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Round 3

The team of Keith and Connor were concernd and they had reason to be, both of their Pokemon were poisoned and with Peeves talking gibberish confused out of his mind they seemed to have the massive disadvantage. The Hail was falling now and it was hurting them both whilst both Jess's and John's Pokemon were only benefiting from weather. John's Cryogonal was still asleep but he had nearly all of his health left and 3 copies left to increase his evasiveness and Jess's Snorunt appeared to be taking the brunt of all the attacks but she had a trick up her sleeve that could turn this match around.

Eleanor shakes off the pain from the poison and the hail and set to absorbing some of it back. She uses her Mega Drain to siphon off more health from Kristen but notices that the little Snorunt has a glowing red aura around her. Kristen grunts from the pain but casts a wicked grin, soon she would show her hand! Peeves is still totally confused and he charges up a Night Shade firing it off and hears the screech of a female but it was his partner he struck who stares at him with tears in her eyes. She knew it wasn't his fault but that still hurt!

Lich was still sleeping soundly and so uses another Sleep Talk and he spins towards Eleanor before slamming into her with a show of Acrobatics. Eleanor screams in pain from the super effective attack boosted by the fact that Lich was not holding any item. She falls to the ground panting hard. Kristen continues to Bide her time, waiting for the right moment to attack.

Eleanor slowly gets back to her feet and hopes that she can steal enough health from Kristen to take the pain away. She Mega Drains a little more health from the Snow Hat Pokemon giving a little sigh. She moves her gaze up to Peeves hoping that he won't hit her this time but she sees a little clarity in his eyes. He focuses on Kristen and fires off a Night Shade right for her knocking her off her feet. Her red aura glows brightly and she gets back to her feet with an evil look in her eyes, now it was her turn!

She gives a loud war cry as she fires the Bide Beam right at Eleanor who's face is bathed in red highlighting the horror there before she is sent flying across the arena landing with a thump. Connor looks on in horror at his Pokemon who was no longer able to battle, that one blow had been too much for her! Lich wakes up yawning and blinking about wondering what had happened. He had been ordered to attack the Petilil but she was already out, he looked down at his partner who looked proud but tired from the attack. Hmm he missed a lot whilst he slept it appears. Peeves blinks away his confusion and looks concerned that his partner in battle was unconscious, now it was all on him and the odds were way out of his favour.

Health: 92%
Energy: 58%
Status: 3 Copies remain.
Flying Energy Depleted

Health: 24%
Energy: 46%


Health: 62%
Energy: 56%
Status: Atk ++
Fighting Energy Depleted

Health: 00%
Energy: 75%
Status: KO'd from her injuries

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