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Originally Posted by phoopes View Post
Alternatively, there's a battle server called Pokemon Showdown that's actually quite popular that already does this.
I just looked into this. Here are my thoughts:

1. While it is strictly better than Pokémon Online's Challenge Cup, and while the creatures do have pretty decent movesets and appropriate hold items, I don't think it holds a candle to what we've been making. Also, if we trust that P-O's algorithm for Pokemon levels is correct, then these guys' is way off. I saw Level 95 Ponytas fighting Level 90 Slakings just now. You'd never see that on P-O. This makes me think that, on this site, the weenies are still completely outclassed by the ubers and other Pokemon whose BSTs are 525 or greater. That simply isn't the case with P-O's CC, and it isn't the case with ours either.

2. You can't do a Battle Factory-style thing with this app as it exists currently. You can with our project.

3. You can't do a draft tournament with this app as it exists currently. You can with our project.

I can easily see the two co-existing, but if it were a question of whose would triumph, honestly, I think it'd be ours: or at least, I think it'd be ours until they realized "Oh shit! UPN's doing it better!" and they then plagiarized all of our movesets and levels and copied them over to their site.
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