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Who wants to take on the Battle Tower challenge with me?

Goal: get as far as we can get in the Battle Tower on one run.
Pokémon allowed: no legendaries (even non-übers), no Garchomp
Items allowed: any


Who wants to battle me?

Format: 6v6
Pokémon allowed: no legendary übers allowed. You're free to use anything else.
Items allowed: none whatsoever . Thought it'd be fun for a change.
Sleep clause: you can put to sleep up to two (2) Pokémon at once. However, once two Pokémon are asleep on your opponent's team, the use of a sleep-inducing move constitutes an auto-forfeit. (This applies to uses outside your immediate control, including but not limited to Sleep Talking a sleep-inducing move or Metronoming a sleep-inducing move.)
Explosion clause: You are limited to no more than three (3) Explosions in the battle. The use of a fourth Explosion will constitute an auto-forfeit.
Freeze clause: there is no limit to the number of creatures you may freeze. Restated, there will be no penalty for freezing more than one creature.
Paralysis clause: there is no limit to the number of creatures you may paralyze. However, your opponent will frown at you if you attempt to do nothing but paralyze, confuse, and flinch each and every Pokémon on his team.
OHKO clause: feel free to use 'em if you want to. Please limit them, however, to no more than two (2) Pokémon you control. If you control three (3) or more Pokémon with OHKO moves, the first two to attempt a OHKO move will be the two you are restricted to using OHKO moves with.


Who wants to battle me?

Same specs as above but with one change ...

Format: 3v3. We will post our teams of six here to the thread should you choose this option. From these six, we must pick out the three we will be using. (Think of this as a Pokémon Stadium / Colosseum / Battle Revolution-style way of battling.)

Players picking this option will, ideally, want to battle more than once. However, there is no obligation to do so.

EDIT: uh, and absolutely no Explosions allowed if you pick this last option. XP I'll allow you to put to sleep one (1) Pokémon. All other rules should be the same.

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Same rules as my Pokemon Tournament.

OU, Item Clause, Species Clause, Double KO Clause, and... the rest. lol.
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