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Round 8: A shocking ending

With members of both teams being recalled, Jaws brings his foot up, intending to shake things up with an Earthquake, but before he can do so, he finds himself knocked back by yet another Extremespeed from the now-trio of Gallade. The attack knocks him off balance, and he falls over backward, before pickhing himself up.

Growling, the Feraligatr throws his Body at the copy of XLR8 closest to him, Slamming it to the ground... and it's the real one! The two clones vanish as the Fighting-type struggles beneath the body of the reptile. But then he taps into his energy reserves, and launches a sizzling Thunderbolt. The attack fries the swamp monster's system, and after the shocking experience, we see that his eyes have gone swirly, allowing XLR8 to ease out from under his limp body. The Gallade bows to his fallen adverary, before pumping the air with his fist, victorious.

A'Tuin: Jaws is unable to battle!

Ra: James2791 has no useable Pokémon remaining!

Sally: XLR8 and Shadowshocker are the winners!

Shadowshocker wins by KO and receives 2 KOs and 4 TP
James2791 receives 2 TP
DaveTheFishGuy receives 1.25 SP for fast reffings
Joshua receives 1 SP because I'm nice

At least, I think that's how the SP goes. Shadow, lemme know if I get 1.25 or 1.5 or something, I think Josh deserves half of it, since we got 4 rounds done each. Anyways, great match from the pair of you. James, you probably coulda clinched it if you'd been a bit more typespammy, but the way Shadow plays that's definately not a certainty. See you both around, and thanks for requesting me to pick this up. Thanks for using DaveTFG Reffings!

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Whew, we came extremely close, but couldn't clinch the win in the end...
Thx SS for this awesome battle, you after all, are a GL for a reason. Maybe another match sometime soon is on the cards?
Dave and Josh, as usual, thanks for the provision of reffings - loved the way you colour coded yours Dave, makes it interesting to read
Hope to see you both around sometime soon.

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