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Watched the fourth episode of Endless Eight last night. And I'm ready to offer an about-face on the previous (the Episode 03) post:

Spoiler: show
Last post, I said how I fear that E8 might be the director trying to show off instead of being about getting the audience to sympathize with the characters. I could see that with 03, but with Episode 04 I just don't see it as well anymore. I'm back to banking on art here: I'm back to thinking they had the story at heart.

04 doesn't serve as a stand-alone episode. Rather, it can't. It's missing too much from the book chapter (which can be found in just Ep 01, just Eps 02 and 03, or all three). It goes way too fast through certain scenes. Lots of cut dialogue. It's clear -- they have to go fast because they need more time for the nighttime meeting in front of the train station and for the daytime meeting inside the cafe.

Watching 04, it's clear -- you're meant to watch 04 only after watching 03 (which you watch only after watching 02, which you watch only after watching 01). Sugita's variations on certain lines of Kyon's. Mikuru's increasingly incoherent words out of her mouth when Kyon arrives to the nightly meeting. It isn't just that you can't substitute 04 for any of the others that came before -- it's that 04 itself is clearly made to be watched after 01, 02, and 03.

In essence, I see evidence that Kyoto Animation was sincerely trying to entertain audiences whilst trapping them in the seemingly never-ending hell.

There's a really strange animation phenomenon in this and probably most of the other S2 episodes. The character designs jump between S1's designs and S2's K-On! designs. It appears to be the trend that the more zoomed in we are on someone's face the more likely they are to have an S1 face. Let's use a five-point scale to describe zoom. We'll say 5 is most zoomed in, 1 is most zoomed out, 3 is "standard distance." The 5 setting, then, is the S1 faces. The 3 setting is the K-On! faces. The 4 setting ... is a strange hybrid. And the 1 and 2 settings are just "too zoomed out to be very detailed one way or another; as much an S1 property as an S2 one, really belonging to both and neither."

Remind me to bring up the counter when I finish the arc.
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