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Same as you. I think this was their worst episode. The antagonist was terrible and stupid through and through. Only the end credit scene was interesting. Maybe a weird setup for later in the show.

Spoiler: show
Almost like a heist episode. We got the Driver, the Trigger, the Muscle, the Crazy Woman, and the Mando. We see a bit more of the Mando's past based on his interaction with old friends, but I don't think it showed us any more of particular note. I might rewatch it to confirm later.

While I didn't know for sure if they would betray him, but the outcome after was pretty obvious. Even returning the Twi'lek with the tracker attached to him. I was a bit surprised that they weren't all dead though. Especially the muscle. You'd think a bulkhead door should crush anything if it has to be airtight.

This episode had some famous guests. Bill Burr as the former Imperial Marksman. I kind of found it funny that Mando made fun of that and he had to respond with, "I wasn't a Stormtrooper!" In universe I can't imagine they're all bad shots, only the ones we see in the films were. But it's funny nonetheless.

Another cameo was the X-Wing pilot being Dave Filoni taking his first on screen appearance within the Star Wars universe. I'm sure many normies wouldn't notice or care, but most big Star Wars fans probably geeked out as much as I did at this scene.

Overall I found this a much more enjoyable episode compared to the previous two. It had the story by Christopher Yost, who has done a lot of my favorite writers for Marvel comics as well as some of their animated shows. He also did the latter two Thor films. Considering Ragnarok was so great, I think we can forgive him for Dark World lol.

Two episodes left. I'm hoping for something more story driven for the next episodes rather than the meandering story we've had thus far after episode three.
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