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So, let's just all agree that this will be the highlight of the match and everything else will be absolutely terrible from here on out.

Dragon of Ice, destroyer of worlds, Trishula, rise up and show your icy dominance over your foe.

Trishula: Level 6 Male Hydreigon
Typechange: Dragon, Born of the Ice (ICE)
Trishula is now a Dragon/Ice type, with all the weaknesses (Dragon, Fighting, Steel, Rock) and resistances (Water, Grass, Electric) that the typing has. In addition to this, Trishula learns the moves Ice Beam and Blizzard, being one of ice and all. Trishula never learned the moves Superpower, Crunch, Draco Meteor, or Outrage, preferring its own Ice type moves to deal serious damage. As an Ice dragon, Trishula has no Fire energy what so ever.
Start off flying Trishula, and move under him while firing off an Ice Beam and a Dragon Pulse, remaining evasive as you do so.
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