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Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
So what's going on between these two? Is there attraction? I can't really tell through the censored dialogue...would help if I had the original Japanese to look at. But, Locke clearly has his obligations to Ms. Dead Body in Kohlingen. I also think that the swoon is more from Celes toward Locke than the other way around. He was spending most of his time trying to atone - from his perspective he can't do enough. But from Celes' POV, Locke has been her knight in shining armour.

Ultimately, I think the story has gotten a lot better since Scooby Doo opened the chest of demons. It's moved out of cringeworthy territory and into an "interesting" borough.
Locke and Celes definitely have the best chemistry. (Although Edgar is bae. <3 *shot*) The story overall does take a huge shift in the second part, and kinda goes the "VN" route of letting you choose which characters' paths to focus on. They might not be anything novel nowadays, but I think what it comes down to is that for many people, it was their first exposure to these kinds of tales/tropes. I know Locke's "treasure hunter" persona heavily influenced a lot of my RP characters' creation. His relationship with Celes is again one of the strongest/most memorable parts of the plot, and the opera scene was iconic for its time. As much as I myself hold nostalgic fondness for it, it's admittedly a dated title at this point and likely held in the same high regard by older fans as those who grew up with FF7 do towards it (and after watching the remake trailer for the latter, I'd love to see FF6 get the same royal treatment someday). Or to use a Zelda example, while I wasn't really impressed by ALttP when I got around to trying it after OoT, I can appreciate how it was a groundbreaker for its genre. Meanwhile Link's Awakening was actually my first Zelda game I played a ton as a kid, and am super-stoked for the remake even though I'm aware it by itself is likely nothing special by today's standards, but still was a fresh and unique take at the time that introduced a lot of staples for the series. I imagine new players probably won't get the same innovative experience, but I'm just glad it's not a forgotten entry either. (Incidentally, I watched an informative history video on the "making of" LA, and was surprised to learn just how much of a "passion project" it started out as:

On that note...

GET: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Two years late to the party, but better now than never. ='D What timing too, with the sequel just being announced. \o/ (Avoiding all spoilers such as watching the trailer until I actually finish the first game though. ^^; ) Normally I wait until the next generation console for the price to go down, but with LA + Sword&Shield coming out soon, I caved and tried again to persuade my mom to get a Switch over the weekend (as an early Birthday present), and lo she actually agreed to it this time. =O Haven't gotten a chance to play much beyond the intro (which I've already done in demos), but now that the weekend's here again I can finally mess around with it to my heart's content. X3 Watch out Hyrule, here I come~ *cackles madly and sets grass ablaze*
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