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Round 5: Yo-yoing

Satisfied with his mechanical menace's work decimating his foe's healthbar, Sneezey orders Robo to take things easy this round. Raising one foot into the air, the Golurk swiftly brings it back down with a mighty stomp, forcing earthen energy into the marshy ground, sending shockwaves streaking toward its grounded opponent. Unable to take to the sky, Thor is exposed to the full force of the attack, cutting his dwindling health even further. Tyoyo orders countermeasures, and having determined that the Altaria isn't enough of a sitting duck, this comes in the form of a healing move. Tucking in his fluffy wings, the Dragon-type relaxes as he feels his health start to regenerate at the cost of a lot of energy, the rapid recovery helping him feel fighting fit in a matter of moments, though slightly winded. Both Pokémon are now skirting around the top of the second halves of their energy tanks, and while Thor made a net health gain he's still far under his opponent in that respect. Tyoyo's healing move is gone.
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