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Round 1

OOC: for future reference MM I only allow 2 moves in double battles and lilblue only 2 of your potions are allowed in this battle.

Originally Posted by darkrai
sooooooooo sorry <<;


Spoiler: show
1. Pokemon: Cryogonal
2. Nickname: Lich
3. Gender: Genderless
4. Current Level: 1
5. Obtained: Traded
6. Birthday: February 8th
7. In: pokeball
8. Ability: Levitate [Damage dealing Ground-type moves have no effect on this Pokémon. Cannot be trapped by Arena Trap ability. Takes no damage from Spikes]
9. Nature: to be determined
10. Held item: none
11. Beauty Points: 0
12. IQ: 0
13. Contest Stats: 0
14. Trophies: none
15. Ribbons: none

Level-Up Moves
--- Bind
05 Ice Shard
09 Sharpen
13 Rapid Spin
17 Icy Wind
21 Mist
21 Haze
25 Aurora Beam
29 Acid Armor
33 Ice Beam
37 Light Screen
37 Reflect
41 Slash
45 Confuse Ray
49 Recover
53 Solarbeam
57 Night Slash
61 Sheer Cold

TMs learned
Frost Breath
Dark Pulse
Ice Beam
Shadow Ball
Poison Jab
Icy Wind
Double Team
Sleep Talk

HMs learned

Egg Moves
Bringing with me TWO POTIONS.

Lich, let's go. Start with a DOUBLE TEAM, and then go for a HAIL. Good luck.
Originally Posted by lilbluecorsola
Kristen Lv. 4
Birthdate: December 28
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Ice Body
Poké Ball: Snow Ball
Hold Item: Ruby Pendant
Beauty (Happiness) Points: 10
Accessories: Black Beret , Sketchpad

Level Up Moves:
Powder Snow
Double Team

Bite - Lv. 10
Icy Wind - Lv. 13
Headbutt - Lv. 19
Protect - Lv. 22
Ice Fang - Lv. 28
Crunch - Lv. 31
Ice Shard - Lv. 40
Blizzard - Lv. 46

MT/Advanced Moves:
Body Slam
Sleep Talk


Egg Moves:

Weather Ball

Fake Tears

TMs/HMs/Custom Moves:
Ice Beam
Shadow Ball
Frost Breath

Jessica grinned as if greeting an old friend. The familiar garden, once a gorgeous green, was now gilded like a lily. An even more delightful dream. Like a trance, she stepped lightly onto the field, for fear of disturbing even a single precious blade of gold. Behind her the soft, staccato steps of her Snorunt echoed through space. A starry symphony.

She spotted someone approaching. Their paths converged. Jess smiled wider and waved, for this time it really was an old friend – as well as rival. But today they were allies, teaming up to take down another trainer who had shamed her previously (plus a stranger she had never met in person, but had heard tales of his budding battle prowess). The two would settle their own score another day, they agreed as they shook hands and walked together to their destination.

Despite the chill of late September, it was much warmer than the place she had last fought with the boy beside her. Still, Jessica drew her jacket a little tighter as a brisk wind blew, bearing leaves and a few petals from the tree guarding the center of the arena. Rather than fading of grandeur, its foliage appeared even more glorious than before, bright pink blossoms still poking through the vibrant reds and yellows to create a warm composition. Each color clamored to be seen, recognized at least once before their inevitable removal. They reminded Jess of the time when she witnessed the branches actually set ablaze, and Kristen seemed to like that the imagery evoked such a strong idea. Appealing to her artist's passion, she pulled out her sketchbook in order to capture the beauty of cherry blossoms in their golden hour. Bordering between life and death, a brief sunset before they fell. However, her trainer gently reminded her why they were here. There would be time for peace and pleasure later. Now, they needed to focus on a different type of fire: the heat of battle.

