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Round 2: Froggie Fire Department

The round begins with a Katherine who's mind really isn't with it right now. Thankfully for her, Mendakh is choosing to wait for her to attack before he does anything, so he's standing still, making himself an easier target. Katherine manages to find Mendakh and deliver a Rock Smash, slamming a paw right into the Froakie's torso. This doesn't really do much, since Mendakh isn't exactly made out of stone. Mendakh is now ready to attack, and he does so by pretending he's a fire hydrant unleashing a powerful Hydro Pump. The colossal jet of water deluges Katherine, that's gotta hurt. The confusion is knocked out of her though, so I guess that's a small victory. Katherine has no more orders, so Mendakh continues to channel his inner firefighter and lets out another Water Pulse, washing over Katherine again. No confusion was inflicted this time (though the RNG came pretty damn close), but Katherine is really hurting from all the water, as well as the poison that adds insult to injury.

Katherine looks like she just climbed out of the Pacific Ocean in the middle of a tsunami. She's already out of her first third of health. She used very little energy though, and is feeling fresh from the one-mover. Fighting energy is 1/2 gone.

Mendakh took little damage from the Rock Smash, so has a large lead in health right now. He did use quite a lot of energy, especially from Hydro Pump, but is still okay for two next round.

Mew to order.
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