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- Get!
Shenmue III
It sucks!!

- Beat!
Tokyo Xanadu eX+
Time: 26:28:44
I'd describe this as "generic modern jrpg". Also as a romhack of Trails of Cold Steel. Its a game ya pick up an play an its fine. No real high or low points. Characters, setting, music, gameplay are all whatever. Falcoms A-team certainly weren't on this one. May sound like I'm almost talking about Blue Reflection again but this isn't a shell of a game, its got a full set of locations ya actually visit and on easy the battlings at least dumb fun. But just like that game, ya got another secret highschool superhero life, duckin' into some alternate dimension to help peoples personal problems more or less. That coupled with the assets & systems reused from the ToCS games just makes it feel llike a game I'd already played before.

Time: 16:08:56
The kung fu revenge story starts here an in terms of kung fu action I spent more time training moves then actually using 'em! I encountered just 11 proper non-qte fights this whole game, an at least one of 'em was optional! Which ya know imo is good cause the combat sucks anyhow. You're fighting 3 things at any given time: the camera, the controls, and the baddies! For half the game you're kneecapped by your starting money an pitiful daily allowance so goofin around buying stuff or hanging at the arcades on limited time. The other half when you're raking in money from the job your time ta use its limited! Bah! So why take your time? Just blow through it I say! Its short an fun an after having not played it for maaaaaany years I still had a good time!

Shenmue II
Time: 23:06:04
This improves on the first game in many ways, just like a good sequel should! After savescamming gambling near the start of the game, money and times no object so you can goof around doing whatever at your leisure waaay more than in the original. Hong Kong & Kowloon are much more fully realized towns than Yamanose. Theres tons of building you can enter which serve no real purpose or reason other than to say "hey: fake doors/buildings in games is dumb" or something like that. I find because of this its much more immersive than the first game. Combat still sucks an in some cases the cameras even worse ~_~; but again with only 18 mandatory fights and 11 optional (cause I messed up qte's) it can again be brushed off as yeah its bad but w/e. Really fun game!
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