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Okay, so Book 5 has a cute format that I am really enthused by. It's divided into three sections -- "Summer", "Autumn", and "Winter." Each section gets its own story that's roughly 50 pages in length. Long enough to feel like a grand episode of the anime, short enough that you get to have multiple such slices of cake each book. That's interesting. Maybe I'm going to like this more than I feared I would. *shrug* I still think the full-length treatment is better, going off the fact that I place Books 1, 2, and 4 far ahead of 3 right now ... but I didn't dislike 3, and I'm anticipating I won't dislike 5 either. So that's nice.

Also, Book 5 surprises me with my first new story! So that's exciting. I had figured Book 5 would cover the following four TV episodes, all of which I've seen but have yet to read in book form:
  • Endless Eight (S2)
  • the episode where they play the space computer game against the PC club (S1)
  • the culture festival, with the focus on the maid cafe (S1)
  • the culture festival, with the focus on the musical number (S1)
To my surprise, the culture festival's not Book 5's territory -- apparently it will be Book 6's. :o (Did not remember that! ) So Book 5, then, is ...
  • Summer: Endless Eight
  • Autumn: the computer game episode
  • Winter: a never-before-seen story at a ski resort :o X3
Endless Eight is nice for the drama and Disappearance tie-ins. Day of Sagittarius is nice for a fun sidestory. And then the winter chapter is nice because omg new plot I'm not ready!

Currently only 14 or so pages into the book. Early thoughts on the book version of Endless Eight, but with spoilers for the entire chapter (so don't click if you don't know how Endless Eight ends) ...

Spoiler: show
I'd already been told years ago, back when Endless Eight first aired, that it was different in the book. That we didn't go through all these repetitions in the book's version of the events. I still think that what the director did has artistic merit. Yes, it's boring as sin to sit through. And yes, it's disappointing as all else when you're tuning in weekly for two months' straight and are watching your S2 of Haruhi go down the drain. But that's kind of the point. The point of the exercise is to suffer as Yuki suffered, if even only a miniscule fraction of her suffering. To convey to the viewer, "Yeah? You don't like this? Imagine living this for 500 years. "

This is a chapter that works much better in animated form. The déjŕ vu is clunky in text form. It works a lot better when you can, well, show it. Doesn't mean it shouldn't have been written. Just another tally mark in the long list of "the anime did it best" tallies I've been keeping. ^^;

The book, however, gives me a much better appreciation for how Tanigawa has closed off summer, that he's left himself absolutely no room for further summer hijinx with the SOS Brigade. Book 1 ends right before summer break, Book 2 picks up right after summer break, Book 3 covers the first four days of summer break ... and then Book 5 covers the entirety of the rest of summer break. It as much as says so. Several times, it describes how the very next day after Remote Island Syndrome Kyon went on to do this, this, or that. And then we start Endless Eight. And the "this, this, or that" are all either very specific things that leave no room for SOS Brigade antics or else are things which exclude the SOS Brigade from joining him, e.g. his two-week visit to his cousins' house in the country. So yeah ... spring is done (Book 1), summer is done (Books 3 and 5), autumn is mostly done (Books 2 and 5), and we're all the way up through Christmas (Book 4). The only wiggle room left in that calendar year, then, would be autumn (e.g. we know we still have the culture festival) and then I guess anything that happens in between the culture festival (mid-November?) and the start of Book 4 (December 17th). Other than that, it's time to move on to the new calendar year. Oh boy! :o This is exciting. Knowing we have to press on to the new calendar year by Book 6/7, it gives me hope that by the end of Book 10 we'll definitely be done with Kyon's freshman year and moving on into his second.
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