder.

Anna Molly: Quagsire Lv 4 (F)
A weird little gal, Anna Molly. She's the fire in the attic, the proof of the prize. Oops, I misspoke, I mean, she got caught in a fire in an attic, and from what she endured there, she ended up with quite a prize.
Sig: Special Resistance: Illuminated Attic
Being exposed to such a blaze has changes some things for Anna Molly. Despite normally having a neutrality to most Ice-typed moves, now, Anna Molly carries a .5x resistance to all Ice-typed moves. However, she now no longer resists Fire moves from that exposure, taking neutral damage from them. Due to Freeze-Dry's different properties, she does not resist it, taking neutral damage from it instead. She loses access to Iron Tail.

Videl: Garchomp Lv 5 (F)
Videl has always had an almost unhealthy exception with afterlife realms. Hades, Hel, Valhalla, Paradise, Purgatory, et al. She's quite frankly a total nerd on the subjects of life after death and death after life. Those known for infamy being given appropriate retribution for their acts, those who were particularly stand-out getting a just reward. She was particularly fond of the idea of enforcers: between life and death and yet in a position neither could truly experience. So, she decided to whip something up, for her "resumé", despite every one of her friends' insistence of that not being the way it works in any way.
Sig: Special Technique: Reaper's Grip (NO)
Using a high amount of Normal energy, Videl creates intangible energy constructs of several chains in the arena. If applicable, these chains will come out of any solid surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, and especially floors. These will attach to the foe from all sides, not binding them up like a Wrap attack, or stretching them like a rack, but more or less linking to their body as it touches them, weighing them down and keeping them from moving too far away from where they were. This will make movement more difficult for them (but far from impossible) for the next four rounds and prevent them from moving more than a meter or so in any direction from their location as of when they are hit with this move, as well as preventing them from switching out by any means. Ghosts hit in such a way are, until the attack fades, locked into whichever physical or ethereal state they were in when struck, though if per chance one is hit while invisible, they will be rendered visible for the duration of the move. These cannot be broken by traditional means, however, a use of Defog directed at the foe's side of the field will reduce the length of time it lasts by one round. A single Reaper's Grip can only have its round timer dropped by one round total through this manner, even if multiple Defogs are used. This can only be used twice per battle and only once per individual foe. If Videl switches out conventionally, Reaper's Grip will immediately fade as soon as the replacement Pokemon comes out.

Mac: Mudsdale Lv 5 (M)
Mac wanted to increase his strength, so he decided to emulate the most epic, powerful move, ever. Or something. He of course chose the move by which all other moves are judged.
Sig: Special Training: Hyper Beam Scale
Mac can now use Hyper Beam

Mosaic: Palossand Lv 4 (M)
If you ask what is the most beautiful art form that exists, you will surely get various different answers, as personal tastes vary quite widely. For mosaic, well, his name makes it obvious. He loves arrangements of coloured glass so very much, so when he learned that glass can be made from types of sands, he was over the moon. He practiced making his own masterpieces.
Sig: Special Attack: Glass Beam (FI)
Calling upon his sandy heritage and memories of summer heat, Mosaic gathers fire energy into a beam, infusing it with his body sands. This brilliant rainbow beam hits the foe, dealing significant Fire damage for equivalent Fire energy. However, as an added feature of this move, it will also leave a small level of surface "glassing", a light layer of multi-coloured glass on the part of the foe it hits. This works similar to surface freezing, though slightly more solid in exchange for not chilling the foe, and, as it is not ice, it is not so easy to just melt off. This means it will take a tad more force or effort to break off than surface freezing, but not by any significant margin. Also, similar to freezing in wet or rainy environments, use of this move in a sandy arena and/or during a sandstorm will likely make the "glassing" somewhat more potent. He has the Fire energy reserves to use this twice per match.

Scarlet Rain: Golem-A Lv 5 (F) (Red)
Scarlet Rain, the Red King. She is known far and wide for her ranged proficiency, known as the immovable fortress because she rarely has to move to obtain victory. She has placed large emphasis on increasing her ranged abilities, to the detriment of her close combat prowess.
Hidden Power Bug
Sig: Special Attack: Stone Pulse (Rock)
Scarlet Rain shoots a ball of significant condensed Rock energy out of her rail gun apparatus (if in a lower Equiall where she is not Golem, she merely shoots it from her body). This move can be used in its standard "Pulse" form, merely a ball of energy that does considerable Rock damage for considerable Rock energy, with a 20% chance to cause confusion, however, in a vein similar to Water Pulse, it has a secondary form. It can be fired at the ground at an angle, causing a large number of sharp boulders to hail down, dealing considerable physical Rock damage to all foes caught in it. This secondary form has no confusion chance. Like with her Normal/XX moves, she can "Galvanize" this move, in either form, causing them to deal Electric damage for Electric energy (an electrical charge around and between the hail of rocks dealing the brunt of the physical damage in the "wave" form). This will not give it a paralysis chance from being fired from her rail gun.

Petey: Sunkern Lv 2 (M)
Petey is small and cute. This is a fact.
Petey also likes to brighten up peoples' days. He is like a little beam of sunshine. But wait, he realised. How can he be a little ray of sunshine when he couldn't even use sunshine to its fullest extent? He decided he needed to learn how to use it if he wanted to truly be the little ray of sunshine he wanted to be. And thus, like the cavemen, he wondrously discovered the majesty of fire.
Hidden Power Rock
Sig: Special Training: You Are My Sun(kern)shine
Petey has gained access to Ember, Fiery Dance, Flamethrower, and Flame Charge. He is also familiar with the Fire type. However, as his wish is to remain small and cute to brighten people up, he has vowed to never evolve, and will always remain a Sunkern. He also loses Double-Edge, Light Screen, and Seed Bomb.

Escaliver: Escavalier Lv 5 (M)
Escaliver, the infamous typo. It's no gminigearsh, but not as low-key as Clefairyfs, either. It's the kind of typo you never live down if you're an Escavalier, while all the other Pokemon get all the glory. That should be his glory, instead of him being the butt of a joke. In fact, maybe he could steal that glory back for himself. Just maybe he could steal something relevant.
Hidden Power Rock
Sig: Special Technique: Hook Shot (ST)
Escaliver uses considerable Steel energy to shoot several metal hooks at the foe. Normally, this will deal considerable Steel damage. However, if the foe has any external resources supporting them (such as screens, both cubic and panes, Aqua Ring, Defend Order, etc, but not actual boosts from moves like Iron Defense), these hooks will instead latch onto them and steal them for himself, and deal no damage to the foe. However, he loses Knock Off, Double-Edge, Reversal, and Pursuit. This move can only steal such things once per battle; if used again after he has already stolen something with it, the move will revert to its standard damaging form.

Lemon: Watchog Lv 4 (M)
Lemon, the adorable Watchog. While some might not find him cute, he knows he has a place with me on my team, and, if no-one else, I find him to be quite the charming young fellow.
It's not easy being yellow, though. He's had to struggle with being hated. He's had to suffer the cold indifference of the folks who shun him in favour of the other regional rodents, more popular Pokemon like Furret and Raticate. He's also had to endure the fiery hot passion of those who actively hate him, those who call him ugly, or creepy, or find the concept of needing a token regional rodent a deplorable artifact that is past its time. He found a way to turn the tides on his detractors, however, using their own hot and cold reactions against him.
Now, as the Golden Watchog award sits proudly on Slash's mantle, it has motivated Lemon to go even further with his "fuck the haters, I matter" attitude.
His idea was *shades* Golden
Hidden Power Flying
Sig: Special Technique: Golden Watchog Award (NO)
Lemon expends a decent level of energy, forming the energy into the shape of several glowy golden Watchog statues, which he launches at the foe. They explode when hitting the foe, dealing no damage, but moderate causing burns where struck. In some cases, such as striking a burn or in hot sun, the burns can be more severe. The attack will shatter Reflect without hitting the foe, but are walled harmlessly by Light Screen.

Segundo: Ariados Lv 5 (M)
Segundo, the second shiny I ever owned. And shiny he is. He even found another way to make himself shine: sparky sparky boom zap.
Attached: Bugcatcher's Token
Hidden Power Grass
Sig: Special Training: Infamous Error
Segundo can use Thunderbolt twice per battle.

Hero: Heatmor Lv 1 (M)
Hero is a bit of an odd bird... er, anteater. He was always fascinated with water, but not just water. No, he was really fascinated with what happened when you mixed water with fire. With just the right blend, you could create steam. He liked steam. He wanted to become friends with the steam. So he developed a way to play with steam for fun.
Hidden Power Bug
Sig: Special Training: Steam Healer (WA)
Hero uses heavy Water energy to shoot a plume of steam from his mouth or tail at the foe. This deals heavy Water damage to the foe. It restores 75% of damage dealt back to his own health. As a drain, it is subject to the diminishing returns of all drain moves. However, he loses access to Superpower and Belch. He can use this move twice per battle.

Mellifera: Beedrill Lv 6 (F) (uplevel)
Mellifera is a queen bee. She commands around her royal subjects and is eternally worshipped by them. However, even a queen gets bored. She found herself that her normal, pedestrian poison was just so... pedestrian. This got her to thinking... was there any way she could work out a different way of using it? She knew some toxins paralysed their victims, but that's not what she was after. Perhaps... she did remember hearing of toxins that caused itching and stinging and burning. If only she could find a way to do that...
Sig: Special Training: Apitoxin
All of Mellifera's damaging Poison moves that have a chance to poison now instead have an equal chance (including things such as Characteristic modifiers) to burn. To clarify, her damaging Poison-typed moves no longer poison at all, but have whatever chance they had to poison, they now have of leaving burns. As this is done with a burning toxin, Venoshock will still be triggered by these burns, but Pokemon resistant or immune (barring Poison-types themselves, which are affected normally) to poisoning are similarly resistant to this effect. She loses access to Fury Cutter, Roost, and Ominous Wind.

Marvell: Espeon Lv 2 (F)
From hatching, Marvell always showed a great talent for psychic prowess. She seemed to have this gift for interpreting portents and reading tea leaves. She knew early on what her dream was: to be an Espeon.
But one day, when she was sending out waves to read someone's intentions, and they sensed it. Not just that, they fought back. She'd never had a mind-battle before, and while strong, was unskilled. She was being beaten handily until something in her snapped, and she found herself sending out a wave of energy that took her mental foe by surprise. When she looked up, she saw him cowering and running away, with burn marks on his face.
Sig: Special Attack: Burning Resolve (NO)
Using solid energy, Marvell creates a wave of energy and shoots it at the foe. This deals good damage and carries a 30% chance to cause burns. While a Normal-typed move, as an Espeon, she will also be able to use it in a Psychic variant. However, she does not want to be slowed down, so she has lost access to Curse.

Aldis: Flareon Lv 3 (M)
Aldis was always fascinated by the power of flame. Not only the destructive potential, but it's ability to cleanse and heal. He learned how to use it for these ends.
Sig: Special Technique: Cleaning Flame (FI)
Aldis gathers a major level of energy and breathes out a vast, white flame. This encircles either himself or an ally. This white flame burns away any curses or status ailments, and restores a significant level of energy to the target. This counts as his one healing move per battle. He loses access to Wish.

Sarat A'lch: Glaceon Lv 5 (shiny)
Sarat A'lch, or A'lch for short, was always fascinated by the crystalline structures of ice. This is why he worked tirelessly to find an Icy Rock in order to evolve into the only Eeveeloution he knew he could be: a Glaceon.
Hidden Power Steel
Sig: Special Training: Fun With Crystals
A'lch can use Rock Tomb, Stone Edge, and Rock Throw. However, these re made of a hard ice instead of rock, and are considered Ice moves instead of Rock moves for both damage and energy. He can generate them like a Rock-type would be able to generate the unaltered versions. Though they are ice instead of rock, they are no less sturdy. And though they are ice, they cannot freeze or even chill the foe. Their names reflect this, now having the "Rock" or "Stone" in their names replaced by "Ice". These are not considered the unaltered moves for the sake of moves such as Mimic. However, he loses the less crystally Blizzard, Water Pulse, Drumpf Card, Roar, and Double-Edge.

Celeste: Sylveon Lv 5 (F) (shiny)
Heiress of a noble line, Celeste grew up in the lap of luxury. She had all the time in the world to do what she wanted, and she found a hobby in learning the art of the dance.
However, nobles have a job, as well. They must be able to show their might and force, and, although she was not a son, as the only child, the burden of carrying on her lineage and her family's seat rested upon her shoulders. While there were cousins, they did not have the lineage of the main branch, and were thus unfit to pass the pure line. She incorporated her warrior training with her dance regimen, and became a skilled and fierce battle dancer.
However, as these things happen, her clan was wiped from the face of the earth. Now she walks the earth, standing up for what she believes is right. Although hot-blooded, she has a warm heart and still carries the memories of her clan close.
Sig: Special Training: Legacy of the Blade
Celeste can now use Razor Shell, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance, and Bind with her ribbons, able to use the off-type moves added twice per battle. Her ribbons are a decent bit longer, stronger, and more dexterous than normal, giving her some greater range, skill, and speed with moves using her ribbons, and making it a bit easier for her to circumvent things like panes and physical obstructions with such moves. However, she loses all Psychic moves and Last Resort.

