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Just finished Episode 03 (Nutsub).
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SHIIIIIIIIIT, this is worse than when Kaiji got scammed on the Espoir by that one fugly fucker!

Really dug the antlion comparison. It's too bad that Kaiji's only just realized it this late. But hey: at least he's realized it. Now the question is, ...
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How will he make his comeback? That asshole manager of his is probably going to pass on being the dealer from now on in order to prevent the group from ganging up on him. Plus it's not like Kaiji can rely on those Espoir-grade dweebs anyway.

Still trying to figure out how they're cheating. Only thought I have is that they're palming the dice for rigged ones, but that only works for as they cast them. Don't see how they could reach back into the bowl to swap rigged dice for regular ones before passing the bowl forward without getting caught.
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