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Round 4: Implacable 'bot

Realising that he's in not state for close-quarters combat, Thor speeds up again, leaping gracefully from the dais in the middle of the bog and heading for the petrified treeline, the bog causing his feet to stick but his lightweight body meaning that he doesn't end up knee-deep in mud. As he nears the shelter he seeks, he suddenly stumbles, tumbling head over foot as he splats into the soggy ground, muck plastering his fluffy feathers and regal body as the ground shakes and slurps. Glancing back, he sees R-66Y also at ground-level, the mechanoid having smashed the earth as it left the platform to disrupt its opponent's fleeing.

Pulling his body from the mire, the Altaria now wet and muddy makes the last few metres to the treeline, ducking behind one rocky trunk for cover. Solid, repetitive squelching sounds approach him as Robo pursues its prey, its powerful legs not obstructed by the bog at all as it reaches its quarry, turning to face the Dragon-type as it breaches the treeline. Thor squawks in alarm, attempting to find more cover as he observes the Golurk's cold-fusion reactors powering up, but wet, sticky and flightless is not a good situation for a cloud dragon to be in, Robo's cryogenic attack leaving its body to strike its foe for ridiculous damage. Another cry leaves Thor's beak, this one of pain instead of surprise, and he grimaces as his health is blown away. A faint crackling sound is heard, and he looks down to see his cloudy torso freezing over, a shell of ice restricting the movement of his wings and neck as it encases his upper body, leaving him in an even more perilous position. For the first time the match now swings one way, Thor now looking battered and far into the second half of his health, while Robo is closing on the halfpoint of his fuel tanks, all out of cold fusion as well.
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