Though a part of the Snorunt dismayed to miss such a perfect opportunity, another side seemed to agree readily to pass it up in favor of darker strokes. For a moment, Jess startled as she thought she sensed bloodlust in those ice-blue eyes. Then, just as instantly, they returned to their passive, pacifist state. The owner blinked, then bent down to pick up a small leaf, shaded red on one side and yellow on the other, split strangely straight down the middle. She stared at it silently for a moment, tracing the line between light and shadow. Then she tucked it carefully between the pages of her book and closed it, smiling obliquely up at her trainer with content. Jess decided not to ask what thoughts were going through her mind.

"Let's start off with SNATCH towards Petilil, then a TOXIC directed towards Duskulll.”

OoC – Putting 3x Potions (5, 6, & 7 of 10) on standby.
Originally Posted by Missingno. Master
Species; Duskull
Gender; Male
Level; 11
Type; Ghost
Attacks; Leer, Night Shade, Focus Blast, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Disable, Foresight.
Next attack learnt; Astonish (lv. 14)
Nature; Unknown
Ability; Levitate (changes to Pressure upon evolution)
Evolution; Ghost Mystery Egg>Egg House hatching>Duskull>lv. 37>Dusclops>Trade w/Reaper Cloth>Dusknoir
Bio; Initially, Peeves had a mischievous personality and an increasingly intense passion for scaring others. He is capable of creating illusions in order to scare others, though he has yet to actually master this talent- in the beginning, his illusions had a tendency to come out in a cartoonish fashion, though they are now much more realistic, especially when he is angry. He is capable of speaking the human language, albeit not perfectly; he pronounces everything correctly, but is prone to numerous grammatical errors. He considers Pomona to be his best friend, and is notably much, much closer to a female Duskull by the name of Liliana. Recently, Peeves has more or less stopped wanting to scare everyone that he could, especially after he learned that in his former life, he was in fact the very Machop who had so viciously attacked Gemini, and was a sadistic bully. Now Peeves is determined to make amends for what he used to be. Peeves rarely uses his illusion powers to frighten anyone anymore, but is only too happy to make an exception for anyone foolish enough to insult Liliana in his presence.
Opinion on evolution; Peeves originally did not wish to evolve, and was of the opinion that neither Dusclops nor Dusknoir are at all scary, let alone scarier than him, calling Dusclops a "fat man in a black body cast" and Dusknoir a "fat genie", but has since reconsidered this decision.
Likes: Liliana, scaring others, battling
Dislikes: Making others suffer
Obtained; Egg House
Birthday; October 23rd
The big day had finally arrived. Keith had been planning this battle with his friends for some time now, and it was with total confidence that the trainer strolled onto the battlefield, a Duskull floating by his side, taking in the scenic surroundings.

"I have to admit, this big step up from frozen lake," the Duskull admitted, speaking in human language (albeit with many grammatical errors). I somehow doubt blizzards big problem around here."

"I'd have to agree with that, Peeves," Keith chuckled. "So, you ready for another battle?"

"Oh, you know it!" Peeves exclaimed. "Wait... which one of those our opponent?" he asked upon spotting two different trainers standing at the other end of the battlefield.

"Both of them- Peeves, didn't I tell you? This is a tag battle. We'll be working alongside Connor here and his Petilil," Keith explained. Peeves turned around, and sure enough, there stood the photographer/trainer, and Eleanor, his Petilil.

Soon, it came time for the battle to begin. Both opposing Pokemon came out- a Snorunt and a Cryogonal. After several seconds of thought, Keith spoke up.

"Alright, Peeves, here we go! Two Focus Blasts! Aim one at each opponent. After that, use Night Shade on whichever one is closer to you."

"Two Focus Blasts and Night Shade. Got it," Peeves replied.
Originally Posted by uhhhhh

Spoiler: show
Nickname - Eleanor
Species - Petilil
Classification - Bulb Pokémon
Obtained - Egg House
Original Trainer - Connor (uhhhhh)
Gender - Female
Birthday - May 25
Level - 13
Type - Grass
Nature - Modest
Ability - Own Tempo
Beauty Points - 0
IQ - 1
Contest Stats - 10/10/10/10/10
Ball - Chocolate Ball
Held Item - Miracle Seed
Level-up Moves - Absorb, Growth, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Mega Drain
TM/HM Moves - Grass Knot
Egg Moves - Grasswhistle
Move Tutor Moves - None
Event Moves - None
Current Location - With Connor
Bio - Eleanor was the first Pokemon that Connor had hatched from an egg. She seems to be very affectionate to Connor.

