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I've been following your re-adventure but I haven't had much time for much more than a cursory review, given my own time constraints.

That said, a brief response to your post about the animation quality:

I haven't seen Haruhi proper since 2006, since it falls under my still largely-intact policy of only watching an anime once, maximizing the experience, and living off the memory. It's too distracting to go back into a title with knowledge of the future or contamination from other titles and think "Where are they now"?, like with the main cast's CVs.

That said, even back in 2006, while I could appreciate Haruhi as well animated and drawn, I never would have thought of it as astounding beyond certain action sequences, like the Nagato-Asakura fight. Even the Day of Sagittarius segment made heavy use of CGI, and I dock points for that versus traditional animation.

Animation now, versus animation then, is more an issue of complexity in three dimensions. If you watch old anime, especially TV anime, it's poorly animated and has so-so art, and must live off the strength of its novelty or narrative. Even a well animated OVA in the 1980's, like say Gunbuster which has technical milestones that dwarf most TV anime, is eclipsed by something like 2016's One Punch Man because of the complexity in OPM's shots.

Haruhi never struck me as needing good animation outside of scenes like Nagato-Asakura. Kyoani's goal was to make good looking characters, complex shots and vivid backgrounds to make a photoesque experience when reviewing it in the picturebook of memory. Those are aspects of animation least likely to be creeped by improvements in technique.

That said, it's surprising you still held a high opinion as of 2015. But I know you are on a low-calorie anime diet, eschewing number of portions for quality of taste, so perhaps that was the reason why. It's like, your VN experience is still very 2011-ish, I think, which is cool, retro, and totally not burnt out-cynical like BBB and I.
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