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Yeah, I always ref based on descripts as they stood when the match started, as even the smallest change could affect the way someone picked out their squad or a matchup.

Despite his foe having a bit of initiative, his forced low energy use last round allows Thrak to prepare himself a bit more quickly than his Electivire challenger. The menacing beast of a Dragon growls momentarily before uttering words in the accursed Black Speech. Gaakh Nazgűl nűlubat is the brief but powerful phrase that booms through the arena as the Hydreigon snarls menacingly, lowering his altitude a bit in the process. The thundering sound of the Black Speech fades and in what is quite possibly the closest allowable thing to a summoning sig, nine shadow cloaked figures appear from all corners of the arena, which we'll say are made of pure energy for the sake of consistency, prompting screams from the young children. The wraiths slowly approach Zeus, who remains struck by horror from Thrak's call a mere moment ago. Upon reaching him the wraiths grab the Electivire and upon touching the god of thunder an aura of weakness surrounds him, and the wraiths disappear into the shadows as quickly as they came, Zeus' defensive capabilities effectively lowered. The wraiths shall return to curse each Pokemon the newbies send out from here on in. Finishing shuddering in fear, it takes Zeus a moment to gather his composure, but with Thrak waiting for him to make a move as he slowly moves backwards horizontally, he has a bit of time. Soon enough he holds his hands out in front of him, pointing slightly towards the ground before raising them quickly towards the air. As he does so, a shimmering pane of pure Psychic energy forms before him, ready to absorb any energy based attacks the Hydreigon may throw his way.

With Thrak still not attacking, and the Dragon still keeping quite a bit of distance between himself and his Electivire foe, Zeus decides to cut the waiting game, and prepares his next attack. A moment later a faint pink glow begins to radiate around the beast, and with a point of his hand the aura condenses and surges forward, accompanied by a large amount of powders. With the space he's created between the two combatants, Thrak has more than enough reaction time this time around, and begins his steep descent to avoid the attack, listing not-so-lazily to the left as he does so. The powdery pink aura sails past the Hydreigon harmlessly, and the beast's two outer heads briefly begin to glow a light brown before Thrak makes his rather hard landing onto the arena floor, slamming both heads as he does so. Nothing if not theatric, Kush's move sends the entire arena shaking, a surge of energy flowing through the earth, causing several onlookers to look for cover just as they are taught in school. The team of veterans stands their ground firmly as a testament to their battling prowess, and soon enough the energy finds its way to its target in Zeus, rattling the Electivire as it surges directly through his every muscle. The ground ceases its shaking as Thrak lifts his heads from the earth, beating his six wings momentarily to raise himself only mere inches from the arena below as Zeus manages to shake off the large hit to his health, ending the round with the two a good bit outside of standard battling distance from eachother.

Things have really turned around this round, as Zeus' lead has been completely stripped from him and Thrak gains a similar lead of his own in terms of health. Energy wise they both used a bit more than the norm, and while breaks are not immediately necessary for either of them, they would be appreciated fairly soon.

Kush, your orders if you'd be so kind.
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