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Some background, then:

Domestic violence, sexual assaults, DUIs and other crimes have been punished more strongly in the NBA and MLB lately, independent of legal proceedings. It's great for the game trying to sell itself as socially responsible (in comparison to the thuggish NFL) but has revealed a number of systemic biases, namely

-non-whites are accused overwhelmingly
-fans split into two camps, those who blame the victim and those who think the accused is automatically guilty
-players recover but suffer from tangible reputation damage (in terms of salary)

Most of these cases get dropped due to lack of evidence, which sucks for the women who are legitimately raped.

That is the likely case for the Kang situation: the judge is going to look at the circumstances, deduce that she probably had some kind of clue she was going to have sex with Kang, and not find evidence of rape.

That alone isn't why I'm bringing this to topic, though. I'm bringing it up because Western dating culture is all sorts of screwed up now. In the past, I don't think a judge would assume that using dating apps (coded language for hook-ups) and going to another man's house implied sex would happen. There was no such context or expectation, so it would be far more obvious if a rape occurred just if a sex act occurred.

Alcohol is a pretty clear-cut situation: if the girl is drunk, or even slightly inebriated, she can't consent so it's automatically rape.

But beyond that, we have issues where the threat of accusation is so powerful if someone takes that accusation to the internet, or the public, it can destroy someone's career whether they're guilty or not. Yet, without accusations, rapes and other such crimes go under-reported and un-punished, so we're in a bad situation where those with ill-intent can come out on top in either case.

This is only possible because the line between what is and what isn't unwanted attention, if it still exists, is so thin it's close to invisible.

More or less, that's what I'm interested in here - solutions or musings on these complicated matters.
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