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Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
Does the Unholy Emperor have a drop? He has the same music as Failed Experiment, so I thought there was something special about this encounter, but I've run it a bunch of times and never found anything.
It's a low drop rate. I might change Exp's and stuff like Gatekeepers music to be more unique. Usually runes in the same "area" have the same music. Which is why Archon has the same music as Blazing Black Dragon, but Royal Malboro is different (despite being in ch1 also).

Originally Posted by lilboocorsola View Post
Finally got a chance to make some more progress. ='D

Spoiler: show
Got a full team now with ME and Hana. \o/

When I went to the Swamp initially I got my butt kicked bad, so I ended up exploring Hyphenistan first to grind and find some good gear to boot. =3=b (Got my butt kicked again by a bird up there and lost a lot of progress though. >.>; Think I'm gonna just avoid those star fights until I'm a much higher level. OTL)

Currently in the process of swatting mosquitoes... Huzzah for Stlbk learning some offensive area attacks at last, and Hana's memes help too~ (ME's buffs are nice as well, once I got over my hesitance to use consumables. MORE BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GODDESS. X3)
Having a full team is so fun. I was just talking about this with Daisy, how swamp land totally changes once Stlbk can melt everything. There's just a raw carnal satisfaction in just MELTING all those damn mosquitoes. ME is better for bosses with her skills, due to limited quantities of stuff.
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