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Going to test my Generation VI Pokemon, too~

Agnibandar - Monferno Level 2 (Male)

Spoiler: show
Agnibandar started out small. He was born in a tribe of the Chimchar Line, and was always one of the weakest of the tribe. Even among the rookie Chimchar, he was considered pathetic. His parents had expected better out of him...

Agnibandar's tribe had very strict laws and code of conduct. One noticeable mistake, one Mach Punch to the face. Make a significant one, your head earns a Brick Break. Make a blunder, and Close Combat hits you black and blue.

That is not to say he was not loved. His parents -- and by extension, the elders of the tribe, always had faith in Agnibandar. They say potential, but also realized that he had special needs. He was not a normal Chimchar.

Of course, nothing comes without a price. Sometimes, it is harsh training that pull you through, sometimes torture, sometimes a specific form of discipline... and sometimes, destiny. The latter hit Agnibandar hard.

His tribe was devastated. Attacked not by whom they considered an enemy, either. In fact, the offender was their ideal, their guardian, and the one they respected above all -- the legendary Ho-oh.

They were shocked out of their wits. How could Ho-oh, such a prominent figure in lore, such a significant symbol of righteousness and kindness... commit such an offense? How could he betray their trust? No one knew. Not a single Pokemon had an idea. Unfortunately, there was not time to think. The elders had to protect the young.

Agnibandar ran and ran, trying to escape Ho-oh's fiery wrath. Unfortunately, the giant, mighty flaps of the phoenix's wings allowed it to swiftly gain ground upon all the Pokemon trying to escape. Most did not survive. And neither was Agnibandar going to.

At least, until his parents stepped in. They knew they stood no chance against the mighty Ho-oh. However, they had not lost faith in Agnibandar yet. They were determined to protect their child, even at the cost of their lives. With the Power of Love, they managed to stall Ho-oh long enough for Agnibandar to reluctantly escape.

By then, even though they were naturally faster than Ho-oh, they had been hurt too much to have the strength to escape. Instead, they perished, with the last happy thought that their child was safe. They died as heroes on that day.

Agnibandar was still young when he became an orphan. He used to dislike the strict treatment in his tribe, but as he realized what had happened, he understood that all that was for his own good. Vowing to live up to the elders' expectations, he broke down, crying.

Agnibandar, little by little, taught himself how to survive in the wild, alone. He remembered the things taught to his at his tribe, and realized how those skills, seemingly insignificant then, were so vital for his survival.

Later, after he had got used to survival in the wild, accepting that as his life, he learned about something that awakened immense fear in his heart. The rumours said that Ho-oh had been seen near the mountain range where he currently was.

The poor Chimchar was reminded of all the details, as if the attack had occurred only the previous day.

However, while he was overcome with fear, he also had anger sealed deep inside his heart. Ho-oh had killed his parents. He had to defend their honour -- he had to make Ho-oh pay.

He made his way to the summit of the mountain. Climbing the steep and tall mountain, he was extremely tired, but his anger gave him the strength to move on, and finally come face-to-face with the phoenix.

Ho-oh did not attack, but seemed to have memories of his own reawakened. As if he had a vague memory of seeing Agnibandar before.

Agnibandar, on the other hand, let his blood rush to his head as he attacked the giant, fiery bird. His enemy was surprised, seeing such a small Pokemon have the guts to challenge him. Nonetheless, he fought back -- but this time, he only intended to defend himself.

The decisive blow landed -- and Agnibandar collapsed. He had lost. He had failed to avenge his deceased parents. And he blamed himself for their death. He was disappointed with himself, and was even sadder that he could not defend his parents' honour.

In a quick surge, he shouted out all he had to say to Ho-oh. If he could not attack physically, he would do so verbally.

The shocked Ho-oh suddenly remembered it all -- how he had caused death and carnage. And what the reason behind it was. Trying to keep his composure, Ho-oh told him why he had attacked the tribe -- he was agitated. The Bell Tower, where he used to perch, had been destroyed. Seeing his previous home destroyed, Ho-oh has lost control of his emotions, and had gone on a rampage.

Agnibandar sensed the remorse in Ho-oh's words, and also realized how similar their histories were. Both had had their homes destroyed. Both were overcome with anger and grief.

Impressed with Agnibandar's courage and determination, Ho-oh gave him part of his power. A mystical skill that would help him in the years to come, as Agnibandar went through the process of evolution, evolving into a Monferno with a special ability.

Hidden Power: Ice

Special Training: Surea (Fire)
When Agnibandar is first sent out, the weather, if applicable, turns into harsh sunny weather for five rounds. As a drawback for this wonderful power, Agnibandar loses the ability to use Gunk Shot, Stealth Rock, Double Kick, Frustration, Aerial Ace, Toxic, Flame Charge, Flame Wheel, and normal Sunny Day. This is because his focus on maintaining the aura reduces his usual elemental versatility by a lot, and he cannot use Flame Charge and Flame Wheel because focusing on this Special Training made him forget how to use them.

Crafty - Scraggy Level 1 (Male)

Spoiler: show
Crafty used to be a very scatterbrained, but innocent Pokemon. He was obedient to not only his seniors, but also to his equals. He tried his best to impress others, especially his seniors, but usually made a blunder due to his clumsiness. He used to get distracted very easily. He could not focus his attention upon his opponent in battle, either, which meant that he suffered from quite a few defeats. People had varying opinions about him. Some people liked him due to his kindness and obedience, while others disliked him because of his incompetence in battle. He himself developed a low self esteem, which was very worrying for the people who did like him.

That is, until he met Atta Maggi the Abra. His new friend taught him the art of calmness. He taught him how to keep his mind focused on the goal whenever he needed to. At the same time, he taught Atta Maggi some of his own tricks. He went through regular meditation courses, his will wavering quite some times. However, he finally managed to tap on to the hidden Psychic potential in him, the first sign of which had been him using Zen Headbutt competently. Atta Maggi decided to teach him some of his own moves, and in the process, Crafty's hidden potential was unlocked. Since then, the two have been extremely good friends.

Hidden Power: Flying

Gato - Espurr Level 1 (Female)

Mendakh - Froakie Level 1 (Male)

Balwan - Rhyhorn Level 1 (Male)

Terrainium - Gible Level 1 (Male)
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