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This will be my 7th? UPN Day I think. Maybe it's the 8th. I think I joined a few days after UPN Day. Can't really remember.

Last year in bullet points
-Got together with my lovely girlfriend
-Saw said lovely girlfriend in Baltimore for two days and was a crying wreck for the rest of the week
-Change my major from Chemistry to History, and somewhat paradoxically, I have more done in my History degree than my Chemistry one, so I guess in no way shape or form can that be considered a bad move
-My GPA currently is a 3.85, attesting to my grandparents that doubting me was a fatal mistake
-Decided to go by Anastasia and make Emilia my middle name
-UPN Meetup 2 happened, and since I was there, it was vastly improved over the original

and a lot of school related stuff that I'm not sure anyone wants to hear about. Overall it has been good. Some ups and downs but I think that's to be expected.
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