Norma: Delcatty Lv 5 (F)
Norma is colourblind; she has been since birth. She has never been able to see the energy glow of moves, so she has a hard time telling what type some are. This has affected some of her moves.
Sig: Special Training: Normalize
All of Norma's attacks are completely devoid of any type, using typeless energy and dealing damage unaffected by any type modifiers, completely neutral on all counts. This includes all moves she uses, including ones called by moves like Assist, or those Mimicked. These moves retain all other effects. Purely cosmetic, her attacks and glows are all clearish in colour.

A Pimp Named Slickback: Mr. Mime Lv 6 (M) (uplevel)
His name is Slickback?
No, it's "A Pimp Named Slickback." Like A Tribe Called Quest; you say the whole thing: "A Pimp Named Slickback"!
A Pimp Named Slickback is a smooth operator. His cute and innocent appearance is deceptive, however: in his core he is a cold-hearted creature, and a literal pimp. He does not let his employees step out of line, and has developed a disciplinary technique for them: the classic slap.
A slap comes in many ways, shapes, and forms. There are affectionate slaps, there are slaps to get attention, and there are even affectionate slaps meant to get attention, among others. He made a point to master all his slaps.
Hidden Power Bug
Sig: Special Training: Pimpslapping
All of A Pimp Named Slickback's moves that include "Punch" in their name are now considered slaps, and their ordered name now reflects that (such as Thunder Slap and Mega Slap). This name change is merely flavour, as Thunder Slap is considered the same move as Thunder Punch and thus Thunder Punch can be Mimicked from his Thunder Slap, etc. He can charge his Mega Slap or Double-Slap with either of his STAB energies,, making them Psychic- or Fairy-typed, but doing so takes a 10% premium in energy for the conversion. All his moves containing the word "Slap", both preexisting slaps and converted Punch moves, carry a 20% chance to lower Attack one stage.

Slurpuff Lv 5 (M)
The nameless Slurpuff I need to name is a fun guy. Not in the way a Paras is, but still. Although funny thing about Paras, he once saw a Paras spinning string. String, like Slurpuff, is made of good fun. Very good fun. So he adapted his own abilities to play off that fun idea.
Hidden Power Bug
Sig: Special Training: Fairy Floss
Slurpuff can now use String Shot, Spider Web, Pin Missile, and Struggle Bug. However, instead of being Bug-typed moves, they are exclusively Fairy-typed moves in damage (where applicable) and energy. Struggle Bug is renamed Struggle Fairy, but this is purely flavour, it is still functionally identical to Struggle Bug. However, he loses Gastro Acid and Energy Ball.

Leo: Gardevoir Lv 5 (M)
Leo isn't a fan of brute force. He'd rather help others. And with his ability to support, he decided to make himself a little more useful for that.
Attached: Candymaker's Token
Hidden Power Ground
Sig: Special Training: Support
Any move Leo can use on himself, such as boosts and heals (but not Teleport), he can now use on an ally that is out in the current battle, making them gain the same benefits he would. If a health-restoring move is used in this fashion, it counts as Leo's one healing move per match.

Code: Aromatisse Lv 5 (M)
Code is named after a signature Armani scent, of which I have only whiffed the generic but I liked it so screw trying the actual brand I like it. Even if by now I have no clue what it actually smelled like because it's been years and I don't buy crap like that.
Code is, like the Armani artificial smell thing, both very fragrant and surprisingly masculine despite the fact of what it/he is. Something something he smells like perfume because he's literally perfume I don't even know
Hidden Power Flying
Sig: Special Training: Signature Stench
Moves that Code uses that provide a wind or mist (including the wind created from moves such as Energy Ball) carry with them a milder form of Sweet Scent's effects of foes, slowing them and possibly reducing evasion temporarily, though without the possible hallucinations no-one ever refs with Sweet Scent anyways. This also affects his Sweet Scent, making it more potent and making him more easily able to influence foe's senses with it and making targeted hallucinations actually somewhat probable, though his Sweet Scent also rises from decent to solid energy cost.

Superz: Togekiss Lv 5 (M)
Superz likes Starz. Superz Starz, even. He considers it science to put things and add them into stars. While that's questionable, it suits him, and that's good enough for him. He sees it as one of the latest, greatest innovations of science, among the large hardon collider, indoor plumbing, the fleshlight, flaming drinks, and legalisation of marijuana worldwide.
Hidden Power Ground
Sig: Special Training: Superz Starz
At a 20% general energy premium, Togekiss can form many of his ranged moves into a barrage of several pretty Swift-like stars, though they keep other aspects such as effects, reactions, and colours. This lets them be more accurate and quick off the mark, and the hard edges of the stars will make breaking through barriers, shells, and panes easier. For example, he can use a Starz Toxic, which will travel faster and have a better chance of breaking obstructions without losing potency before it impacts causes poison, a Starz Shock Wave, which will do the same and then bombard the foe with electric shocks, or a Starz Sweet Kiss or Starz Growl that create a stream of projectiles that emit the confusing hearts or cute/intimidating growls. This cannot be done with any contact moves, or Zap Cannon. This variation will not add any power to the move's damage level or effect chance. While Starz bears no limit on using this variation on STAB and Normal/XX moves, he can only adapt offtype moves to this variation three times per battle.

Patty: Haunter Lv 5 (F)
As a Gastly, Patty decided she wanted to make some of the moves she had that were traditionally physical have a real physical presence. She was able to will herself to create pseudo-physical fists of energy, almost like extensions of her body, but it still wasn't enough for her. She wanted to really affect things on the physical plane, to really be a part of it.
She decided that might be a bit much but that she'd still do well at physical striking.
Attached: Reaper's Token
Hidden Power Fighting
Sig: Special Training: Patty Cake
Patty's punch and claw moves hit for full damage, completely physical, even when she is in the ethereal state, she does not have to go solid to preform them moves, and they get a 1.2x damage bonus for the standard 1.1x increase in general energy use. Poison Jab is considered to be a punch. Her hands can extend a significant distance further than normal, without any penalty to energy, or power of moves used with them. She can never evolve into a Gengar. She also loses access to Thunder, Payback, Dark Pulse, and Thief.

Coconut Fred: Sudowoodo Lv 3 (M)
Coconut Fred is a creature of chaos and randomness. His philosophy is: "why be normal when you can drag others into your insanity?". It really is best shared with others, after all. So, he thought of how to mess with people the most, and remembered he, a Sudowoodo, had Calm Mind. Already a mindfreak, he decided to milk it. He'd flip expectations, he'd flip styles. He'd flip the whole damn physical/special spectrum just for the head-turning weirdness of it.
Sig: Special Training: Insanity Ensues
Coconut Fred's offensive moves are henceforth considered to be flipped on the physical/special spectrum, both in what stat fuels them and how defenses interact with them. This means, for example, his Hidden Power is powered by his physical attack, will break Light Screen, ethereal Ghosts will take reduced damage from it, and it will hit a foe's physical Defense, etc. Moves that would be fueled by special attack and hit physical, such as theoretical Water moves, will likewise be flipped, hitting as though special and being fueled by physical power, with all the trappings of such. This is always active and affects only offensive moves of his, not any other Pokemon's.

Korra: Smeargle Lv 5 (F)
Sketched moves (21/22): Roost, Hyper Beam, Focus Energy, Confide, Safeguard, Bide, Baton Pass, Barrier, Psychic, Spite, Focus Blast, Dynamic Punch, Giga Drain, Struggle Bug, Aeroblast, Sacred Fire, Magma Storm, Water Shuriken, Rock Tomb, Defog, Twister
Korra, the last and/or first Avatar. Possibly the first Avatar since Wan to actually know who in the world Wan was, and also the last one ever able to commune with him because the plot said so. She worked somewhat hard to master some of the elements, but mostly coasts by on her innate talent for Water, Fire, and Earth until she actually learns how to play with Air. Because the previous Avatar was Air and so they had to show an Avatar mastering Air since Aang had that built into his backstory. Despite the jokes, Korra's pretty awesome, and she has definitely worked to preserve her legacy.
Sig: Special Training: Element Blasts
Korra can fire an energy beam of Water, Ground, Fire, or Flying energy at the foe, which deals considerable damage for considerable energy of the chosen type, with no secondary effects of special quirks. She has slightly more energy of these types to do so with.

Perdita: Houndoom Lv 5 (F)
Perdita is a hound of hell, wreathed in unholy hellflame. She decided to use this more... chaotic side, to channel a darker aspect to her moves. In fact, as a way of embracing the side of chaos. And, as she thought, what could be more fun or chaotic than flipping the STAB options of a Pokemon? It's really the perfect solution.
Hidden Power Grass
Sig: Special Technique: Lead Sails Paper Anchor (DARK)
Perdita expends considerable Dark energy into an aura, releasing it in a pulse that covers the entire field. For the next four full rounds, STAB moves of dual-typed Pokemon will undergo an odd and chaotic transformation. All moves of a Pokemon's primary typing will use energy and do damage of their secondary typing, and vice-versa (for example, Perdita's Flamethrower will be exclusively Dark-typed, and her Crunch will be entirely Fire-typed). All other attributes of their moves remain intact (such as effect chances, or formerly-Water attacks still being wet). Signature moves are not affected, but moves granted or type-shifted by signatures are. This will not change XX moves, as they carry no typed energy, but will affect Normal moves if a dual-typed Normal is on the field. Single-typed Pokemon, of course, do not have any change to their moves' types. A subsequent use when this is already in effect will reset the timer back to another four complete rounds before the effect fades. This effect does not require Perdita to be on the field to stay in effect. As this is not a Room, weather, or terrain move, it is usable in any arena and uses of such moves will not negate it.

Gorgon: Serperior Lv 5 (F)
A Gorgon is said to be a legendary creature who could paralyze, turn enemies to stone, with but a glance. Gorgon the Serperior, well, she heard about it, and decided to try to emulate that kind of technique. She couldn't quite find a way to do so, not really, but she did develop something with some similarities
Hidden Power Fire
Sig: Special Attack: Petrifying Roar (RK)
Gorgon gathers significant Rock energy in her mouth, and lets out a loud breathy roar. This energy-laced breath washes over the foe, dealing good Rock damage. The loudness of the roar will freeze any Pokemon who hears it in place for a few seconds, possibly interrupting an action. Even notably brave or intimidating Pokemon will freeze in place briefly, but not as long as most. The wave of breath also has a 20% chance of creating a partial coating of stone on the foe (basically partial freezing without the cold or chill). This can be chipped off or broken out of like moderate freezing would. She can use this twice per battle.

Santa Mozz: Delibird Lv 5 (M)
For Christmas, or Yule, or Solstice, or Saturnalia, or Chanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or whatever the hell you celebrate and/or don't celebrate, many people give and receive gifts, of all shapes, sizes, and colours. Delibird has observed this occurrence for years, seeing the different ceremonies and
customs, and, especially, the gifts received. Little Bobby playing with his new Lt. Surge action figure, little Suzy playing with her dress-up Joy (available in both Chansey and Audino editions!), and little toddler Bebe ignoring the actual presents, playing with the pretty, shiny, colourful paper, and making a fort of the discarded boxes. Meanwhile, the parents had different interests. Mother was looking at herself in the mirror, a new diamond necklace adorning her neck with earrings to match, while Father sets up his new plasma-screen in his man cave, case of beer in the corner. So, he was thus inspired to expand his horizons to fit each and every need that may arise.
(Birdkeeper's Token intended to be attached, is not yet approved in misc thread)
Attached: Birdkeeper's Token
Hidden Power Rock
Sig: Special Technique: (Type) Gift
Delibird may use a variant of Present, which, instead of standard typing, may by charged with any type he has access to, such as "Ice Gift". This functions as Present, only affected by type modifiers of the type selected (as a variant of Present, he can manipulate the power and function just like he can with Present). The healing Present variation also works on this variation, with standard SE scales, healing more health on a Pokemon that is "weak" to the typing (so, Ice Gift would heal a Dragon-type more than a Fire-type). He can only use this technique in an off-type variation three times total per match. He cannot, however, use the Healing variation of this move on himself, though he still can with his normal, non-type-influenced Present. He can make the energy take on a fitting colour, and explode in a shower of fireworks, although this won't really affect any standard battle in normal conditions, it just looks pretty.

AXEFACE: Haxorus Lv 5 (M)
AXEFACE, he's got a big axe face.
He's got the body of an axe and the face of an axe
And he cuts through his foes 'cause he's got an axe face
AXEFACE is quite clearly named for the sharp, axe-like tusks on his face. Face-axes are quite the rage these days, it seems, and he's embraced that wholeheartedly. Not surprisingly, he's even looked into ways to enhance this feature. And as he knows, the hardest of steels is forged in the hottest of flames. So, in his mind, that meant he should sharpen his tusks against metal while standing in a fire. As he trained, he made sure the flames were increasingly hotter, day by day. Slashing, cutting, swiping his powerful tusks against the sturdy metal, working through the pain, through the burns and exertion, single-minded in his goal. He was so focused on training and sharpening, he didn't even notice when the flames got so hot that the sturdy metal he was practising on started to go oozy. Oozy led to gooey, gooey led to liquidy, and then one day, the metal completely melted as he was having a go at it. It washed over him, causing significant damage and burns on him, but as he recovered, he noticed his hide had absorbed some metallic properties. His tusks absorbed even more, the metal hardening over and into his tusks, which had already been made sharper and more resilient from his training.
As soon as he recovered, he tried to continue this regimen with even stronger metal, but he found himself more vulnerable to the flames than before, and the pain became too much to bear. So, while this training was complete, he was still set on finding more insane and stupid ways to train himself.
Hidden Power Grass
Sig: Special Training/Type Change: Tempered Metal
AXEFACE is now a Dragon/Steel type, with a sturdier hide and shiny face axes. He has gained access to Magnet Bomb, Flash Cannon, Metal Sound, and Meteor Mash. However, this does come at a cost. He retains neutrality to Poison moves, and he loses his resistances to Electric and Water moves. He gains no new resistance to Steel. He also loses his access to Grass Knot, Superpower, Dig, Dragon Dance, Rock Tomb, and Rock Slide. He is also a bit slower than usual.

