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#1: Maybe. But then Ohtsuki can counter. Then again, if it becomes obvious to Kaiji that Ohtsuki is cheating, then I have to wonder why he wouldn't tell the others and have them all gang up on Ohtsuki. And if Ohtsuki refused to finish the game or something, they could report him to the guy above Ohtsuki (their supervisor's supervisor, in effect) and get his ass canned. I dunno. You may have a point here.

#2: This is also possible. But it leads us back to #4.

#3: Ehh, this one I don't buy.

#4: Sure. I'm in the exact same boat.

I think we all agree that the guy getting upset about the small fry taking notes was a major, caveman-club-over-the-head clue that the game is rigged. That's not the question. The question is not whether or not the game is rigged, but how it's rigged. And I've got no more clue than Mcsweeney does. Kudos to you for voicing a theory, but still.
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