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EDIT: No spoilers. Used spoiler tags to condense arguments in #1, #2.

Originally Posted by big bad birtha View Post
I still think the way the dice roll is predetermined, and the managers memorized the patterns.
Problem #1: if that were true, then Kaiji would have absolutely no chance of winning.
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Ohtsuki decided who would deal first (him), Ohtsuki may or may not have decided where Kaiji sat (by instructing the others as to where to sit), Ohtsuki may or may not have decided the number n of players allowed to join the circle, etc. When nothing is in Kaiji's control, the game is lost. For comparison, in E-Card the game was rigged but, even without resorting to the drastic measures he did, Kaiji could have won. Indeed, did win. There was a way to turn the game against Tonegawa. That wouldn't hold for a dice game.

Problem #2: if the dice roll in a certain pattern, they do so with respect to an equivalent delivery into the bowl. However, Ohtsuki cannot anticipate how Kaiji or the others will deliver the dice into the bowls.
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That is to say, if the pattern would be:

Roll 1: four, three, six
Roll 2: two, five, five
Roll 3: one, three, six
Roll 4: one, five, two
Roll 5: one, one, six
Roll 6: two, four, three

It would only be that pattern assuming the dice were delivered the same way into the bowl each time. But what if one guy gently drops them while another guy swirls them in? It'd mess things up, wouldn't it?

Problem #3: Ohtsuki cannot anticipate when or how many times any particular player will pass. If the point of the game was to break Kaiji, and if the point of having rigged dice is to have Kaiji roll poor rolls while Ohtsuki rolls good rolls, then what would be the point of allowing Kaiji and the others to pass on being the dealer? It would be suspicious if everybody passed after Kaiji declared "Pass" just so that they could ensure he was the next one to roll the dice.

Problem #4: how would the dice be rigged to roll in a fixed pattern anyway? ^^; Weighting the dice wouldn't do it: they'd roll the same way each time. Microchips and micro-hydraulic pistons? Unlikely. So then how? This theory raises more questions then it answers.

You could be right, but there are a whole lot of problems your theory'd need to address.

Originally Posted by Mcsweeney View Post
I actually have no idea how you're supposed to cheat in a game where you throw god damn dice into a bowl.
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