Caprina: Popplio Lv 1 (F)
Caprina fancies herself a pop star, but she's far more versatile than that. She is also a practicing earth witch, and uses both of these talents together to express her two passions in life.
Sig: Special Attack: Nature's Aria (GD)
Caprina sings a high melody about the beauty of the world and all its life, imbuing significant Ground energy and her music into a series of rings that fly at the foe. These hit the foe for considerable Ground damage, and have a 30% chance of reducing the foe's offensive stats a single stage, in awe of the beauty of her song. She has the Ground energy to use this twice per match.

Cannonball: Pikipek Lv 1 (M)
Cannonball has trained to become a sniper of renown. He flourished with natural talent and worked hard to perfect his abilities with them.
Sig: Special Training: Astra (Ground)
In a process similar to Bullet Seed, Cannonball shoots a barrage of Ground energy projectiles from his beak, costing considerable energy. These explode at the foe and deal considerable damage, and the flash from the explosion may cause some slight temporary blinding to the foe. Astra is usable twice per battle.

Raikahuna: Pichu Lv 1 (M)
Raikahuna wants to be the rockingest psysurfer in the world. Every world. All of the worlds. So he decided to develop a technique based around that idea.
Sig: Special Attack: Psysurf (PSY)
Raikahuna forms a large wave of Psychic energy that heads out to wash over the opponent, dealing heavy damage for heavy Psychic energy. He may send a Psysurf wave out ahead of him or choose to ride on it as it travels. As a Pichu or Pikachu, he will be restricted to a single use per battle, but as an Alolan Raichu, he will only be limited by his energy reserves, as it will then be STAB. He cannot become a non-Alolan Raichu.

Bowser: Turtonator Lv 1 (M)
From the PokeDex: "It gushes fire and poisonous gases from its nostrils. Its dung is an explosive substance and can be put to various uses."
Yup, poop throwing. And since I pulled the Dex entry from serebii, it's totally SPPf-safe.
Sig: Special Attack: Sugar Honey Iced Tea! (GD)
Bowser throws his dung at the foe, which explodes on contact and deals considerable Ground damage for heavy Ground energy. As the explosion deals the brunt of the damage, even a near miss will do a large bit of the damage. The explosion has a 20% chance to burn the foe, and a 20% chance to inflict Toxic-level poisoning on them, though it will only inflict one status or the other, never both. This move is also very disgusting and Pokemon like Minccino who are obsessed with cleanliness will be horrified. He can use this twice per battle.

P'Li: Charizard Lv 5 (F)
"You've shown me what true freedom means."
P'Li, from a young age, learned she had a special gift. She had an overdeveloped third eye chakra, an excess of built-up chi located there. She honed her talents using her third eye as a focal point. She developed a technique, a unique fighting style all her own, by focusing her power through her third eye, and out.
Attached: Charizardite Y
Hidden Power Bug
Sig: Special Attack: Combustion Blast (Flying)
P'Li compresses Flying energy into a thin beam, and shoots it out of her forehead, at her third eye chakra. When this hits the foe, the super-compressed energy creates a small but powerful explosion, dealing considerable damage. The concussive force, due to the force of the blast, will almost certainly cause significant knockback, with even the likes of an Aggron being knocked back a foot or two. This costs considerable Flying energy, and her usage of this move is limited by her natural Flying energy reserves. Due to her innate familiarity with this technique, she has about as much control over the beam as an Alakazam has over its Psybeam, able to control its path with her mind with little effort and focus, however, any significant change in path will take up to a light amount of extra energy to compensate.

Ming-Hua: Cloyster Lv 5 (F)
Ming-Hua lacks arms. This is quite a significant challenge, seeing that Pokemon battles often take place on land. She tried to remedy this as best she could. The jury is out on whether she accomplished this, or just made everything weirder.
Hidden Power Rock
Sig: Special Training: Water Arms
Ming-Hua naturally forms semi-solid tendrils out of water, with which she can do such things as walk on land (similar to Tentacruel's walking), use for physical attacks, and shooting Water or Ice-typed moves (such as with Icicle Spear or Water Pulse). Generally, she only has 2 or 3 active, enough to allow for movement and possible offense, but with more focus and available water can increase the number slightly. This costs her a light amount of energy per round to maintain, but if there is a body of water in the arena, or rain is falling, this cost is waived. While damage levied against the "arms" will not damage Ming-Hua, all electricity moves (basically, most Electric moves, but not Hidden Power as it is pure energy) that even score a glancing blow on the arms will net a full hit on her, as the electricity travels through the tendrils. These tendrils are somewhat easy to break through with an attack, but are not slow to reconstitute themselves, especially if water is present. She loses Shell Smash.

My Little Rapidash: Rapidash Lv 3 (F) (pink flames)
I used to wonder what flametrails could be. 'Till My Little Rapidash rushed hard and fast, leaving some beautiful trails of flame behind her. It was quite beautiful, and so I helped her use them better.
Hidden Power Grass
Sig: Special Training: Flametrail Is Magic
My Little Rapidash now creates pink flame trails, not just with her Agility, but with all rushing, charging and ramming moves, These flame trails are wider and last longer than normal, and contact with them carries a 10% chance of burn. She loses Iron Tail.

Vulcan: Magmortar Lv 5 (M)
Vulcan, so named because of his fascination with volcanoes. He loved to watch them and study them. So, imagine his surprise when he discovered underwater volcanoes. He couldn't study them directly, of course, but he could read all about them and even look around at hot springs heated by geothermal heat. The combination of heat and water was fascinating to him, so he learned all about it.
Hidden Power Ground
Sig: Special Training: Krakatoa
Vulcan can use Scald twice per battle, and it is not weakened by hot or sunny conditions.

The Swordsman of Landstar: Samurott Lv 5 (M) (purple scalchops and armour)
The Swordsman of Landstar is, of course, named for his trainer. He is gifted in the art of the battle fan, having learned from the best masters in the world.
It started when Landstar was a young otter, just growing up. He was a bit of an anime geek, or an otterku. Now, as you cringe with the force of that pun, I'll explain a little better.
He watched a lot of sword-related anime, but, although it was nice, it just wasn't striking home for him. Dragonair Ball and, to a lesser extent, Dragonair Ball Z, were fun for him, particularly due to the versatility of the Power Pole and how well the protagonist used it, not just for offense, but for defense as well. Still, it just wasn't hitting home.
Robotech didn't pique his interests, either. He was never a fan of flying, and he never saw the charm of lasers.
Still, through this anime, he did grow a love for weapons, particularly those that could be used defensively. When he grew old enough for a weapon of his own, he went to a weapon smith and took a look at the stock. There, he found something beautiful, something he would never forget: a set of battle fans.
These were expensive, far too much for him to spend. But he looked at them whenever he went there, longingly.
At this time, he sought out training, and he found a proper sensei. He was able to find one that could teach him the art of the fan, and he grew with it quickly, learning first how to use one in his right hand, and then in his off-hand, and finally how to wield two at once. It was around this time he evolved, and this made him all the better at it.
He was too hard on his natural scalchops, however, and he knew he had to obtain another pair, lest they break on him. He found a helpful Kabutops and a generous pair of Shellder. The Shellder shed their shells, and Landstar worked with the Kabutops to clean, carve, shape, and sharpen these new, purple scalchops. These were much more sturdy, and they helped him gain an even greater mastery of the skill, having bonded with them due to working so hard on them. Still, he continues to fight and train, as he always will.
Hidden Power Grass
Sig: Special Training: Battle Fan
The Swordsman of Landstar's mastery of the battle fan has caused a couple changes to his battling style. For one, his scalchops/scalswords are more sturdy and slightly wider (and purple!), making him better at blocking attacks with them, and he is much less likely to drop them in the process. He can throw them for attacks that could feasibly be used with them, without losing any damage or requiring an energy premium, but they of course can only travel in a straight line. Due to his personal connection with them, if they are out of his arms or sheaths, they will be drawn back to him, getting back to him in about half a round's time. However, he loses Blizzard and Megahorn.

Peridot: Blastoise Lv 5 (M)
A lover of gems, Digimon, Korra, Supernatural, and a whole host of previous sig ideas, he decided it was time to move on to something a bit different. And shiny. And pretty. Pretty pretty shiny shiny.
Hidden Power Rock
Sig: Special Technique: Prism (NO)
Peridot uses good Normal energy to create a prism out of energy in front of him and any allies. This is not tangible, cannot block attacks, etc. The purpose of this prism lies elsewhere. When an attack fueled by Special Attack is used by himself or an ally with this prism active, it passes through the prism. They come out the other side glowing with a rainbow pattern, beautiful and colourful, though this doesn't really affect battle. What does, however, is that they also come out the other side slightly larger, offering no boost in damage, but increasing the spread of the move and improving the move's accuracy significantly. The prisms created last three rounds before they fade.

Ganonpork Emboar Lv 5 (M)
Ganonpork is, quite frankly, a hotheaded idiot. He's got anger to spare, and doesn't know what to do with it, so he channels it in the worst way possible.
Hidden Power Water
Sig: Special Technique: Drumpf Card
Ganonpork uses moderate energy for this move. He turns orange, his flames flare up to look like a terrible wig, and he says something so phenomenally offensive and stupid that the foe is shocked out of their next move. This is usable once per foe. When this move is reffed, the ref much refer to him as "Mister President".

The Green Man: Chesnaught Lv 5 (M)
A Pre-Christian tradition that may seem superficially at odds with, but instead, carries the weight of rivaling and mentoring its spiritual younger, the Green Man is a nearly universal symbol. This particular Chesnaught hails from the eldest and most noble line of green men, directly descended from the Chestnaught who was the Green Knight in Arthurian times. Due to his heritage and connection with plantlife, he has some tricks not normal to his species.
Hidden Power Rock
Sig: Special Training: The Green Life
The Green Man, while still having vines hidden on his head, also carries 4 quite different vines under his shell (in low Equiall, these will come from his woody back). These vines are bulkier and a little longer, and are able to easily be used for many physical moves he'd normally need to use his body parts for, such as punches and kicks. However, these cannot grip as well as his more slender vines and are less agile, leaving them less versatile other than for offense. He loses Synthesis, Leech Seed, and Iron Defense.

Baudelaire: Gothitelle Lv 5 (M)
"C'est l'Ennui! —l'œil chargé d'un pleur involontaire,
Il ręve d'échafauds en fumant son houka.
Tu le connais, lecteur, ce monstre délicat,
—Hypocrite lecteur,—mon semblable,—mon frčre!"
- Charles Baudelaire
Baudelaire is a symbol of gothic elegance and beauty. He named himself after the famous poet, and is a particular fan of his work, Les Fleurs du Mal. The Flowers of Evil. He became quite enamoured with flowers and what they represent. But as beautiful as the rose is, he found the influences of Japanese art very beautiful as well. In particular, the cherry blossom, or sakura petal. He found that they always added just the right dramatic flair to a moment, and decided to use that beauty as a weapon.
Hidden Power Fairy
Sig: Special Attack: Senbonzakura (Grass/Steel)
Baudelaire forms several pink swords out of energy around the field. These then split into thousands of sturdy, needle-sharp sakura petals. These petals then shoot swiftly at the foe. This can target multiple targets, but will suffer appropriate damage reduction if it does so, like moves such as Heat Wave. These hit as a physical move the petals hardened into a solid state, but are fueled by special attack, and can leave sore spots all over the foe's body, although they usually won't cut very deep, being mostly surface scratches. This does significant damage for significant energy. This can be either Grass-typed (Verdant Senbonzakura, whose pink petals have a slight light green tint), and or Steel-typed (Gilded Senbonzakura, whose pink petals have a slight gold tint). He has the energy to use each form twice per battle. Focusing his Grass energy on this, he never learned Grass Knot or Energy Ball. He also loses Gravity and Magic Room.

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Name: GibleNibbles
Trainer Level 1

Current Battles:

Past Battles:

Ricardo- Lv 2 Male Kirlia
NomNam- Lv 1 Female Gible
Archibald- Lv 1 Male Archen
Lady Murasaki- Lv 1 Female Shelmet
Pedro- Lv 1 Male Lotad
Lord Cromwell- Lv 1 Male Bagon
Waterhouse- Lv 1 Male Cranidos
Scooter- Lv 1 Male Houndour
Ugly Betty- Lv 1 Female Ducklett
Lightfoot- Lv 1 Male Elekid
Shmoopette- Lv 1 Female Watchog
Carnegie Melon- Lv 1 Male Ferroseed
Cornish Flame Hen- Lv 2 Male Combusken
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Spoiler: show
Trainer Level 1
Hometown: Nimbasa City
Wins: 0
Losses: 2
Draws: 0
TP: 5
KO: 0
SP: 0

Spoiler: show
Past Battles:
UPN: VS Roglef - Loss
UPN: VS bigggg5 - Loss

Spoiler: show
Nola- Level 2 Female Mienfoo
Bio: Nola was named after Nola Falacci. Nola is the de-facto captain of my team. She is headstrong, resilient, and willing to go to any means to pursue justice for her friends. Her one true weakness is her proclivity for lame puns:P One day, Nola and her squadmates split up to gather berries in the forest. Nola found Gisele in a clearing- but some vicious Beedrill had stolen her berries! Nola comforted the heartbroken Cubone and vowed to protect her from then on. She decided to do this by adding some new martial arts techniques to her arsenal at the Battle Frontier.
Special Training: I Pity the Foo (Electric/Fire/Ice)
Nola can now use Ice Punch, Fire Punch, and Thunderpunch. Nola cannot use Force Palm, Substitute, Baton Pass, or any of the moves granted to all Pokemon by the PASBL.