Placing x2 Potions (3/5 & 4/5) on standby as the second one was used here.

This was the third time that Connor had been to the Stardust Fields yet he could never figure out how to get there thanks to his absurdly poor navigational skills, even with Stacey already giving him directions in advance. Thankfully, Keith, one of his friends and his current partner in the upcoming battle was also there to help him get there and this time, he arrived on time unlike his last battle with Noriko.

"This is the third time I've been here, yet it's still as beautiful as is, no?" Connor smiled as he got his camera ready to take yet another of photos. With Keith, he stepped into their respective trainer boxes and was eager to start the match.

"All right, Eleanor. The camera's ready, it's your time to shine!" he called out as he threw a Chocolate Ball which opened to reveal a Petilil gently falling down to the ground and then giving her opponents a curtsy, the little Petilil as polite as ever.

"Okay, enough chitchat. Let's get this photo session started! Keith, let's do our best!" he said to his partner as he aimed his camera towards the field. "Eleanor, let's start this match by boosting you up with Growth and then scattering some Sleep Powder around our foes!"
The referee had taken up a comfy position under the blossom tree and was fast asleep when she heard movement in front of her. She opened her eyes blearily and remembered where she was and saw that her trainers were finally ready with their Pokemon choices and she got back to her feet wiping the sleep from her eyes. Both sets of trainers made their way to their respective trainer boxes before releasing their Pokemon. For John it was a bizzare ice creature, a Cryogonal named Lich. Jess similarly released an Ice Type, a small Snorunt called Kristen. On the opposing team Keith revealed his Duskull called Peeves and Connor released a cute little Petilil called Eleanor. It looked as though facing against Ice types Keith and Connor were at a disadvantage but they didn't let that faze them. Once the referee ascertained both sides were finally ready (=p) she raised her flag signalling the start of the match.

Depsite its young age Lich is the quickest of the four and begins to move back and forth on the spot leaving a copies behind in its wake. Soon is comes to a stop finishing his Double Team with 3 copies making 4 Cryogonal's altogether. Eleanor and Kristen then begin their moves with Eleanor boosting her attack powers with a Growth before she feels a curse placed upon her. She shudders as Kristen makes sure she'll not boost herself again with a nasty Snatch. Peeves was a little slower than the others but now it was his time to shine! He chooses Kristen for his first attack since he was pretty sure he could hit her over the multiple Lich's. He charges up his small amount of fighting energy into an orb before him. With a grunt of effort he sends the Focus Blast right at the Snorunt who's eyes grow wide before the orb strikes her sending her smashing right into Jess who falls over from the impact. Kristen cries in pain holding her stomach where the attack landed and Jess gives her quick cuddle before sending her back onto the arena albeit slower than before from the pain. That was a horrible hit!

Lich looks horrified by how quickly his partner had been taken out and he glares at the Duskull wanting to exact some revenge but for now he would set the scene. He charges up ice energy before firing a beam into the sky making the clouds thicken up. Soon the Hail would fall and then they would have the advantage! Eleanor waddles forward before releasing a cloud of Sleep Powder towards the two opponents. Kristen was too far back to be affected but Lich blinks as the substance coats him and his clone and soon they all fall asleep. With Lich being closer and with no more fighting energy left Peeves moves onto Plan B. He fires a bolt of Nightshade towards one of them managing to hit the correct one as he grunts but remains asleep.

Kristen manages to catch up to her partner to see them all asleep, this was not going well! She stares at the cause of her pain feeling the Toxic feelings brewing in her mouth before she spits at him coating him in the poisonous liquid. He winces but soon feels ill as the poison eats at him.

Health: 92%
Energy: 78%
Status: 3 Copies remain.

Health: 60%
Energy: 82%


Health: 94%
Energy: 80%
Status: Fighting Energy Depleted

Health: 100%
Energy: 91%
Status: Atk + Sp. Atk +

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