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Lil' Bluey

Finally got a chance to make some more progress. ='D

Spoiler: show
Got a full team now with ME and Hana. \o/

When I went to the Swamp initially I got my butt kicked bad, so I ended up exploring Hyphenistan first to grind and find some good gear to boot. =3=b (Got my butt kicked again by a bird up there and lost a lot of progress though. >.>; Think I'm gonna just avoid those star fights until I'm a much higher level. OTL)

Currently in the process of swatting mosquitoes... Huzzah for Stlbk learning some offensive area attacks at last, and Hana's memes help too~ (ME's buffs are nice as well, once I got over my hesitance to use consumables. MORE BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GODDESS. X3)
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