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Round 1: Rock-em, Sock-em

You'd expect the Ghost Gym to feel spooky. It doesn't disappoint, a clearing between petrified trees hoving into view amid the light fog adding a simple, yet unnerving vibe to the arena. However, the most unsettling thing about the Last Stop is... the silence. None of the usual sounds you'd expect from a wooded bog are present. No Politoad croaks, no Noctowl hoots, no Kricketune song. Nothing but oppressive silence. Until the squelch of interloping feet shatter it, of course. Tyoyo approaches the residence of his employer nervously, purposefully stepping through the mud to the challenger's position. Across the clearing, the other side of the platform, Sneezey arrives. Unlike the visitor, the Gym Leader makes nary a sound, almost gliding across the muck, possibly down to some kind of ghostly power he possesses. In a tree to the edge of the clearly, the ref relaxes on a sturdy bough, making sure to keep himself balanced while his Sableye swings through the branches, more intent on having fun than helping commentate while the fog is thin.

Knowing that the arena is soon to become misty, Tyoyo starts off with some clouds of his own, tossing a PokéBall into the air to call upon the power of Thor. An Altaria bursts into view, this one golden of feather to mimic sunlight parting his cloudy wings, and hangs in the air with the grace his species is known for. Sneezey beholds the beauty and poise before him and decides 'Fuck it', releasing a mechanical colossus onto the platform. The towering form stands still for a moment before its eyes light up, a small display reading 'R-66Y: Activated'. Owning a similar backstory to my own member of the species, this Golurk is a fine counterpoint to Thor's graceful flight, focused mostly on crushing, killing and destroying. Suddenly, Thor regrets not knowing Ice Beam.

Brandishing its mighty arms, the mechanoid aims its fists toward its opponent, which glow a dark purple. Suddenly, afterimages burst out of its clenched hands, the twin rocket punch rushing toward the floating Dragon. Thor is unable to act before both fists smash into him, shadowy energy reacting with his body, but not enough to cause him to falter entirely. Wings flapping, he releases a gust of air along with pockets of sharp Flying energy, which causes the light fog to dance around it as it blows against Robo's sturdy frame. The Golurk doesn't even flinch as the razors cut against its kiln-fired body, taking the attack stoicly as it calculates its next move.

Sticking with staple attacks, the golem's eyes flash deep purple themselves, releasing a jagged bolt of energy its foe's way. Zig-zagging through the air, Thor again stands no chance of evading this attack, which smacks into his fluffy wing for another shot of damage. Continuing this back-and-forth exchange, the Altaria charges a more powerful move within his belly before releasing a wave of teal energy from his beak. The pulse distorts the air, streaking between the combatants and again slamming into Robo's body. This time, there is an effect, the time-traveller rocking back slightly, but it quickly corrects its centre of gravity, not even needing to step back to steady its massive frame. Using a more powerful move puts Thor slightly ahead in health and behind in energy, but this battle has only just begun...
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