Rory: Level 2 Female Quagsire
Rory was named after Rory Gilmore. Rory likes to defy the common notion that Quagsires are dorky, ugly Pokemon. At first, she put on a lot of makeup and tried to look "pretty", but she ended up looking like a weird mudskipper/circus clown. Rory decided to embrace nature, hippie culture, and weed as a release from her insecurities, and became enlightened. She is still a supermodel in her own way, though!
Special Defense: Flower Child (Grass)
Due to her affinity for nature (and weed), Rory now only takes 300% damage from Grass-attacks. Rory cannot use Icy Wind because she has rejected the use of mouthwash and other "pretty girl" items.

Linda- Level 1 Female Murkrow
Bio: Linda was named after Linda Evangelista. Along with Christy and Naomi, Linda is part of the famous "Trinity". Linda loves the nightlife and meeting new people. She'll stay up partying until the brink of dawn. In one of her messy hangovers, she inadvertently learned a new technique.
Special Attack: Nightwing (Dark)
Linda concentrates some of her Dark energy into her wings, then swoops down at the foe and crashes into them like a Steel Wing. The attack does the combined damage of a Steel Wing and an Assurance, and uses the energy of a Drill Peck and a Wing Attack. Since she was drunk when she learned the technique, she is able to use this move when confused with only a 15% chance at failure, but it also costs 20% more energy to use.

Alessandra- Level 1 Female Misdreavus
Bio: Alessandra was named after Alessandra Ambrosio. When calm, Alessandra is one of the nicest Pokemon on my squad-but she has a terrible temper. Ever since I caught her wandering around Ecruteak City, she can fly into gigantic rages over the smallest of things. Rory has given her some anger management therapy, and it seems to be working. However, if something really pisses her off, she'll go insane.
Special Training: Negative Aura (Fighting)
Through Rory's anger management, Alessandra has learned how to channel her bad vibes into the move Aura Sphere. Alessandra cannot use Spite, Uproar, or Grudge. Aura Sphere can only be used twice per match.

Alani- Level 1 Female Scraggy
Bio: Alani was named after Alani Vazquez. Alani's love is like...wo. Alani's kiss is like...wo. Alani's touch is like...wo. Alani's ass is like...wo. Alani's sex is like...wo. Alani's body is like...wo. And you would do well to remember that.
Special Training: Wo (Fighting)
Since Alani's ass is like...wo, she can now use Aqua Tail and Iron Tail. Since there are some skanks out there who aren't aware that she is like...wo, she has learned Psycho Cut to cut 'em up. She can't use Secret Power, Hidden Power, Rock Slide, or Rock Tomb.

Christy- Level 1 Female Elekid
Christy was named after Christy Turlington. Along with Linda and Naomi, Christy is part of the famous "Trinity". I found met Christy at my friend Volkner's house in Sunyshore City. She was the daughter of Volkner's prized Electivire, and she loved to tend his garden. I loved her focus on grace and beauty, and I ended up trading my only male Pokemon, Fabio the Tynamo, for her. Christy was a little cold to me at first, but after I got her a pot of orchids to tend to she and I grew much closer. She has picked up an affinity for flora from all of her time in gardens.
Special Training: Fleur Fighter (Grass)
Christy can use Energy Ball and Giga Drain, and is considered familiar with the Grass-type in the way that Water-types are familiar with Ice moves. Christy cannot use Dynamicpunch, Zap Cannon, Hammer Arm, Meditate, Barrier, Screech, or Leer.

Winona- Level 1 Female Growlithe
Winona was named after Winona Ryder. Winona was the second Pokemon I ever caught after Nola. Like her namesake, Winona is prone to fits of pique where she cannot help but steal everything in sight. I found her in Mistralton City while waiting at the airport for the plane to Striaton City. She stole my luggage, and when I started to run after her, she displayed an ingenious getaway device. Fortunately, a police officer nabbed Winona and she joined me on my journey, but she has not lost her rascally tendencies and has perfected her "perfect getaway".
Special Technique: Smolder Cage (Fire)
Winona expends a significant amount of energy to shoot flammable saliva surrounding the opponent and ignite the liquid. After the flames hit the opponent for moderate damage, they grow infinitesimally small and the opponent is able to move around the arena without hindrance. However, when a new opponent is sent out onto the field, the flames rare up again and hit the opponent for moderate damage. After this second use, the flames dissipate for good. Smolder Cage may only be used once per battle. (Essentially a Fire-type Stealth Rock).

Ariane- Level 1 Female Dratini
Ariane was named after Ariane Bourgoin. Ariane is a rare Dratini that I found in the icy waters of Snowpoint City. Because she is so used to the cold, her body type is a little different than that of other Dratini's. She is an icy beauty-at first sight a little intimidating, but ultimately a warm and motherly Pokemon.

Vivienne- Level 1 Female Gothita
Bio: Vivienne was named after Vivien Leigh.

Gisele- Level 1 Female Cubone
Bio: Gisele was named after Gisele Bundchen.

Naomi- Level 1 Female Dwebble
Bio: Naomi was named after Naomi Campbell.

Selita- Level 1 Female Treecko
Bio: Selita was named for Selita Ebanks.

Cindy- Level 1 Female Meditite
Bio: Cindy was named for Cindy Crawford.

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Adding these from Serebii
Punchy: Level 1 Male Machop
Bio under construction
No Sig

Cactus: Level 1 Male Cacnea
Bio under construction

Katarina: Level 1 Female Skitty
For a pal
No Sig

V.V: Level 1 Female Eevee
No Sig
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Ollie's New and Improved Squad Summary

Trainer Level 3
C Rank Referee

Wins: 12
Losses: 9
Draw: 1

47 KOs/100 TP/0 SP

Current Battles

Matches under my Supervision

Spoiler: show
Level 4

Theodore: Level 4 Male Steelix

Coope: Level 4 Male Gallade

Level 3

Agnus: Level 3 Male Haunter
Spoiler: show
Bio: This Gastly was the first Ghost Pokemon I captured, and the inspiration for my dream to lead a Ghost Gym. He’s incredibly spirited and loves to battle worthy opponents. Agnus respects powerful Pokemon and aims to become stronger with each foe he faces. Instead of becoming upset when he loses, he trains harder to overcome his obstacles. Out of battle, he’s always in a jolly mood and thinking of ways to help the team have fun after a round of serious training. Agnus’s happiness is infectious and refreshing after a long day.
While training to become stronger in battle, Agnus developed a soul-stirring battle cry that gave him some interesting advantages.

Sig Move: Haunting Call
Agnus gives a rousing battle cry that gives him a minor boost in Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. It takes 1.5x the energy of a Howl and can be used twice in a battle.

Louis: Level 3 Male Croconaw
Spoiler: show
Bio: While traveling through Pastoria City in Sinnoh, I stopped to take part in the Great Marsh to catch some rare Pokemon. While struggling through the swamp, I began to lose my mind. Or so I thought. I heard music coming from the depths of the Cyprus trees. It couldn’t have been real though. It sounded like a sax, but who would be playing jazz in the middle of the marsh? As I trekked further into the thick of the woods, I saw the source of the sound. It was a Totodile. A Totodile that sang and mimicked the sound of a saxophone. I couldn’t believe my eyes…or ears. So I had to catch him. It wasn’t easy; he still had all of the ferocity of a Totodile and his movements were rhythmic and tricky. It was an even bigger surprise when he used moves like Sing and Hyper Voice on my squad, but in the end, we managed to add him to the team. Louis took to the environment quite nicely. He’s a great battler, but enjoys singing and dancing more. He loves performing for the squad and having an audience; all of the wild Pokemon wouldn’t have anything to do with him because of his quirky nature. One day, he’s gonna be on stage and play jazz like one of the greats.

Sig Moves: (lol Disney)
Louis can use the moves Sing , Hyper Voice, and Teeter Dance twice per battle (once for Sing, of course), but he forsook Screech and all of his slashing attacks(Slash, Dragon Claw, Shadow Claw, etc…) because of their lack of entertainment value. He cannot perform any combination of the moves more than twice in a match

Augustus: Level 3 Male Skarmory
Spoiler: show
Bio: Augustus, though a new member, has already experienced a few tough and interesting battles. He's been exploded on by a Magic Conch, electrocuted by a sentient weather balloon, and KO'd a Quagsire while knocked out himself. He's quite reckless brave, often believing that as long as he hits the opponent hard, any recoil he receives is of minor consequence. However, he also knows that to win his battles, he must be careful with his health, and has trained to reduce these consequences by quite a bit.

Sig Ability: Power of Bravery
Augustus can perform any self-damaging attack without suffering any recoil once. The second attack will only inflict half the normal recoil. Any other attempts after that will deal the usual recoil.

Wicker: Level 3 Male Torkoal
Spoiler: show
Bio: Wicker has been with me from the start, and is my most reliable companion. His determination has a ferocity that defies even powerful Water Pokemon. When we were traveling Hoenn with my older sister, we were forced to camp on an island south of Mosdeep City during a terrible storm. We set up camp near a nest of ferocious Marshtomp without realizing it. To defend their territory, they attacked. Wicker fought adamantly to protect my sister and I, keeping the amphibious Pokemon at bay until help arrived in the form of my uncle, a sailor that lives in Pacifidlog Town. Wicker will battle to the bitter end, either taking his opponent down with him, or making the competition an easy target for his allies. He’s usually very serious, even outside of battles. Despite his lack of good humor, he means well and would do anything to help his team. True to the defensive prowess of his species, he’s quite capable of taking hits. Unlike most Torkoal, however, he’s capable of dishing them back out.

Sig Move: Bide
Wicker can use Bide.

Hughes: Level 3 Male Dratini
Spoiler: show
Bio: Hughes is very gentle and mellow. Though he doesn’t express a profound joy like Agnus or Abigail, he still shares the same good mood. Very few things disturb him, so he has a solid disposition in battle. Despite Gemini’s history with dragons, the two get along very well and train with each other often.

Sig Moves: Mellow Yellow
Hughes can use Calm Mind, Zen Headbutt, and Focus Energy. He cannot use Swagger, Dragon Rush, or Hyper Beam.

Alepo'i: Level 3 Male Shiny Pikachu
Spoiler: show
Bio: I found this fun-loving Pikachu on the shores of California. This mouse was quite adept in surfing the waves, and even better at creating his own with his Surf attack. This wild Pikachu appeared to have been trained in the art. My entire squad was as drawn to the Pikachu as I was. Eventually, we met him on the beach. We invited him to join us for dinner that evening, and we all enjoyed a hot meal on the beach. The next day, he was back to surfing again. As I watched him, I came to realize that he was proficient in many different Water-type moves that a Pikachu doesn’t normally learn. It became clear to me that this Pikachu must have had a trainer to teach such moves. So, we continued to spend time with this surfer in order to further understand his ways. He was often very serene and easy-going when on land, opting to take things slow and steady. But, the Pikachu changed completely when he was around water. There was a gleam in his eyes that expressed a joy so pure, that I couldn’t properly describe it. Still, I wondered about his trainer, for he surely must have had one. Finally, after spending a week on that very beach, I began to interrogate the locals to see what I could discover. Many of them turned the cold shoulder, and a few only shook their heads and showed pained expressions. I was getting ready to give up on it altogether. Then, I was approached by an older gentleman. He asked that we have dinner at his house. We were accompanied by his Golduck and Kingler while we ate. After dinner, he escorted me outside and told of a sad story.

“The Pikachu’s trainer was quite the surfer. The mouse inherited his love of the water from that young woman. She had raven hair and blue eyes, and her skin was dark. A lot of the local men were infatuated with her beauty and frivolous attitude. She only had one Pokemon, that was this Pikachu. The girl raised him from the day he hatched from his egg. She would go on to teach him how to surf as she did, and pass down her great love of the water.
But one day, a tragic accident fell upon them. They were surfing among a more treacherous shore, littered with jagged rocks and scattered debris. It wasn’t like her to take such risks, but she was feeling needlessly daring that day…I suppose. She seldom made a mistake on her board. By some cruel misfortune, it was that day that she slipped and fell among the rocks, wrapping her arms around her Pikachu to protect him.”

The man had shed a tear now. It was clear to me that he knew the girl, or was related to her, so I offered my sincere condolences. The man scrutinized me for a moment before speaking again.

“You should take care of that Pikachu.”

The next morning, we found the mouse at his usual spot, surfing the waves. He recognized us immediately and approached again. The joy that illuminated from his face became a lazy curiosity when I held my hand out to him. When I asked him to come with us, he appeared shocked at first. Then, a brief sadness washed over his face. I thought I might lose him then, but before I knew it, he had jumped into my arms and nudged one of the extra Pokeballs in my vest.

