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Re: Excelsior

Originally Posted by Arnold

Arc: Looking on at the now one winged sand Charizard you quickly start to think things through, Gastly taking a bad hit just then you don’t really want to happen again, taking two Pokeballs you return Gastly and Kabuto to safety, taking a few seconds to grab the two Pokeballs you need you release them into the air, a Sableye and Misdrevus appearing into the heat. The Charizard roaring at the new playmates it has as Misdreavus looks on deadly at it as Sableye happy to get out looks at it happily to have a good time ordering your attacks Sableye and Msidrevus take off into the sands, the Charizard roaring loudly as it unleashes a Fire Spin capturing Misdrevus in it’s grasp as Sableye looks on quickly unleashing a Steel beam of Hidden Power, the beam slicing through Charizards gut, a now huge hole gaping across it as it takes no notice, a Flamethrower spurting towards Sableye who leaps over it his feet getting caught by the flames that cause him leap back in pain, looking on as Sableye winces in pain. Misdrevus still caught in the Fire spin lets lose a Hidden Power of her own, a green beam slicing the flames apart causing them to disappear as she gets her bearings together, the Hidden Power unfortunately missing it’s target as she gets a lock on the Charizard who suddenly gets hit with an Ice beam, it’s lower torso getting frozen solid as Sableye hits it with a Shadow ball, the ghost energy ball flying towards the Charizard making it’s frozen legs shattered as it now becomes a sitting duck not being able to regenerate it’s legs it starts to use one wing to whoosh itself around the sand causing a bit of sand storm, but nothing too big to worry about as it stop sable eye unleashes it’s own power in the form of a Hyper Beam, the look on Sableye’s face a cheeky grin as it holds it’s hands out a warm glowing light appearing in front of it’s hands as it focuses more and more power before unleashing the huge beam of light that races towards Charizard, the sands around the beam flying upwards as it reaches it’s target a deathly roar can be heard around the sands as it burns and slices through Charizards head. After a few seconds the light calms down and all you now see is a big pile of sand, in the remains of the sandy zard you see a lone sword, the exact of what the leader of the sand people had, gold with a blue tint around the handle and a silvery hot blade piercing the sands below it, looking up you look at the now flashing skies, what shall you do? (Level up for Misdreavus, and seeing as Sableye is 100, you can either have a Rare Candy in absence of the level, or give Misdreavus two levels instead.)
OOC: I'd like 2 levels for Missy please ^-^

The one winged Charizard roared in fury at its two new adversaries startling the little Drowsee around Stacey's neck further causing it to shake uncontrollably. Impish growled almost playfullyat the Charizard not taking it seriously and Missy set her beautiful red eyes upon its feral form in a hard glare. Stacey get a mental message to them to act quickly, and act quickly they did. Impish leapt forward quickly maneuvering across the hot sands like he belonged there whilst Missy flew low across them, whipping up small clouds of dust in her wake.

Charizard wasn’t taking any chances either and it opened its mouth wide spewing out red hot flames that formed a funnel headed right towards Missy. The Misdreavus unfortunately had little time to react as the flames ensnared her trapping her within their tormenting grasp. Imp spares her a concerned glance, his mood quickly swinging to one of hatred at the assault on his friend. He powered up his Hidden Power, the steel energy encircling him before rushing forward in beam form shining bright silver under the glare of the sun. It struck the Charizard right in its abdomen leaving a gaping hole in its wake. Impish grinned but soon gave a startled yelp as another onslaught of flames this time directed at him raced across the sands. He leapt up avoiding most of the fiery beam but landed back down to ground awkwardly wincing in pain at the burns his legs had sustained by his delay.

