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The fell beast Thrak stretches his wings out as he soars through the air high above, the slight amount of damage taken last round near negligible. The dragon looks to extend his odds of survival, a smart call by Kush as he'll need to defeat not one, but two foes in order for the veterans to take the lead. But as the beast begins to fly in a circular motion overhead, quickly picking up speed, the challenger on the ground makes motions and utters words so foul that the audience of children can only look on in pure horror, some even going so far as to cover their ears or eyes so that these ghastly insults may not plague them in the years to come. Our team of newbies begins to cheer, though, as Thrak slows himself down a bit, his body almost coming to a halt in the sky as all three heads turn angrily towards Zeus. There will be retribution.

The maws of both of the dragon's arms open wide, while Thrak's main head simply growls angrily, a crackling mist slowly leaking from the mouths of the appendages. The third head opens its jaw, and the mist erupts from all three mouths in frankly surprising amounts. The height at which the dragon was flying aids in the attack's ability to spread out over the field below, and Zeus has nowhere to run as the blue-green breath bears down over him, though it doesn't seem to hit at quite full strength thanks to spreading out so much. Feeling confident in his attack as the mist begins to fade, Thrak continues to fly about overhead, looking a terrible sight. The Electivire proceeds to brush himself off as he eyes his airborne foe, watching his movements to as brings his wires together over his head. Swirling energy of many colors begins to wrap itself around where the tendrils touch, and as soon as Zeus thinks he has a shot at a clean hit the energy erupts into a powerful beam, the rainbow attack rocketing forward at Thrak. The beast does all he can to avoid the beam, but as he begins to roll out of the way of the attack, the lights clip his right wing pretty heavily. As the roll ends its pretty obvious that the clip still managed to hit pretty hard, and Thrak is none too happy about it, staring down his foe from high above as things come to a close this round.

Both Pokemon are still pretty well off, though Electivire has gained an early lead. Their energy reserves are both still quite high and its quite clear that they are both ready and raring to fight.

Our representative from the Newbie team, kingothestone, to order first this round.
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