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Thrak turns his attention away from the skies and back towards his Electivire foe as this round begins, opening his mighty maw as black energy swirls within. Just as he prepares to loose the mas of energy, however, Zeus once again raises his wires over his head, creating sparks between them that give off the shrill hiss of an electrical discharge. While Thrak has already heard the noise once before this match, he is far from accustomed to it, and as the irritating cacophonous noise rings through his ears he finds himself quite unable to concentrate on what he was doing. The black energy he was preparing to fire at his foe is loosed preemptively towards the ground, and fizzles out against it as the weakened strike finds itself making touchdown nowhere near the Electric monster.

Angered by this development, Thrak's multiple heads once again turn to face Zeus, and there is little time for the beast below to react as the dragon bellows out a sharp sound of his own. This particular sound carries a mass of energy, not meant by any purpose to disrupt his foe, but instead to cause the Electivire a large amount of pain as it rings sharply through his ears. The sound washes over Zeus like a tidal wave, immediately followed by the energy it serves to carry, and the yellow monster falls to his knees as his hands move to cover his ears. A mere moment later he wavers, struggling in an attempt to stand back up, only for one hand to fall to the ground, then the other, and eventually the entire body of the beast falls, quite clearly unconscious. The vets have drawn first blood.

Zeus is unable to battle!

Thrak had a somewhat light round, with no damage taken and somewhat low amount of energy used thanks to loosing his first move early, and he's feeling pretty good about himself right now.

If we could get the next representative from the Newbies to send out their Pokemon and give us some orders, that would be stellar.
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