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Regarding the Ancient Monk, all the other monsters for the Dojo Quest are normal random encounters, but there are no Monks on the levels of the tomb I've explored.

Is the monk a super low rate encounter, or is it something in an area of the tomb I can't access at this point? So far I've seen the Unholy Emperor and both rune bosses in the area, and opened every chest.

Literally just found it within seconds of posting this. After days of searching, the encounter of wonders.

Bwaaaak! Encounter of Wonders!

Also, regarding the Vile Forest hunt:

Spoiler: show
I found Caterpie in one of the areas but used up almost 50 Zubat Sprays to find it. So I reloaded the game and now the rune won't appear in the area I was at before.

Is there a special trigger for Caterpie appearing here? Or is it...random?
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