Meanwhile Missy was sweating profusely from the hot tunnel she found herself in. The flames danced teasingly around her reaching out to scold her flesh every now and then causing ripples of pain to surge through her. A loud cry echoed from her as she powered up her own Hidden Power, unable to bear the flames any more. The green-tinted beam shot through the flames causing their dancing to stop and small puffs of fire that remained to dissipate into nothingness. She noted that her attack hadn’t hit the Charizard but it had accomplished her main priority. Not wanting to be caught out again she gatehered up Ice energy deep within her and shot a jagged Ice Beam at the sand dragon hitting its lower half and completely freezing it over. Impish had recovered enough from his brush with fire and decided to make a shattering attack. A large blob of ghost energy rushed forth from his palm as he literally lobbed it at the Charizard. It struck the frozen portion of it exploding on contact and shattering the ice to tiny fragments.

What was would seem rather comical if not for the situation they were in. What was left of the Charizard was merely its two little arms, head and one wing. It looked extremely pitiful but still would not back down. It tried to whip up a sandstorm with its last wing and Impish cackled. He would end this right now, oh how delicious it would be to use his new attack. Holding his palms out in front of him he concentrated a huge amount of his power before them, a small white red and yellow ball forming there glowing magnificently. As the ball grew larger in size the more frantic the Charizards attempt of attack seemed to be. With one last smirk Impish cried out as the power reached its limit and exploded with a large bang into a beam that rocketed across the sands leaving a trench beneath it. Charizard gave out a deathly roar as the beam struck it burning right through its head the sand exploding all around them. As the sand clears Stacey could no longer see the Charizard anywhere, a large mound of sand sat in its place and within its centre was a sword.

Impish and Missy celebrated their victory happily with one another, their injuries soon forgotten. Zabini from his place on Stacey’s shoulders peered out to make sure it was safe. Once he was sure the sand Charizard has finally been vanquicshed he relinquished his grip sliding down to the sand. Stacey was quite thankful of her ability to breath properly now and took a deep breath to emphasize the fact. Zabini stared in wonder at the two ghosts before him. He had not yet had the chance to meet all of Stacey’s team and although he had seen Gastly and Kabuto battle, these two were something else. He was in awe of the power they displayed, especially the cheeky looking Sableye who was beaming right at the beautiful Misdreavus. He hoped one day he could achieve that kind of power and focus it into his magicks.

Stacey approached the pile of sand and stood next to the sword dug deep into it. She tilted her head giving it a good examination. It had a beautiful blue and gold hilt and a hot silver blade that shone as bright as the day. She grasped the hilt and pulled it out of the sand marveling at how heavy it actually felt in her arms. She gave it an experimental swing and grinned. A beautiful trophy for all they had gone through, she felt though she was meant to have this sword. Impish, Missy and Zabini were all looking at her with interest as she experimented with the sword. Catching their stares she merely grinned back at them.

“It be a shame to leave such a beautiful object here, anyway it would make a nice forgiveness prize from those sand freaks for all they put us through,” she added pushing the sword between her skirt and belt, being careful not to slice her clothing or skin as she did so. Looking up at the sky, seeing it dance a swirl with a multitude of colours she made a decision.

“I think we should head back now team, whatever’s occurin’ up there isn’t stopping and only seems to progress the longer were here. I don’t know bout you but I’m shattered, it be nice to relax on the ship back to the mainland.” All three pokemon hastily agreed even though Impish and Missy had not seen much of this land they could sense the disturbance in the air better than anyone and felt an uneasy sense of urgency to leave. Stacey sought the right direction out of the desert and finding it began to hastily make her way towards it before moving into a run her pokemon following behind her with an equal amount of speed. The race across the desert was tiring but the gang was laughing all the way enjoying each others company.





