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I Have Brain Problems: Borderlands 3 (uh, too many hours for three days)

Unlocked Thursday afternoon after I got home from work, so I've been on the sauce. Haven't hit cap yet, but beat the main campaign:
  • It's more Borderlands, which is both a reviewer cop-out and more or less the truth. That said, I'm enjoying it and the evolutionary changes they made feel pretty good: my only real complaint so far is that Maliwan guns (my favorite manufacturer from the first two games) feel kinda jank in 3.

  • The writing is as Borderlands as it has ever been, and if you have played the games you know what that means to you: I have always been neutral/leaning towards like on this front, so that doesn't bother me. That said, at least one of the writers thought the phrase "turd farmer" was the pinnacle of hilarity, and they drive it right into the fucking ground.

  • Actually there's a lot of poop jokes in general, culminating in a quest reward that is a rocket launcher that shoots turds. Anyone who reads the E3 threads knows that I am not above lowbrow humor, but I'm pretty sure there are coprophiliacs who are less obsessed with poop.

  • Somebody was clearly cribbing notes from Diablo 3. Badass ranks from 2 now work like the Paragon ranks from Diablo (i.e. earn EXP to rank up), and there's Torment levels with the serial numbers filed off that work in a similar way.
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