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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
You shouldn't be here for the points: you should be here for the game.
Hm. Okay, sounds fair.

...what, you expected some kind of outburst? Au contraire, mon ami, I am all for casual play. I'm just trying to understand and reconcile the word "League" with what the project is all about. You'll notice that the situations are getting less and less competitive, I hope, as I figure out what's going on.

Short of downloading the files in the link (which isn't working for whatever reason and I can't become motivated enough to try and fix it) or viewing the things in the newest link (which I don't fully understand), how can I find out what Pokemon have already been created? I do use several NU, RU, and UU 'mon that have worked out fine, most notably Shedinja and Venomoth.
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