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Re: Excelsior

Originally Posted by Rat
~Sapphire Lake~
Golden Mew: "Oh, I know why," the boy answers. "This isn't the first time it's happened." He glances down at the Gloom, who is a little surprised about getting hugs from strangers, but doesn't seem to mind it. "Mom was showing Dolores elemental stones, asking her which one she wanted to use to evolve: the Leaf Stone for Vileplume, or the Sun Stone for Bellossom. Last time, she couldn't decide and got upset... and when Mom tried it again today, the same thing happened." He stroked the budding flower petals on Dolores's head. "To be honest, I don't think Dolores wants to evolve at all, and I'm fine with that." He looks at you with a troubled expression. "Mom's really set on making her evolve, though, and I'm not sure how to tell her otherwise... maybe you could help me out?"
Thank you Rat, you are really updating us SO WELL!!!

"Mom was showing Dolores elemental stones, asking her which one she wanted to use to evolve: the Leaf Stone for Vileplume, or the Sun Stone for Bellossom. Last time, she couldn't decide and got upset... and when Mom tried it again today, the same thing happened." The boy told her.

"Aaah, that's Elemental Stones!" Falcon nodded, "I know them, in fact, I have a Thunder Stone myself, but I didn't know they were called that."

"To be honest, I don't think Dolores wants to evolve at all, and I'm fine with that. Mom's really set on making her evolve, though, and I'm not sure how to tell her otherwise... maybe you could help me out?"

'His mum sounds quite stubborn. I wonder how old she is? I mean, maybe it's due to her personailty, but it could be age... If it's both... Oh, god, that's gonna be quite a battle between her and Dolores. And him'. Her thoughts were broken by her own stupid mouth.

"Yeah, sure, I could try," Falcon tilted her head to the left and smiled, at the boy, then Gloom. Her fair hair swished as she lifted her head back up, and recalled Classicle, "If you show me where she is,"

As she smiled, fakley, another thought erupted in her mind 'Why the hell did you just agree to that?! You know you've got more important things to do!'

In reply to her mind, Falcon thought 'It's the right thing to do.'

'It's wasting time!'

Remeber I said Falcon had arguments with her mind? Well, this was one of them. And Falcon sure must have looked stupid, standing there, looking fixedly at a point in front of her (just slightly left to the boy's left shoulder), with a slight frown, and her lips murmuring something.

Enterna sidled over to her owner, as she knew what was happening, and gently tugged on Falcon's sleeve with her mouth.

"Huh? What's happening?!" She asked, as she jolted back to life.

"Bayleef... Bayle, Bayl. Bay!" She told Falcon quietly. You were having a conversation in your mind. Again.

"Oh, sorry!" Falcon exclaimed to the party around her, then laughed, "Shall we get on, then?"
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Re: Excelsior

Originally Posted by Arnold

Raichu: Just going to link you to the Arcane Realm, just to give you a bit of information and links on how to go about replying properly, and could you please post a link to the potion.
Bypassing the fallen Buizel you pick up the little coin. Smiling as you hand it back to Stunky as Treecko walks by you, offering it to the Stunky and telling the little skunk that you deserve something for this it looks at you, it’s head cocked to the side as in to say WTF are you talking about, you just helped me, as you ask it to battle it muses over for a few seconds and then sighs, knowing it should have realized help comes at a price and reluctantly agrees to battle. What shall you do?
Alright. Since you have agreed on this Stunky, I wont go easy on you. Ill give you the fight of your life. No matter how the result is, I will always respect you as a pokemon. *wipes sweat off my brow and I think* "Man......am i doing the right thing? My friend wants this pokemon badly, and I just helped it. His offer is real good, hard to pass up really. Well, I cant turn back now, I have to battle it. I must win too, my pokemon wouldn't ever back down from a challenge."

You did well Treecko. Take a nice rest. Return! *I point my pokeball at her and a red beam of light pulls her into her protective ball* Since Im gonna be serious about this Stunky, Ill give you a good challenge. Come on out! Cyndaquil(female)!!!!!! *I throw the pokeball up into the air and my lovely Cyndaquil pops out of her ball and shakes her fur off while standing firm in the sand* Nice to see you again my cute Cyndaquil^^ You ready to battle? *she nods her head and flares up the flames on her back*

Here we go Stunky. Im gonna give it my all. Ok Cyndaquil! Start off with a Leer!!! Throw Stunky for a loop with your spiteful stare and zoom at it with a Quick Attack! *I smirk as my Cyndaquil puts on it's game face and begins to battle* Try your best girl......
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Re: Excelsior

Originally Posted by Rat
Updates may be coming out faster so I can wrap up with some of you guys.

