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Kawaii smiled "Sounds like a good idea."
Victoria smirked, "follow me I know just the place." she led the seedot out of the kitchen,
and into the hall. She lept up onto the shelf displaying various mementos, with a gentle swat she pushed on a vase. suddenly a panel opened in the wall. She lead the grass-type down the passage way and it opened up into a plush room. A glass wall divided the room in half. The other side was a sterile white room. On one side was a large throne made of gold and engraved oddly. The floor was littered with pillows. and there was a screen with maps flashing on them with various charts and graphs. The purrloin took her place on the throne, "welcome, I rarely invite the uninitiated here but I trust you."
Becky shook her head "No , I just assumed you'd hit on me."
Kawaii nodded "I'm glad we have unlimited space now."
Osirus thought for a moment "maybe it's not a dream but, a memory."

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