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Beskar as the metal for their armor has been around since at least the Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon in terms of canon sourced media. It's been around since the late 80s from the Dark Horse Comic series before that although I don't think those are canon anymore.

I personally don't think it was hard to follow. They literally bring it up in the first scene with the Mandalorian (I'll now refer to our hero as Mando since it gets confusing when I also bring up the group) in the bar where the thugs scratch his armor and ask if it's really made of Beskar. Then they followed it up with the Imperial Officer talking to the Mando about how he feels it's important for the Mandalorians get it back. Then the scene immediately after has his pauldron forged. The scenes very easily convey what Beskar Steel is and how it's culturally significant to the Mandalorians.

And if it was called Mandalorium, I would feel like it's lazy world building.
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