~Sapphire Lake~
Yami Ron: "Oh, hi there!" The girl turns to you and smiles. "We're just doing this for fun and exercise. I used to do this a lot at home, and I thought it'd be neat to get my Pokemon into it. Especially Kylie, she's put on some weight."

"Fushi..." says the female Ivysaur, shaking her flower bud a little.

Buneary starts hopping up and down, eager for the next routine to start.

"All right, all right, just a moment," the girl says to Buneary, before facing you again. "Oh by the way, my name's Maurine, and these are my two Pokemon, Kylie and Kuma." She gestures to each of them, and Kuma waves his paws cheerfully at you. "This Buneary decided to come dance with us; I don't think it belongs to anybody.

"If you'd like to dance, feel free to join us," she says, stepping aside to make some room invitingly. "It sounds like you already know a move... what did you call it? The Electric Slide? Can you show us?"
"It's simple, watch me and Eira here. Everybody line up beside us." (Eira stands to the left of me) "I'll speak it as I do the Electric Slide. And Kylie, don't you worry one bit. This is one way to 'slide' away the pounds!"

"You can twist your torso sightly for emphasis if you like while doing this maneuver or even clap at the end of each movement. Take two steps to the right. (Clap) Then take to steps back to the left. (Clap) Two steps back. (Clap) Lean forward. Then lean back. (Clap) Then quarter-circle counterclockwise while sweeping your right leg out and repeat."

Eira did her steps in pairs since she is on all fours with a moderate "Pe" sound after each gesture.

"That's all... there is too it. I think I have the Marcia Griffith's "Electric Boogie" song available on tape. (Reaches into my pockets) Here it is! (Hands it over to the girl) You always have to play this song while doing the Electric Slide to let it flow. Oh I never even asked what your name was?"

"Buneary, since you aren't with this young lady's crew. After this Electric Slide practice is over, would you like to join Eira and I on our adventure?"

Added note: For everyone use is interested in the song, check out the music veideo for it here.
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Re: Excelsior

~Phantom Desert~
Trick-or-Treater: The Pokeball bops the unconscious Skorupi and lands beside it, opening up and sucking it in immediately afterward. The ball rolls around a bit, then lists to one side and keeps still. You caught a L.6 male Skorupi!

You and Jalhalla, the latter's condition improved thanks to the Antidote, continue walking toward the somewhat vague shape. Fortunately, instead of disappearing as a mirage would do, it grows larger the nearer you come to it, proving itself real. Soon you arrive at what seems to be an old Pokemart, but it doesn't look like anyone's been running it for years. The squat brick building is getting worn away by the and, and the remains of a thin wooden sign in the shape of a Pokeball dangles from a single rusted chain above the door, the other chain broken off, leaving the sign to twist crazily in the wind.

"Not much out here to see, boy," says a gruff voice, and you jump as you notice a wiry-looking, swarthy-skinned old man leaning against the wall right next to you. Maybe you just didn't see him when you came in because the sun was so bright? "If ya need a rest, it's cool inside. “Wouldn't recommend goin' out any further, though." He tilts his head to squint above with faded grey eyes. "It's gettin' close to time."

It looks like you've found a place to get out of this blistering heat, at least for the moment. What are you going to do now?


