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Originally Posted by Rotom310 View Post
TheKnightsFury: You find yourself with a conundrum. On the one hand, you see the logic in the foreman's, McCoy's, diatribe. It couldn't be hard to go and register yourself as a worker, able to move through the yard and help freely. On the other, there was obviously a problem in this moment of time, given McCoy's ire as he briskly walked away. Sure, you might be able to get registered and come help, but who knew how long that would take? Not knowing what the problem was, you can't say how time critical the problem might be. If something awful happened when you had the chance to help... Well, you know what your decision will be.

Waiting another moment to let McCoy pass out of sight and get a lead on yourself, you turn to your Pokémon, explaining what you plan to do. Your compatriots seem surprised at your blatant disregard for the foreman's instructions, but follow your lead without question. Atalanta shoots up into the sky without a sound. She soars upward, cresting over the tallest of the train cars until she settles a fair distance away. She circles for a few seconds, sighting out her prey, before taking off in roughly the direction you saw McCoy take. You follow, Boudicca galloping at a fair pace at your side, eyes following your faithful owl.

Train cars and workers alike pass you by as you race through the yard between tracks, occasionally cutting across one. Quickly into your sprint, it becomes apparent your choice of tactics was a smart one. Though not nearly as bad as its evolution, a Mudbray at full gallop is not by any means, well, stealthy. Luckily, no one tries to stop you in your pursuit. Quite a few people and Pokémon seem visibly confused as you pass, but all are left in your dust before they could even attempt to halt your progress. Twice you almost lose sight of Atalanta, but each time, aware of your movements, she pauses her flight long enough for you to continue onwards.

After only a few more minutes of travel, you spy Atalanta start circling up in the sky. You slow yourself, Boudicca similarly slowing to a light trot beside you. As you finally stop by an empty boxcar, your Rowlet silently flaps away from the railyard and out of your sight. She's only gone a moment before she rounds a corner behind you at ground level, having doubled back in secret to regroup with you. With a barely audible 'coo' she perches atop Boudicca's head, joining the two of you in peering around the side of the boxcar.

Looking around, you see that you're just on the cusp of a new area of the yard. Very similar to the area you were just in, a single track enters the area from your right, going through a series of switches until that one track has expanded into easily a good ten or fifteen separate lines. A fair distance away, towards where these many tracks converge back into a single line, you see a few rail cars of assorted types. In the more immediate surroundings of this area, however, the lines all appear to be empty.

Doing another visual sweep of the classification yard, you spot two humanoid forms with their backs to you right at the first switch in the track. One figure appears to be the foreman you met earlier, McCoy. The other, facing away, you can't discern much in the way of physical appearance, but does seem to be of a similar height and build as McCoy. Just as you spot them, words faintly carry on the wind to your group. You're in luck; based on the conversation (or more accurately, reprimand), McCoy seems to have gotten here only just before you.

"...Lots one thru four are all full, the hell was Scotty thinking messing with the switches?!" a gruff voice you recall to be McCoy's yells out.

"Like I know," a second voice calls out, a note of exasperation thick in the masculine, low-tenor tone. "I just got a call from the Scott in the switch house saying he effed up. He was tinkering, I guess, and it just stopped responding. And yeah, pneumatics is shot, but it's in the right position thank god. It's just..." The man trails off, kicking once at the switch. "Something tells me it wasn't just him that caused a problem." Now that your gaze has been turned to it, you notice that this switch doesn't look like the few you've seen so far in your time in the rail yard. Somehow, the iron bars that a train's wheels would run against have been bent at several places, and as you look closer you can see that parts of the steel are missing in what look suspiciously like bite marks.

McCoy goes still. "Dammit," he finally mutters after a pensive silence. "It's spreading out here." He goes quiet for another moment before shaking his head with a resigned sigh. "We don't have time to deal with that now. If we can straighten out this track we'll at least have half this yard open. I'm going to go find a Pokémon strong enough to bend these. Stay here, check the rest of the track, and make sure nothing else goes wrong." At that, McCoy turns and walks away, back towards the freight yard you were previously in.

Well, it doesn't seem to be too critical a problem - nothing immediately life-threatening at least. Still, you're here, and here to help. Perhaps there is something you could do?

The decision is yours. What will you do?

(Declared: Rowlet, Mudbray)

Atalanta had carried out her role to perfection, she flew silently and at a distance, leading them in the same direction as McCoy. Jayson and Boudicca kept their distance, it would have been unfortunate if the Mudbray's heavy hooves alerted McCoy. Eventually Jayon came to a stop as he arrived at the edge of the classification yard, there were tracks coming in from everywhere but Jayson paid little attention to them. Instead he fixed his attention on McCoy and the worker he was currently conversing with. Atalanta soon joined them as they listened intently, trying to gather as much information from the conversation as they could. It seemed the track had been bent out of shape somehow, Jayson found it quite strange that something like that could go unchecked. McCoy soon left in order to try and find someone to help bend it back into shape but Jayson got the feeling that he wouldn't achieve his goal in time.

He now had the opportunity to help, with McCoy gone it might be possible to convince this bloke that you were sent to help. Pausing for a moment to create a realistic time gap, Jayson rushed from his position with Boudicca and Atalanta following him.

"Hey mate, I just bumped into McCoy, I was on my way over to the main building to get cleared but he saw my Pokemon and sent me this way. He said something about the tracks needing to be bent back into place? I think my Pokemon can do just that." Jayson unhitched a Pokeball from his belt and tossed it out and released a Pokemon by his side. The little round bundle of red quickly came to life, jumping around wildly with no small amount of energy. "Calm down Logi, the situation is an important one", the Darumaka came to a stop and looked at its trainer with a big bright smile. "My name is Jayson, I think I can get Logi here to heat up the track with a Heat Wave and then Boudicca my Mudbray, can kick them into place. The heat should make them more malleable and make the task easier. Atalanta can scout down the track and look for any more signs of damage, you got that girl?" The Rowlet hooted in reply as Jayson looked at the man that McCoy had left in charge of the situation, hopefully the display of confidence would work in Jayson's favour.

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