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Episode 9

Spoiler: show

All the ways the above interaction can be used for comedic purposes if you tweak the subtitles to your likening!

What I got out of this episode besides that brilliant comedy tool was that the "WHAT ARE YOU SCENE?!" reminded me a lot of a manga called Tarot Café, which had a scene like this: a group of priests asking a woman if she believes in Satan as a way to determine whether to burn her as a witch or not. Now, logically you'd say "I don't believe in Satan", right? Well as soon as she said it, the priests answered "so you deny Satan which means you deny God which means you're a witch!". The scene in Kyojin reminded me a lot of this. Seriously, that Creepy Eyes Guy would have given the signal to fire at Eren no matter what he'd have said. As Armin said, the group's fears were running rampant as hell - which is kinda understandable in-universe.

Also, if anyone happened to notice: CAPTAIN LEVI. Levi of Awesomeness seems to be the Super Soldier of the previous generations (much like Mikasa is the Super Soldier of the current cadets) and has a neatfreak quirk. I like him already. On top of that...

I love Mad Scientist Woman. I do. And I have a distinct feeling we'll see more of her. Does she remind anyone else here of Ema Skye from Ace Attorney?
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