“Well, can’t be picky if it provides shade.” Trick said. He looked at the Pokemart, the hinges of the sign were about to break off, the bricks looked like they were about to pulverise and for the rest, it looked like something straight out of a 1960’s Western Movie. He noticed he still had Skorupi’s Pokeball in his hand, he took off his backpack and put it inside. “You’ll be going to a sassy lass soon you little bugger.” Tumbleweed tumbled further in the distance, the sun was still sending out his infernal rays and the amount of sweat that was dripping from Trick’s head was enough to fill a small kiddie pool. He looked around, not really sure if he wanted to go on or examine the rundown shack or move on. Jalhalla poked him in the side with a sharp thorn, giving out a “Cacctrrrr?” inquiring what the hell was going on in his trainers mind. But before Trick could answer a raspy, old voice said: "Not much out here to see, boy," Startled by an old man Trick stepped back. Slightly creeped out Trick looked at the man. His grey and/or white hair covered parts his wrinkled head and his sun dried lips moved, saying: “Wouldn't recommend goin' out any further, though, it’s gettin' close to time.” The man was looking up, squinting at the weird sky. Trick looked at his Cacturne and his Cacturne looked at him. “Whatcha talkin’ ‘bout gramps?” Trick said to the old man, with certain suspicion in his voice.

ps. Sorry I missed the last update ;[
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Re: Excelsior

Originally Posted by Wayne
Sapphire Lake
quilava plush: Sorry, don’t know what I was thinking about. ^^;
The big blue and pink slugs ignore what you say and starts on its way to the pokemon centre as the little pink Shellos stays behind while nodding at you signalling its trust on you now, prepared to help you with whatever possible. You then hear, “Rampardos, you cannot lose! Use a Take Down attack and then Screech it and finally Rock Smash it!” from the trainer as Blaziken then starts this time by eating the Softboiled egg regaining most of its energy and health back. Before another second passes the Rampardos starts charging at Blaziken furiously as Blaziken dodges the attack and then covers her ears as the Rampardos Screeches at the top of its voice as the slight feel that everything is trembling as the pokemon stops. Blaziken, now completely irritated with the Rampardos flies in front of it before Sky Uppercutting it sending it back, slightly shaky trying to keep its balance. Before another moment you see Blaziken’s white glowing foot kick Rampardos in the head knocking it down, KOed. Level up for Blaziken. As the battle ends you see the trainer hold out his pokeball as he recalls the Rampardos. “Fine, I’ll leave these pokemon alone. They were too weak anyway…” You then see him disappear into the woods as he escapes. The Bidoof and Shellos both look at you with a smile before realizing that the other Shellos still needs help as they both start hurrying into the forest with you behind them.

A few minutes pass into the forest and you begin to get worried but before long you recognize the building up ahead as both pokemon start to run ahead faster than before. As you get closer to the Pokmon Centre you then see the Gastrodons in the door of it with the nurse and her Blissey tending to the fallen Shellos. You then see them both rush into the emergency room as you get into the building. Almost half an hour passes that seemed longer than a year for the poor pokemon as the light goes off in the emergency room as you then see the nurse and Blissey come out with a slight frown on their faces before giving a smile. As the nurse approaches you and the pokemon and begins talking, “Well it was tough but we managed to stabilize the Shellos. It should be fine now that it’s resting and with two days or so of rest here it should regain all of its stregth back. It really took quite a beating and I’m wondering what happened but I think it would be better not to ask being afraid that my suspicions are right about what happened...” You then notice the Gastrodons relieved as they start to cry and the little pink Shellos too before they all look at you with immense gratitude in their eyes for helping them bring their young one here. You then suddenly see the little Bidoof run to you as it gives you a hug on the leg with a tear in its eye for a second before going over and hugging the Shellos and Gastrodon in happiness…What will you do now?
((No problem at all; we all make mistakes and you work hard in this game as is. ^^))
Rivka laughed as the defeated trainer withdrew from the area and hugged her Blaziken for such a job well done. "Good job layin' the smackdown on 'im, Hokage! You can rest now." As she recalled the Blaziken, the trainer looked to the Gastrodon family and Bidoof, nodding silently as the group guided her to the Pokemon Center to tend to the wounded Shellos. She had noticed that the little pink sea slug appeared less hostile towards her; it didn't take too much to realize that she had finally learned the little one's trust, and she couldn't help but smile at such a fact. But then she realized that time was running out and she had to rush to the Pokemon Center. The group of Pokemon had rushed ahead of Rivka as she ran alongside Mara, eventually making it to the clinic where the two Gastrodons had entered ahead of her to admit the little blue one for medical care.

