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Good points made so far about false accusations and how even those who are declared innocent can have terribly damaged reputations. Recently my mom and I watched the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary Fantastic Lies, which detailed sexual assault/rape allegations made against three Duke University lacrosse players about ten years ago. My mom approached me about watching it, and said "it's about the lacrosse players that raped a girl." About a half hour into the movie she asked, "Do you know how it ends? I'm assuming they're guilty." This is because she remembered the media coverage from when it first happened, and how the players were declared guilty... in the court of public opinion. The actual result of the case was that three players turned out to be innocent.

Like there was even video footage of one of the players at an ATM during the time of the alleged rape, so it's not like this was even a case of "we don't have enough evidence to prove that you're guilty," it was a case of these three players being innocent. But the media didn't report nearly as heavily or as much on the final verdict, so you still have people like my mom who just assume that they were guilty due to the initial biased reporting. The reputation damage is something like people can often not recover from, and it's a real shame.


Agreeing 100% with deo. As someone who has "hooked up" with people at college, both with and without the presence of alcohol, it is super important to respect when people say no. And if I have even an inkling that a person has had enough alcohol to impair their judgment there's no way that I'm doing anything that has the potential to come back and bite me.
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