Special Training: Pikahuna (Water)
Alepo’i is familiar with Water energy similar to a true Water-types familiarity with Ice energy. As such, he is a better and more agile swimmer than other Pikachu, but cannot breathe underwater for any longer than a regular Pikachu could. Along with this familiarity is access to the moves Water Pulse, Aqua Jet, Aqua Tail, Water Gun, and Soak. Alepo’i does not know how to use Sing, Teeter Dance(He’s trained all of his life to be balanced), Iron Tail, Encore, Zap Cannon, Charge, Volt Tackle, Brick Break, Toxic, Double Team, Rock Smash, or Fake Out.
Alepo’i will never evolve, for his current form represents the memories that he shared with his previous trainer. He is considered evolved from a damage perspective only.

Watson: Level 3 Male Riolu

Mary: Level 3 Female Flaafy

Kennedy "The Gentleman": Level 3 Male Electabuzz

Penelope: Level 3 Female Remorade

Montgomery: Level 3 Male Druddigon

Sarah: Level 3 Female Shieldon

Beatrix: Level 3 Female Scyther

Freya: Level 3 Female Cloyster

Level 2

Holmes: Level 2 Beldum

Harlequin: Level 2 Female Wartortle

Level 1

Iop: Level 1 Male Fletchling

Ragnarok: Level 1 Male Honedge

Carmine: Level 1 Female Sableye

Azalea: Level 1 Shiny Female Mawile
Spoiler: show
Mega Stone: Mawilite

Baldur: Level 1 Male Durant

My Squad and Stats

Originally Posted by DaveTheFishGuy View Post
wat skool
Originally Posted by The O View Post
wat skool
Originally Posted by Kairne View Post
wat skool

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My PASBL Squadron
Note: May be too awesome to handle
Trainer Level 2
Wins- Five
Losses- Three
Draws- Null


30 Trainer Points
11.50 Service Points

Current Battles~

Previous Battles~

VS Kairne [Win] Battle
VS Charminions [Win]Fight
VS Empoleon Dynamite [Lost] Challenge
VS ZChrisL [Win]Trains
VS Midgeorge [Loss]Trains of PAIN
VS Haymez [Win]Brrr
VS Kairne [Loss]Failure
VS Tune [Win] Sphealin' with It


Vulcan~ Level 3 Male Arcanine
Vulcan grew up being planned to be a police dog in the city. Although due to budget cuts the program was cut. Much to his dismay, he was left worthless, all his training for nothing. I saw him one day and showed a little bit of kindness, feeding him what I could. He was very ecstatic, and one day allowed me to catch him. We have grown very close, becoming best friends. He also is quite the battler, due to his special ops skills. His loyalty is also extremely strong, he refuses to give up for me. Until he gets really tired, then he stops caring.
No Sig

Sir Leonhart~ Level 2 Male Herdier
Leon likes to describe himself as being a proud, noble individual. Leon grew up in Britain as a pup, always aspiring for honour. Leon enjoys long walks on the channel, and old history... preferably read from dusty books. Herdier has always enjoyed tales such as King Arthur's and hearing about how witches burned on stakes! Leonhart's hero is one particular famous king, and he says that his name just happens to be similar. Another one of Herdier's hobby is digging around, exploring the subterranean world. He isn't sure why he does this, but he assumes it's in his genes.
No Sig

Wallace~ Level 2 Male Dewott
No Sig

Chubchoo~ Level 2 Male Cubchoo
No Sig

Horace~ Level 2 Male Cubone
No Sig

Evanlyn~ Level 1 Female Shiny Mawile
No Sig

Alyss~ Level 1 Female Ralts
No Sig

Will Treaty~ Level 1 Male Riolu
No Sig

Halt~ Level 1 Male Shiny Zangoose
No Sig

Morgarath~ Level 1 Male Sableye
No Sig

Premium~ Level 1 Female Shiny Pidgey
No Sig

Terrace~ Level 1 Male Bulbasaur
No Sig

Jazzy~ Level 1 Female Mareep
No Sig

Knick~ Level 1 Male Yanma
No Sig

Knack~ Level 1 Male Gligar
No Sig

Lucille "Lucky" Lou~ Level 1 Female Spinda
No Sig

Pokemon Center Stays
None anymore!

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#009: Blastoise
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Swampy's Squad

Trainer Level: 1

1 win, 4 losses

tp: 6
sp: 0

[CENTER]My Pokemons, let me show you them
Spoiler: show
Retch: Level 1 Male Vulpix
No Signature Move

Hexagonal: Level 1 Male Porygon
No Signature Move

Damien: Level 1 Male Ralts
No Signature Move

Wally Gator: Level 1 shiny Male Totodile
No Signature Move

Dirt: Level 1 Male Mudkip
No Signature Move

Freedom: Level 1 Male Trapinch
No Signature Move

Arron: Level 1 Female Aron
No Signature Move

Wonder: Level 1 Male Abra
No Signature Move

Level 1 Male Shinx
No Signature Move

Cleavage: Level 1 Female Clefairy
No signature Move

Aldo :Level 1 Male Mankey
No signature Move

Corvus: Level 1 Male Murkrow
No signature Move
this(or that) is a link by the way.

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Posts: 868
Trainer level: 2
Ref Rank: C+

W:4 L:3 D:0
KO: 13
TP: 31
SP: 1.75

Current Battles:
Vs. Kusari: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthr...ner89-v-Kusari
Vs. MarbleZone: http://forums.upnetwork.net/showthread.php?t=3973
Vs. Zalck: http://forums.upnetwork.net/showthread.php?t=4074
Vs. Charminions: http://forums.upnetwork.net/showthread.php?t=4118

Demise: Level 3 Male Houndoom
Special Training: Man's Best Friend
Demise is fiercely loyal, and determined to get the job done. Because of this, he cannot be confused. He is so determined to follow through with his orders however, that 'if' orders conflict him too much, because he is afraid to make the wrong decision. Because of this, Demise cannot be ordered an 'if' order.

Lumiere: Level 2 Male Litwick *Shiny
Lumiere has gone long periods with its flame on serving as a guide through dark caves, and relief through the night. Because of this, Lumiere is not used to keeping his light off.
Special Training: Bright Light
Lumiere's light burns brighter than the average Litwick's. This means that any attempt from a foe to use a visual move on her (Leer, Mean Look, Glare, et cetera) will result in temporary blindness on their part akin to the effect of Flash. However, her flame cannot be turned "off" so that it does not produce light, and she is therefore much easier to spot in dark and low-light areas.

Phantom: Level 2 Male Gastly
Special Technique: Shadow Switch (GH)
Using a significant amount of energy, Phantom can dissolve into the shadows and return to his pokeball much like Baton Pass. This switch does not carry over stat changes.

Kermit: Level 2 Male Croagunk
Special Training: Determination
Kermit is a determined pokemon and will always deliver one final attack before fainting due to damage. This final attack is often less powerful, depending on the situation.

Flutter: Level 2 Male Beedrill
Special Attack: Hidden Power (Rock)
When Flutter was a young little Weedle, he was carried off by a Pidgeot who was looking for a snack. Miraculously, as Pidgeot was heading to his nest, a bunch of Geodude threw rocks at it, and saved Flutter. To help him out, the Geodude taught Flutter how to defend himself against flying type pokemon in the future, in the form of a Rock typed Hidden Power attack.

Pepé Le Pew: Level 2 Male Stunky
Special Training: Pepper Diet
Pepé loves to eat jalepeńos. Because of this, he is used to hot things. His constant familiarity with high temperatures gives him an affinity to the Fire-Type, granting him much more fire energy(refs discretion on the ammount) than usual.

Rhapsody: Level 2 Genderless Metang
No Signature Move

Eggs: Level 2 Female Chansey
No Signature Move

Tentastu: Level 2 Male Tentacool
No Signature Move

Natural: Level 2 Female Roselia
Special Attack: Petal Switch (Grass)
Using good energy, Natural Surrounds herself with petals before returning to her pokeball in a similar fashion to 'Baton Pass'. Unlike Baton Pass, stat changes are not carried over to the next pokemon. Natural can only use this twice per battle.

Nightwing: Level 2 Female Zubat
No Signature Move

Hefty: level 2 Male Trubbish
Special Training: Awful Smell
Hefty's stench is TRULY horrible. In addition to the chance of flinching caused by his species characteristic, his scent has a 15% chance of poisoning any pokemon close enough to smell it, including allies in a double battle.

Mobius: Level 3 Male Slowking
No signature move

Pinkie Pie: Level 1 Female Sableye *Pink color
No Signature Move

Duckie: Level 1 Female Cranidos
No Signature Move

Captain Pollution: Level 1 Male Koffing
No Signature Move

Completed matches:


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Send a message via Skype™ to Haymez
Grovyle Pokemon Trainer Haymez

Trainer level 5
B- Ref 0 SP
35 wins 16 losses 1 Draw
106 KOs 289 TP
Pokemon: 39
Badges: 2

(Credit to Pengyzu)

Squad (39/39)
Spoiler: show

Santiago: male Aggron level 5
Aggron (Steel/Rock): Aggron can see in the dark. Due to its exceptional hardness, it will not take recoil damage from attacks it uses and is resistant to physical moves.
Steel types, like rock types, have hard bodies, making them resistant to unskilled physical blows, and sink in water. While not bothered by water to the degree rock types are, they still would rather fight out of the water. Unlike rock types, most steel Pokémon prefer cold temperatures to hot ones.
Rock types generally have hard bodies, which makes them resistant to unskilled (non-fighting) blows. However, most are so heavy that they will sink in water, so they stay away from deep-water sources if possible. Rock types prefer heat to cold.
Hidden Power: Flying
Bio and Sig in progress.
Attached: Monolith Badge
Attachable Badge
The Monolith Badge is awarded to those who best the very stones beneath their feet and the leader of the Rock Gym, Haymez. The badge is composed of diamond, cut in such a way as to catch light and appear to glow. This round cut mineral imbues the wearer with tremendous resistance, enabling them to face their biggest weakness without fear.
Badge Effect: Rock Solid
When attached to a Pokemon this badge hardens their resistance, enabling them to face their greatest weaknesses with solid determination. Any double weaknesses naturally held by the bearer will be reduced to single weaknesses while this badge is attached. This does not affect weaknesses unnaturally obtained through sigs or other effects, only those given by the bearer's natural typing.
This Badge must be attached via Squad Submissions

Altair: male Archeops level 5
Archeops: (Rock/Flying) Archeops is much closer to a raptor than a bird and despite being able to fly, prefers to run. Due to its fairly primal wings, it needs to get a running start in order to take off.
Rock types generally have hard bodies, which makes them resistant to unskilled (non-fighting) blows. However, most are so heavy that they will sink in water, so they stay away from deep-water sources if possible. Rock types prefer heat to cold.
Flying Pokémon, with a few exceptions, all fly. Those who cannot are faster and more agile in their chosen mode of transportation. When standing on the ground, they take 1x damage from Electric moves.
Bio: Altair grew up watching other flyers spiral gracefully through the air. As an Archen, he fought hard to be able to match their agility, but his wings just couldn't support him. Nonetheless, he kept at it, and eventually reached evolution. Now he felt sure he could fly as well as he wanted, and that was true to an extent. His wings were much stronger now, allowing him to fly, though not particularly well. Initially disappointed, Altair's determination was set, and he trained hard. Over time his movements became stronger and more graceful. He found he was able to control his flight very well, allowing him to spin gracefully in the sky like those he had watched while younger.
Sig: Spiraling Gracefully (special training)
Altair is now capable of flying with the same strength and agility as any flying type, and has gained the use of Swords Dance and Twister through his focus on spinning.

Ras Algethi: Male Rampardos level 5
Rampardos (Rock): Rampardos's extremely hard and somewhat pointed skull gives it a 25% boost in head-based attacks. However, its skull is very vulnerable, and attacks targeting this area do more damage.
Rock types generally have hard bodies, which makes them resistant to unskilled (non-fighting) blows. However, most are so heavy that they will sink in water, so they stay away from deep-water sources if possible. Rock types prefer heat to cold.
Bio: I found Ras smashing his head against a solid rock wall. Apparently he was very upset about something, I didn't find out what until later. The wall was about to crumble from the repetitive smashes, so I called out and he turned to face me. There was fire in his eyes, and on his head too as he rushed me. I narrowly escaped being headbutted, but a tree behind me didn't fare as well. It burst into flames on impact. Ras let out a cry when he saw what had happened and proceeded to bash his head against the wall again. I quickly extinguished the flames and turned once more to the dinosaur. I called out a challenge and after a tough battle caught him. I found that he had learned to do some interesting things with his head, and worked with him to perfect them.
Hidden Power: Grass
Sig: Head of the Kneeling one (Special Training)
Ras Algethi has the ability to use the three elemental punches by using his head. These will be triggered by the orders of "fire headbutt, thunder headbutt, and ice headbutt" respectively. He is unable to use the normal forms of these moves and can only use each move twice per match. He can no longer use Fire blast, Thunder, or Blizzard.
Attached Badge: Smelting Badge
The Smelting badge shows a Pokémon’s ability to be involved with their environment, and the strength of the minerals and other materials that have created the world we live in today. By defeating the gym leader and his Pokemon that are so engaged with the world around them, a victorious opponent gains a powerful tool. Any Pokémon that wields this badge has the ability to passively regenerate energy over time. This badge only restores a light amount of energy per turn, and caps at 1.5 Hyper Beams of energy regenerated.

