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Originally Posted by dosuser View Post
Spoiler: show
So I wonder if Eren actually became a titan, or if he was just a host organism for one. He popped out of the neck, so that would explain the weak spot. It must be like a "pilot chamber", so that when you cut the neck, you kill the human pilot inside. So why was Eren the only one able to control his mech? Also, why was he the only one to emerge from the body after it was killed? If all the titans have human pilots, wouldn't some of them have been discovered?
Now where have I read this before ...?

Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Episode 08:

Spoiler: show
Eren the Human, it turns out, was in the nape of the neck of Eren the Titan/giant/Eoten. When Eren the Titan/giant/Eoten dies, it starts to rot (um, why? ), and out pops Eren the Human. One thing that's stupid is, he's wearing 80% of his human clothing yet not the other 20%. Where is his jacket? Where are his gas tanks? And yet his other clothing's all accounted for? Another thing that bothers me is, how come we've never seen humans pop out of the necks of any of the other Titans/giants/Eotena? Even if you want to argue that it's because they're dead (from the necks, which is where they're situated, being hacked-'n'-slashed), shouldn't the scientists of this city-state do an autopsy on the giants and discover body parts of normal-sized human beings inside the neck area? The third thing which bothers me is the lol-ridiculous idea of Eren getting his limbs back thanks to the regenerative powers of the Titan/giant/Eoten ... regenerative powers which his version was specifically shown to not possess? ^^; I dunno, it was just silly. All I can say for it positively is, AT LEAST IT THROWS OUT THE STUPID CHIMERA IDEA! So I'm glad for that, at the very least, and can keep watching for now in decent spirits.
Oh. Right.

You guys should really read and comment on what your predecessors have said too, and not just offer your own tag teamed diary entries. Otherwise it's like you're doing this all on your own rather than enjoying the show along with the rest of us. I don't like that. Mind you, I can understand if you don't want to do it before writing up your own thoughts, unbiased, ... like I'm about to do to you two now with Episode 09. But still.

Episode 09:

Spoiler: show
Really didn't care for how this one opened, but once the episode finally returned the focus to what we were all wondering about since the end of the previous episode, it got a bit better.

The idea that Eren can now morph into a Titan/giant/Eoten just by making himself bleed and really focusing hard on it is preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty silly. ^_^; It also seems very strange that the giant he transformed into this time doesn't bear much facial structure resemblance to the one he transformed into last time. Maybe it's just because, as with the remainder of his body, he isn't fully transformed yet? Maybe once he is, his face'll resemble the face he had in Episodes 07 and 08? I dunno. Guess we'll find out and see. If he doesn't, then chalk this up as the first second of many small complaints.

I did appreciate the out-of-their-universe humor, in such an in-their-universe tense scenario, that Eren is all "I'd better not screw this one up! I'd better give the right answer!" and yet he then gives the most laughably bad answer / the answer most obvious to get them all killed. I mean, it's probably what most of us would've thought in the same confused position as his own! But still. I had been expecting some kind of surprisingly clever answer. Instead we just got "I'M HUMAN!" hahaha

As far as moving the plot along goes, the best part probably was the transformation scene -- not for the transformation itself, but for Eren's flashback to what his dad told him the day he injected Eren with some strange serum. My money is still on the serum facilitating Eren's transformation into a giant (given what else his dad said in the flashback), but I won't rule out the opposite possibility either: that perhaps Eren's been an experiment of his father's all along and that perhaps the injection he administered stayed Eren's transformation for just a few years longer. *shrug* Guess we'll find out. But yeah, my money's still with the rest of yours that it's a transformation-enabling serum, not a transformation-quelling one.

Glad the trio are on the run now since:
  1. it should mean that we're headed back to the Jaegar house soon, to find out what mysteries the basement holds
  2. it should mean that we're headed out of the city after that -- headed towards the great wilderness that lies beyond the walls -- in search of answers, presumably from Eren's father. This is nice since, honestly, there doesn't seem to be much left to do inside of the city.
Disappointed that Jean seems to be back to his quasi-villainous state. Then again, maybe that's not the case. Maybe he was more pissed off than anything that he and the others couldn't lift a finger to help Eren, Mikasa, and Armin out. *shrug* Guess we'll find out later.

The commander dude who was ordering Eren's execution a) seriously creeps me out with his creepy eyes and b) needs to get pwned or something. The entire time, I was hoping Mikasa would deal with him, as unrealistic as it might've been for her to be able to do anything, or that maybe just maybe the cannon folks would point the cannon several feet in front of him, fire it, and then he'd confusedly and terrifiedly look up at them and they'd be like, "Dude, we're not firing on a fellow human being. We don't know what we just saw, but killing Eren is not the answer." Sadly, that didn't happen, and so we're stuck with Creepy Eyes for at least another week, probably longer.

Now to read Morg's and Doppel's comments and see how much overlap they have this time!
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