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VPNs have no future

Over the past week or so, I've been unable to connect to Disney+, and after disabling my VPN I was able to see why: Disney+ has banned the IP Ranges for the cloud provider I use, Digital Ocean. This isn't being reported anywhere else, but I've confirmed myself this is the case.

Disney doesn't know I'm using a VPN - I host my own on a cloud server. But by going to every public cloud and banning their IP ranges, they have effectively banned VPN use. And I think more and more companies and telecoms will be banning cloud providers to effectively end VPN usage on the internet.

VPNs were once a tool for power users, much like Firefox, adblock, javascript blocking and torrents once were. But commercial interests alongside bot abuse on cloud providers have led VPNs to attract the ire of big business, and it seems this is the latest in a string of hits to the internet power tools.

This December, Google has promised to ban the Google Account of any user who is caught using adblock to watch YouTube videos. It seems like higher ground, if it's still in reach, will be flooded in the end.
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