Spartacus: male Armaldo level 5
Armaldo (Bug/Rock): Armaldo is an adequate swimmer, losing its ability to swim as well with its evolution. Like its earlier form, it can swim without taking damage despite its typing. As a deep sea Pokémon, it can see in the dark. It can also hold its breath for a long time, about as long as the average Water-type.
Bugs can, in most case, see in the dark. While most live in warm climates, they hate fire, and dislike cold.
Rock types generally have hard bodies, which makes them resistant to unskilled (non-fighting) blows. However, most are so heavy that they will sink in water, so they stay away from deep-water sources if possible. Rock types prefer heat to cold.
Bio: When I revived Spartacus from a fossil, I looked into his history, and found some interesting things. Apparently in ancient times he fought as a gladiator in many battles. He was pitted against foes from every background imaginable, from natural enemies to those of his own species. He was very successful in his fights, and was known for his strength, often tearing into foes with his powerful claws. These tendencies earned him the nickname, "Claws of Steel". When he came to me I trained him, focusing on his strengths, eventually giving us a fantastic final outcome.
Hidden Power: Grass
Sig: "Claws of Steel" (special training)
All of Spartacus' attacks involving his claws are given a 25% boost in power, however only one move receiving this boost can be used in a single round.

Tarazed: male Aerodactyl level 5
Aerodactyl (Rock/Flying): Aerodactyl are a terrifying sight to some Pokémon. Against any Pokémon that would reasonably be afraid of Aerodactyl, an Aerodactyl’s fear-inducing attacks are more effective. Its biting attacks do slightly more damage. In its Mega Form Aerodactyl gains a number of sharp spikes, making physical contact and grabbing/wrap attacks painful for the Pokémon wrapping it. These spikes also increase the power of its physical contact attacks, increasing them by 10%, as well as giving them the potential to pierce or slash.
Rock types generally have hard bodies, which makes them resistant to unskilled (non-fighting) blows. However, most are so heavy that they will sink in water, so they stay away from deep-water sources if possible. Rock types prefer heat to cold.
Flying Pokémon, with a few exceptions, all fly. Those who cannot are faster and more agile in their chosen mode of transportation. When standing on the ground, they take 1x damage from Electric moves.
Bio: Tarazed is an interesting creature. Having been revived from a fossil, he has lived two lives in a way. As I've been around him I've been able to get an idea of what his early life was like, and it wasn't the nicest. Tarazed was separated from his family at a very young age, and was forced to grow up on his own. As such, he went through the school of hard knocks, teaching him to fight. As he grew in size he also grew in strength, allowing him to better embed him in that prehistoric society, one where strength was highly valued. He was known for some highly unorthodox and risky strategies, which he still holds to this day.
Sig: Brutal Physicality (special training)
Tarazed is known for his high risk-high reward strategy, and as such has gained the use of Swords Dance and Head Smash.
Attached Item: Aerodactylite

Sabik: male Kabutops level 5
Kabutops (Rock/Water): Unlike its previous form, it’s a fairly sleek swimmer. It is equally at home in or out of the water.
Rock types generally have hard bodies, which makes them resistant to unskilled (non-fighting) blows. However, most are so heavy that they will sink in water, so they stay away from deep-water sources if possible. Rock types prefer heat to cold.
Water Pokémon are able to hold their breath and/or breathe under water. The time varies, from about half an hour to one hour for reptilians and mammals, and indefinitely for fish and squid like Pokémon. They are also, generally, good swimmers.
Bio: Millions of years ago, Kabutops were the rulers of their domain, the top of the food chain. However, they, along with many other species went extinct during a massive destructive event. The resulting carnage covered the land and sea, but a small group of Kabutops managed to survive by retreating deep underground. They sought refuge in a cave near an active volcanic region, a place where hydrothermally heated waters flowed out of the walls, bringing vital nutrients and other forms of life with them. However, the Kabutops entering the cave were cut off from the outside world by an earthquake which shut them in the area, the only way out being to swim the underground river leading off from the spring. At this point, they were forced to adapt or die, and adapt they did. Over millions of years, these Kabutops evolved to embrace the heat of the spring, and to draw strength from it. Sabik is an adventurous Kabutops from the cave who grew curious about what lay beyond the cave, and braved the perils of the river. He swam for what appeared to be days before being forcefully ejected from a geyser, at which point I met him.
Hidden Power: Ice
Sig: Hydrothermal Evolution (Special Training)
Having evolved in a hydrothermal environment, Sabik is much more comfortable, and will fight more enthusiastically in hot areas. In addition, his only experience being with superheated water, all of his water attacks barring arena dependent ones (surf, dive, whirlpool, waterfall) are heated in the same manner as scald, though all these attacks, including scald, do not require fire energy, and have a 20% chance of causing a burn on contact. Being superheated, the water will not evaporate in hot environments and as such won't be weakened by heat. However, Sabik has had no experience with cold, and as such loses his ice familiarity from being a water type and loses access to Blizzard, Icy Wind, and Hail. He feels very uncomfortable in cold areas, fighting much less enthusiastically.

Antares: Solrock level 5
Solrock (Rock/Psychic): Solrock is capable of generating vast amounts of heat by spinning, enough to vaporize moderate and weaker water attacks or dissipate fog. Energy use is equal to Fire Spin and is usable twice per battle. It has slightly more fire energy then normal and can levitate indefinitely. It fights more enthusiastically in the day time.
Rock types generally have hard bodies, which makes them resistant to unskilled (non-fighting) blows. However, most are so heavy that they will sink in water, so they stay away from deep-water sources if possible. Rock types prefer heat to cold.
Psychics are considered to automatically be familiar with psychic abilities. Thus, they can use Psychic to move and toss Pokémon. If facing a non-bug, non-dark opponent, psychics can sense their opponent somewhat, making accuracy reducing attacks less effective.
Hidden Power: Ground

Calantha: female Cradily level 5
Cradily (Rock/Grass): Cradily can stick to the ground to absorb nutrients. Lifting or trying to move this Pokémon will count as it having double weight. Cradily's Ingrain is more effective then normal. While it is capable of movement when not rooted down, it is quite slow, as it must hop or crawl to get around. As a sea lily, its natural habitat is the ocean, allowing it to stay underwater indefinitely. It is capable of seeing in the dark.
Rock types generally have hard bodies, which makes them resistant to unskilled (non-fighting) blows. However, most are so heavy that they will sink in water, so they stay away from deep-water sources if possible. Rock types prefer heat to cold.
Grass types live anywhere that can support vegetation, though most prefer temperate to tropical climates. Grass types enjoy both bright sun and rain. Rainstorms will heal them slightly every round the rain falls.
Bio: Long ago the world was far removed from what we have experienced. Enormous insects roamed the ground, massive predators searched far and wide for their next meal, and the plant life was not as still and silent as it is today. For those were brighter times, times of joy and strength for our green friends, who moved about freely, as if they had their own sets of legs. However, this period did not last forever. As climates changed, the other inhabitants of this world changed as well. Bereft of all they had come to know, the plants withdrew, returning to the ground, casting their roots deep, becoming solitary, immobile figures. However, if you go deep enough into the plants' domain, you may just find that some remain that are not as firmly rooted as they may seem...
Hidden Power: Flying
Sig: These Roots Were Made for Walkin' (Special Move)
Calantha is not as firmly rooted as others of her species. She has adjusted her root structure to provide her means of propulsion. Upon being given the order to "Grow Your Roots", Calantha will expend significant energy using a move to cause four large roots to grow from the ends of her legs. Each root is as thick as the leg where it attaches and tapers off as it moves outward. The roots are approximately 5 ft in length and provide her with means to move about on land with as much ability as a Tentacruel. Once grown, the roots are considered to be part of her body, and as such can use attacks, and will take damage from being struck by an opponent. Calantha can no longer use Ingrain, Hyper Beam, or Giga Impact.
Attached Token: Harvester's Token
The Harvester's Token denotes one's prowess in caring for and farming the bounties of nature. It can be attached to Grass type pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. Rain will heal them by a mild amount each round, sunlight will regenerate them mild energy each round, healing moves cost half their usual energy cost and draining moves are much more efficient. This token may be purchased during the week long Thanksgiving event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Sargas: male Rhyperior level 6 (uplevel)
Rhyperior (Ground/Rock): Rhyperior can create rocks from its hands for any rock based attack requiring some from the arena. Its charging based attacks do slightly more damage then normal as well. Its Solid Rock ability means that super effective attacks against it deal slightly less damage.
Ground Pokémon are considered to be immune to electricity while standing on the ground. If a Ground Pokémon is in the air, they take 75% the normal damage from electric attacks. If a ground type is wet, electric attacks affect it normally (unless the Pokémon is naturally wet/slimy, like Quagsire).
Rock types generally have hard bodies, which makes them resistant to unskilled (non-fighting) blows. However, most are so heavy that they will sink in water, so they stay away from deep-water sources if possible. Rock types prefer heat to cold.
Bio and Sig in Progress.
Hidden Power: Flying

Alioth: male Tyranitar level 5
Tyranitar (Rock/Dark): Having gone through various stages, Tyranitar are now very powerful. Their Earthquake attacks are the most powerful among Pokémon. It also carries over its tough hide from Pupitar, which reduces all damage it receives from physical attacks. In its Mega Form, it is fairly resistant to physical strikes - only powerful physical attacks will deal noticeable damage to them. Much like before its evolution, Tyranitar can produce sandstorms in nearly an instant. Sandstorms produced this way are thicker, more violent and require little concentration to maintain. Against any Pokémon that would reasonably be afraid of it, it's fear-inducing attacks are more effective.
Rock types generally have hard bodies, which makes them resistant to unskilled (non-fighting) blows. However, most are so heavy that they will sink in water, so they stay away from deep-water sources if possible. Rock types prefer heat to cold.
Dark types can see in the dark. They prefer to fight at night, however light does not adversely affect them.
Bio and Sig in Progress
Attached Item: Tyranitarite

Kaitos: male Tyrantrum level 5
Tyrantrum (Rock/Dragon): Tyrantrum has powerful jaws, giving it a 15% boost to all biting attacks. It is also rather temperamental, making it more vulnerable to rage-inducing moves, but it will have a greater attack boost as a result.
Rock types generally have hard bodies, which makes them resistant to unskilled (non-fighting) blows. However, most are so heavy that they will sink in water, so they stay away from deep-water sources if possible. Rock types prefer heat to cold.
Dragons tend to be good swimmers and fliers. However, they hate cold weather.
Bio and Sig in Progress
Hidden Power: Flying

Carlos: male Sceptile level 5
Sceptile (Grass): Thanks to the small hooks on their feet, Sceptile are able to scale most vertical walls. Sceptile cannot be intimidated easily, and are therefore more resistant to Fear-inducing attacks.
Grass types live anywhere that can support vegetation, though most prefer temperate to tropical climates. Grass types enjoy both bright sun and rain. Rainstorms will heal them slightly every round the rain falls.
Hidden Power: Rock
Bio and Sig in progress

Rigel: male Blaziken level 5
Blaziken (Fire/Fighting): Blaziken is a very good jumper, and can leap up to 20 feet. Kicking attacks will do 15% more damage then normal. Blaziken has flames on its wrists and can control whether their flames are ignited at any one time. When not ignited, they take less damage from water attacks, as there is no flame for the water to hit. However, they cannot use any fire attacks if their fire is not ignited. Igniting gives them their normal weakness to water, but allows them to use fire attacks. Igniting does not count as a move, and happens automatically when the Pokémon is ordered a fire attack. However, de-igniting counts as a move. They will automatically de-ignite if they fall asleep.
Fire types love hot temperatures. Most can survive in hot liquids/molten lava for an extended period of time (indefinitely in the case of Magby, Magmar, Slugma and Magcargo). If a fire Pokémon has a flame somewhere on its body, it will take extra damage if a water attack hits the flame. Otherwise, fire Pokémon are not adversely affected by taking dips in bodies of water, so long as the time is short (except for the above 4 Pokémon, who will take damage the longer they are in the water). Instead of being automatically 2x weak to Water, they take 150% of the damage if hit on their bodies, but take 210+% if hit on open flames.
Fighting Pokémon train extensively, more than any other Pokémon type, which gives them slightly greater endurance and energy.
Hidden Power: Electric
Bio and Sig in progress

Rico: male Empoleon level 5
Empoleon (Water/Steel): Empoleon is a very proud Pokémon and will not be discouraged easily. If its attack fails, it will become more energetic and has a 10% chance of getting a slight boost to both attack and special attack. It has a fine layer of down that allows it to swim in cold water comfortably and endure freezing temperatures. It's wings are sharp like Skarmory's.
Water Pokémon are able to hold their breath and/or breathe under water. The time varies, from about half an hour to one hour for reptilians and mammals, and indefinitely for fish and squid like Pokémon. They are also, generally, good swimmers.
Steel types, like rock types, have hard bodies, making them resistant to unskilled physical blows, and sink in water. While not bothered by water to the degree rock types are, they still would rather fight out of the water. Unlike rock types, most steel Pokémon prefer cold temperatures to hot ones.
Hidden Power: Flying
Bio and Sig in progress

Ankaa: male Xatu level 5
Xatu (Psychic/Flying): Xatu is not the best of fliers. What it does have over them, however, is two things: It can see a few seconds into the future, allowing it to avoid attacks more easily. Xatu can hold very still, making it harder to spot if it is hiding.
Psychics are considered to automatically be familiar with psychic abilities. Thus, they can use Psychic to move and toss Pokémon. If facing a non-bug, non-dark opponent, psychics can sense their opponent somewhat, making accuracy reducing attacks less effective.
Flying Pokémon, with a few exceptions, all fly. Those who cannot are faster and more agile in their chosen mode of transportation. When standing on the ground, they take 1x damage from Electric moves.
Bio: Xatu are interesting creatures. Their ability to see the past and future makes them very curious, so it was no wonder I had to capture one myself. Ankaa was a great help right from the start, helping me out in numerous ways, however, seeing the future isn't all fun and games. It weighed heavily on Ankaa when he would see something terrible happening in the future, but not be able to do anything about it. He would often seek out those that he saw in the future and talk with them. Looking into their minds with his psychic abilities showed him their plans, and the rest of their thoughts. He would try to manipulate their thoughts to prevent the future he saw, but with little success. He has become more solitary than he used to be, evading others when possible to avoid seeing their future.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Sig: Mind games (special training)
Ankaa has learned the moves Hypnosis and Nasty Plot.

