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UPN Challenge Cup League

The UPN Challenge Cup League is currently in open beta. We're working out kinks right now. If you'd like to help beta test, sign up below.

Latest batch: March 20, 2012 @ 7:16pm EDT

Have you ever wanted to battle with monsters you don't normally use? Have you ever thought it might be fun to use randomly-assigned creatures in a fight against an opponent? Have you ever wondered what Pokémon Online's CC would be like if the monsters consistently had good movesets?

Well, wonder no longer: because your dreams have become reality! Welcome to the Universal Pokémon Network Challenge Cup League!

The UPN CC League is inspired by Pokémon Online's Challenge Cup format. In the P-O CC, you are randomly assigned six creatures who in turn have randomly assigned movesets and EVs. It's a fun format that pits you against other trainers in a true test of your abilities as a battler. Knowing when to switch and when not to switch, knowing how to successfully bluff (or counter-bluff!) an opponent, and thinking outside the box are all important skills for any Pokémon battle: but they're ones which are especially important in the Challenge Cup.

But one common complaint that even we lovers of the Challenge Cup format have had about it is, "Man , I sure do wish that the creatures had better movesets." We don't mind the random nature of some of the movesets but in some cases it's just ridiculous. Like when you get a Starmie without a single water, electric, ice, or utility move. Or like when you get a Blissey who only knows physical attacks. So we thought, "If P-O won't bring our dream CC to us, then we'll bring our dream CC to them ... " And so the UPN CC League was born.

How It Works:
In brief (details below in spoiler box), we've created competitive movesets for a host of Pokémon. First, you'll need to get the boxes from me. Then, you need to RNG to determine your teams. And then you fight! Pretty simple, right? It is. So don't be frightened by the wall of text below. XP It's only long because I'm holding your hand every step of the way explaining to you how this system works.

Spoiler: show
We're creating competitive movesets for ~every Pokémon, starting with the ones we most want to see in the format and working our way down from there. It's a half-random, half-logic guided process that has seen us create 104 monsters so far. Most of the movesets are at least partly inspired by Smogon, but a good number of those have been tweaked to better suit the needs of a random format like the Challenge Cup. And there are quite a few Pokemon who have completely homebrew movesets, too! Some of your favorites from past tournaments have returned, including Red's Pikachu a.k.a. Animechu, Cynthia's Miracle Miro the Milotic, and the Amazing Daisy's Yanmega, Violet. You'll have fun battling with these and many more!

But how do you get these fun playtoys? Well, the first step is to get the boxes from here (click). These are copies of the master box data we're using during the beta testing. The creatures are arranged in a certain order (explained below) with each one's spot representing the number which represents them during the team assignment process. What you'll want to do is, you'll want to find where Pokémon Online is storing your box files. Then, you'll want to move/copy the files I gave you into that folder. This will create the boxes for you automatically in P-O. (You will need to exit out of the Team Builder and then go back in for them to show up, but you should not have to log out of the program entirely.)

In order to determine teams, what you then do with a friend who also has the files is:
  1. Find a random number generator of your choosing. We suggest's Integer RNG.
  2. Input the upper limit as the total number of Pokemon in your project files. So for example, let's assume that you both have the latest files and that there are 94 monsters inside. You'll want to set the upper bound to 104 then.
  3. If you're using the link we recommended, you'll want to put 20 (or some other number which is arbitrarily larger than 12 without being too large) into the first box that says "Generate [___________] random integers." You'll want to put that same number divided by 2 into the final box, the one that says "Format in [_______] columns." So for example, if you picked 20 before, you'll want to put 10 here.
  4. Generate your random numbers! If you're using our recommended method, the first row of numbers represents Player 1's team while the second row of numbers represents Player 2's team. Pick the first six unique numbers, skipping over repeats, and there's the team roster! So for example ...

    72 103 57 26 8 17 9 78 3 27
    60 17 63 97 63 102 4 102 44 3

    For this data set, Player 1's team should be, in order, 72, 103, 57, 26, 8, and 17. Player 2's team should be, in order, 60, 17, 63, 97, 102, and 4. (We skip over the second 63 while retaining the first.) It's because of the possibility for repeats that I recommend putting a number larger than 12 into that first box. I choose 20 arbitrarily, but 16 or 18 would probably work just fine as well.
  5. Copy and paste the first row for Player 1 and the second row for Player 2. Common etiquette is:
    • If you're reffing for two other people, you PM each of them their lists privately. This way they can each enjoy the element of surprise that comes with true CC battles!
    • If you're playing with one other person and had to do the RNGing yourself, you publically post both rows. Neither play ought to investigate what the other person has , but at the very least allowing your opponent to have the same opportunity to do so as you is the polite thing to do.
Then what you do is you go into your boxes and you withdraw each of the Pokemon you were assigned in the order they were assigned to you. In the spirit of true CC, this is important: you mustn't alter who your lead is! Say for example you have Ninjask on your team but he is not your lead. Too bad! Say for example you a late game sweeper on your team but he is in the lead position. Too bad! Withdraw the team members in the order they appear. Your opponent will be doing the very same thing.

So how do you know who to withdraw? Well, that's easy. The box slot for each creature represents their number for the purposes of this project. So for example, at the time of writing this post, Mewtwo is currently in the very last slot of the first box, Slot #30, so if you drew a 30 in the lottery, then that means you drew a Mewtwo. You read from top-left to top-right (i.e. across a row first) and work your way down. So for example, Row 1 of Box 1 = #1-10. Row 2 = #11-20. Row 3 = #21-30. Then we move on to Box 2, where Row 1 = #31-40, Row 2 = #41-50, and so on.

NOTE: Box slots WILL shift around during beta testing! It is a poor idea to commit to memory which numbers go with which creatures. For example, I would not encourage you to assume "30 = Mewtwo". That may be accurate at the time of this writing, but it will probably be wrong as soon as tomorrow. So don't do that! Always, always, always match your lottery number to the matching box slot and not to a specific creature.

After you have your team all set up, challenge your opponent. You guys determine the rules you want to play with. If you want the genuine CC experience, then you should have every single checklist box empty with one solitary exception: the Species Clause. This is because even in the Challenge Cup proper you never have repeats of the same creature on your team. But aside from that, it's anything goes. If you guys decide between yourselves that you don't like that, then feel free to invent some house rules between yourselves. As for UPN's CC League, we'll figure out what rules stay and what rules go as we beta test. For now, we're keeping the authentic CC experience. It makes certain Pokemon like Venusaur, Jumpluff, and Butterfree very, very good, which in itself lends the meta some flavor you won't find elsewhere!

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