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Jess relaxed slightly to see the first sphere of shadows backfire, but sucked in her breath as the other attacks connected one by one. Kristen shook the pain off, and sighed as the ice finally began to fall, melting into her skin to sooth it. She shot a look of snow towards Eleanor, her cool eyes calmly regarding the other woman like a mere insect, almost as if realizing her presence for the first time. She had no qualms with the plant stealing Peeves' attention, but to serve such a sadistic husband... (Little did they know she could see into his soul, his past...) She would teach them both a lesson.

Jess, meanwhile, was more focused on finding a way to fend off the strikes while waiting for their own partner to wake. There was no way to avoid all of them, but perhaps they could turn the opponents' strength against them. "BIDE your time for now, and aim the final assault at Petilil."
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