Alnilam: male Eelektross level 5
Eelektross (Electric): Eelektross constantly levitates using a magnetic field. This levitation allows for fairly quick and nimble travel and requires no energy to maintain. Unlike its preevolutions, it is able to ground itself for a short time and stand on its modified fins. They are also fairly good swimmers and are able to stay underwater as long as any Water type.
Electric types, in general, prefer areas where their electric attacks are most accurate. Thus, while hot temperatures don’t bother them, the fact that heat refracts electricity doesn’t appeal to them.
Bio and Sig in progress

Rastaban: male Steelix level 5
Steelix (Steel/Ground): Steelix are large Pokémon, and are able to burrow through hard materials with their Dig attack easily (such as concrete). They are also more resistant to extreme pressures. Steelix can see in the dark.
Steel types, like rock types, have hard bodies, making them resistant to unskilled physical blows, and sink in water. While not bothered by water to the degree rock types are, they still would rather fight out of the water. Unlike rock types, most steel Pokémon prefer cold temperatures to hot ones.
Ground Pokémon are considered to be immune to electricity while standing on the ground. If a Ground Pokémon is in the air, they take 75% the normal damage from electric attacks. If a ground type is wet, electric attacks affect it normally (unless the Pokémon is naturally wet/slimy, like Quagsire).
Bio and Sig in progress

Muphrid: male Absol level 5
Absol (Dark): Due to their ability to predict disasters, Absol have a faster reaction time to large-scale attacks (Earthquake, Blast Burn, Explosion, Thunder, Hydro Pump, Sandstorm, exceptionally powerful sig moves, destruction of arena, etc, etc). This does not guarantee escape, it merely increases the odds of dodging.
Dark types can see in the dark. They prefer to fight at night, however light does not adversely affect them.
Bio: Muphrid has always been a solitary Pokemon, though that likely comes from being an Absol. He doesn't feel very comfortable in a group and often seeks out solitude while others around him are enjoying each other's company. He enjoys exploring at night, often taking long excursions through the darkness. His primarily solo approach to life has led him to not really trust others to do everything in battle. He prefers to do it himself without being forced to rely on aid from others.
Hidden Power: Ground
Sig: "I work alone" (special training)
Muphrid can use the moves Hypnosis and Confuse Ray.

Corvus: male Honchkrow level 5
Honchkrow (Dark/Flying): Honchkrow have influence over Murkrow. If Honchkrow is fighting a Murkrow, the Murkrow will be more reluctant to damage it. Honchkrow fight more enthusiastically at night, though light does not hinder them, and can see in the dark.
Dark types can see in the dark. They prefer to fight at night, however light does not adversely affect them.
Flying Pokémon, with a few exceptions, all fly. Those who cannot are faster and more agile in their chosen mode of transportation. When standing on the ground, they take 1x damage from Electric moves.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Bio and Sig in progress

Graffias: male Gliscor level 5
Gliscor (Ground/Flying): Gliscor are not true fliers: instead, they glide. If needed to, however, they are able to fly for short distances, and their claws allow them to grab and climb relatively smooth surfaces. Upon evolving, their claws got quite stronger and attacks that use it are 15% stronger then normal. Gliscor can see in the dark, and fight more enthusiastically at night.
Flying Pokémon, with a few exceptions, all fly. Those who cannot are faster and more agile in their chosen mode of transportation. When standing on the ground, they take 1x damage from Electric moves.
Ground Pokémon are considered to be immune to electricity while standing on the ground. If a Ground Pokémon is in the air, they take 75% the normal damage from electric attacks. If a ground type is wet, electric attacks affect it normally (unless the Pokémon is naturally wet/slimy, like Quagsire).
Bio: Graffias has always enjoyed being in arid places. He enjoys the heat, and especially the sand. He feels most at home in sandy areas and often seeks them out to relax. However, there are two things he hates, wet sand and frozen sand. He would often try many things to eliminate the agents that cause these things to happen. Then one day he stumbled across a place with sand dunes made of pure white gypsum. Being a salt, the gypsum sand was able to overcome the things Graffias hates, and as such he has found a way to use it in battle.
Sig: White Sand (Special Move)
Graffias opens one of his claws and fires a stream of white sand at high speed towards his opponent. This attack does significant ground damage for significant ground energy. However, this move has some special properties. It hits Ice and Water types for super-effective damage, but is not super-effective on Rock and Steel types, hitting them neutrally. All other types are affected as they normally would. This move is usable three times per match. Graffias can no longer use Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, or Rain Dance.

Jack: male Feraligatr level 5
Feraligatr (Water): While not the most agile of the Totodile line, Feraligatr is the fastest on land and in water. It will travel on all fours for extended distances. As an alligator Pokémon, the Totodile family has the strongest bite attack of any Pokémon relative to their size. However, their jaw muscles are meant for clamping down, not opening up: most Pokémon can easily keep them shut with their own hands. In wet arenas, the airholes on their snouts allow them to stay almost completely submerged while being able to see above the surface.
Water Pokémon are able to hold their breath and/or breathe under water. The time varies, from about half an hour to one hour for reptilians and mammals, and indefinitely for fish and squid like Pokémon. They are also, generally, good swimmers.
Bio: Jack is a rather feral alligator, often giving in to his instincts. Needless to say, in areas where smaller pokemon often visited Jack often *ahem* wasn't able to control himself. We'll leave it at that. In any case, he is a natural hunter, and knows how to catch his prey. Since joining my team I've kept him in check for the most part. At least there haven't been any unexplained disappearances when he is around. There is one thing I couldn't get him to stop doing, and so I worked to make it useful in battle.
Hidden Power: Electric
Sig: The Ripper (XX)
Jack lunges forward extremely quickly, biting down on the opponent's head or torso before flipping over onto his back, throwing the opponent over his head to be slammed down brutally behind Jack, at which point he lets go. This attack can only be used when the opponent is pretty close to Jack, within 5 feet. This does damage based on the weight of the user. Pokemon weighing less than three quarters of Jack's weight will take heavy damage. Those between three quarters and 1.5 times Jacks weight will take considerable damage. This attack will have no affect on foes greater than 1.5 times Jack's weight. This attack uses significant energy and will likely leave the opponent disoriented due to the quickness and ferocity of the attack. This can be used no more than twice per opponent, and not in subsequent rounds.

Albireo: male Druddigon level 5
Druddigon: (Dragon) Druddigon is very cold-blooded. In the sun and warmer temperatures, it will fight with great enthusiasm, but in cold temperatures or if chilled, it will quickly grow sluggish. Its skin is very tough and scaly and its body is covered in spikes; both of these factors will cause minor recoil to physical attacks.
Dragons tend to be good swimmers and fliers. However, they hate cold weather.
Bio and Sig in progress

Acubens: male Crawdaunt level 5
Crawdaunt (Water/Dark): Crawdaunt can swim, but prefers to walk along the bottom of the water instead of swim in it. Its claw attacks are stronger then normal.
Water Pokémon are able to hold their breath and/or breathe under water. The time varies, from about half an hour to one hour for reptilians and mammals, and indefinitely for fish and squid like Pokémon. They are also, generally, good swimmers.
Dark types can see in the dark. They prefer to fight at night, however light does not adversely affect them.
Bio and Sig in progress

Lesath: Male Drapion level 5
Drapion (Poison/Dark): Drapion is able to rotate its head 360 degrees.
If not completely immune, poison types are highly resistant to poisoning.
Dark types can see in the dark. They prefer to fight at night, however light does not adversely affect them.
Bio: Being a poison type in the desert is hard. But then, it's all Lesath had ever known. It used to not bother him so much when he was a Skorupi, he'd be out and fall victim to an errant earthquake, but that didn't matter to him all that much. However, since his evolution he has noticed that those earthquakes hurt substantially more, and he wasn't sure why. Eventually, the shear amount of ground energy flung around his home became too much for him. He retreated to his burrow in an attempt to escape, but the presence of the ground continued to haunt him. Eventually he came to loath the very sand beneath his feet. This loathing grew upon him, and one day in a fit of madness, he struck out. His poison filled claws stabbing into the ground furiously. His anger grew and grew with each hit, then with one final blow something happened. The poison was of a different color, nearly black. There was a mark in the sand, the same color as the poison. Slowly it spread, eventually filling his entire den, turning the sand a deep black shade. The sand was his own, and he no longer saw need to fear it.
Hidden Power: Grass
Sig: Tainted Earth (Special Move)
Lesath gathers this black poison in one of his claws or his tail before slamming it into the opponent in a manner similar to Poison Jab. This attack does Significant poison type damage for Significant poison type energy. However, this attack has some special properties. It hits Ground types for super-effective damage, but hits Grass types for neutral damage. All other types are affected normally. This move is usable three times per match. Lesath cannot use the moves Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, or Rain Dance.

Rana: female Toxicroak level 5
Toxicroak (Poison/Fighting): Croagunk has sacs in its mouth that store toxins. Utilizing these stored poisons, Poison attacks from the mouth take slightly less energy. The claws on its hands secrete poison, and attacks using hands have an additional 10% chance of poisoning.
If not completely immune, poison types are highly resistant to poisoning.
Fighting Pokémon train extensively, more than any other Pokémon type, which gives them slightly greater endurance and energy.
Bio and Sig in progress.

Nicholas: male Gallade level 5
Gallade (Psychic/Fighting): Gallade is able to extend its arms and elbows. Its arms are also very sharp, and cutting attacks do slightly more damage.
Psychics are considered to automatically be familiar with psychic abilities. Thus, they can use Psychic to move and toss Pokémon. If facing a non-bug, non-dark opponent, psychics can sense their opponent somewhat, making accuracy reducing attacks less effective.
Fighting Pokémon train extensively, more than any other Pokémon type, which gives them slightly greater endurance and energy.
Hidden Power: Dark
Bio and Sig in progress.

Algol: male Dusknoir level 5
Dusknoir (Ghost): Dusknoir is relatively solid and prefers that state, but can go ethereal or invisible with little problem. Unlike Duskull and Dusclops, it can levitate with decent speed and agility, and can achieve a little more height (about 5 feet). Its defence and special defence are slightly higher than those of other Ghosts.
Ghosts are resistant to attacks which induce confusion or other mental effects and are immune to telekinetic-based Psychic moves if not in the solid state (though will still take damage from Psychic moves regardless of state). They cannot be poisoned. Ghosts fight more enthusiastically at night and can see in the dark, though they are not put off by fighting in the day. Their fear inducing attacks are more effective than those used by other pokémon. Ghost-types take neutral damage from Normal, Fighting and typeless attacks in the ASB, as opposed to in the games, but some may change their state in order to evade certain moves. See Ghost Pokémon Information for details on states.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Bio and Sig in progress.
Attached Token: Reaper's Token
This attachable item can only be given to Ghost type pokémon. If the pokémon wearing this token has the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they are able to do so for three turns instead of the usual two and enjoy perfect invisibility where they might usually have left an icy glimmer or some other give away. If the selected pokémon does not already possess the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they gain the ability to do so for two turns, leaving a slight give away when they do so such as the glint of an eye or the glow of an ectoplasmic body. Ghosts wearing this token are also granted an increased ability to trick their opponents.

Khamsin: male Flygon level 5
Flygon (Ground/Dragon): Flygon’s enlarged eyes are adapted to seeing in a sandstorm, are and such are not hindered in heavy sand or fog. They also have slightly improved vision in low light, but are more vulnerable to Flash and similar effects.
Ground Pokémon are considered to be immune to electricity while standing on the ground. If a Ground Pokémon is in the air, they take 75% the normal damage from electric attacks. If a ground type is wet, electric attacks affect it normally (unless the Pokémon is naturally wet/slimy, like Quagsire).
Dragons tend to be good swimmers and fliers. However, they hate cold weather.
Bio and Sig in progress.

Mira: female Volcarona level 5
Volcarona: (Bug/Fire) Volcarona’s gigantic wings allow it to fly with great grace and ease. These wings constantly issue embers, and being within three or so feet can cause mild damage each round to foes due to the embers.
Bugs can, in most case, see in the dark. While most live in warm climates, they hate fire, and dislike cold.
Fire types love hot temperatures. Most can survive in hot liquids/molten lava for an extended period of time (indefinitely in the case of Magby, Magmar, Slugma and Magcargo). If a fire Pokémon has a flame somewhere on its body, it will take extra damage if a water attack hits the flame. Otherwise, fire Pokémon are not adversely affected by taking dips in bodies of water, so long as the time is short (except for the above 4 Pokémon, who will take damage the longer they are in the water). Instead of being automatically 2x weak to Water, they take 150% of the damage if hit on their bodies, but take 210+% if hit on open flames.
Bio and Sig in progress.

