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Rotom UPN PASBL: Mew the Gato (c) vs Dr. Ciel (a)

Originally Posted by Mew The Gato View Post
Mew The Gato (C) Vs. Dr Ciel (A)
3 Vs. 3
Equilevel 1
48 Hour DQ
Lawn Arena
Ladies and gents, welcome to the Lawn Arena for today's exciting battle! So... green and grassy and stuff. Anyway, today's battle is between two newer trainers to the league, though if I'm correct, this is the first battle for one. Will Mew's slightly more experience help secure the victory, or will Ciel start off her career with a win? Let's get started to find out!

Le Order

Mew selects his squad
Ciel selects her squad and chooses her first Pokemon
Mew chooses his first Pokemon and orders
Ciel orders
I ref
Ciel orders
Mew orders
I ref

And so on. You ready? Let's go!

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