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'Till we meet again
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The new Kagepro song made me think of something from the Bookmark of Demise, so this happened.

Based on this song (had to use a cover to avoid copyright).


Spoiler: show
The first cry rang
dimly, from tomorrow's Sky.
Look, can't you hear
it as well, the wish

"Common", "Mundane"
speaking ill of it;
You are still young
so it might be too early for you

Come~, the Festival events and spare time
Giving up on the Demise ship
our story

CRY, let it reach you
TRY, even on a lost path
BRIGHT, brightly lit up
please hold on.
FLY, Aiming for tomorrow
On the other side of pain and loneliness
Is an ordinary hero
"It's kind of lovely, right?"

Hiding loneliness
Exposing a fake is unforgivable
Hey, it's perfect?
Realize it already,
"It's ME."

Traversing a narrow path,
You say it's a fake, fixed game,
but it's okay
it's ours, and ours alone.

Isn't it fine already?
Even if I move forward.
Ordinary silhouettes

Now, "Face ahead,
more more More More and MORE!"

Rewrite, the beginning of the end
Future, aiming for tomorrow
an ordinary hero~
"From here on out I'm serious."
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