The trainer lingered around in the waiting room, fists clenched in anticipation and hope that the little slug would survive. If it didn't- well, she didn' want to think of that possibility. She was an optimist by nature and believed with everything she had that it would live to see another day. She momentarily recalled her Linoone and sighed as she looked to the Gastrodon family and Bidoof, all equally worried for the little slug.

The door whooshed open and Rivka's ears perked up as she looked to Nurse Joy. The temporary frown on her face sent the trainer's heart plummeting, though it was soon stabilized with a sigh of relief as she mentioned that the little Shellos would survive after all. "Thank you, Nurse Joy," she began to say, her words somewhat shaky, "From the moment I saw the little one, I knew I needed to find help for this family." She looked down to the sea slugs and Bidoof, tears forming in their eyes and glittering in the light out of sheer gratitude. "I'm always out of my way to help a Pokemon in need."

After watching Bidoof give hugs to the family of sea slugs, Rivka kneeled down and gave hugs of her own to the four pokemon. Starting with the blue Gastrodon, she gave a quick hug around the necks of the larger two and a pat on the head to the little pink Shellos, and once she got to Bidoof she gave it a rather tight hug, whispering the words "I would have never done it without you, little guy." Looking outside, she saw bizarre weather patterns forming; knowing the lore of Excelsior, it wouldn't be long before the island vanished. A pit grew in her stomach; she didn't want to leave the pokemon and wanted to see the blue Shellos recover, but she knew she couldn't unless she was to be whisked away along with the island. She looked back to the Pokemon, then in a solemn voice said, "I'd love to stay with you all to help see you through Shellos's recovery, but I have to go. I... have to go home, far away from here." With a heavy heart, an idea came to mind and she rummaged through her backpack only to pull out a Red Scarf and offer it to Bidoof. "I don't have much to give, but perhaps you can remember me by this if you'd like."

As she held out the scarf and waited to see if Bidoof and the Gastrodons would accept the gift, thoughs rushed through her mind, knowing that she would have to make a beeline to Neptune Cove soon.

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Re: Excelsior

The strange, yet beautiful phenomena taking place in the Excelsian sky is now causing even more debate than the discovery of the land itself. Never before has anything like this been witnessed, the resulting interest leading journalists and photographers flocking to Excelsior to document the event while some natives from the Fizzy Bubbles mainland travel across the sea to see it for themselves. The changes are having the opposite effect on trainers however, who are leaving one after another more because of a sixth sense urging them to move on than because of any real fear in relation to what is happening. Some are a little slower than others, their inner selves not so in tune with what is going on around them.

Pokmon are also leaving Excelsior by air or sea, among them many new water types migrating via the ocean while birds of all kinds are flying off into the distance - perhaps in search of a new home, or perhaps just to explore. The interest in the new Pokmon species is mounting, and even a Raptor Island research vessel can be seen sailing away from Excelsior with countless types of new Pokmon species on board which the Rangers are hoping will breed upon the sanctuary of the island.

The muticoloured hue of swirling clouds are now covering the entire continent of Excelsior, but despite the cloud cover there are no other apparent changes in the weather. The scene is breathtaking, and while one or two trainers look back upon the land they had just left, watching the impressive whirlpool of gorgeous colours, one final shimmer distorts the image of the continent before it is gone.

Vanished, as though it had never existed...
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