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Flynn's Quest Log

Name: Flynn Allster
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Class: Electrician(Major-Electric)
Appearance: 6'1"" with long fire engine hair tied in the back. Loves green and blue t-shirts with tan-ish like shorts. Mid to well built, a little bit chubby.
Personality: Dedicated and hard working, willing to get into tough scrapes for good results. Knows to run away from issue if it's way out of reach, but willing to get working on a strategy to solve it.
Background: At the age of 8, Flynn had a traumatic experience when he had to leave his home of New Bark Town. Once temperatures got super cold from the disasters, his parents got him on a large boat and headed all the way around Johto, ending up in the port of Olivine after it had taken a lot of damage. The first years were very rough, having to scrounge for material to make a new home. His father was helping rebuild the city while mother was taking care of him. By now, we have a very nice house on the shoreside near the Luster Lighthouse. Flynn took up studies in Pokemon, and is ready to start his journey.
Starter Group: 4


Sparks: Male Pikachu. Lv 5. [Rash]
Tail Whip


6 Poke Balls
1 Heavy Ball
3 Potions
1 Revive
Berries: 1 Oran 2 Cheri, 2 Chesto, 2 Pecha, 2 Rawst, 2 Aspear
1 Escape Rope
Flame Mail, Surf Mail
1 Fishing Pole
PokeGear with the Phone card loaded

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