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Originally Posted by Altocharizard55 View Post
I'm struggling to not be personally offended by this. Do not presume to understand my feelings better or more accurately than I do, because frankly put, you do not.
Did I ever claim to understand you? No.

I have a general belief that polyarmory, for the most part, doesn't exist. You claiming to have experienced one of those exceptionally rare cases is going to be met with extreme skepticism by me. It's no different from how many view - and have extreme disdain for - those who claim to have had a spiritual revelation of God.

At any rate, claiming to be offended doesn't help your cause. It just makes you look insecure about your experience. If you honestly believe you experienced a polyarmorous relationship, you shouldn't care at all about what I think. Slash tried to convey the experience, which I appreciate even if I ultimately couldn't relate to it at all.

For example, I personally have been in love. I've also seen my cat come back from the dead (as a zombie), which I take as proof God exists. These were true experiences that no one will ever take away from me.

Originally Posted by Altocharizard55 View Post
Do you have doubts as to what I define as love? For that matter, since you feel so clearly on this, how do you define love? May as well make that explicit.
I don't have a definition, I can only give you symptoms of that feeling, where I had a willingness to go out of my comfort zone for another person and not feel uncomfortable at all. I was also able to look at a girl's face and not really register the physical attractiveness, because the core of the attraction wasn't physical (although when I focused on it, there was some physical attraction).

Also, I don't believe you can get over a lost love. Ever. So it is better to have never loved at all.
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