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Round 2: The Gravity of the Situation

Extending his fluffy wings, Thor flaps them gracefully to get some height over his opponent. As he ascends, he also blows down another gust of wind imbued with razor-sharp pockets of energy, slashing at the Golurk's clunky body for more damage, though the automaton again doesn't flinch at the attack. Instead, the golem bides its time, watching as the Altaria soars into position. Exactly as the Dragon-type drifts over the platform, the watcher executes its plan, channelling almost all of its Psychic energy into the arena, increasing the otherworldly effect of the Gym by a substantial amount. The petrified trees are unaffected by the sudden pull of gravity, but Thor is, the Altaria chirping in alarm as he suddenly finds himself pulled downward. Flapping his wings furiously, he attempts to regain height to no avail, eventually ending up resting on the central dais, right in front of his opponent.

Perturbed at the sudden proximity, the bird reels off another wave of draconic energy, the teal burst slamming into Robo's body for more damage, the mecha again shrugging off the impact. With its opponent now exactly where it wants him, the Ground-type charges cryogenic energy into one of its destructive fists, causing the mist around it to thicken slightly as condensation streams off the icy appendage. Taking one big step forward, the Golurk pulls back before slamming its fist into Thor's midsection, eliciting a squawk of pain from the cloudy dragon as his gaping weakness is assaulted, the mechanoid's bulky body giving the attack some extra oomph into the bargain. The impact sends Thor staggering back, leaving the combatants at opposing ends of the platform, roughly even in terms of energy and Robo only slightly ahead in health, his ultra-effective strike having been balanced out by Thor's relentless offensive. But with Gravity clipping the bird's wings, momentum may soon shift...
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