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myahoo: Having already been creeped out by previous haunted houses that night, Melissa had reached her limit. Only problem being, she couldn't say the same for her demand for Rare Candies. The solution was actually pretty simple, too- just send in one of her Pokémon to get the job done. And she wasn't the first to do this, either, so Keith had no objections as she sent Mar the Aron to do this in her stead.

Mar's strategy was just to plow through the whole thing with pure stubbornness, and either ignore or attack all that made to impede him. Myrtle scowled as the Aron ran right on through her illusions of Mar's Trainer replacing him with her Torkoal. Unwilling to let the Aron off so easily, Myrtle played the quadruple weakness card again, employing the strategy she'd initially had in mind fo Odysseus the Magneton- namely, making it seem as though the Pokémon Center of Terror was experiencing a horrible earthquake. But she didn't stop there- as Mar barged into the back room, he would suddenly find himself in a boxing ring, a wide variety of Fighting-types surrounding him. Scrafty, Toxicroak, Timburr, Hariyama, Sawk, and numerous Hitmonchan. If Mar, however, continued to plow on through, he'd find himself barreling right through a Timburr's torso, shattering the illusions like a Yanma shatters glass. At that moment he would find the Front Door Key at his feet.

Ghostly wails were not the only sounds heard aboard the S. S. Bloodbath- Mar's plan of attack for this was to outright fight back. Anything that got too close took an Aerial Ace, and anything else was Roared at. A solid plan, to be sure... except when the Ghost-types decided that enough was enough. Soon, Mar would find an eerie ghostly figure floating his way, flickering eerily. Any attempt to Roar it away would fail, and an attempt at Aerial Ace would only leave the Aron burned- it was a combination of Laugh's Will-O-Wisp and Chuck's Night Shade, disguising the ghostly flames as a Haunter, and as the illusion was broken, eerie cackles echoed all around. He proved far more effective at getting around and through Aragog's webs, though as he made it into the captain's cabin, he could see, for a split second, a Froslass hastily exiting through the ceiling. Next to the Library Key was a small bowl of Rawst juice which the Aron would find quite effective in healing that burn. Much as Laugh was involved in the scares tonight, she was too kind-hearted to let that burn linger.

Like so many before him, Mar attempted to find an easy way out in the Loony, Loopy Lighthouse. And at first, Magnet Rise seemed to be the way... until it didn't seem to get him anywhere. As hard as he tried, any attempts to get in the air only seemed to make gravity fight back twice as hard. Of course, that worked both ways- as soon as Mar willed himself to stay on the ground, he would rise effortlessly into the air. After that, the revelation that his personal controls were reversed would come pretty easily. Try to go backwards in order to move forward, try to turn left in order to turn right, things of that nature. If Mar could get the hang of that, getting the Right Wing Key would be super easy for him, especially if he landed an Aerial Ace on the Shedinja that barred his way.

Finally, the Petrifying Palace. Mar barreled through, evading Peeves and Liliana as the pair of Dusknoir made numerous attempts to drag him back to the entrance. He ignored Fatale's attempts to unnerve him, though might have caught a glimpse of Glimmerwood's terrifying performance as his path took him into the Battle Room. In the kitchen, he stepped on a Sticky Web, and while he exited as quickly as he could, he was forced to hear more than he'd have liked about how Hermione and Cotton were trying to provide the residents with more iron in their diet, and left just as they were wondering whether some kind of large magnet was ready to go yet. In the dining room, Mar would see a trio of predatory Pokémon closing in on him, which would likely be his cue to go for a Roar to get them out of his way. Finally, he made it to his goal, collected a Rare Candy, and once Teleported back outside, handed over the Rare Candy to his Trainer, though not without making known his displeasure towards the entire property and those who made him explore it. Keith gave a small chuckle as Melissa sheepishly scratched the back of her neck. "Well, I take it this isn't exactly your Aron's kind of thing," he said. "You're welcome to come back and visit after Halloween, when things around here are a lot less scary," he offered. "But in the meantime... well, happy Halloween."

*Melissa obtained a Rare Candy!*
Collecting my candy. Thanks!
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