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Round 4

It was now two verses one and Peeves was understandably concerned, giving up seemed the best option. Keith was not ready to give in despite the super effective attacks ordered. Peeves stared at the deranged little Snorunt who had ended his partner's part in the battle. He would take her out, to protect himself and to avenge his partner.

Lich was now awake and John had plans to get him involved in the battle now. Lich charges up dark energy before his large face and fires off purple rings of Dark Pulse towards Peeves who howls in pain, he couldn't take too many of those. Peeves flinches from the attack and Keith can only let loose a meep of horror, oh no, not now! Kristen's evil grin only grows and she wants to finish off the ghost herself, to take out two of the enemy but she faithfully toddles towards her trainer and receives a Potion healing the cumulative damage she sustained.

Lich follows up on his last attack and summons a Shadow Ball that he throws towards Peeves exploding upon his body throwing him back into the tree. Both stare at the young Duskull who slowly floats back up barely handing on, his vision swimming before his eye. He would get one attack in before he lost, he would dammit! He fires off a Night Shade at Kristen who stumbles back but it doesn't diminish her grin. A glowing eye appears above her head radiating purple energy, it seems to mirror her madness and the aura shoots forth surrounding Peeves and crushing him making him suffer before he falls to the ground unable to take any more.

"Wow! Both Petilil and Duskull and unable to battle. Cryogonal and Snorunt are the winners"

Health: 92%
Energy: 38%
Status: 3 Copies remain.
Flying Energy Depleted

Health: 41%
Energy: 36%


Health: 00%
Energy: 51%
Status: KO'd from his injuries

Health: 00%
Energy: 75%
Status: KO'd from her injuries

Congratulations to darkrai and Lich, lilbluecorsola and Kristen. Its obvious that enemies make the best partners XP. You came well prepared and with a type advatange and subsequently were all over them like a rash. Nice team-work there. I hope to see some more from you both here. Both Lich and Kristen receive a Beginner Trainer Trophy each . They also receives two levels each for surviving the battle.

Commiserations to MM and Peeves, uhhhhh and Liliana I think they had you from the start. They were prepared with a bunch of moves to take advantage of the types you used so it was unfortunate. You tried hard but they had you pegged, next time come with an equal amount of TM's and perhaps you will fare better XP. Peeves and Eleanor receive 1 XP for participating in the battle.

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