Albor Tholus: male Camerupt level 5
Camerupt (Ground/Fire): Camerupt tend to be only slightly-less apathetic than their Numel bretheren, although their higher intelligence gives them a better ability to follow orders. However, they become extremely angry when struck in the face: a Camerupt struck in the face by an opponent will focus almost exclusively on that target to the exclusion of all other concerns unless something else starts to become a bigger problem or gets in the way of Camerupts's revenge. Until its target has fallen Camerupt will be extremely emotional and responsive but more vulnerable to confusion. Camerupt will also be winded for up to three rounds after its beserker rage has ended, with longer periods of rage meaning more downtime.
Ground Pokémon are considered to be immune to electricity while standing on the ground. If a Ground Pokémon is in the air, they take 75% the normal damage from electric attacks. If a ground type is wet, electric attacks affect it normally (unless the Pokémon is naturally wet/slimy, like Quagsire).
Fire types love hot temperatures. Most can survive in hot liquids/molten lava for an extended period of time (indefinitely in the case of Magby, Magmar, Slugma and Magcargo). If a fire Pokémon has a flame somewhere on its body, it will take extra damage if a water attack hits the flame. Otherwise, fire Pokémon are not adversely affected by taking dips in bodies of water, so long as the time is short (except for the above 4 Pokémon, who will take damage the longer they are in the water). Instead of being automatically 2x weak to Water, they take 150% of the damage if hit on their bodies, but take 210+% if hit on open flames.
Bio and Sig in Progress.

Furud: male Zangoose level 5
Zangoose (Normal): Zangoose have a traditional feud with Sevipers, and goes into a rage whenever on a battlefield at the same time as a Seviper. Zangoose will only follow orders to attack Seviper, and will ignore any other orders. If not given any orders involving Seviper, it will automatically attack using random physical attacks.
Normal types can use the greatest variety of attacks in the league: they pay for this, however, by having less type energy. In the ASB, Normal types take 100% damage from Ghost type moves.
Bio and Sig in Progress

Fernando: male Krookodile level 5
Krookodile (Ground/Dark): Krokorok have a dark membrane covering their eyes, acting like gsunglassesh to protect them from bright light and sandstorms. They are somewhat resistant to light-based attacks as a result and can see well in bright sunlight. Their eyes also can adjust and focus to act like binoculars, allowing for better accuracy and to see things at a great distance.
Ground Pokémon are considered to be immune to electricity while standing on the ground. If a Ground Pokémon is in the air, they take 75% the normal damage from electric attacks. If a ground type is wet, electric attacks affect it normally (unless the Pokémon is naturally wet/slimy, like Quagsire).
Dark types can see in the dark. They prefer to fight at night, however light does not adversely affect them.
Bio and Sig in Progress

Manuel: male Noivern level 5
Noivern (Flying/Dragon): Noivern's "ears" are actually sound amplifiers, allowing it to fire sound attacks at high volumes. Their ears also allow them to amplify sound moves to be at their full potency even when spread. They get a 15% boost to sound moves.
Flying Pokémon, with a few exceptions, all fly. Those who cannot are faster and more agile in their chosen mode of transportation. When standing on the ground, they take 1x damage from Electric moves.
Dragons tend to be good swimmers and fliers. However, they hate cold weather.
Bio and Sig in Progress

Hydra: male Gyarados level 5
Gyarados (Water/Flying): Gyarados are terrifying, and for good reason. If a Pokémon would be afraid of Gyarados, then Gyarados’ fear attacks are more effective. Gyarados is equally at home on land or in the water. In its Mega Form, Gyarados becomes Water/Dark typed. Its appearance gives off an extremely intimidating aura, causing smaller and timider Pokémon to cower, reducing the willingness of its foes to attack.
Water Pokémon are able to hold their breath and/or breathe under water. The time varies, from about half an hour to one hour for reptilians and mammals, and indefinitely for fish and squid like Pokémon. They are also, generally, good swimmers.
Flying Pokémon, with a few exceptions, all fly. Those who cannot are faster and more agile in their chosen mode of transportation. When standing on the ground, they take 1x damage from Electric moves.
Bio and Sig in Progress
Attached Item: Gyaradosite

ARMS (Automaton Rending Many Surfaces): Golurk level 5
Golurk (Ground/Ghost): Golurk is entirely inorganic. Though slow and robotic, it is quite heavy and bulky for its size, allowing it to deal more damage from physical attacks. Despite being very large and extremely heavy, Golurk has the astounding and mysterious ability to fly at high speeds through the air, though this can burn energy very swiftly. It is permanently solid and cannot change in to the other states.
Ground Pokémon are considered to be immune to electricity while standing on the ground. If a Ground Pokémon is in the air, they take 75% the normal damage from electric attacks. If a ground type is wet, electric attacks affect it normally (unless the Pokémon is naturally wet/slimy, like Quagsire).
Ghosts are resistant to attacks which induce confusion or other mental effects and are immune to telekinetic-based Psychic moves if not in the solid state (though will still take damage from Psychic moves regardless of state). They cannot be poisoned. Ghosts fight more enthusiastically at night and can see in the dark, though they are not put off by fighting in the day. Their fear inducing attacks are more effective than those used by other Pokémon. Ghost-types take neutral damage from Normal, Fighting and typeless attacks in the ASB, as opposed to in the games, but some may change their state in order to evade certain moves. See Ghost Pokémon Information for details on states.
Bio and Sig in progress

Melik: male Nidoking level 5
Nidoking (Poison/Ground): Of the Nido monarchy, Nidoking has the higher offensive power, and any attacks it uses with its tail are 1.25 times as powerful. All Nidoran have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound attacks.
If not completely immune, poison types are highly resistant to poisoning.
Ground Pokémon are considered to be immune to electricity while standing on the ground. If a Ground Pokémon is in the air, they take 75% the normal damage from electric attacks. If a ground type is wet, electric attacks affect it normally (unless the Pokémon is naturally wet/slimy, like Quagsire).
Bio and Sig in Progress

Eltanin: male Salamence level 5
Salamence (Dragon/Flying): Though large and slow on land, Salamence is very fast in the air and prefers to fly rather than walk. It is a very intimidating Pokémon and its intimidation attacks are more effective.
Dragons tend to be good swimmers and fliers. However, they hate cold weather.
Flying Pokémon, with a few exceptions, all fly. Those who cannot are faster and more agile in their chosen mode of transportation.
Bio and Sig in Progress

Columbus: male Mamoswine level 5
Mamoswine (Ice/Ground): Mamoswine is large and sturdy, making it difficult to knock over. When it starts charging, it is difficult to stop.
Ice Pokémon are highly resistant to cold, and love fighting in it. However, they hate hot temperatures, and will not fight as well.
Ground Pokémon are considered to be immune to electricity while standing on the ground. If a Ground Pokémon is in the air, they take 75% the normal damage from electric attacks. If a ground type is wet, electric attacks affect it normally (unless the Pokémon is naturally wet/slimy, like Quagsire).
Bio and Sig in progress

HEFTY (Hugely Enormous Foe Thrashing You): Metagross level 6 (uplevel)
Metagross (Steel/Psychic): Metagross may levitate itself a short distance above the ground by expending minor energy for each round it remains levitated. Being inorganic, Metagross cannot be affected by Poison in any way, unlike other Steel types who could be affected if the Poison is ingested internally.
Steel types, like rock types, have hard bodies, making them resistant to unskilled physical blows, and sink in water. While not bothered by water to the degree rock types are, they still would rather fight out of the water. Unlike rock types, most steel Pokémon prefer cold temperatures to hot ones.
Psychics are considered to automatically be familiar with psychic abilities. Thus, they can use Psychic to move and toss Pokémon. If facing a non-bug, non-dark opponent, psychics can sense their opponent somewhat, making accuracy reducing attacks less effective.
Bio and Sig in progress

Spoiler: show

Monolith Badge
Attachable Badge
The Monolith Badge is awarded to those who best the very stones beneath their feet and the leader of the Rock Gym, Haymez. The badge is composed of diamond, cut in such a way as to catch light and appear to glow. This round cut mineral imbues the wearer with tremendous resistance, enabling them to face their biggest weakness without fear.
Badge Effect: Rock Solid
When attached to a Pokemon this badge hardens their resistance, enabling them to face their greatest weaknesses with solid determination. Any double weaknesses naturally held by the bearer will be reduced to single weaknesses while this badge is attached. This does not affect weaknesses unnaturally obtained through sigs or other effects, only those given by the bearer's natural typing.
This Badge must be attached via Squad Submissions
Currently Attached to Santiago the Aggron

Smelting Badge
Attachable Badge
The Smelting badge shows a Pokémon’s ability to be involved with their environment, and the strength of the minerals and other materials that have created the world we live in today. By defeating the gym leader and his Pokemon that are so engaged with the world around them, a victorious opponent gains a powerful tool. Any Pokémon that wields this badge has the ability to passively regenerate energy over time. This badge only restores a light amount of energy per turn, and caps at 1.5 Hyper Beams of energy regenerated.
Currently attached to Ras Algethi the Rampardos

Reaper's Token: This attachable item can only be given to Ghost type pokémon. If the pokémon wearing this token has the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they are able to do so for three turns instead of the usual two and enjoy perfect invisibility where they might usually have left an icy glimmer or some other give away. If the selected pokémon does not already possess the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they gain the ability to do so for two turns, leaving a slight give away when they do so such as the glint of an eye or the glow of an ectoplasmic body. Ghosts wearing this token are also granted an increased ability to trick their opponents.
Currently Attached to Algol the Dusknoir

Harvester's Token: The Harvester's Token denotes one's prowess in caring for and farming the bounties of nature. It can be attached to Grass type pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. Rain will heal them by a mild amount each round, sunlight will regenerate them mild energy each round, healing moves cost half their usual energy cost and draining moves are much more efficient. This token may be purchased during the week long Thanksgiving event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Currently Attached to Calantha the Cradily

Aerodactylite: Currently Attached to Tarazed the Aerodactyl

Gyaradosite: Currently Attached to Hydra the Gyarados

Tyranitarite: Currently Attached to Alioth the Tyranitar


Spoiler: show
vs. Biggggg5 UPN: Got 2 KOs, 4 TP
vs. Phoopes UPN: Got 3 KOs, 6 TP
vs. Zerozoner UPN: Got 1 KO, 2 TP
vs. (Psi)osiden SPPf: Got 2 KOs, 4 TP (DQ)
vs. Quintowill SPPf: Got 2 KOs, 4 TP
vs. Biggggg5 SPPf: Got 2 KOs, 4 TP
vs. Armaldo SPPf: Got 3 KOs, 6 TP
vs. bigtukker UPN: Got 2 KOs, 4 TP (DQ)
vs. Biggggg5 SPPf: Got 2 KOs, 4 TP
vs. Gmoyes UPN: Got 6 KOs, 12 TP
vs. Coolz8 UPN: Got 6 KOs, 12 TP
vs. Colddragon SPPf: Got 1 KO, 2 TP (DQ)
vs. Kairne (GT Match) UPN: Got 4 KOs, 8 TP
vs. Xander SPPf: Got 5 KOs, 10 TP
vs. Blaze SPPf: Got 3 KOs, 6 TP
vs. Spikkle (Whirl Cup Match) SPPf: Got 2 KOs, 4 TP
vs. defiantdenial SPPf: Got 4 KOs, 8 TP
vs. DaisyInari (Whirl Cup Match) SPPf: Got 2 KOs, 4 TP
vs. Celebii151 UPN: Got 2 KOs, 4 TP
vs. Lost SPPf: Got 4 KOs, 8 TP
vs. Fallen Icarus SPPf: Got 4 KOs, 8 TP
vs. EmeraldGoblin SPPf: Got 2 KOs, 4 TP
vs. redpanda15 SPPf: Got 3 KOs, 6 TP
vs. zerozoner UPN: Got 4 KOs, 8 TP
vs. Bookauthor1123 SPPf: Got 4 KOs, 8 TP
vs. Firewater UPN: Got 3 KOs, 6 TP
vs. Firewater (Gym Match) UPN: Got 4 KOs, 16 TP
vs. Zekrom2525 SPPf: Got 2 KOs, 4 TP
vs. Lost UPN: Got 4 KOs, 8 TP
vs. Celebii151 UPN: Got 2 KOs, 4 TP
vs. Kairne UPN: Got 2 KOs, 4 TP
vs. Chapter of Charizard SPPf: Got 1 KO, 2 TP (DQ)
vs. EmeraldGoblin (Gym Defense) UPN: Got 4 KOs, 8 TP
vs. Copygoo SPPf: Got 4 KOs, 8 TP (DQ)
vs. ROFLMAO UPN: Got 2 KOs, 4 TP

Spoiler: show
vs. Mean Mr. Snorlax UPN: Got 2 KOs, 3 TP

Spoiler: show
vs. Biggggg5 SPPf: Got 1 TP
vs. Kairne SPPf: Got 3 TP
vs. Shuckle SPPf: Got 2 TP
vs. Poke Hunter SPPf: Got 3 TP
vs. Mean Mr. Snorlax UPN: Got 2 TP
vs. Amras.MG UPN: Got 1 TP
vs. Atluss UPN: Got 2 TP
vs. Kindrindra UPN: Got 6 TP
vs. Squirtleking UPN: Got 6 TP
vs. Mercutio UPN: Got 3 TP
vs. Sneezey12 UPN: Got 4 TP
vs. Charminions UPN: Got 3 TP
vs. Dusknoirdude23 SPPf: Got 2 TP
vs. Dave (Gym Match) UPN: Got 4 TP
vs. Dave SPPf: Got 4 TP
vs. EmeraldGoblin SPPf: Got 2 TP


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