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My thoughts are available for your perusal, but for those who might become overwhelmed by so much text above, both 2010 text and 2016 text, I've got this C&P from Skype:

In 2010 I was pretty concerned that Tanigawa had written himself into a corner but in 2016 I'm optimistic that he left himself just enough wiggle room to write his way out of it. We'll see.

Spoiler: show
The thing is, he has to find a way to explain both how you could return the world to normal and how you would not erase Disappearance World from existing December 18 thru 20. Disappearance World has to exist, in at least some way, shape, or form, during those three days or else you introduce a temporal paradox that our Kyon visited a world which doesn't exist.

But maybe that's why the rescue squad let Asakura shank Kyon. Her reasons being her own, but they lined up with the team's goal of, "Oh shit! We can't let Kyon-kun fire the gun just yet! He'll create a paradox!"

Other things to bring up ...

Book 4 probably gives Kyon's sister the most screentime she's ever had in the books. I've been bemused by how infrequently she appears in the earlier books, compared with her frequent adorable appearances in the anime.

So many best moments in this one, but the best of the best remain for me ...

Spoiler: show
* when Kyon rushes out of the school after learning from Taniguchi that Haruhi still exists in this world. (A lot better in the movie, and buoyed up by my memory of the movie's version of the scene. But still!)

* Asakura's attack (also better in the movie, but still)

* Kyon giving Yuki back the blank literary club member application (awwww )

* Asakura's entrance on December 18 (probably the best scene where the book doesn't lose, or doesn't lose terribly badly, to the movie; might be the book's very best scene)

* the hospital scene, both the major chunk with Itsuki/Haruhi/Asahina and the smaller portion with Yuki at the end

Alright ... unless there's further discussion at this time, I guess that means it's on to Book 5 for me! Time to read me some filler chapters that cover less exciting moments from Seasons 1 and 2! :') But that's okay! I'm still gonna have fun! XP
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